Wednesday, September 30, 2009

9/30/2009 Results

Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?: First up today is Michael Padula (who is a ballroom dance instructor; he even brings a female dance partner when he enters the classroom!). After choosing Pablo as his opening partner (and Pablo does a breakdancing number; he wants to be a lawyer!), here are the categories:

1st Grade Spelling
1st Grade Vocabulary
2nd Grade Life Science
2nd Grade Measurements
3rd Grade Anatomy
3rd Grade Science
4th Grade U.S. Geography
4th Grade Earth Science
5th Grade Math
5th Grade World History

This episode's opening question is worth $5,000 and it comes from 5th Grade Math:

What's the mode in the following set of numbers- 3, 4, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8?

The Peek is quickly used. Pablo's guess was four. Michael agrees...correct! Should've used the Copy instead. To double the five, here's the 5th Grade World History question:

On September 2, 1945, Japan signed a Formal Instrument of Surrender in Tokyo Bay aboard which U.S. battleship?

Michael's guess is the USS Arizona, as is Pablo's...he loses the five big ones right back. The ship was actually called the USS Missouri. Michael then goes deep down to 2nd Grade Measurements. For $1,000:

Annalise & Madison want to get to class 15 minutes early. If class begins at 7 AM and it takes them 30 minutes to get there, what time do they need to leave?

Mike's correct with 6:15 AM and then makes Madison (who has been taking dance lessons since she was four) his second classmate. He then heads back up to 4th Grade U.S. Geography before facing this $3,500 question:

Rapid City & Aberdeen are two of the three most populous cities in what U.S. state?

Michael's guess this time is Iowa...I thought that too, but that's not the right state. Madison guessed Colorado...also wrong. It was South Dakota. He then tries a $2,500 question now in 3rd Grade Anatomy:

The largest bone in the human body is the femur. What's the second largest?

He uses the Copy because Madison was quick in answering. She went with the tibia, as did the other two classmates...all are right for $2,500. That was Mike's gut, though. Next question comes from 2nd Grade Life Science:

There are three main body parts of an insect. The thorax and abdomen are two. What's the third?

Michael locks in the head...right to go to $3,500. That means Annalise (who is a black belt in Tae Kwan Do) is now eligible to Save him on one of the remaining questions. The next one comes from 4th Grade Earth Science:

To the nearest thousand, what's the circumference of the Earth at the Equator?

A: 25,000 miles
B: 45,000 miles
C: 91,000 miles

Michael locks in 91,000...incorrect. Annalise wrote down Mike's second guess of 45,000...not it, either, so he's now playing for a possible $35,000. Michael's next stop is 1st Grade Spelling.

T or F: The letter F appears only one time in the spelling of the following word- "preferrable".

Michael's right with False for $500. Now, for another $2,500, here's the 3rd Grade Nature question:

Which of the following clouds form farthest from the surface of the Earth?

A: Cirrus
B: Nimbo-stratus
C: Stratocumulus

Michael says nimbo-stratus...not the cloud. Annalise's guess was cirrus...that's the one to go to $3,000.

Extra Credit Question:

According to kids, what's the #1 choice when it comes to birthday cake?

A: Carrot
B: Chocolate
C: Angel Food

Answer: Chocolate; carrot said goodbye first.

For a total of $3,500, this is the 1st Grade Vocabulary question:

Pablo's sisters are triplets. If he has no other siblings, how many total sisters does Pablo have?

Michael's right with three.


Seeing as he had difficulty on three of the four upper-tier questions, he will Drop Out with the $3,500. But could he have had $35,000 after this question?...

What unit of energy is defined as being equal to the heat required to raise the temperature of one gram of pure water by one degree Celsius?, he would've blanked! The final correct answer was calorie.

JEFF'S JOKE: "If you think the Hoover Dam was built with vacuum cleaners, you might NOT be smarter than a 5th Grader."

Today's second participant is Anthony "Tony" Wilson (who is print company owner). First partner is Danielle (who attends a gifted elementary school) and these are the subjects this time:

1st Grade Social Studies
1st Grade Measurements
2nd Grade Nature
2nd Grade Health
3rd Grade Music
3rd Grade Animal Science
4th Grade Math
4th Grade Vocabulary
5th Grade U.S. Geography
5th Grade U.S. History

We start this go-round with a question from 5th Grade U.S. Geography:

What local Native American word for "the great one" is the alternate name for Alaska's Mt. McKinley?

Tony's blanking out, so he locks in the Copy. Danielle blows it with The Applachians (she spelled it as The Appalations); the actual alternate name is Denali. Trying again for five grand, here's the 5th Grade U.S. History question:

On October 8, 1871, a great fire burned four square miles and left 90,000 homeless in what U.S. city?

