Tuesday, September 22, 2009

9/22/2009 Results

TPIR: Yesterday's season premiere was good, but not great, as there were no outright wins (as the only game won, Pushover, was a technical due to a prize script boo-boo). Let's see if we can get a great episode today.

Our opening players Nicole Jacquest from Miami University, Adrian Tubongbanua from UCSD, Cynthia Robertson & Erik Dees. The first IUFB is a 42" LCD TV (Lanisha at Door #2).

Nicole: $1,200
Adrian: $1,575

Cynthia: $1,000
Erik: $1,600

ARP: $1,499

Nicole, a freshman majoring in Chemical Engineering, plays Freeze Frame for a trip to Washington, D.C. (Manuela at the audience screen; includes a three-hour private limo tour). The best possible prices on the board are $3,349, $4,973, $5,386, $7,394, $8,633 & $9,422. She locks in a guess of $5,386...but it was my gut of $7,394.

Taking over her red spot is Brittany Dekine and the second IUFB is an Avanti Fitness cardio gym (Rachel at Door #3).

Brittany: $600
Adrian: $750
Cynthia: $850
Erik: $1,051

ARP: $2,999

Erik plays Any Number for either a riding lawn mower (Manuela) or a Subaru Forester (Std., BCover, SGuards, Bluetooth, Shifter). First number in the car price is 2.

1. 4- Pricey Ziffel ($ _ . _ 4)
2. 5- SUV ($ 2 _ , _ 5 _)
3. 7- Pricey Ziffel ($ 7 . _ 4)
4. 8- Lawn mower ($ _ 8 _)
5. 3- LOSS (Wins $7.34)

The car was $21,652 and the lawn mower was $980.

Now going green is Aron Morlan and the third IUFB is a pair of Bulova watches coming down from the ceiling.

Aron: $899
Brittany: $4,000 (STAGE WILLY)
Adrian: $1,800
Cynthia: $1,801

ARP: $1,200

Aron, a house painter from Florida, plays Secret X for an Ashley bedroom and a $1,000 Buy.com gift certificate (Rachael), all worth $4,598. His free X placement:


Today's SPs are modeled by Lanisha:

"TPIR" 2010 Nintendo DS video game: $30 or $50?
Libman mop: $10 or $25?

He gets the video game at $30, but doesn't know the mop is $10. His final X placement:


Is that Secret X in the middle?...


...YES for the first outright Pricing Game win of the season!

Nicole ($1,499): $.85
Erik ($3,006): 35 + Dime = $.45
Aron ($5,828): 20 + Quarter = $.45

Nicole goes to the Showcase.

Coming on down next is Steven Davis (who gives Drew a T-shirt) and the fourth IUFB behind a new rising sign is a ClassicFlame electric fireplace (Rachael).

Steven: $888
Brittany: $1,500
Adrian: $1,050
Cynthia: $1,000

ARP (after Rich gets on camera to chat with Drew for a few seconds): $1,399

Adrian, studying Human Biology at college, plays Hi-Lo for an outdoor dining set (Lanisha) and a Beachcomber Hot Tub (Manuela), a prize package worth $7,917. The groceries today are Capzasin No Mess Applicator, Mentos, Skippy peanut butter (64 oz), Bic Wite-Out, NesQuik mix and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. His opening pick is the Capzasin, which is $9.89. Second choice is the Nesquik at $4.49. Final choice is the Wite-Out...that's only $3.39 and he loses. The peanut butter was $8.99, while the cereal was $2.53 and the Mentos cost 90 cents.

Shawna Irish's hoping to have all the luck in the world as she now enters Contestant's Row and the next IUFB behind the splitting sign is a pair of Dahon mountain bikes (Manuela).

Shawna: $1,600
Cynthia: $899
Steven: $1,100
Brittany: BUCK

ARP: $998

Cynthia from Maryland, the last of today's First Four, plays Pick a Number for lots of designer stuff (Lanisha). Board (Rachael):

$ 7 _ 6 4


Cynthia's selection for the second digit is the people's choice of 8...

$ 7 8 6 4

...the Peanut Gallery claims another victim. ARP: $7,264.

The last name on Rich's hit list is L.B. Landry 1974 graduate Shela Jefferson-King (BTW, Rich's calldown graphic now has a golden dollar sign at the bottom left corner) and the final IUFB is a Line 6 electric guitar being played by Travis Smart on the turntable (with three months of weekly private guitar lessons).

