Monday, September 28, 2009

9/28/2009 Results

Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?: The second week of the syndicated version begins with D'Nez Westmoreland (who is a marketing administrator and a girls' dance team coach/teacher; some of his friends think he's a Randy Jackson look-a-like). His first partner selection is Pablo (whose favorite book is "The Da Vinci Code") and these are the 10 subjects:

1st Grade Animal Science
1st Grade Math
2nd Grade U.S. Geography
2nd Grade English
3rd Grade Geometry
3rd Grade Music
4th Grade Social Studies
4th Grade Science
5th Grade Astronomy
5th Grade World Geography

The week's first question comes from 5th Grade World Geography. For $5,000:

The Apennines are a mountain range in what country?

D'Nez uses his Peek right away; Pablo guessed China. D'Nez then locks that in...incorrect. Those mountains are in Italy. He tries again for $5,000 with this 5th Grade Astronomy question:

The name of NASA's first human space slight program shares its name with what planet?

D'Nez's confident that's Mercury...this time, he's got his first $5,000! His slow trip down the board continues with this 4th Grade Science question worth $3,500:

Alexander Fleming discovered what antibiotic in 1928?

D'Nez's guess is penicillin...right for another $3,500! With Annalise & Madison left to choose from in the classroom, D'Nez's second partner choice is Madison (who is a student body president at her school; she's also a Disney Channel personality). The fourth category is 3rd Grade Geometry. For $2,500:

Which of these is NOT a plane shape?

A: Cone
B: Rectangle

C: Triangle

D'Nez nails the cone for an additional $2,500, taking him to $11,000! Now, back to 4th Grade Social Studies and this $3,500 question:

If there's a tie vote in the U.S. Senate, what government official casts the tie-breaking vote?

He locks in the governor...NO. Madison's guess is President...CLOSE, BUT NO CIGAR. If you add the word "vice" to that, you would get the correct answer of Vice President. That means D'Nez's now playing for a possible $55,000, as the 11 grand in his bank is now gone. His next question is from 3rd Grade Music. To get $2,500 back:

T or F: A harpsichord is an example of a woodwind instrument.

D'Nez guesses False, as did Madison also wrote down, it's actually a keyboard instrument, so he's back up to $2,500. With the Copy and Save still in play, that means Annalise can join D'Nez. He now goes to 2nd Grade and selects the U.S. Geography question. For another grand:

If you are visiting Seattle, WA, you are located in what time zone?

D'Nez locks in the Pacific (as did Madison) to move to $3,500. The other 2nd Grade quesiton in English looks like this:

What's the helping verb in the following sentence- "Madison had finished her lunch before she went to play"?

After talking it out, he uses his Copy. D'Nez would've said "went"...wrong. Annalise wrote down "had"...D'Nez now has $4,500. Now, for the 1st Grade Math question:

How many odd numbers are there between 16 and 26?

D'Nez locks in 5 (17, 19, 21, 23 & 25) for another $500 and the right to dance just before the last commercial break!

Extra Credit Question:

In the U.S., what's the current #1 name for baby girls?

A: Emma
B: Madison
C: Michelle

Answer: Emma; Michelle got cut first.

D'Nez's in very good shape, as his Save remains in play heading into this 1st Grade Animal Science question:

A fawn is the specific name for the young of which of the following animals?

A: Deer
B: Duck
C: Swan

D'Nez's final answer is deer...Annalise doesn't need to Save him, because he now has $5,500!


D'Nez's going for it! For 55 grand:

Marble is a metamorphic rock formed from what sedimentary rock?

D'Nez's pretty confident it's granite...

...BUT IT'S NOT. It was limestone, so he leaves with the $2,500 credit card.

Next to play is another guy- Frank Cook (who, fittingly enough, is a restaurant manager). Zach joins him first and here are the categories this time:

1st Grade Math
1st Grade Art
2nd Grade U.S. Geography
2nd Grade World Geography
3rd Grade Cultural Studies
3rd Grade Health

4th Grade Animal Science
4th Grade U.S. History
5th Grade Foreign Languages
5th Grade Literature

The opening question this game comes from 5th Grade Foreign Languages. For five grand:

The Bantu group of langauges are spoken primarily on which continent?

Frank's continent guess is Africa...correct for $5,000! To double it, here's the 5th Grade Literature question:

According to William Shakespeare, "Et Tu, Brute?" were the last words of what famous Roman leader?

Frank thinks he remembers correctly with a guess of Julius Caesar...yes indeed for $10,000! He then goes back to 2nd Grade U.S. Geography and this $1,000 question:

Four U.S. states have names that begin and end with the same letter. Alabama, Alaska and Arizona are three. What's the fourth?

Frank wins another grand with Ohio! He then picks Malachi as his second partner and his fourth category is 1st Grade Math. For another $500:

Starting with one, what's the sum of the first five counting numbers?

Math's his worst subject, but he solves this problem correctly with 15, taking him to $11,500! His wife Melissa and his friend Luciano are in the audience today. Frank then jumps back up to 4th Grade Animal Science and this question worth another $3,500:

An adult Boto dolphin is typically what unique color?

