Monday, September 21, 2009

9/21/2009 Results

Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?: "Deal or No Deal" has been pretty successful with its syndicated version; let's see how this show does in syndication. For at least the first three weeks, there will be at least FOUR new episodes every day (one of which will be a celebrity episode on CMT). And at least for now, this version is NOT shown in HD.

On this version of the show, there will be three classmates available every show; the music's also been revised a bit (it's got some guitar parts in it).

Also, some of the audience sections from the primetime set have been removed (to be exact, this version is taped at Hollywood Center Studios instead of CBS TV City).

For the first game, the classmates are Danielle, Zach & Malachi.

The first civilian contestant is Sandra Benton (who is a university teacher). She also does a Tina Turner impression with the show's theme song! After selecting Zach as her first partner (his favorite subject is History), here are her categories:

1st Grade Life Science
1st Grade English
2nd Grade Grammar
2nd Grade Foreign Languages
3rd Grade Astronomy
3rd Grade Animal Science
4th Grade Geometry
4th Grade World Geography
5th Grade Measurements
5th Grade Anatomy

The first category she tries is 5th Grade Measurements. For $5,000:

How many watts are in a gigawatt?

Seeing as Zach locked in his answer quickly, Sandra uses her Copy. Zach wrote down one billion...she's on the board! She then attempts the other 5th Grade subject, Anatomy. Not a bad idea to start with the bigger money questions first, because if you should miss the last regulation question, you won't even get to play the Bonus Question and leave with just a $250 consolation prize. Anyway, to double her money, here's the question:

Also known as the collarbone, what bone connects the upper part of the sternum with the shoulder blades in humans?

Sandra uses her Peek this time; Zach wrote down "klonzia", which definitely doesn't sound right. But Sandra locks that in anyway and loses the $5,000 right back. ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK NOMINEE. It's called the clavicle. She continues her slow trip down the board with 4th Grade World Geography:

Zach is going to Camberra, the capital of Australia, which is located at which of the following points- A, B or C?

She goes with her gut of B...correct for $3,500. At this point, after three questions, Sandra must select another classmate. In this case, she picks Danielle (whose favorite band is The Beatles; she needs to play the new "Rock Band" game featuring their songs). 4th Grade Geometry is next. She gets another chance to double her money, this time to $7,000, if she and/or Danielle can answer this:

A triangular prism has two triangular faces and how many quadrilateral faces?

Sandra's guess is off. It was three...and Danielle has it to double up to $7,000! But she's now on her own for the remainder of the game. Sandra's next subject is 3rd Grade Astronomy:

What planet in our solar system gets its name from the Roman king of the gods?

She wastes no time locking in Jupiter for another $2,500 and a new total of $9,500! Next up for her is 2nd Grade Foreign Languages:

The title of the song "La Cucaracha" is Spanish for what word?

Sandra's had experience singing this song, so she knows that translates to "the cockroach", winning her another grand, taking her winnings to $10,500! She then goes back to 3rd Grade Animal Science this time:

Which of the following animals runs the fastest?

A: Giraffe
B: Ostrich
C: Wolf

She's pretty sure it's the ostrich...and it is to move to $13,000! If she can get the remaining three questions left on the board, she could play for $150,000. 2nd Grade Grammar is next:

What's the simple past tense of the verb "slide"?

She nails "slid" to move to 14 large! Now down to the 1st Grade questions, Sandra's next pick is Life Science.

T or F: Seaweed doesn't need sunlight to grow.

Her guess is False...another $500 goes into her bank! And now, for you folks at home, it's time for an Extra Credit Question.

What's the most popular U.S. honeymoon destination for newlyweds?

A: Hawaii
B: Las Vegas
C: Orlando

Correct: Hawaii. Vegas was eliminated first. Back to Sandra, this is her 1st Grade English question to finish regulation play with $15,000:

Of all the letters that can be used as vowels, which one comes last alphabetically?

Sandra locks in Y...believe it or not, that's right!


Sandra's decision Drop Out with $15,000. Unlike the primetime version, the Bonus Question is not always revealed if the contestant doesn't go for it.

JEFF'S JOKE: "If you think photosynthesis requires a digital camera, you might NOT be smarter than a 5th Grader."