Tony believes it's Chicago, as did Danielle...yes it is! Continuing the slow trip down the board, the $3,500 4th Grade Vocabulary question reads as follows:

When used with the helping verb "has", what's the past tense of the word "swim"?

A: Swam
B: Swimmed
C: Swum

Tony's really torn between the top two choices, and he evenutally locks in "swimmed"...believe it or not, he never had it right. Danielle...wrote down "swum" for a new total of $8,500! His second and possibly final partner is Zach (who wants to travel back in time in order to watch the very first World Series) and he completes 4th Grade with this $3,500 Math question:

The product of any given number and its reciprocal is always what number?

Tony uses his Peek, the last remaining cheat. After Zach's revealed to have written down one, Tony locks that in...and is right to go to $12,000! He's now on his own from here on out. His first 3rd Grade question comes from 3rd Grade Animal Science:

Which of the following is considered a cetacean?

A: Blue whale
B: Great white shark
C: Shrimp

Tony's guess is the blue whale...that's it to move up to $14,500! Now, to 3rd Grade Music.

T or F: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart began writing music before Ludwig van Beethoven.

Tony locks in True...True it is, taking him to $17,000! Next is the first of the 2nd Grade questions in Nature:

If Zach's going to the only continent that doesn't have lizards native to it, what continent is he going to?

Tony's final guess here is Antarctica...correct for a new total of $18,000! To make it 19, let's see what 2nd Grade Health has to offer:

Once a common disease among pirates, Scurvy is caused by a deficiency of what vitamin?

Tony decides to go with C, which is the answer choice you should typically go for on any SAT question if you're stumped on one...and C's the right answer here for $19,000! Now down to 1st Grade, Tony tries this $500 Social Studies question:

Which U.S. federal holiday is celebrated on the second Monday in October?

Tony's right with Columbus Day!

Extra Credit Question:

The Baseball Hall of Fame is located in what U.S. state?

A: Massachusetts
B: New York
C: Ohio

Answer: New York; Massachusetts got scratched off first.

This 1st Grade Measurements question is worth a final haul of $20,000:

Using current U.S. coins, how many different ways are there to make a total of exactly 10 cents?

Tony's guess here is four...that's 20 grand!


He hates the subject as much as my family does, so he's Dropping Out!

JEFF'S JOKE: "If you think the U.S. Mint is a flavor of Girl Scouts cookies, you might NOT be smarter than a 5th Grader."

Tonight's celebrity game is being played by Tom Arnold, who's trying to win a lot of money for Camp del Corazon. After starting things off with Kevin (whose favorite sports team is the L.A. Lakers), let's see the subjects:

1st Grade World Geography
1st Grade Social Studies
2nd Grade U.S. Geography
2nd Grade Animal Science
3rd Grade Spelling
3rd Grade Vocabulary
4th Grade World History
4th Grade Math
5th Grade U.S. History
5th Grade Ancient Cultures

Tom starts with 5th Grade U.S. History and the following question worth $5,000:

What's the name of the Native American Shawnee chief who sided with the British in the War of 1812 and helped them capture Detroit?

Tom immediately Peeks at Kevin's answer of Tecuma before locking that in...not quite right. It was Tecumseh. Another chance to put the first $5,000 in his bank comes with the following query from 5th Grade Ancient Cultures:

One of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the Temple of Artemis was located at Ephesus, which is now part of what country?

Tom's guess is Greece...incorrect. Kevin instead wrote down Turkey...correct! Tom's next question comes from 4th Grade Math:

The mathematical expression (4 X 2) X 5 = 4 X (2 X 5) is an example of which property of multiplication?

A: Associative
B: Commutative

C: Transitive

Tom uses all three cheats before the first commercial break, as he uses the Copy here. Kevin guessed the associative property...right for an additional $3,500! Let's see the 4th Grade World History question next:

The explorer Magellan was famous for leading the first expedition to circle the globe. What was his first name?

Tom locks in...Emberg instead of the right first name of Ferdinand, so he's now playing for a possible $80,000. He begins the 3rd Grade row with this $2,500 Spelling question:

How many times does the letter E appear in the following word- "privilege"?

Tom answers too many. Again for $2,500, here's the 3rd Grade Vocabulary question:

A leveret is defined as the young of which of the following animals?

A: Goat
B: Hare
C: Mouse

His guess this time is hare...right this time for $2,500. The next question from 2nd Grade U.S. Geography has a visual:

The following image is an outlne of what eastern U.S. state?