A: Black
B: Green

C: Pink

Frank locks in pink...correct to go to $15,000! His next topic is 2nd Grade World Geography:

T or F: If Danielle's standing on the east coast of Asia, she can dive into the Pacific Ocean.

He locks in True...right again, taking him to a sweet 16 thou! All of his cheats are still left as Danielle (whose favorite monument is the Statue of Liberty) now joins him at the help desk. The next question comes from 1st Grade Art. He's been going all over the board here:

From the Latin for "stove", what's the word for an oven used to bake pottery?

Frank's right with kiln! His next stop is 4th Grade U.S. History. For $3,500 more:

The 21st U.S. President was President Arthur. What was his first name?

Frank locks in Chester with authority! Only the 3rd Grade subjects remain on the board. Frank's next-to-last regulation question comes from Health:

The average human heart pulses approximately how many times per minute?

A: 50
B: 90

C: 130

I think he should use his Peek here, and he does. He was thinking 90; Danielle also said that. Frank then takes a risk by agreeing with his gut and Danielle...90's right!

Extra Credit Question:

What's the most popular name for registered dogs in the U.S.?

A: Max
B: Molly
C: Rocky

Answer: Max; Rocky got knocked out first.

For $25,000, with the Copy and Save still left, here's the 3rd Grade Cultural Studies question:

The Kimono is a type of robe that was originated and popularized in what country?

Frank's smiling, because he locks in Japan for the week's first $25,000 sweep! Danielle also got that question right, too. He's done the best so far in regulation play, because he still had two cheats left at this point!

$250,000 QUESTION CATEGORY: Astronomy

Frank decides to...

...Drop Out!

JEFF'S JOKE: "If you think the Theory of Relativity explains why you shouldn't marry your cousin, you might NOT be smarter than a 5th Grader."

The third game is played by current "The Singing Bee" host Melissa Peterman for Challenge Air and The Unusual Suspects Theater Company. All this week on CMT, the three available partners are Khamani, Taylar & Kevin. She selects Taylar (who has an older and younger brother) first and here are the subjects now:

1st Grade U.S. Geography
1st Grade World Geography
2nd Grade Social Studies
2nd Grade Grammar
3rd Grade Life Science
3rd Grade Math
4th Grade Geometry
4th Grade U.S. History
5th Grade Measurements
5th Grade Literature

This game opens with 5th Grade Literature and this $5,000 question:

First published as a book in 1883, the classic children's novel "Treasure Island" was written by what author?

Melissa locks in Stevenson...that's good enough for Robert Louis Stevenson! For another five, here's the 5th Grade Measurements question:

If Kevin walks one km, how many dm has he walked?

Melissa uses her Peek. Taylar wrote down 10 thousand. They agree...and are correct to take that bank to that much in dollars! Continuing her slow trip down the board, here's her 4th Grade U.S. History question worth another $3,500:

The Iroquois Native American tribe lived mainly in what present-day U.S. state?

Melissa gambles by using her Copy this time. All three classmates say New York...yes it is for a new total of $13,500! Khamani (a football, baseball and dodgeball player) is then called up by Melissa and the other 4th Grade subject, Geometry, is next.

T or F: Each regular polygon has as many lines of symmetry as it has sides.

Melissa believes that's a True statement, as did Khamani...right to move to $17,000! Now down to 3rd Grade, she tackles the $2,500 question in Life Science:

Which of the following is NOT true about aphids?

A: They eat plants
B: They grow into ants
C: They produce honeydew

Her guess is producing honeydew...but that's True. The False thing is growing into ants and Khamani...wrote that down for another $2,500! All cheats are now gone. Melissa decides to try 2nd Grade Social Studies next. This question is worth an additional $1,000:

How many times can a modern-day U.S. President be re-elected?

Melissa locks in one...that's right to go to $20,500! She then goes down a grade level again and selects 1st Grade U.S. Geography. Here's the $500 question:

What's the name of the river in the following image?

She knows that's the Mississippi! Back up to 3rd Grade Math and this query:

What number is the only multiple of every integer?

Melissa says zero...for now, that's not an ironic answer, because she's right for a new total of $23,500! The 2nd Grade Grammar question:

How many possessive nouns are in the next sentence- "Melissa's contestant didn't know whose song she was singing"?

A: 1
B: 2
C: 3

The guess is one...and that's the number of correct answers she needs to run the table in regulation! The other $500 can be earned from this question in 1st Grade World Geography:

Central America is located on which continent?

Melissa locks in North for $25,000!

$250,000 QUESTION CATEGORY: Ancient History

Melissa decides to...

...say no mas and Drops Out, meaning her two charities split $25,000!