Shela: $1,150
Steven: $799
Brittany: $1,500

Shawna: $600

ARP: $1,299

Shela plays Card Game for something that hasn't been offered since the early part of last season- a Dodge Caliber SE (Std., Paint, #24A, AC, Stereo)(Manuela at Door #2). Her range is $3,000, which we didn't see drawn at all last season! The Card Game setup remains the same for now.

2. QUEEN OF HEARTS ($16,000)
3. 4 OF DIAMONDS ($16,400)
ACE: $1,000 ($17,400) AND STOPS

The ARP of that Caliber is...$19,065, meaning we have our first car game win of Season 38!

My lineup today:

1. Secret X
2. Freeze Frame
3. Any Number
4. Pick a Number
5. Hi-Lo
6. Card Game

Cynthia ($998): 40 + Dime = $.50
Adrian ($1,399): 40 + $1 = OVER
Shela ($20,364): 40 + 30 = $.70

Shela gets the Top Winner spot in today's Showcase!

The first Showcase has trips to the biggest parties in the world- New Orleans (Rachael; home of Mardi Gras), Germany (Manuela; home of Oktoberfest) & Rio De Janiero (Lanisha; home of Carnivale). All of this is behind Door #1, and confetti cannons go off at the end!



Shela then shoots for a refrigerator w/ an LCD monitor (Manuela at Door #2), an Ashley dining room w/ some Noritake stuff (Lanisha at Door #3) and a Smart Pure Coupe (Std., AC, Radio, Alarm, Paint)(Rachael at Door #2)!



BID: $21,000
ARP: $23,348

BID: $24,000
ARP: $23,216


If Shela had bid a grand less, she would've been the season's first Double Showcase Winner. Instead, Nicole wins the slightly nicer Showcase and $24,847 in prizes.

Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?: Today's first contestant is Dave Kearney (who is an assistant manager for a grocery store's deli), and his first classmate is Danielle (who likes singing Broadway songs). Categories:

1st Grade Spelling
1st Grade Health
2nd Grade U.S. Geography
2nd Grade Life Science
3rd Grade English
3rd Grade Animal Science
4th Grade World Geography
4th Grade Math
5th Grade World History
5th Grade Anatomy

The first chosen subject of the day is 4th Grade World Geography. For $3,500:

The Prime Meridian and the Tropic of Capricorn intersect in what ocean?

Both have a 1/4 shot of coming up with the right ocean. Dave's guess is the Atlantic...that's it. Secondly, another five grand's on the line with this question from 5th Grade World History:

What country was the primary adversary of France in the French & Indian War?

Dave Peeks at Danielle's monitor, which reads England. He agrees with her...good thing he did, because he now has $8,500. The other 5th Grade question in Anatomy is this:

What organ of the human body contains tiny filters called nephrons, which separate waste from useful material in the blood?

After ruling out the liver, Dave uses the Copy. Unfortunately, Danielle also wrote that down...and that's incorrect. It was the kidney. That means the best he can do now is $115,000. His second partner is Malachi (who once recorded his mom on videotape) and his next category is 4th Grade Math. To get $3,500 back:

Zach's band won $35 in a contest. Each band member got $11 and there was $2 left over. How many band members are there?

Dave locks in three for the money and next chooses 3rd Grade Animal Science. For another $2,500:

Wombats are native to what continent?

Since Australia's screaming at him, Dave locks that in...good guess to go to $6,000. The other $2,500 question in 3rd Grade English:

What's the simple past tense of the verb "draw"?

Dave's guess is "drawn"...no. Malachi instead went with me on "drew"...correct to move to $8,500! All cheats are now gone. His next topic choice is 2nd Grade Life Science.

T or F: Cotton comes from the fleece of a sheep.

Dave's confident that's False...he's at $9,500! The other one grand question in 2nd Grade U.S. Geography:

Which of the following is the name of one of the Great Lakes?

A: Lake Quebec
B: Lake Huron
C: Lake Winnipeg

Dave nails Lake Huron to go to $10,500! Only the 1st Grade questions remain, and he chooses Spelling next.

T or F: The following word contains only one vowel- "panic".

Dave...gets False!

First Extra Credit Question of the day:

Located in Bloomington, MN, what's the world's most visited mall?

A: Mall of America
B: Mall of the Great Lakes
C: Mall of Minnesota

It's the Mall of America; the Mall of Minnesota's the first to go.