Thinking of the Red Sox, he's right with Massachusetts to go to $3,500. The 2nd Grade Animal Science question worth another grand reads like this:

T or F: Aside from their teeth, sharks don't have any bones in their bodies.

Tom locks in True...right again for a new total of $4,500. The next-to-last regulation question in 1st Grade World Geography:

If Tom's broadcasting from the middle of the Himalaya mountain range, what continent is he on?

He locks in Italy...that's right. For $5,500, here's the following from 1st Grade Social Studies:

U.S. Presidential elections always occur on what day of the week?

Tom nails Tuesday!


Tom makes the wise choice of Dropping Out with the $5,500 for his charity.

The day wraps up with Tamar Kummel (who is an Olympic massage therapist). Kevin (whose favorite band is Linkin Park) is her opening classmate and this is the final category board of the day:

1st Grade English
1st Grade Social Studies
2nd Grade Spelling
2nd Grade Earth Science
3rd Grade Animal Science
3rd Grade U.S. Geography
4th Grade Geometry
4th Grade Health
5th Grade Astronomy
5th Grade Literature

The opening question comes from 2nd Grade Earth Science. For $1,000:

If it's summer in the Northern Hemisphere, what season is it in the Southern Hemisphere?

Tamar locks in winter...she's on the board. Her second category is 3rd Grade Animal Science. For $2,500 more:

What species of animal is the largest member of the dolphin family?

She's unsure, but instead of using her Copy, she uses the Peek here. After Kevin is revealed to have written down the Killer Whale, Tamar agrees to move up to $3,500. She then completes 2nd Grade with this Spelling question worth another grand:

What vowel comes first in the word "chief"?

Tamar locks in I...and I say she's right again to inch up to $4,500. Her second classmate pick is Khamani (who is a former 5th Grade spelling bee champion) and she tries her first upper tier question of this game from 5th Grade Literature. For a total of $9,500 or nothing, here it is:

What fictional detective is the main character of many Arthur Conan Doyle works, including "The Hound of the Baskervilles"?

I'm not sure why this was a 5th Grade question, because Tamar answers Sherlock Holmes no problem to jump to $9,500! After giving Jeff Foxworthy a little massage, Tamar tries the other 5th Grade question in Astronomy:

What planet in our solar system has the hottest average surface temperature?

Khamani's real confident about this one, but Tamar doesn't need his help- she's right with Venus, taking her new total to $14,500! She stays in the upper tier by selecting 4th Grade Geometry next.

What's the area of the following parallelogram?

Top: 12
Left: 13
Right: 13
Bottom: 12
Inside: 5

Multiplying 13 times 12, Tamar's answer is 156...actually, you get the area by multiplying 12 times 5, which is 60...and Khamani's not even close with a guess of 2,302. That means she's now shooting for $70,000 as Taylar now joins her. The other 4th Grade question, from the subject of Health, is:

In the human body, what type of tissue holds together two bones at a joint?

A: Ligaments
B: Lymph nodes
C: Tendons

Tamar's response is ligaments...she's got $3,500 back. For another $2,500, let's see this 3rd Grade U.S. Geography question:

Frankfort is the capital city of what U.S. state?

A: Idaho
B: Kentucky
C: Mississippi

Tamar's back at six grand with Kentucky! She starts the last 1st Grade line with this Social Studies question worth another five Benjamins:

T or F: The Liberty Bell is cracked.

Having been to Philadelphia on a school trip, she knows that's True! To finish with $7,000, 1st Grade English asks this:

Taylar & Kevin are children. What's the singular form of the word "children"?

Tamar answers "child" for a total of seven grand! The Copy and the Save are now out of play.


Tamar Drops Out. But let's see if she would've gotten this one for the 70 large:

What king of Scotland succeeded Elizabeth I as the monarch of England?

She did the right thing, as she's thinking nothing. It was James Stewart. King James would've been acceptable.

TPIR: Episode 4852K starts with Lisa Connelly, Jessica Hayden, Gregory Prezebrak, Jonathan Wilson and the first IUFB behind the splitting sign, a Samsung 60" DLP HDTV (Lanisha & Rachael).

Jonathan: $1,100
Gregory: $1,250
Jessica: $1,275

Lisa: $1,252

ARP: $1,598

Jessica plays Cliff Hangers for a solar golf car and golf equipment (Manuela at Door #3), all worth $10,460! Rachael models these SPs- a 1,200-watt steam iron, a Nintendo DS "TPIR 2010" video game and a dry food dispenser. Her guess on the iron is $50...ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK NOMINEE and she wins absolutely nothing here. It was just $21. The video game was $30 and the dispenser price will remain hidden from view.