For the final game of the night, it's being played by Brian Day (who is an airline baggage handler). His first partner is Taylar (whose favorite founding father is Benjamin Franklin) and these would be the subjects now:

1st Grade Vocabulary
1st Grade Social Studies
2nd Grade Measurements
2nd Grade Animal Science
3rd Grade U.S. Geography
3rd Grade Math
4th Grade Physical Science
4th Grade World Geography
5th Grade Ancient Cultures
5th Grade Geometry

This game opens with a $5,000 5th Grade Ancient Cultures question:

In Greek mythology, Poseidon is the god of the sea. What's the name of his equivalent in Roman mythology?

After ruling it out for a second or two, Brian locks in Zeus...should've left it crossed out. Taylar's guess was Neptune...that's it for $5,000! For the doubler, here's the 5th Grade Geometry question:

A pentagonal prism has how many total faces?

His guess is five...the other two classmates had the right answer, but it's seven instead. That means his potential jackpot declines to $150,000. He now tries to gain $3,500 back from a 4th Grade World Geography question:

Lying in the Atlantic Ocean, the Canary Islands are part of what country?

The Peek is used this go-round; Taylar's response was Spain. His guess would've been France, but he decides to lock in Spain...correct. With only the Copy remaining, his second and possibly final partner is Kevin (who is a gifted program student at his school). Next category played is 4th Grade Physical Science. Once again, to double the money:

The loudness of a sound is directly proportional to which of the following attributes of its sound waves?

A: Their amplitude
B: Their wavelength
C: Their frequency

Brian locks in A for amplitude...this time, he pulls off a successful doubler! He then plays for another $2,500 with the following question from 3rd Grade U.S. Geography:

What library located in Washington, D.C. has more than 33 million books in its collection?

He locks in The Congressional Library...NOT ACCEPTABLE. Everybody else got this one right- it was the Library of Congress. He tries again for $2,500, this time with the 3rd Grade Math question. Here it is:

If seven is the divisor and 49 is the dividend, what's the quotient?

Brian locks in lucky's lucky enough to get him $2,500 back. That means Khamani can now be Copied on one of the last four remaining questions, if necessary. The next question, which is worth $1,000 this time, comes from 2nd Grade Animal Science:

T or F: Pandas are native to Australia.

Brian believes that's is False to move to $3,500. The 2nd Grade Measurements question worth another grand:

How many inches are in two yards?

Brian takes a stab at it himself with 72...right on the money to inch up to $4,500. Only the $500 1st Grade questions remain; here's the first one in Vocabulary:

What three letters can Taylar add to the word "brag" to correctly make it past tense?

Brian uses the last of his cheats, the Copy. Khamani locks in "-ged"...also the three-letter abbreviaton of something very important for any young school student, that's correct for an even five large. To finish the board with $5,500, let's see the Social Studies question:

What's the official name for the federal holiday celebrated July 4th?

A: Flag Day
B: Independence Day
C: Patriot Day

Brian's final guess of Independence Day is worth a total of $5,500!


Brian doesn't want us to see another contestant blow $5,500 on a $55,000 opportunity this day, so he Drops Out.

BrainSurge: It's Nickelodeon's new daily game show! This show is produced by Stone & Co. Entertainment, the folks best known for bringing us "Legends of the Hidden Temple", "Shop Til' You Drop" & "The Mole". The host is Jeff Sutphen and the announcer is Erin Fitzgerald. Let's meet today's six Braniacs:

Xavier (two-term student council president)
Jessica (gymnast)
Megan ("Spongebob Squarepants" and Hip-Hop dancing fan)
James Taylor (who once completed a marathon on a unicycle)
Nahil (a soccer, tennis and flute player)
Nancy (soccer fan)

Level 1: There will be a series of six visual puzzles; each correct answer earns points. The top four scoring players move on to the second level, while the other two will be eliminated and get a trip down the Brain Drain.

For 10 points: In an Olympic swimming pool, there are four swimmers competing. Identify the country represented by the winner of the race.

A: Italy
B: Norway
D: Israel

The winner is the USA racer. Let's see how the players did:

Jessica: Norway
James Taylor: USA (10)
Nancy: Norway
Xavier: Israel
Megan: Norway
Nahil: Italy

For 20 points: There are three penguins competing in a snow fish eating contest- red, green and blue. Identify the winner.

Winner: Blue.

Jessica: Green
James Taylor: Green
Nancy: Green
Xavier: Blue (20)

Megan: Blue (20)
Nahil: Green

For 30 points: Five pictures of people's faces are shown, then another series of five people's faces are shown, with one of them being different. The contestants have to pick that one.

Correct: The guy at #4.

Jessica: #4 (30)
James Taylor: #4 (40)
Nancy: #4 (30)

Xavier: #1
Megan: #4 (50)
Nahil: #1

For 40 points: How many somersaults does the virtual female athlete do in the air?

Jessica: 11 (70)
James Taylor: 11 (80)
Nancy: 17
Xavier: 12

Megan: 13
Nahil: 11 (40)

For 50 points: Which of the following animal faces does the fairy trace?

A: Dog
B: Cat
C: Gator
D: Beetle

Correct: The gator.

Jessica: #4
James Taylor: #2
Nancy: #4
Xavier: #3 (70)
Megan: #3 (100)
Nahil: #3 (90)

Final puzzle for 100 points: Memorize the five-digit number shown on the doors of the race car.