For $11,500 and a chance to play for $115,000, here's the Health question:

What organ in the human body is responsible for thought and memory?

His mind successfully tells him to lock in the brain for $11,500!


Dave listens to his girlfriend and Drops Out. But, here's the question just for the record:

The text of the 20th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution states that Congress shall meet at least once a year and such meeting shall be on what date?

He would've blanked out- the right date was January 3.

JEFF'S JOKE: "If you think Custard's Last Stand is the last place to buy desserts for a few miles, you might NOT be smarter than a 5th Grader."

Our second contestant is Charity Cabico (who is a cosmetics sales representative; she's also a Hollywood Junket correspondent). After selecting Kevin (who's a fan of the "Transformers" movies), the categories this time:

1st Grade Music
1st Grade World Geography
2nd Grade Animal Science
2nd Grade Grammar
3rd Grade Ancient Cultures
3rd Grade Measurements
4th Grade Life Science
4th Grade Math
5th Grade Cultural Studies
5th Grade Physical Science

She starts with this $5,000 5th Grade Cultural Studies question:

A U.N. world heritage site, the Temples of Angkor War are located in what country?

Charity's incorrect with Thailand. Kevin's response is Russia...also wrong. It was Cambodia (I thought for sure it was Kenya). Charity tries to do better with 5th Grade Physical Science.

According to Newton's Second Law of Motion, force equals mass times what third value?

Charity uses her Peek this time. Kevin said density, which Charity then locks in...wrong again. The right answer this time was acceleration. She then tries 4th Grade Life Science:

Plants take in carbon dioxide through tiny holes on the bottom of their leaves called which of the following?

A: Chlorophyll
B: Phloem
C: Stomata

Charity's pretty sure it's chlorophyll...but it's not. Kevin locked in the stomata...that's right for her first $3,500. Afterwards, she brings up Khamani (who wants to major in Culinary Arts) and her next subject is 4th Grade Math.

In Math, what does the following symbol represent?

Charity uses her last cheat, the Copy. Did Kevin write down infinity...yes to double up to $7,000. But he's got to sit back down, because all the cheats have been used up. 3rd Grade Measurements is Charity's next stop:

If Khamani is 4'5", Kevin is 3'10" and Taylar is 4'9", what's the combined total height of all three kids?

After talking it out, Charity's guess is 13 feet...right on the money to go to $9,500! To break five figures, here's the 3rd Grade Cultural Studies question:

Using Roman Numerals, if a building was built in the year XIV, what year was it built in?

We need her to say 14...but she instead is two off with 16, so she's now playing for $30,000. Her 2nd Grade Animal Science question is the following:

Ocelots belong to what animal family?

A: Cat
B: Lizard

C: Marsupial

Charity's guess is cat after ruling it out...glad she didn't throw away that guess for good- she's right for $1,000. She completes 2nd Grade with the following Grammar query:

What's the compound word in the following sentence- "Khamani and Taylar eat their burgers, fries and milkshakes happily"?

Charity goes for "milkshake"...that's another grand back for her. Her next-to-last regulation category is 1st Grade Music.

The trombone, trumpet and tuba are all members of what family of musical instruments?

She doesn't look happy by locking in wind instruments...but that's acceptable for brass instruments, so she's at $2,500 now.

Today's other Extra Credit Question:

Singer Elvis Presley was born in what state?

A: Kentucky
B: Mississippi
C: Tennessee

Correct: Mississippi; Kentucky got eliminated first.

To finish with $3,000, here's the World Geography question:

T or F: The United States is a continent.

Charity BLOWS IT with True; it's False (Honest to God, I probably would've missed it as well). That means she doesn't even make it to the Bonus Question and will have to settle for a $250 pre-paid credit card.

(Note: Instead of a joke from the host, some outtakes from this game are shown.)

Country Music Stars Week continues with Heidi Newfield, playing for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. After selecting Malachi (who once scored California's highest standardized test score) first, here's her subject board:

1st Grade Spelling
1st Grade Anatomy
2nd Grade Astronomy
2nd Grade Social Studies
3rd Grade Vocabulary
3rd Grade Math
4th Grade World History
4th Grade U.S. History
5th Grade Animal Science
5th Grade World Geography

She starts off with 3rd Grade Vocabulary. For $2,500:

Malachi says that Zach is very "affable". What's he saying about Zach?

A: He's friendly
B: He's hard-working
C: He's smart

(Note: Director Don Weiner incorrectly shows a graphic that this question was worth $3,500.)