Coming into the classroom now is Taylar, Khamani, Kevin, and today's second contestant, Erik Bryant from Nashville (who is a children's karate instructor that is a triple black belt). He brings up Kevin first (who wants to be a doctor) and here are the categories now:

1st Grade Animal Science
1st Grade Social Studies
2nd Grade Science
2nd Grade English
3rd Grade U.S. Geography
3rd Grade Vocabulary
4th Grade Grammar
4th Grade World Geography
5th Grade U.S. History
5th Grade Math

The opening subject for Erik is Animal Science.

T or F: Sea otters have gills.

Erik's guess is False...correct for $500. He then jumps up to 5th Grade Math, which will add 10 times the amount of money to his total if he can successfully get past this:

What number equals 10 to the fourth power?

He nails 10,000 to multiply his winnings by 11 to $5,500! Kevin also got that one right. Third category is 4th Grade Grammar:

What's the object of the preposition in the following sentence- "Khamani's bike is inside the garage"?

Erik uses his Peek. Kevin's answer was garage, which Erik then locks in...correct, moving him up to $9,000. His second classmate is Taylar (who is a U.S. Presidential hopeful) and he next tries for $2,500 with the 3rd Grade Vocabulary question. He's going all over the board here.

Which of the following words can be an adjective?

A: Poor
B: Pore
C: Pour

Erik locks in poor to make his new total $11,500! He then tries the other 3rd Grade subject, U.S. Geography:

What U.S. state lies immediately north of Illinois?

He locks in Michigan...incorrect. Taylar went with Wisconsin...that's the state to go to 14 large! Erik then tries the first of the 2nd Grade questions in the subject of Science:

By definition, a lumen is a unit that measures which of the following?

A: Heat
B: Light
C: Sound

Erik locks in light...$15,000! At this point, Khamani (who speaks French and Mandarin Chinese) can be Copied for one of the last four regulation questions. Erik's next topic is 2nd Grade English.

What's the minimum number of items Kevin is comparing if he uses an adjective "tallest"?

Erik uses his Copy. Khamani wrote down three. I would've said two...but three is right for a sweet $16,000! He then moves all the way up to 5th Grade U.S. History.

Congress established a national monument honoring what 19th Century African-American inventor who developed over 300 uses for peanuts, sweet potatoes and soybeans?

"That is George Washington Carver"...and it is him for a new total of $21,000! 4th Grade World Geography is next. If he answers this question correctly, he'll probably clear the whole board. Here it is:

The Sinai Peninsula connects Asia to what other continent?

He's got a one in six shot of locking in the right continent. He thinks it's Africa...IT IS!

Here's the second Extra Credit Question:

Except for fish, what's the most popular animal Americans like to keep as pets?

A: Cat
B: Dog

C: Iguana

Iguana's obviously the first animal out; the right answer is cat.

To finish up regulation play with $25,000, here's the 1st Grade Social Studies question:

What patriotic song contains the lyric "...gave proof through the night that our flag was still there"?

I will kick him in the nuts if he should blow this one...but Erik does lock in "The Star-Spangled Banner" to become the first player on this version of the show to clear the board for $25,000!

$250,000 QUESTION CATEGORY: Measurements

Does he play for the quarter million?...

...YES!!! For the big one, here's the question:

How many acres are in one square mile?

His final answer is 50, and he doesn't look happy about it...

...NO WONDER- HE WASN'T EVEN CLOSE. It was 640. But he does leave with a $2,500 pre-paid credit card.

JEFF'S JOKE: "If you think D-Day is the day you got a D on your report card, you might NOT be smarter than a 5th Grader."

And now, it's time to begin the Country Music Week episodes on CMT. We begin with Big Kenny
playing for Love Everybody. His classmates are Danielle, Zach & Malachi. He picks Danielle first (who would like to be a writing major in college) and here are the categories:

1st Grade Vocabulary
1st Grade Literature

2nd Grade Animal Science
2nd Grade Astronomy

3rd Grade Social Studies
3rd Grade Measurements

4th Grade World Geography
4th Grade U.S. History

5th Grade Music
5th Grade Math

The opening subject this time is Vocabulary.

By definition, a game of solitaire is played by how many people?

I play a lot of that nowadays on, and Big Kenny knows that's one. The other 1st Grade question in Literature:

Jacob & Wilhelm were two German brothers known for collecting and publishing fairy tales like "Rumplestiltskin" and "Sleeping Beauty". What was their last name?