Magic number: 17171

Everybody's right...except for Xavier (with 17117), so he's definitely going home. Let's see who else is out...

Jessica: 170
James Taylor: 180
Nancy: 130
Xavier: 70
Megan: 200
Nahil: 190

...Nancy, so she and Xavier are the first ones ever to slide down that Brain Drain. But nobody goes away empty-handed on this show- these two will get an "Avatar Book 1" collection and a bucket of Nickelodeon Slime.

Level 2: After being told one of the host's fictional stories, one player at a time is asked a question about that story. A correct answer keeps them in the game, but an incorrect answer eliminates them (and sends him/her into the big mouth, chair and all, on their way to the Brain Drain), and if applicable, the next player in line is asked the same question. This round continues until we're down to two finalists.

Round 1:

Megan: What was Jeff's superhero name?
Guess: Slimeman- CORRECT

Nahil: What sea creature landed on Larry the Bully's head?
Guess: Squid- RIGHT

James Taylor: Slimeman slimed a masked thief stealing what from a kid?
Guess: Tricycle- RIGHT

Jessica: What color was the "Splat!" emblem on the front of Slimeman's costume?
Guess: Orange- ELIMINATED
Megan: Green- CORRECT

Round 2:

Nahil: What did the supervillain throw at Slimeman from atop the building?
Guess: Time bomb- ROUND OVER (A: Stink bomb)

Knockout Round: A board of 16 images from today's story are shown for 10 seconds. The finalists then take turns matching up pairs until somebody makes a mismatch. At that point, whoever makes the next match wins.

Matching Pairs: #1 & #16, #2 & #13, #3 & #10, #4 & #12, #5 & #11, #6 & #15, #7 & #9 and #8 & #14

Megan: #8 & #10
James Taylor: #4 & #12- WIN!

For making it to the final four, Megan, Nahil & Jessica will each be going to a Medieval Times location.

FINAL STAGE: On each turn, the day's winner has to memorize the squares that light up on a big grid, then they have to step on those squares. 1:30 is put on the clock, and it doesn't start/resume until after each light pattern has been lit up twice. Making even one mistake means they're shown the same pattern again before starting that grid over, losing precious time. Once they complete a grid, they have to hit a nearby button to stop the clock and move on to the next grid. The first grid will have 16 squares (usually with six squares needed to be stepped on), the second will have 25 squares (eight squares are usually needed) and the final one has 36 squares (this usually requires 10 squares). Each grid completed wins an increasingly valuable prize.

Grid 1: VocoPro karaoke machine
Grid 2: Yamaha portable keyboard
Grid 3: Carnival cruise to Baja, Mexico

GRID 1: #4, #8, #12, #7, #10 & #15

1. #4, #8, #12, #7, #11
2. #4, #8, #12, #7, #10 & #15- 1:09.24 LEFT

GRID 2: #3, #9, #15, #20, #19, #18, #17 & #22

1. #3, #9, #15, #20, #19, #18, #23
2. #3, #9, #15, #20, #19, #18, #17 & #22- 47.35 LEFT

CRUISE GRID: #4, #10, #16, #17, #24, #23, #28, #27, #26 & #31

1. #4, #10, #16, #17, #24, #23, #22
2. #4, #10, #16, #17, #24, #29
3. #4, #10, #16, #17, #24, #23, #28, #32
FINAL ATTEMPT: #4, #10, #16, #17, #24, #23, #28, #27, #26 & #31- WIN WITH .71 LEFT!

James Taylor also gets slimed in addition to taking home all three prizes!

TPIR: Let's start with Episode 4853K (the episode that aired at 3 PM in most markets; remember, my Richmond CBS station's airing the show at 10 AM). This episode began with Jamie, David Terry, Jimmie Sanchez, Steven Kay, and the first IUFB behind Door #3, a pair of surfboards and wetsuits (Amber).

Steven: $950
Jimmie: $1,250
David: $1,750
Jamie: $1,050

ARP: $1,544

Jimmie played Cover Up for a Chevrolet HHR LS (Std., AT/Remote, DVD, Prot, Mats)(Lanisha at Door #2). The opening dud price was $10,970. Board:

First number: 2 or 4?
Second number: 3, 7 or 8?
Third number: 0, 1, 2 or 6?
Fourth number: 0, 3, 5, 8 or 9?
Last number: 1, 2, 4, 5, 8 or 9?

His opening guess was $23,695...first two right. Secondly, he guessed $23,284...the 4 was now right. This was not an easy setup today, but after his first two turns, he now actually had a shot at conquering it. Third guess was $23,154...the 1 was now correct. His final guess was...$23,134 and he pulled off, IMO, the first Greco-Stopper moment of the season!

Video Bonus: Dramatic Cover Up playing

After him was Monique Parizeau and the second IUFB was a Samsung Blu-Ray Disc home theater package, including a year's worth of Netflix (Lanisha & Rachael).