DQ: Way overpricing the iron on the first turn (a contestant can also be disqualified in this game if a contestant guesses at least $76 on any SP, as no SP in this game costs more than $50)

Darlene Joat hopes that she's going to do better on this episode as she enters Contestant's Row and the second IUFB is a Sirius/XM satelite radio package (Lanisha & Rachael).

Darlene: $800
Lisa: $255 (STAGE GARF)
Jonathan: $275 (STAGE GARF)
Gregory: $276

ARP: $838

Darlene, who's looking exhausted right now (thanks to coming on down all the way from the back of the audience), plays Dice Game for a Subaru Forester (Std., BCover, Guards, Bluetooth, Shifter)(Manuela at Door #3). First number in the car price is 2.

Second number: 1- CORRECT
Third number: 6- RIGHT
Fourth number: 2- NO; HIGHER
Fifth number: 1- NO; HIGHER FREEBIE (her first roll of a 6 here was a dud because it didn't quite go over the line; I was concerned she would roll a 3 or 4 there next)

She wins the $21,652 Subaru no problem, making Dice Game 2 for 2 so far this season!

(Note: To end this game, Rich DiPirro did a great zoom-in of the important top fourth digit window!)

Coming on down sixth is Chrsitina Camarena and the third IUFB is a Little Miss Liberty of Beverly Hills princess bed (Manuela at Door #3).

Christina: $800
Lisa: $2,100
Jonathan: $1,200
Gregory: $1,201

ARP: $1,848

Gregory from Buffalo, NY plays Double Prices right in front of Contestant's Row for a trip to Jackson Hole, WY (Lanisha at the audience screen). Rachael's modeling these two possible prices for it- $7,597 or $8,452. His guess is $7,597 and after Drew says "Alakazam!", Rachael hits the button to reveal...he's going on vacation!

Jessica ($1,598): 65 + 50 = DOH
Gregory ($9,445): $.70
Darlene ($22,490; first spin was a PENALTY): $.70

Gregory: $.75
Darlene: $.55

Before Gregory travels to at least Jackson Hole, he's going to the Showcase.

Rich then calls on Anthony and the fourth IUFB is a pair of mountain bikes (Lanisha & Rachael).

Anthony: $950
Christina: $750
Lisa: $555

Jonathan: $956

ARP: $1,548

Jonathan, a bank worker from L.A. plays Most Expensive for a washer/dryer (Manuela), five Cape Spade handbags w/ a wallet (Rachael) and a game table (Lanisha). His ME pick is the Cape Spade stuff. The washer/dryer is $1,628, the game table is $2,995...but the designer stuff's only $2,510.

Next on Rich's list is James Taglauer and the next IUFB is a Canon digital camera kit (Manuela).

James: $775
Anthony: $1,200
Christina: $1,201
Lisa: $1,500

ARP: $1,649

Lisa, the last of today's First Four, is from Chicago and this Italian Drew Crew member will play Ten Chances for a foot massager (Lanisha), some power tools (Lanisha) and a PT Cruiser (Std., Paint, AT, Mats, ALB, Radio)(Rachael; all prizes behind Door #3).


1. $59- DQ
3. $95- DQ
4. $90- OF COURSE

NUMBERS IN TOOLS: 0, 6, 7 & 9

5. $697- DQ
6. $760- NO
7. $796- DQ
8. $960- NO
9. $690- NO
10. $790- LOSS

ARP of the tools was $670; the ARP of the PT Cruiser was $19,820. She's definitely NOT a fan of this game.

DQs: 4 (first, third, fifth and seventh guesses broke the zero rule)

The final player of the day is Elizabeth Nader and the final IUFB is the Lobster tennis ball machine (Rachael & Manuela).

Elizabeth: $350
James: $1,200
Anthony: $351
Christina: $1,201

ARP: $912

Anthony, who has "TPIR" shaved on the back of his head, plays Grocery Game for some retro kitchen appliances (Lanisha at Door #2) worth $10,138. Rachael handles the cash register today, with the groceries being Sun Chips, a 2 liter bottle of Sunkist, a box of Sun Light, a jar of Sun-Maid raisins and Sunbelt banana nut granola cereal.

1. 4 Sun Chips: $3.79 X 4 = $15.16
2. 3 Sunkists: $1.79 X 3 = $5.37 (WIN at $20.53!)

I liked the lineup as is today.

Jonathan ($1,548): 20 + $1 = OVER
Lisa ($1,739): 40 + 30 = $.70
Anthony ($11,050): 60 + 55 = OVER

Whether we like it or not, Lisa's facing Gregory in the Showcase.

The first Showcase has nothing but trips behind Door #2 modeled by Rome, China and Australia.

