Monday, September 14, 2009

"5th Grader" vertivision recap: 3/20/08

The first contestant this episode was Katherine Wolfe (who is an orthodontist's assistant). At the time of this episode's taping, she was pregnant (as were her three friends in the audience). After selecting Sierra, her categories:

1st Grade Social Studies
1st Grade Animal Science
2nd Grade Grammar
2nd Grade World Geography
3rd Grade English
3rd Grade Math
4th Grade Astronomy
4th Grade Music
5th Grade U.S. History
5th Grade Cultural Studies

Social Studies was her first category.

What modern holiday is also known as "All Hallows' Eve"?

She locked in Halloween...correct. She then jumped to 3rd Grade English.

"Take your pet alligator for a walk!" is what kind of sentence?

A: Declarative
B: Imperative

C: Interrogative

Her guess was declarative...incorrect. Sierra wrote down imperative instead...right. Katherine then replaced her with Nathan and her third topic was 2nd Grade World Geography.

The majority of the International Date Line is located in the middle of what ocean?

She copied Nathan's answer of the Pacific...right (she would've guessed the Atlantic instead). Her next stop was 3rd Grade Math.

Sierra had 13 cows on her farm, and each one gave birth to four calves. What's the total number of cows and calves on her farm now?

She locked in 65, which is what all five classmates said...yes indeed. Katherine then chose Olivia and her safe haven category was Animal Science.

T or F: Africa is the only continent where elephants exist naturally in the wild.

Katherine used her final cheat, the Peek, and Olivia's response was False. She agreed with her...both were right for $25,000. Her free chance to double that money came on 2nd Grade Grammar.

What's the compound word in the following sentence- "Olivia took the tiny puppy inside the house"?

Her final answer was "inside"...correct for $50,000! Next, she attempted 5th Grade Cultural Studies.

The official presentation of the Nobel Peace Prize occurs annually in what country?

Maybe she should've tried a 4th Grade subject instead- she dropped out with $50,000. She was thinking of Belgium, but that wasn't it. Her husband would've guessed Sweden, also wrong. It was Norway.

Next up was orange farmer Vince Bernard (and yes, he did bring the host an orange). His opening classmate was Olivia and the categories this game were:

1st Grade Spelling
1st Grade World Geography
2nd Grade Animal Science
2nd Grade Music
3rd Grade Cultural Studies
3rd Grade World Geography
4th Grade Health
4th Grade English
5th Grade Social Studies
5th Grade Nature

His first question came from Spelling.

How many times does the letter Z appear in the following word- "lizard"?

He blew it with two, but Olivia knew for sure there's only one to keep Vince from flunking out right away (Nathan and Sierra were also right; the other two classmates and the host agreed with Vince). Vince tried to redeem himself with 2nd Grade Animal Science.

T or F: Giant pandas hibernate.

He used his Copy. Olivia wrote down False...good thing Vince didn't go with his gut of True, because False was correct. His second (and possibly last) partner was Sierra and the third subject he attempted was 3rd Grade U.S. Geography.

What's the capital of Arkansas?

He blanked out, so he Peeked at Sierra's answer of Little Rock. That's what he locked in...correct for $5,000. Already, all of his cheats were gone. He next tried World Geography.

What continent is highlighted in the following map of the world?

Vince quickly got Africa to double to $10,000. He took a risk by going with 3rd Grade Cultural Studies for $25,000:

The holiday known as Bastille Day celebrates a revolution that took place in what country?

He locked in France...$25,000! Instead of trying 2nd Grade Music next for $50,000, he instead selected 4th Grade English:

What's the infinitive of the word "went"?

His game ended right here with a guess of "came"- it was "go".
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