Monique: $800
David: $950
Jamie: $900
Steven: $951

ARP: $1,004

Steven now played for 10 grand in Grand Game, possibly to help him buy a new Harley-Davidson. This time, the target was $4.75. The groceries were Twinkies, Vital Care Volume Gel, Simple Green, Earth's Best organic rice cereal, a four pack of Starbucks doubleshot drinks and Jiffy Pop popcorn.

1. Popcorn- $2.15 ($10)
2. Twinkies- $1.49 ($100)
3. Hair gel- $3.79 ($1,000)

Steven pressed on with the organic cereal. Last time, the $10,000 was blown on the last pick; was it won this time...YES at $2.99!

Possibly the next winner of the day was Kimberly Keys and the third IUFB was a stroller w/ a jogging kit (Amber).

Kimberly: $600
Monique: $500
David: $400

ARP: $840

Since Jamie didn't one up her, Kimberly (who wanted her mom to be a contestant on the show instead) played Squeeze Play for a Beachcomber Hot Tub (Lanisha at Door #2). Board:


Kimberly Flopped...but that was all, for an incorrect response of $6,894; she should've done the Flip-Flop to $8,694.

Kimberly ($840): WINS $1,000! (barely got it all the way around, though)
Steven ($11,004): 15 + 95 = OVER
Jimmie ($24,678): 90 + 55 = OVER

Kimberly's Bonus Spin...made her the second $10,000 winner of the day with the 15! That gave her a total of $11,000 here!

Video Bonus: $11,000 Showcase Showdown Win #1

Coming on down next was Sanford Benjamin (wearing a Minnesota Vikings replica jersey) and the fourth IUFB was a gas range (Lanisha at the turntable).

Sanford: $950
Monique: $1,200
David: $1,350
Jamie: $1,400

ARP: $1,449

By $49, Jamie took on the More or Less Gauntlet for an Ashley bookcase marked at $800 (Amber), crystal stemware marked at three grand (Amber), an Apple MacPro computer marked at $3,700 (Lanisha) and a Ford Ranger (Std., AC, Seat)(Rachael at Door #3).

Bookcase: MORE- $1,100
Stemware: LESS- $2,400
Computer: LESS- OOPS ($4,198)

The ARP of the truck was $17,625.

Another Jamie then replaced her- Jamie O' Brien, that is. The next IUFB behind the splitting sign was a collection of storage containers (Amber).

Jamie: $100 (STAGE GARF)
Sanford: $340
Monique: $400
David: $401

By default, David (the last of this episode's First Four) won, with the ARP being $811.

This software developer from Toronto now played Bonkers for a trip to a nearby Canadian city- Vancouver (Rachael at the audience screen). Board:

7 5 4 6


The last player this episode was Irma Henley and the final IUFB was a Canon camcorder (Rachael).

Irma: $850
Jamie: $700
Sanford: $860
Monique: $861

ARP: $1,100

Monique, a 19-year-old from San Diego, played Switch? for a bar set w/ a trip to bartending school (in between the two prizes, there was a small video screen showing the Switch? logo for most of the time, but it also did reveal a bartending school logo when that prize was being described) marked at $2,687 (Lanisha) and an eliptical trainer marked at $3,200 (Amber; included a personal ). She left the prices as they were...this episode was a 4 out of 6er!

Video Bonus: Last two IUFBs and PGs of this episode

My lineup today:

1. Flip Flop
2. Grand Game
3. More or Less
4. Switch?
5. Cover Up
6. Bonkers

Jamie #1: 40 + 95 = OVER
Monique (second spin was a PENALTY): 45 + Nickel = Half Dollar
David: $.95

David got the Runner-Up spot in the Showcase.

The first Showcase was the Ultimate Garage Showcase behind Door #2! The prizes Lanisha modeled here included a SteelSentry workbench, several automotive tools, a 42" JVC LCD HDTV w/ a Denon home theater system and a Danby beverage center. Finally, Amber drove in a new Corvette Coupe (Std., #Z51)!



David then played for a silver cup bracelet (Rachael), an Ethan Allen bedroom (Rachael at Door #3), an interior designer, a $5,000 Ethan Allen shopping spree (Rachael) and a Greek Isles Cruise (Amber & Lanisha at Door #1)



BID: $39,500
ARP: $63,035


BID: $23,500
ARP: $27,828


Kimberly had to settle for $11,000 and a stroller while David won his Showcase and a total of $34,904 in stuff (thus, the Vancouver trip he won in Bonkers was worth $6,265).

Video Bonus: This episode's Showcases

Now, for Episode 4841K, which started with Shelli Burke, Brian Nguyen from UCSD, Renee Williams & Amanda Martin (who was celebrating a birthday). Drew came out with Connor (and Connor then sang "Old McDonald Had a Farm"!) and the first IUFB was a ladies' silver braided bracelet being worn by Rachael.