LISA BIDS $15,500 ON TRIPS SHOWCASE- POSSIBLE GARF OF THE CENTURY (only covers one or two trips)


Gregory's going for an iMac computer w/ a Slingbox (Manuela), a billiards/dining table (Manuela & Rachael at Door #1) and a 2010 Mini Cooper Convertible (Lanisha at Door #3).

GREGORY BIDS $23,333 ON CONVERTIBLE SHOWCASE- STAGE GARF #2 (doesn't quite cover the car)


BID: $15,500

ARP: $33,249

BID: $23,333
ARP: $34,594

It wasn't a pretty victory, but Gregory becomes this episode's champion with a total of $44,039 in prizes!

Now, for Episode 4843K, with Contestant's Row starting out with Sarah Wakefield, Patrick McFarlane, Faye Wood & Christopher Manning. The first IUFB this time is a pair of Nokia cell phones (Manuela; includes a 700 minute calling plan).

Christopher: $800
Faye: $550
Sarah: $600
Patrick: $801

ARP: $1,645

Patrick won't be playing for a car, at least for now, but he can win over $10,000 in 1/2 Off to help him possibly buy any car he wants. The SPs here are modeled by Lanisha & Rachael.

Moen faucet: $124
Waterproof sound case: $100
PICK: Faucet- $248 ($500)
REMAINING BOXES: #2, #3, #5, #8, #9, #12, #14 & #15

Picture frame: $11
Argus digital camera: $45

Baby food maker: $75
Nintendo DS "TPIR 2010" video game: $30
PICK: Video game- OOPS

Patrick selects box #9, brought down by The 10 grand was in #15.

Headed to the green spot second is Leanne Keyones and the second IUFB behind the splitting sign is F2 golf clubs (Lanisha).

Leanne: $1,200
Christopher: $2,100
Faye: $1,450
Sarah: $1,201

ARP: $1,353

Sarah from Ohio plays Squeeze Play for an outdoor kitchen island (Rachael & Manuela at Door #3). Board:


Does she take out the 2 to win the $7,995, she removes the first 9 instead.

Earlene Reed then heads to CR's orange location and the third IUFB behind the GPT is a treadmill from The Sports Authority (Rachael).

Earlene: $1,850
Leanne: $2,000
Christopher: $800
Faye: $1,201

ARP: $1,900

Earlene plays Any Number for either some iPod Nanos (Lanisha) or a Chevrolet Cobalt (Std., AT, #I, Prot, Pedals, Mats)(Manuela at Door #2)...and she ends up with the $796 iPods on her first three picks. The ARP of the car was $18,324 and the piggy bank had five bucks and a dime in it today.

Sarah ($1,353): $.75
Patrick ($2,493): $.85
Earlene ($2,696): 40 + $1 = OVER

Patrick might get that car opportunity in the Showcase, because he's going there.

The next big winner hopeful is Barbara Lewis and the fourth IUFB is a Panasonic 42" plasma HDTV (Manuela at Door #3).

Barbara: $1,600
Leanne: $1,800
Christopher: $952
Faye: $1,850

For the first time this season, we have an aired all-overbid.

Barbara: $750
Leanne: $555
Christopher: $638
Faye: $700

ARP: $898

Barbara, also from Ohio, plays One Wrong Price for an Ashley dinette marked at $1,200 (Manuela), a pair of designer handbags marked at $2,850 (Rachael) and a Yard-Man lawn mower marked at $1,450 (Lanisha). I would pick the dinette, but her selection is the handbags...$3,495!

Plugging in the hot orange spot now is David Watts and the next IUFB is a Howard Miller wine cabinet (Manuela).

David: $645
Leanne: $1,000
Christopher: $432
Faye: $501

ARP: $1,690

With that, we're definitely going to have at least our third First Four Breakfast Club member of the season. In the meantime, Leanne plays Pass the Buck for a Jeep Wrangler (Rachael) worth $20,770.

Carton of Whoppers: $1.49
Ajax dishwashing liquid: $3.29
PICK: Whoppers- $2.49

Propel drink mix: $3.79
Neosporin Neo to Go! spray: $5.79
PICK: Spray- $6.79


Final pick: #6- WINS $5,000

The final player of the day is Denise Gobel and the final IUFB on the turntable is an electric guitar played by Andrew DeRoberts.

Denise: $650
Christopher: $842
Faye: $900
David: $901

ARP: $1,313


David plays Switch? for trips to Alaska marked at $4,145 (Rachael) and a trip to Cancun marked at $5,060. He switches...and loses.