He uses his Copy here. Did Danielle write down Grimm...yes, so the money is doubled to $1,000. His next stop is Animal Science.

T or F: Bats nurse their babies with milk.

Big Kenny locks in True...correct to double again to $2,000. Malachi's his second partner (who received the President's Award for educational achievement), and he decides to finish out 2nd Grade with this Astronomy question:

T or F: Jupiter is so large that all the rest of the planets in our solar system could fit inside it.

True is locked in again...and that's right again to go to $3,000. Now up to 3rd Grade, Big Kenny decides to try his luck with Social Studies.

In the U.S. Army, which of the following officer classes ranks the highest?

A: Captain
B: Lieutenant
C: Major

Kenny guesses Major, and Malachi agreed...right for a new total of $5,500. He then decides to move up to 4th Grade World Geography. For another $3,500:

At over 16,050 feet above sea level, Vinson Massif is the highest mountain on what continent?

Big Kenny uses his Peek. Malachi put down Antarctica. The two agree...and are right, taking the bank's total to $9,000. Zach can now Save him on one of the remaining four categories. Big Kenny's next category is 3rd Grade Measurements:

If Malachi has 10 dozen video games, how many scores of video games does he have?

He's wrong with four. Did Zach write down six...yes to move up to $11,500! Now out of cheats, Kenny next selects 5th Grade Music. For another five grand:

Born in 1685, J.S. Bach was one of the greatest composers in the history of music. What do the initials J.S. stand for?

His guess is Jean Sebastian...that's acceptable to make his new total $16,500! 5th Grade Math is next:

A Venn Diagram is composed of a minimum of how many circles?

Big Kenny locks in two...yes indeed, bringing him up to $21,500! To clear the board, here's the 4th Grade U.S. History question:

Benjamin Franklin signed the Declaration of Independence as a representative from which new state?

For $25,000, Kenny locks in Pennsylvania...GOT IT! That's twice in a row the big board has been cleared!

$250,000 QUESTION CATEGORY: World History

Big Kenny...

...IS GOING FOR IT!!! We failed in the last game to crown the syndicated version's grand prize winner. Let's see if the $250,000 win will happen this time. Here's the all-important question:

While leading a search for the seven Golden Cities, which Spanish conquistador became the first European to explore present-day New Mexico & Arizona?

Big Kenny's big money guess is Christopher Columbus...

...NO. It was Francisco Vasquez de Coronado, so $2,500 will go to his charity.

The final contestant of premiere day is Karen Dean (who is an unemployed sales representative). The available classmates are Pablo, Annalise & Madison. Karen's first classmate partner is Annalise (whose favorite classic movie is "Singing in the Rain") and here are the 10 topics now:

1st Grade Nature
1st Grade Social Studies
2nd Grade Astronomy
2nd Grade World Geography
3rd Grade World History
3rd Grade Music
4th Grade Anatomy
4th Grade Grammar
5th Grade Literature
5th Grade U.S. History

The first category taken this game is 4th Grade Grammar. For $3,500:

Bacteria is the plural of bacterium, just as alumni is the plural of what word?

Karen guesses "alumnus"...correct to get on the board. Secondly, she tries this question from 5th Grade U.S. History:

In the 1840s, The Oregon Trail was a route for settlers moving west. The trail ended in Oregon. What present-day state did it start in?

Her guess is Missouri...she's up to $8,500! Annalise instead wrote down Colorado. Karen's third subject is 3rd Grade Music. To reach 11 grand:

What's the name of this musical sign?

She's never seen that sign before, but she does lock in a guess of chord, which is definitely wrong. Annalise's last response was coda...right! Karen's second partner turns out to be Madison (who really wants to meet Oprah Winfrey) and her next subject selection is 2nd Grade World Geography; so far, she's been only working on the right column of categories. For another $1,000, here's the question:

If Madison is in Argentina, she's standing in which continent?

She locks in South America with authority to inch up to $12,000! She concludes the right side of the board with this $500 question from 1st Grade Social Studies:

After the Liberty Bell was rung in July 1776, what famous document was read aloud for the first time in Philadelphia?

She's not 100% sure, but she locks in the Declaration of Independence...that's it for a new score of $12,500. Her first chosen subject from the left side is 1st Grade Nature. For another $500:

T or F: Pecans grow on trees.