Amanda: $1,251
Renee: $2,000
Brian: $1,500
Shelli: $900

ARP: $1,700

Brian played Let Em' Roll for a Ford F-150 (Lanisha at Door #3; and no, the car symbols on the dice were not replaced by truck symbols). The groceries modeled by Rachael were sleep pillow mist marked at $10, Band-Aids and a jar of Planters Dry-Roasted Peanuts. He said Lower for the Band-Aids...$5.79. Brian then went Higher for the peanuts...oops- that was just $4.69, so he only got two rolls.

1. TRUCK/$500/$500/$1,500/$1,500- GOES FOR IT
2. TRUCK/TRUCK/$1,000/$1,500- WINS $2,500

Who knows what might have happened had Brian gotten all three rolls.

The fifth participant this episode was Raina Hansford from Kentucky and the second IUFB was a Zuo outdoor canopy bed (Lanisha at Door #2).

Raina: $1,500
Shelli: $1,525
Amanda: $875
Renee: $900

ARP: $2,685

Shelli played Coming or Going for a trip to Scotland (Manuela at the audience screen). The Coming price was $7,209, while choosing Going would yield a guess of $9,027. She decided on Coming...and she will be Coming to Scotland!

Coming on down next was Michael Melo and the third IUFB was a 20-ft glass door refrigerator (Manuela behind the rising sign).

Michael: $1,800
Amanda: $1,875
Renee: $2,300

Raina: $1,500

ARP: $1,699

Raina played Danger Price at Door #2 for a grandhall BBQ (Rachael), a Nintendo Wii package (Rachael), Noritake dinnerware (Lanisha) and a Sports Authority upright exercise bike (Lanisha). Today's Danger Price was $1,130.

1. BBQ- $1,999
2. Dinnerware- $2,554
Final pick: Exercise bike- $559

For the first time since April 23, 2008, this game was won!

Brian ($4,200): 40 + Dime = $.50
Raina ($6,811): 40 + 60 = WINS $1,000!
Shelli ($11,712): 75 + 40 = OVER

Raina's Bonus Spin got her...just a dime.

Now headed to the orange spot was Melissa Carraquillo and the fourth IUFB on the turntable was a Sony Blu-Ray Disc home theater system (Rachael).

Melissa: $1,400
Michael: $1,450
Amanda: $1,850
Renee: $1,200

ARP: $2,000

Amanda's first major birthday gift could've been a Howard Miller home entertainment unit and a 46" JVC LCD TV (Lanisha & Manuela at Door #3) courtesy of Pick a Number (Rachael). Board:

$ 4 4 3 _


She chose the nine, thanks to her husband's advice...

$ 4 4 3 9

...happy birthday!

Katrin LeBrun was next called on and the next IUFB was a quartet of Caracas tires & rims (Manuela behind the splitting sign).

Katrin: $1,600
Renee: $2,500
Melissa: $1,000
Michael: $2,000

ARP: $2,900

Renee picked the right time to finally get out of Contestant's Row, because she earned the chance to put those wheels on a new Chevy Impala (Std., EBH) from Rachael's Crazy Car Lot if she was successful at Pocket Change. First number was 2.


1. 1- INCORRECT ($.50)
2. 4- CORRECT ($ 2 4 , _ _ _)

1. 9- NO ($.75)
2. 5- DOH ($1)
3. 1- NO ($ 2 4 , 6 _ _; $1.25)

1. 9- NO ($1.50)
2. 5- OOPS ($ 2 4 , 6 1 _ ; $1.75)

LAST NUMBER: 5- YOU BET ($24,615)

First envelope had...half a buck, taking her to 75 cents. Second envelope had...a nickel. Third envelope had...a dime. That meant the last envelope had to be the $2 one or else...but it had another nickel. Be glad the final cost of the Impala wasn't $1 (or she would've instead lost this game by one lousy nickel).

DQs: 2 (guessed 5 prior to the last digit twice, which violated the 0/5 rule in this game; unlike Five Price Tags, this rule isn't in effect as often)

The final contestant of the day was Lydia Amparano and the final IUFB of the day was the Jumpsport trampoline w/ a basketball hoop (Lanisha at Door #2).

Lydia: $900
Melissa: $1,200
Michael: $1,201

Katrin: BUCK

ARP: $929

By only being off $29, Lydia played the classic Shell Game for a Flexsteel living room (Manuela at Door #2) worth $5,595. Today's SPs were modeled by Rachael.

1. Portable espresso maker
IS NOT: $200

2. Backpack
IS NOT: $40

3. Smoothie maker
IS NOT: $90

4. Portable pizza cooker
IS NOT: $29

The yellow ball was...not under Shell #2...not under Shell #1 either...but it was under Shell #3, meaning we had a 4 out of 6er for the fourth time in the past five episodes!

Video Bonus: Today's Shell Game

My lineup today:

1. Danger Price
2. Coming or Going
3. Pocket Change
4. Pick a Number
5. Shell Game
6. Let Em' Roll

Renee ($2,900): $.70
Amanda ($6,439): $.95
Lydia ($6,808): Dime + 80 = $.90

Amanda got the Runner-Up spot in this episode's Showcase.