My lineup for this episode:

1. Squeeze Play
2. 1/2 Off
3. Any Number
4. One Wrong Price
5. Pass the Buck
6. Switch?

Today's Win At-Home Prize is a Sony 52" Bravia W Series HDTV.

David ($1,313): 30 + 55 = $.85
Leanne ($6,690): $.90
Barbara ($7,043): 35 + Dime = $.45

Leanne gets the Top Winner spot in today's Showcase, so Patrick's chances of possibly winning a car there are getting slimmer by the moment.

First up is the Every Room in the House Showcase. While the setup behind Door #2 still isn't that great, at least the lights dim for a few seconds before the door opens. The prizes in this Showcase are a game table (Rachael), a Yamaha Clavinova digital piano (Rachael), a Beachcomber Hot Tub (Manuela) and a Pantel outdoor TV (Manuela). But that's not all- coming into Door #2 now is a Smart Pure Coupe (Std., Paint, AC, Lamps)(Lanisha)!

LEANNE PASSES TO PATRICK; PATRICK BIDS $21,500 ON EVERYROOM SHOWCASE- STAGE GARF (only covers the car and one or two other prizes)


Leanne's going for an NHL-themed Showcase now. Bailey, the LA Kings' mascot, starts off by offering four tickets to one of their games, plus VIP access to the team's warm-ups and replica gear (Manuela). Second, the Washington Capitals' mascot, Slapshot, offers up four tickets to one of their games w/ VIP access and some replica gear (Rachael). Third, Carlton happens to be the mascot of the Toronto Maple Leafs, so four tickets to one of their games is offered as well, as well as replica gear and a trip to the Hockey Hall of Fame in the same area (Lanisha). Finally, Stanley C. Panther offers up four tickets to one of the Florida Panthers' games, VIP access and replica gear (Manuela)!



BID: $21,500
ARP: $33,001


BID: $22,000
ARP: $28,346


No car for Patrick, so Leanne wins her Showcase and $35,036 in cash and prizes.

BrainSurge: Let's meet today's six kids:

Cody (the owner of 25 pets)
Sydney (who can burp the alphabet)
Liam (who enjoys camping, snorkeling and riding dirt bikes)
Alec (who wants to fly a jet one day)
Maya (former spelling bee champion)
Kellie (who likes to shop and play basketball)

Level 1: For 10 points, which design was the branding iron that Jeff the Cowboy accidentially sat on?
ANSWER: #4 (the mirror image of the letter R)

Sydney: #1
Alec: #4 (10)
Kellie: #1
Cody: #4 (10)
Liam: #1
Maya: #1

For 20: After seeing the numbers on the first six gumballs, which number from the second series didn't appear on the first series?

Sydney: 6 (20)
Alec: 6 (30)
Kellie: 1
Cody: 26

Liam: 2
Maya: 4

For 30: How many red fish are in the shown school of fish?

Alec was the only person who was incorrect on this one with 16; Sydney now has 50 and the lead, Cody has 40 and everybody else has 30.

For 40: After looking at three female ballet dancers, they must come up with the lowest number amongst everybody's shoes.

Maya was the only one who goofed on this one with seven; that means Sydney's leading score is now 90, followed by Cody with 80, four others at 70 and Maya's now in last with 30.

For 50: There's a three digit number on a baseball Jeff pitches at a virtual baseball game.

Sydney: 796 (140)
Alec: 796 (120)
Kellie: 196
Cody: 760
Liam: 796 (120)
Maya: 789

FOR 100: As a prince, Jeff gets turned into a frog. Out of five lily pads, which one is he on at the end?

Sydney: 5
Alec: 5
Kellie: 5
Cody: 5
Liam: 2
Maya: 4

After the second WIPEOUT ever, Maya & Kellie are out of here with a "Drawn to Life Spongebob Squarepants" Nintendo DS video game and a bucket of slime.

Level 2: Today's story is about Jeff as a one-man band. The four remaining contestants have to give instruments that get mentioned in the story.

Round 1:

Sydney: Turntable
Liam: Cymbals
Alec: Violin
Cody: Triangle

Round 2:

Sydney: Harmonica
Liam: Bagpipes
Alec: Flute
Cody: Trumpet

Round 3:

Sydney: Cello
Liam: Banjo

The other instruments were the trombone, guitar, piano, ukulele and the ram's horn.

KO Round: Today's matching pairs are #1 & #12, #2 & #11, #3 & #10, #4 & #15, #5 & #13, #6 & #8, #7 & #14 and #9 & #16.

Syndey: #2 & #11
Cody: #14 & #7
Sydney: #1 & #15
Cody: #6 & #8- WIN!

The other three kids go home with a Southern California City Pass.