Karen's guess is is indeed, so that's $13,000 now in her bank. Pablo then gets a chance to possibly her on the last four questions. Karen's next stop is 2nd Grade Astronomy:

T or F: All the planets in our solar system revolve around the Sun in the same direction.

Her gut's telling her False, but Karen decides to lock in True instead. Pablo had the right answer...and it is True to take her winnings to $14,000! Karen then takes a shot at 5th Grade Literature:

What British author wrote the "Canterbury Tales" in the 14th Century?

Karen uses her Copy this time. Pablo wrote down Sir Isaac Newton, which is a ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK NOMINEE, because Newton's a scientist insted of an author. That costs Karen her 14 grand. The right author was Geoffrey Chaucer. Annalise also was way off with a guess of Forrest Whitaker. Karen tries to get $3,500 back with this 4th Grade Anatomy question:

The endocrine system includes what part of the body?

A: Humerus
B: Lymph nodes
C: Pituitary gland

Based on her experiences with doctors, Karen locks in the pituitary gland...correct. For $6,000 and a chance to turn it into 60, here's the 3rd Grade World History question:

Famed nurse Florence Nightingale lived and worked most of her life in what country?

This is her last chance to use it, so Karen uses her Peek. Pablo wrote down England. Karen makes that her final answer...she ends regulation play with $6,000.


Karen Drops Out with the six large.

(Note: On the CMT airings, the "Extra Credit Question" and "Joke of the Day" parts are not included.)

TPIR: A new set and season are underway (including the reinstatement of the chasing lights near Contestant's Row and the redesigned home base; also, don't forget about the new opening light border and show logo animation)! The spinning graphics that come into the center of the screen at the intro, though, have been dropped. Additionally, after the first four players have been introduced and the title of the show has been announced a second time, Rich Fields says "And now, here's your host, Drew Carey!". This is the same way the current version of "Family Feud" ends its intro.

The first four to "Come on Down" on the 38th season are Zina Rollins, Brionne Shimoda, Cresencio Liasos & John Dinane. Opening IUFB is a Honda Rebel motorcycle (Manuela at Door #2).

John: $2,800
Cresencio: $9,000 (WILLY OF THE CENTURY)
Brionne: $3,000
Zina: $3,001

(Note: Starting this season, if any contestant bids at least $10,000 on an IUFB, I will mark that as a disqualification, in addition to also likely being a ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK NOMINEE. Cresencio's bid is terrible, but it's not a DQ.)

ARP: $3,399

Zina plays Lucky $even for...a Chevrolet Impala (Std., Seat)(Rachael). First number is 2. Second digit guess is 2...

$ 2 4 , _ _ _

...which is how many bucks she loses for guessing that. Third number guess is 5...

$ 2 4 , 7 _ _

...another two bucks gone. Fourth number pick is 6...

$ 2 4 , 7 3 _

...broke. ARP: $24,735. Fingers didn't get the win she was looking for to start the season.

Trying to do better is Heather Francis from Detroit and the second IUFB is a wine cooler (Rachael on the turntable).

Heather: $699
John: $1,200
Cresencio: $600
Brionne: $1,201

ARP: $999

Heather's the first contestant of the season to play Plinko. At the start of the game's intro, the Race Game Curtain rises to reveal the Plinko gameboard! Today's SPs are modeled by Lanisha.

1. Coca-Cola mini fridge
IS NOT: $70
PICK: 0- $79

2. "TPIR" 2010 video game
IS NOT: $29
PICK: 9- $20

3. Argus digital camera
IS NOT: $40
PICK: 0- $45

4. Photo album
IS NOT: $32
PICK: 3- $38

That was just mean, Fingers (having the last number never be right for any of the four SPs). The extra Plinko Chip is brought to her by Manuela.

1. $1,000 (Right)
2. $500 (Right)

She wins $1,500 and the photo album in today's playing.

Lori Chandler then plugs in the green spot and the third IUFB is a DirecTV package (Lanisha & Manuela).

Lori: $799
John: $700
Crescencio: $600
Brionne: $800

ARP: $639

Crescencio plays Pushover for an HP computer and a desk (Rachael at Door #2). Board:


His guess is $4,596...