Heidi's correct with A. Her second subject is 4th Grade U.S. History. For another $3,500:

Which of the following U.S. states was originally part of the Louisiana Purchase?

A: Arizona
B: Indiana
C: Nebraska

Heidi's state guess is Indiana...I don't think so. Malachi chose Nebraska...correct to go to $6,000. 5th Grade World Geography is her third subject. For another five C-notes:

Part of the Mediterranean, what smaller sea is located between Greece and Asia Minor?

She's stumped, so she uses her Peek. Malachi wrote down "Aegnea Sea" and Heidi goes with that...NOT ACCEPTABLE. It was the Aegean Sea, said by Danielle. That means that she's now playing for a possible $140,000 for her charity. Speaking of Danielle (who would like to explore Mars if she were an astronaut), she's Heidi's second partner. There's no commercial break after the third question of this episode for some reason. Anyway, the next category is 2nd Grade Social Studies.

Until 1954, what U.S. federal holiday celebrated in November was known as Armistice Day?

After talking it out, Veteran's Day springs into her mind for $1,000. She'll try to go back to $6,000 with this 5th Grade Animal Science:

What underwater creature has the largest eyes of any animal?

She saves her Copy and guesses squid...that's good enough for the giant squid (Malakai & Zach got that one right)! Her next stop is 4th Grade World History.

Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister of what nation?

Heidi nails India to move up to $9,500! Zach's now in play and the next chosen topic is 1st Grade Spelling.

Which word is spelled incorrectly in the following sentence- "Danielle likes kittens, and her friends do to"?

Heidi locks in "to" to reach 10 grand! Next up is 3rd Grade Math:

How many total zeroes are in the product of 10,000 multiplied by 1,000?

Heidi uses her Copy, meaning Zach will have to sit right back down after this. Did he say seven (as in 10,000,000)...yes to take the bank to $12,500! Back to 1st Grade Anatomy and this:

Besides the nose, through what part of the body do humans inhale and exhale?

Heidi's right with the mouth. To finish the board with $14,000, here's the 2nd Grade Astronomy question:

T or F: Once a year, our moon completes a full circle around the Sun.

Heidi says that's True...yes indeed!


Heidi's final decision is to Drop Out with the 14 grand for charity.

Today's final contestant is Annie Sue (who is a seamstress). She brings along her 5th Grade teacher (and her favorite teacher ever) Mr. Borgeson to root her on. Her first classmate is Madison and these are the topics:

1st Grade Astronomy
1st Grade Art
2nd Grade Animal Science
2nd Grade English
3rd Grade U.S. Geography
3rd Grade Social Studies
4th Grade Grammar
4th Grade Physical Science
5th Grade U.S. History
5th Grade World Geography

We open this game with 4th Grade Grammar. The $3,500 question:

Which of the following phrases is an example of a split infinitive?

A: Be all that you can be
B: Carefully follow through
C: To boldly go

Annie locks in her gut of "to boldly go"...correct. She secondly tries to double her cash with the other 4th Grade subject, Physical Science.

T or F: When the gauge of a barometer falls, it means the air pressure is rising.

Her instinct tells her to lock in True, which is not Mr. Borgeson thought. Madison also locked in True...but Mr. Borgeson's right, so she loses the $3,500 right back. She'll now try to make up for that with $5,000 if she can answer this 5th Grade U.S. History question:

Who was President of the U.S. during the Mexican-American War?

Annie Copies Madison. The guess was Thomas Jefferson...Mr. Borgeson has the right answer once again, but it's not Thomas Jefferson. It was Polk. Pablo then takes over for Madison and Annie's next category is 5th Grade World Geography. Trying again for $5,000, here's the question this time:

Located in China & Mongolia, what's the largest desert in Asia?

Annie locks in the Sahara...incorrect, and Pablo has the same thing. It was the Golbi. Now playing for a possible $80,000, her next category is 3rd Grade U.S. Geography.

If Pablo is visiting the capital of the U.S. state of Kansas, what city is he in?

Annie uses her Peek. Pablo put in a guess of Topeka. Annie then locks that in...for $2,500. Now to the other 3rd Grade subject, Social Studies.

Which amendment in the Bill of Rights protects American citizens against cruel and unusual punishment?

She's incorrect with the 2nd. Pablo chose the 8th...that's the amendment to double to $5,000. All of her cheats are now gone as she now moves on to 2nd Grade English.