LEVEL 3: Today's prizes are a Polaroid digital camera, a Kid Zui laptop and the Lake Tahoe trip.

FIRST GRID: #4, #8, #11, #6, #10 & #14

1. #4, #8, #11, #6, #10 & #13
2. #4, #8, #7
3. #4, #8, #11, #6, #10 & #14- 1:06.79 LEFT

SECOND GRID: #2, #6, #11, #12, #13, #19, #18 & #22

1. #2, #6, #11, #12, #18
2. #2, #6, #11, #12, #13, #18
4. #2, #6, DQ
6. #2, #6, #11, #12, #13, #19, #18 & #22- 8.71 LEFT

LAKE TAHOE GRID: #1, #8, #9, #10, #16, #23, #29, #28, #27 & #32

He's got virtually only one shot at a miracle win...but he can only get #1 and #8 before messing up on #14, so he's headed down the Brain Drain as the first bonus round loser. But he still wins the first two prizes.

WOF: Let's open with a Phrase Toss-Up puzzle:

L _ _ _ _ / N O / S T O N E

_ _ _ _ _ _ E _

Joseph solves LEAVE NO STONE UNTURNED for a grand. Here's Wednesday's panel:

Joseph Perdina (Little Neck, NY)- Majoring in Math and Economics at Florida University
Shantella Miller (Little Rock)- Accountant for a global cosmetics company
Amber Larson (Glendale, AZ)- Trash company worker

$2,000 Toss-Up category is Thing:

L I _ I T E D - _ I _ E

O F _ _ _

Joseph takes advantage of this LIMITED-TIME OFFER to triple his money.

Eggland's Best Jackpot Round category is Song Title and out on the wheel now is a trip to the Lookout Point Lakeside Inn in Hot Springs, AR from Bed & worth $6,055. Joseph starts with three T's for $1,500 and a purchase of four E's and an A, then he calls a pair of H's for another $1,000, buys three O's and we have...

_ A _ / _ O _ / _ E E _

T H E / _ O _ E

T O _ _ _ H T

...he solves the Elton John classic CAN YOU FEEL THE LOVE TONIGHT to go to $4,750.


Prize Puzzle Round category is Event. Shantella begins this round with two T's for $800, four N's for the trip, two L's for another $600, then she buys two A's and six E's. Afterwards, she lights up a $900 C, two I's, a $450 S, a $550 D, a $300 P, but she next gives our first letter repeat of the season with C. Amber next calls a pair of R's for $1,200 and buys the O, then she lights up the F for another $3,500 and the board reads:


_ N F O R _ E T T A _ L E


E _ P E R I E N C E

She wins $4,450 and AN UNFORGETTABLE ISLAND EXPERIENCE at the Hilton Waikoloa Village in Hawaii worth $6,014, a total of $10,464 in cash and trip. Shantella's bobble late in the round costs her $14,919 in cash and trips.

DQ: Shantella (C duplication)

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: RC7957789 (Regina C. from Houston, TX)

Meineke Mystery Round category is Fictional Place. Amber begins with a trio of T's for $1,500 but she then duds out with E. Joseph then hits Bankrupt. Next, Shantella calls an $800 N, a $600 L, three C's for $2,700 more, two I's, four A's, a pair of D's for an extra $1,600 but then gets disqualified for the second time tonight by repeating the E. Back to Amber, she puts up two S's for another $800, followed by quad R's for an extra $3,200 and the purchase of four O's to clean out the vowels. Unfortunately, she next repeats the C to possibly cost her five grand. Joseph then calls three H's for $900 and we have...

H O _ _ A R T S

S C H O O L / O _

_ I T C H C R A _ T / A N D

_ I _ A R D R _


DUD: E (Amber)
DQs: 2 (Shantella's E duplication, Amber's C duplication)

$3,000 Toss-Up category is Food & Drink:

S _ _ T

P R E T_ E L

Joseph is incorrect with SALT PRETZEL. Amber then increases her lead with SOFT PRETZEL to go to $13,464 in cash and vacation. Next subject is Phrase. Amber starts with a $1,000 pair of T's and an E purchase, then she calls a $450 H, a $550 S and buys three I's. Next, she calls a $300 N but then buys a dud in A; that's her second dud vowel of the evening. Joseph follows that with the G for $800 and an O buy to finish out the vowels for this puzzle, then we go to Speed-Up Mode with this setup:

T H E / _ _ O _ _

I S / T I _ _ I N G

The remaining letters are each worth $1,300 apiece. After he calls the C's on a later turn...

T H E / C L O C _

I S / T I C _ I N G

...he solves THE CLOCK IS TICKING for another $4,450 and a final second-place total of $10,200. Shantella mercifully gets goooseegged for $1,000 and Amber hangs on for the win with $13,464 in cash and trip.