The first Showcase had prizes to help somebody have a good night on the town. First, go shopping with a personal shopper and a $1,000 department store gift card before getting a personal makeover (Rachael). Second, put on this Michael C. Fina diamond necklace (Rachael). Finally, to better help you get to the right destinations, there was a Beetle Convertible (Std., Cover)(Manuela at Door #2).


By passing her chance at a car, Raina had to go for a video camera, a 15" MacBook laptop w/ Finalcut Pro software and trips to both the 2010 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, UT and the Cannes Film Festival in France (both trips behind Door #3). All prizes were modeled by Lanisha.


BID: $22,000
ARP: $29,906


BID: $25,235
ARP: $32,674
DIFFERENCE: $7,439- WIN BY $467!

Amanda won birthday gifts totaling $39,113!

WOF: Now back in Culver City, this week is titled "Room With a View" (BTW, I now see at least one clear Wheel replica on the set). The first Toss-Up category is Place:

C O _ N E R

O F _ I C _

Doug solves CORNER OFFICE for $1,000. Here's Monday's panel:

Doug Howdy (Nixa, MO)- Insurance adjuster
Erika Hoolis (Baton Rouge, LA)- Married sales representative
Wendy Lambert (L.A.; originally from Sedona, AZ)- Full-time student at the Art Institute

$2,000 Toss-Up category is Thing:

E _ C _ _ _ _ T _ O N

P O I N _

Erika provides the EXCLAMATION POINT for $2,000.

Eggland's Best Jackpot Round category is and out on the wheel now, sponsored by the new version of "Fame" (now playing in theaters), is a $5,500 trip to NYC. Erika begins with the Wild Card after lighting up a T, then calls two R's for $1,200 before buying a pair of E's and A's. Afterwards, she calls two N's for another $1,200, two G's for an additional $800 and then purchases a pair of I's; we've been getting pairs of letters for most of this round. Next, she calls a $900 S but then calls a dud in C to possibly leave $3,350 on the table. Wendy's next in line with a trio of L's for $1,800, followed by a $450 P...

T _ I N G S

A R E / R E A L L _

L _ _ _ I N G / _ P

...and she admits THINGS ARE REALLY LOOKING UP for $2,250.

DUD: $900 C (Erika)

Prize Puzzle Round category is Fun & Games. Wendy, the winner of the last round, starts this one with a $300 T, a couple N's for another $1,400 and then purchases two A's and two E's. Next, she calls two R's for another grand, an S for $1,000 worth of Ricardo luggage and then lights up a quintuplet of O's. But she then spins Bankrupt to lose $1,950 and the gift tag. Doug also gets the same thing. Erika then has two L's appear for $600, followed by an $800 P, a trio of F's for $2,100 more, then she calls a $3,500 G. With no hesitation, she then hands in her Wild Card to call a C for another $3,500. The board now:

C O O L _ N G

O F F/ _ N / A

F R E S _ _ A T E R


Not only does she add $10,500 to her bank, she will be COOLING OFF IN A FRESHWATER POOL on her trip to the Divi Dutch Village in Aruba worth $5,734, making her new total $18,234 in cash and trip!

BANKRUPTS: 2 (Wendy, Doug)

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: JW7908735 (Jason W. from Yulee, FL)

Meineke Mystery Round category is Before & After. Doug's first with a $300 T, then lands on the Mystery Wedge next to Free Play and Lose a Turn and calls an S. He flips...but he gets his second Bankrupt of the evening. Next is Erika with a $1,400 pair of N's, a $1,000 R and then buys two I's. Afterwards, she calls three C's for an additional $1,800 and buys triple O's before calling an $800 F. She follows that up with a quartet of O's and we have...

C O N _ E R S _ T I O N

_ I E C E

O F / C _ _ E

...she solves CONVERSATION PIECE OF CAKE for another $4,250, bringing her new total up to $22,484 in cash and trip!


$3,000 Toss-Up category is Around the House:

_ E _ _ _ _

C O _ T R O L

Wendy picks up the REMOTE CONTROL to up her total to $5,250 as we now head into a Show Biz puzzle. She calls a $500 R, three S's for another $2,700 and buys a couple of E's, but her second vowel purchase of O is a dud. Doug next calls three T's worth $1,200, buys a couple of A's, calls three D's for another $1,500 and then buys a U. He then proceeds to call the V for $300 extra, then buys two I's and lights up two F's for another $1,600, two L's for an extra $1,200 and the remaining M for another $500. The complete board reads like this:

S T A R - S T U D D E D

F I L M / F E S T I V A L

Doug solves STAR-STUDDED FILM FESTIVAL for another $5,550 and $6,550 total.

DUD: O (Wendy)

Speed-Up Round category is People and consonants are worth...$1,500 apiece. After Doug calls the O's...

O _ T - O F - T O _ N

_ _ S _ T O R S

...he solves OUT-OF-TOWN VISITORS for an additonal three grand and a final total of $9,550. Wendy leaves with $5,250 and Erika wins with $22,484 in cash and trip!