...but it's more than double that- $9,844...BUT HOLD THE PHONE- the computer's description was described as a Dell instead in the prize copy, so it's a TECHNICAL WIN! First Pricing Game win of the season, by hook or by crook.

Video Bonus: Pushover production error

Heather ($2,537): $.70
Zina ($3,399): $.80
Crescencio ($10,483): 50 + 80 = FIRST TO GO OVER A BUCK THIS SEASON

Zina, the first contestant to "Come on Down" this season, is the season's first Showcase finalist.

(Note: Just before the first closed captioning plug preceding the first Showcase Showdown, we get a good shot of the Big Wheel!)

Going to the blue podium now is Jacob Leedekerken and the fourth IUFB behind a new splitting sign is a PowerBlock weightlifting bench (Rachael).

Jacob: $755
Brionne: $500
Lori: $699
John: $756

ARP: $964

John plays Grocery Game for a Yamaha Waverunner (Manuela at Door #2) worth $8,494. Lanisha handles the cash register today, which is still the same as usual. Today's groceries are a bag of 25 twisty balloons w/ an air pump, Funfetti cake mix, a two liter bottle of Minute Maid fruit punch, fat free orange sherbet & a package of 40 Solo cups.

1. 5 Juices: $1.89 X 5 = $9.45
2. 3 Cake mixes: $2.49 X 3 = $7.47 ($16.92)
3. 1 Sherbet: $1.99 ($18.91)
Final purchase: 1 Cup package- $4.29 (BUST at $23.20)

One more sherbet on his third turn would've done it for him with a dime to spare.

Amanda Norris then comes on down and the next IUFB is a portable GPS receiver (Manuela).

Amanda: $420
Jacob: $469
Brionne: $550

Lori: $551

ARP: $1,286

Lori plays That's Too Much for a Dodge Challenger (Lanisha).

1. $22,990
2. $23,623
3. $24,921
4. $26,871
5. $28,020- THAT'S WAY TOO MUCH

Surprisingly, she was just one spot off- the ARP was $25,740 (I would've stopped one spot too early). First time since Season 29 that a premiere episode didn't have any car games won (which was when Triple Play debuted- which will appear at least once this season).

Robert Anderson is called on last and the final IUFB behind the Giant Price Tag is SCUBA gear (Rachael). Brionne's been here the whole show, but she will bid last.

Robert: $1,300
Amanda: $799
Jacob: $900
Brionne: $901

ARP: $2,330


Robert plays Most Expensive for trips to Carmel (Lanisha), Palm Springs (Rachael) & Yosemite (Manuela; all behind Door #2). He picks Yosemite...sorry, that's only $3,412. Palm Springs was the way to go at $4,170 and Carmel was $3,486. Thank goodness for that script error during Pushover, or else we would've had a Semi-Winless Show today.

(Note: Drew plugs the show's new web site,, after this PG is over.)

My lineup today:

1. Lucky $even
2. Plinko
3. Most Expensive
4. Pushover
5. Grocery Game
6. That's Too Much

John: $.85
Lori: 70 + 55 = OVER
Robert: 70 + 90 = OVER

John gets the Runner-Up spot in today's Showcase.

The first Showcase has a home theater system (Rachael & Lanisha behind Door #3) that includes a pair of chairs, a 60" DLP HDTV and a Paradigm home theater speaker system, plus a Chevy HHR LT (Std., #2LT, DVD)(Lanisha at Door #1; the DVD screen inside the car shows a clip of the most recent Ten Chances win).

(Note: One of the MDS back from commercial cues is played during this Showcase.)



Talk show host Craig Ferguson is featured in this second Showcase. First, he offers John a trip to the home of the new "Let's Make a Deal", Las Vegas (includes VIP access to a Santana concert). Second, there's a trip to the Seychelles Islands (includes a horseback ride along the beach). Finally, being driven in is a Toyota Prius (Std., #2, App., Seal)(Lanisha)!



BID: $10,000
ARP: $38,768

BID: $34,250
ARP: $31,511

As the first big winner of the season, John wins $39,732 in prizes!

(There are no special video screen effects on the Showcase podiums, at least not right now.)