What part of speech is the word "adjective" in the following sentence- "Smart is an adjective"?

She goes with the obvious of "adjective"...too obvious of a guess. It was a noun in that sentence, so only 20 grand's available for her to win now. She next attempts this 1st Grade Astronomy question:

Of the planets in our solar system, which is the largest in size?

Annie's guess is Jupiter...correct. To triple the $500, the 2nd Grade Animal Science question reads like this:

T or F: A mosquito is a type of fly.

She says False, and after the last commercial break...that's wrong. To possibly play for $5,000, here's her 1st Grade Art query:

To make the color orange, you mix yellow with what primary color?

Her final answer is red...she's got the $500 back.


She doesn't want to suffer any more, so she decides to Drop Out with the lowest possible amount other than $0, $500.

WOF: Tuesday's Vegas episode starts with this $1,000 Toss-Up in the category of People:

H _ _ H

_ O _ L _ R S

Also the name of a former Heatter-Quigley game show, Anita solves HIGH ROLLERS for $1,000. Tonight's contestants:

Anita Nesser (Roanoke, TX)- Refurbisher of Italian chandeliers
Steve Weissman (Vegas)- Sales representative
Tiffany Coleman (Vegas)- Security specialist at an Air Force base

$2,000 Toss-Up category is In the Kitchen:

_ _ C K T A I L

_ H _ _ _ _

Anita triples up with COCKTAIL SHAKER.

IHOP Jackpot Round category is Fun & Games and out on the wheel now is a trip to the Cape Eleuthera Resort & Yacht Club in the Bahamas worth $9,430. Anita starts the action off with three N's for $1,800, a G for a $1,000 eBags.com gift tag and two I's. After that, she calls a dud in R while on Free Play, but then calls three T's for the Wild Card. Following a purchase of two E's next, I can tell you that this puzzle has something to do with Cat Deeley. She then just misses the Jackpot wedge and calls a $500 W, two S's for another $600 and then buys the O and the U. Then, she puts up two Y's for $1,200 additional and we have:

_ _ _ Y I N G


_ U E S T I O N S

She solves PLAYING TWENTY QUESTIONS for another $3,100, the gift tag and $7,100 total.

DUD: R (Anita)

Prize Puzzle Round category is Food & Drink. Steve starts the round with a $300 S, three L's for another $10,500, and then buys three O's and three E's before calling a pair of C's for the Bahamas trip. Then, he lights up two T's for another $700 and buys a pair of I's. After lighting up four A's next, he hits Lose a Turn to possibly lose $10,500 and both trips this round. Tiffany then calls a D for $300, a pair of H's for seven large more and then...

H O _ E _ A D E

_ _ A C A _ O L E / &

T O _ T I L L A / C H I _ S

...she solves HOMEMADE GUACAMOLE & TORTILLA CHIPS for $7,300 and a $6,000 Cental American tour from Caravan.com, a total of $13,300 in cash and tour.

LAT: Steve

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: MB0110719 (Maureen B. from Mesa, AZ)

GSN.com Mystery Round category is Before & After. Tiffany begins with a pair of R's for $700 but loses it right back to a Bankrupt. Anita secondly calls two T's for $1,800 and buys two E's before hitting the Mystery Wedge in between FP & LAT. She calls two S's and decides to take $2,000 for them (good, because Bankrupt's back there). Then, she calls two N's for another $7,000, but decides to solve now instead of using her Wild Card. We have...

_ _ E N / _ _ _

_ _ S _ / _ _ _ N / _

S T _ R

T R E _

...she blows the solve by one letter with WHEN YOU WISH UPON A STAR TREE, possibly costing her $10,550 in the process. Steve then calls the K for $600...

_ _ E N / _ _ _

_ _ S _ / _ _ _ N / _

S T _ R


...and solves WHEN YOU WISH UPON A STAR TREK for his first $1,000. Maybe not using that Wild Card was a blessing in disguise for Anita.

DQ: Anita's one-letter missolve

Video Bonus: Anita's Mystery Round goof

$3,000 Toss-Up category is On the Map:

W E _ _

A _ R _ _ A

Steve quadruples up with WEST AFRICA as we go to the Speed-Up Round with the category of Phrase. Consonants are worth...$1,300 apiece. After Anita calls the W...

W _ ' _ _ / C _ _ _

_ _ L L / C _ R C L _

...she solves WE'VE COME FULL CIRCLE for another $5,200 and leaves in second place with a worthless Wild Card and $12,300. Steve leaves with four grand and Tiffany wins by a grand at $13,300.