So far, $37,284 in cash and trip has been given away tonight.

DUD: H (Doug)

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH: $4,250 (in cash and gift tag)

(Notes: As of this week, this season's $100,000 graphic has four spotlights surrounding it like the new $1,000,000 graphic; all the BR money win graphics now pop up the same way.)

Big Money Round: Erika spins the first A in AMERICA'S and the category is People. Starting with:

T _ S _

_ _ R _ E

She calls C, P, D and O and gets...

T _ S _

_ O R C E

...she's got the necessary TASK FORCE for $35,000, a total of $57,484 in cash and trip!

(Note: As of this week, the champion's friends and/or family no longer stand on a platform, at least for the BRs that aren't for $1 Million; they now remain sitting in the audience.)

Jeopardy!: Can Andy Srinivasan start off this week the same way as last week- retaining his title? Let's find out against:

Jeffrey Niblack (Washington, D.C.)- Government accountability office analyst
Pat Spangler (Bethesda, MD)- PhD student and a college instructor

The week's first six categories:



Just before the first break, Niblack goes Daily Double Hunting; at the timeout, he's at $400, while the champ has a grand more than he does and Spangler leads for the moment with $2,000. The Daily Double is later found by...Spangler under the $600 Alphabetically First clue. At this point, she's at $2,600, just $200 ahead of the champ for the lead; Niblack's at $1,800. Her wager is two grand. For a bigger lead or to lose it altogether, here's the clue:

...of Snow White's 7 dwarfs.

"Who is Doc?"...not him, so she drops all the way back to $800 and last place for right now. The right one was Bashful. Niblack then ends the round by using the High School Strategy on the That's A Moray! subject; time runs out before the $200 and $400 clues can be played there. When the time's up beeper goes off, the champ's leading with three grand, Spangler's back up to $2,400 and Niblack's current score is now $1,600.


DJ! Categories:

THAT'S A PUZZLER (these are "Catch Phrase"-like puzzles)

About midway in this round, Srinivasan finds DD #1 under the $1,200 The Age of Nationalism clue. He's at $4,600, and Niblack now leads with $8,000; Spangler's now starting to fade out of the picture with $2,800. His wager is two grand.

Lajos Kossuth was representing the country of pest when he led this country's Nationalist Revolt in 1848.

"What is Hungary?"...correct to up his total to $6,600! He later finds the round's other one under the $1,200 Stately Forts clue with $9,400. With Spangler at $5,200 and Niblack at $3,600, Srinivasan's knocking on the door of Lock Game Territory here. He wagers two grand again. To go into LGT for the moment, here's the clue:

Fort Dix in this state is bordered by McGuire Air Force Base & Naval Air Engineering Station Lakehurst.

"What is Delaware?"...NO. The right state was New Jersey, so he drops a bit to $7,400. Only the $2,000 That's a Puzzler clue goes unplayed this round.



Andy: $13,400 (lock game!)
Pat: $3,600

Jeffrey: $4,000


Andy: $14,600
Pat: $5,600
Jeffrey: $4,000

FJ! CATEGORY: Old Names in the News.

After running pyramid schemes & spending time in federal prison, he was deported back to Italy in 1934.

Response: "Who was Ponzi?"
Wager: $3,500

Final score: $7,100

Response: "Who was Musollini?"
Wager: $3,000
Final score: $1,000 (exactly how much he's leaving with)

Response: "Who is Ponzi?"
Wager: $3,000

Wins with: $16,400

Andy Srinivasan's two-day total: $33,800.


Conclusion of Matt Schultz's game
Start of Alex Zephyr's game

Video Bonus: A Down to the Wire moment from Matt's game

DOND: It's the second annual Teachers Week! First to play was #8 Ms. Lisa Ambrosino, wanting to win enough to pay for her wedding.

1. #12 (Coach Fuerte)- $50,000
2. #5 (Mrs. Collins)- $10
3. #14 (Mrs. Cadigan)- $25,000
4. #18 (Mrs. Frohlich)- $5,000
5. #22 (Ms. Lavalle)- BUCK


1. #2 (Mr. Smith)- $2,500
2. #9 (Mrs. Traverso)- $100
3. #21 (Mr. I)- $50
4. #11 (Ms. Sierra)- $500,000 (DANGER ZONE ENFORCED)
5. #4 (Ms. Miller)- $300


1. #15 (Ms. Walker)- $10,000
2. #7 (Ms. Petrano)- $400
3. #1 (Mrs. Crudup)- $500
4. #19 (Mr. Guydis)- $100,000 (STRIKE ONE)


1. #13 (Ms. Brager)- $25
2. #6 (Mr. Shin)- $250,000 (BIG STRIKE TWO)


1. #10 (Ms. Allen)- FLUNK OUT ($75,000)
2. #17 (Ms. D)- $1,000


Rest of her game:

19th PICK: #20 (Mrs. P)- $200


20th PICK: #3 (Mr. Haworth)- PENNY


Had Ms. Ambrosino gone all the way...she would've been the lowest winner of the season so far with five bucks.
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