Video Bonus: First Showcases of Season 38

WOF: Time now to start Week 2 from Las Vegas! This week, we're at The Bellagio. First Toss-Up category of the week is Living Thing:

M _ _ N T A _ N

B L U E _ _ R _

Adam solves MOUNTAIN BLUEBIRD for $1,000. Here are Monday's players:

Adam Jacobsen (Henderson, NV)
Jenn Reid (Poloma, CA)- Kindergarten teacher (she attended a taping of the show as her 10th birthday gift; announcer Charlie O' Donnell sang "Happy Birthday" before giving her one of the show's T-shirts back then!)
Denise Brown (Las Vegas)- Involved in real estate

$2,000 Toss-Up subject is Proper Name:

_ _ V I N

_ _ _ C _ Y

Six years ago, somebody won a Lincoln Town Car for solving this as a bonus puzzle- KEVIN SPACEY (the same week when Byron Pope won the $100,000), and Jenn solves it for $2,000.

IHOP Jackpot/Prize Puzzle Round category is Event and out on the wheel now is a $5,000 trip to The Westin St. Francis in San Francisco. Jenn starts with two T's for $1,200, followed by a $300 R, an E purchase, but then a dud of S while on the Wild Card. Over to Denise, she calls a pair of N's for $1,200 before buying five A's, then comes a $900 G, a $300 K and the buying of two I's. After calling the V for another $2,500, a $500 C, buying the O to clean out the vowels and calling an $800 D, we have...


A / D R E A _

V A C A T I O N addition to winning $5,450, she will be TAKING A DREAM VACATION to the Treasure Island Resort in Fiji worth $9,650, a total of $15,100 in cash and trip.

DUD: S (Jenn)

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: SN2319536 (Steve N. from Springfield, NE)

The category for Round 2 is Before & After. Denise begins things with an $800 T and an E buy before hitting Bankrupt to lose $550. Adam next calls two D's for $600, two N's for another grand, and buys one A and three O's, but he next spins the right Bankrupt of the Million Dollar Wedge to lose $1,100. Jenn then spins Lose a Turn. Back to Denise, she lights up a $450 P, a $3,500 W and then buys the U to finish out the round's vowels. But after nearly dodging the MDW's other Bankrupt, she duds out with L. Adam then hits the regular Bankrupt this time; that's his second one of the round. Jenn next calls two R's for $600, the M for the S.F. trip and we have...

U P / A N D


_ O M _ O R T E R

...she solves UP AND DOWN COMFORTER for $5,600 in cash and trip and a new total of $7,600.

DUD: $500 L (Denise)
LAT: Jenn
BANKRUPTS: 3 (2 by Adam, Denise) Mystery Round category is Phrase. Adam hits the right Bankrupt of the MDW for the second time tonight to start (also his third Bankrupt of the night). Jenn then lands on the Mystery Wedge in between Free Play and LAT and calls five N's. She decides to try doubling the $5,000 to 10...but she gets her first Bankrupt of the evening. Denise then calls a $300 D and buys two A's, then calls four T's for another $1,400 and buys three I's. Afterwards, she makes three G's appear for another $10,500, then she purchases four O's and three E's before we reach this:

N O T _ I N G/ T O

_ O _ E / A N D

E _ E _ _ T _ I N G

T O / G A I N

She then solves NOTHING TO LOSE AND EVERYTHING TO GAIN for an additional $11,200 and $26,300 total in cash and trip!

BANKRUPTS: 2 (Adam, Jenn)

$3,000 Toss-Up category is Occupation:

Y _ _ _

I _ _ _ _ _ C _ _ R

Adam solves YOGA INSTRUCTOR to go to $4,000. Speed-Up Round category is Thing and consonants are worth...$1,600 apiece (the $5,000 space was missed by one space). After Denise calls the I...

C _ T T I N G - _ D G _

T _ C _ N _ L _ G _

...she solves CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY for another $4,800 and a winning total of $31,100 in cash and trip! Jenn leaves us with $7,600 and Adam has four grand for his troubles.

So far, $42,700 in cash and trips has been given away tonight.

DUDS: R (Adam), S (Adam)

Big Money Round: Denise Brown spins the second A in AMERICA'S and the category is Thing. Starting with:

_ _ R _ _ E T

_ L _ _ R

She goes for the First Four Letters Strategy (ABCD) and we get...

_ A R _ _ E T

_ L _ _ R

...believe it or not, she only gets the difficult first word of PARQUET near the end. It was PARQUET FLOOR and she loses $30,000. But she does leave with $31,100 in cash and trip.