So far, $29,600 in cash and prizes has been given away.

DUDS: D (Tiffany), S (Tiffany)

Big Money Round: Tiffany Coleman spins the N in WIN and the category is Thing. Starting with:

_ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ T

She calls H, M, D and A and gets...

_ _ _ _ _ _


...she's not a hat person, because she doesn't solve COWBOY HAT for $25,000. She leaves with $13,300 in cash and trip.

Jeopardy!: Can Gary Bechtold make it four in a row against these challengers?

Marlene Allen (Americus, GA)- Assistant English professor
Jon Korn (originally from Concord, MA)- Film festival programmer

Opening categories:


In the middle of the first half of this round, Korn finds the Daily Double under the $600 The Current Supreme Court clue with $2,600; the champ has $800 and Allen has $200. He wagers $1,500.

The oldest & longest-serving member, he joined the Court in 1975.

"Who is Kennedy?"...incorrect. The right member was John Paul Stevens, so he's back at $1,100. But at the first break, it's back up to $4,300, while the others have $1,000 apiece. After the opening round...

Gary: $3,000
Jon: $9,300
Marlene: $1,400

...he's still in Lock Game Territory.


DJ! Categories:


It takes just three clues before Allen finds DD #1 under the $600 National Book Awards spot with $2,600 (she's gotten both of the first two clues in that category). Her wager is a grand on this:

Animal-titled winners include "Dog Soldiers" & this Equine Cormac McCarthy novel.

"What is All the Pretty Horses?"...right to move into second for now with $3,600. Two clues later, she's going for a sweep of the same category with the following clue:

Not "The Man with the Golden Gun", but this Nelson Algren novel got the first Fiction Award.

"What is the Man with the Golden Arm?" is said by...Korn instead, taking him to $11,300 while Allen's at $5,200 now. Speaking of her, she ends Legendary Creatures with the other DD. She's at $6,800, but she can't catch Korn right now because he's at $13,700. This time, she wagers $1,800 on the following clue:

It's a multiheaded sea serpent in Psalms & the title of a masterwork of political philosophy by Thomas Hobbes.

"What is a Hydra?"...no. "Leviathan" was it, so she's now at an even five grand.



Gary: $11,800
Jon: $21,300
Marlene: $6,600


Gary: $11,800
Jon: $22,800
Marlene: $8,000

Bechtold made a late run there in DJ!

FJ! CATEGORY: Word History.

Once a type of Roman arena, in the 18th Century this six-letter word gained its current meaning as a type of entertainment.

Response: "What is folk?"
Wager: $6,000

Final score: $600

Bechtold's response was "What is theater?", which won't work either, because that's a letter too many. His wager was two grand, dropping him to $9,800 and likely sending him home with $44,001. Korn's response was "What is a circus?"...the bad news is that he wagered $4,302 instead of $2,301, the good news is that he's right to definitely avoid a possible betting disaster and win $25,602!

DOND: Yesterday, Kevin Maculeese swapped his original case of #19 (which had $5) for the $500,000 at #11, but didn't have the guts or safety net to go the distance; he still walked away as the season's biggest winner so far with $136,000. Let's see what happened with #14 Matthew Gonzalez.

1. #12 (Patricia W.)- $75,000
2. #4 (Joey)- $50
3. #1 (Lynn)- $500
4. #6 (Dave)- $50,000
5. #13 (Erica)- $250,000 (DANGER ZONE ENFORCED ALREADY; he was one off this amount)


1. #17 (Blake)- $10
2. #2 (Lindsey)- $200
3. #11 (Gabe)- $300
4. #7 (Kristin)- BUCK
5. #18 (Regina)- $2,500


1. #3 (Patricia A.)- $1,000
2. #5 (Stephanie)- $7,500
3. #19 (Rosemarie)- $400
4. #10 (Geri)- $100,000 (STRIKE ONE)


1. #20 (Melissa)- PENNY
2. #21 (Jerry)- $10,000

FOURTH OFFER: $23,000- DEAL (I would've gone on at least one more round)

1. #8 (Wanda)- $500,000!

Matthew's case...had $100, and he made the second PERFECT DEAL of the season! Other cases:

#9 (Jason)- $5
#15 (Sophia)- $25,000
#16 (Gina)- $25
#22 (Jane)- $5,000


Conclusion of Ralph Cambeis' game
Game 2
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