Jeopardy!: Gary Bechtold became the season's first repeat champion last week. Let's see if he'll win again tonight against these challengers:

Austin Mercadante (Auburn, AL)- Graduate student
Diane Armstrong (Alexandria, VA)- Consultant/retired Navy officer

The week's first six categories:

PRODUCE (this is about food)

Early on, Mercadante discovers the night's first Daily Double under the $800 Astronomy clue with $400, trailing the other two by $200 apiece. He goes for $1,000 on this clue:

In 1672 Giovanni Cassini & Jean Richer calculated the distance between these two objects as 87 million miles.

"What is the Sun & Neptune?"...Dan Blonsky will tell him he's wrong (he won the $1 Million on "Millionaire" on the same subject). It was the Sun & Earth, so he's $600 in the hole for the moment. At the first break, the champion's ahead with $3,200, which is twice Armstrong's score at the moment; Mercadante's $200 in the money now. At the end of the round...

Gary: $10,200
Diane: $1,200
Austin: $400

...Bechtold's starting to run away with this game. Time ran out before the $1,000 "United" clue could be played.


DJ! Categories:

PRODUCE (in this round, it's about TV/movie producers)

After the round's first Triple Stumper under the $1,200 Yearbook clue, Bechtold finds DD #1 under the $1,600 clue there with 11 grand now; Mercadante's now at $800. His wager is three grand on the following:

On May 23 this state (its western part had doubts).

"What is Virginia?"...yes indeed to go to $14,000! Immediately after the $2,000 clue there is a TS, Mercadante runs the table in Crossword Clues "P" to jump to $6,800. Mercadante later finds the other DD under the $800 clue in A Few Ounces of Ezra Pound; at this moment, he's at $10,800, while the champ has 20 grand and Armstrong hasn't made any progress in this round. His wager this time is $1,000. The clue:

In "A Moveable Feast", this writer said that Ezra Pound taught him "to distrust adjectives".

"Who is Jeffrey Hill?"...don't think so. The right author was Ernest Hemingway, so he drops to $9,800 as time expires on this round immediately afterwards (leaving the $1,200, $1,600 and $2,000 clues in the same category unrevealed).



Gary: $20,000 (lock game!)
Diane: $1,200
Austin: $9,800


Gary: $18,600
Diane: $1,200
Austin: $11,800

Those two DD misses just cost Austin Mercadante the game.

FJ! CATEGORY: The Internet.

In a registered website domain name, it's the only mark allowed that isn't a letter, number or the dot.

Response: "What is a dash?"
Wager: $700

Final score: $1,900

Response: "What is a slash"
Wager: $42

Final score: $9,758

Response: NOTHING

Wins with: $20,000

Gary now has a three-day total of $42,001.

DOND: This week started off with #19 Kevin Maculeese (who is a retired military officer and a Gulf War veteran). He decided to follow his dream and swap the case out for #11, held by Gabe.

1. #19 (Gabe)- $5
2. #6 (Dave)- $2,500
3. #2 (Lindsey)- $7,500
4. #20 (Melissa)- $100
5. #1 (Lynn)- $5,000


1. #13 (Erica)- PENNY
2. #12 (Patricia W.)- $250,000
3. #9 (Jason)- $10
4. #22 (Jane)- $25
5. #17 (Blake)- $500


1. #8 (Wanda)- $50,000
2. #16 (Gina)- $200
3. #18 (Regina)- $100,000 (DANGER ZONE ENFORCED)
4. #15 (Sophia)- $400


1. #14 (Matthew)- $10,000
2. #5 (Stephanie)- $50


1. #7 (Kristin)- $300
2. #10 (Geri)- $1,000


19th PICK: #3 (Patricia A.)- $25,000 (STRIKE ONE)

SIXTH OFFER: $136,000- DEAL (he's not a total gambler)

20th PICK: #4 (Joey)- $75,000 (NO SAFETY NET LEFT)
FINAL OFFER: $240,000

Kevin should've at least gotten to the $240K...

...AND UNFORTUNATELY, HE BECAME THE FIRST CONTESTANT THIS SEASON TO PASS UP $500,000. That left the buck at Jerry's #21. At least he still wound up as the biggest winner of the season to date with $136,000.


Conclusion of Brandon Clayton's game
Start of Ralph Cambeis' game
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