So far, $24,664 in cash and trip has been given away tonight.

Prior to big bell: A (Amber)
During Speed-Up: M (Shantella), R (Joseph)


Big Money Round: Amber Larson spins the G and the category is Thing. The opening board:

_ _ _ L T E _

_ _ N _ _ _ _

She calls C, D, H and O and gets...

_ _ _ L T E D

H _ N D _ _ _

...she doesn't snatch up the $30,000 from this QUILTED HANDBAG, so she leaves with $13,464 in cash and Hawaii.

Jeopardy!: Andy Srinivasan's trying for win #4 against these two guys:

Stan Chiueh (Houston, TX)- Law student
Jose Trevino (Bristol, VA)- Logistics analyst

Wednesday's first six categories:

CLASSIC VIDEO GAMES (a clip of each game is shown in addition to the clue being given orally) "The Onion"
"Star-Spangled Banner" WORDS (these are words that appear in the song's lyrics)

At the first break, after a rocky -$1,600 start, the champ's in the lead with $2,800; Chiueh has two grand and Trevino's at $1,400. Srinivasan later finds the Daily Double under the $1,000 The Con is On clue with $6,800; Chiueh's at $2,800 and Trevino's score now sits at two grand. His wager is three grand on this clue:

In 1911, Eduardo De Valfierno stole this Renaissance portrait in order to sell six forgeries of it.

"What is the Mona Lisa?"...yes it is to be within $200 of five figures! At round's end, he's at $10,400, Chiueh's second-place score is now $3,800 and Trevino's new total is $2,600.

LACH TRASH: $1,000 (attempted)

DJ! Categories:



Just as we reach the halfway point of this round, Chiueh bumps Srinivasan out of Lock Game Territory for now as he finds DD #1 under the $2,000 You Can Sail the 7 Seas clue with $9,400 in his bank; the champ's leading score is $14,800 and Trevino's at $3,400. His wager is $7,500. For the lead, here's the clue:

"Abel"-bodied sailors navigate this down under sea that has a max depth of about 17,000 feet.

"What is the Coral Sea?"...NO. The right sea was the Tasman, dropping him all the way to last place with $1,900. Four clues later, Srinivasan finds the other DD under the $1,600 Same First & Last Letter clue with $17,200; he's very deep in LGT now. His wager this time on both DDs in last night's DJ!, he risks $5,000 on this clue:

It's the part of a racetrack between the last turn & the finish line.

"What is the homestretch?"...has to be, giving him $22,200! But the $2,000 there proves to be a Triple Stumper, denying him a sweep in that category.



Andy: $23,800 (another lock game!)
Jose: $4,600
Stan: $3,900


Andy: $18,400
Jose: $4,600
Stan: $11,400

FJ! CATEGORY: Historic Headlines.

On September 30, 2008, Daily Variety reprised this 5-word headline from October 30, 1929.

Response: "What is Black Friday: Stock Market Crash"
Wager: $1,1311
Final score: $2,769

Response: "What was stock market crashes?" (DQ- not enough words)
Wager: $4,500
Final score: $100

Response: "What is the stock market?" (DQ- not enough words)
Wager: $8,000

Wins with: $15,800

Correct: What is "Wall Street Lays an Egg"?

Another missed big money opportunity for Mr. Srinivasan, but he does now have a four-day total of $69,600!

DOND: Teacher's Week rolled on with #18 Mrs. Adria Froehlich. She swapped out for Mrs. P's #20.

1. #9 (Mrs. Traverso)- $100,000
2. #16 (Mr. Piazza)- $10,000
3. #8 (Ms. Aionne)- $2,500
4. #11 (Ms. Sierra)- $300
5. #22 (Ms. Lavalle)- $100


1. #12 (Mrs. Yorachiko)- $25,000
2. #10 (Ms. Allen)- $5
3. #2 (Dr. Kim)- $200
4. #6 (Mr. Shin)- $5,000
5. #15 (Ms. Walker)- $50


1. #21 (Mr. I)- $7,500
2. #13 (Ms. Prager)- $10
3. #4 (Ms. Miller)- PENNY
4. #14 (Mrs. Cadigan)- $400


1. #3 (Mr. Reece)- $500,000 (DANGER ZONE ENFORCED)
2. #19 (Mr. Gydus)- $1,000


1. #5 (Mrs. Collins)- $75,000 (STRIKE ONE)
2. #7 (Ms. Trevano)- $50,000 (STRIKE TWO; NO SAFETY NET LEFT)


19th PICK: #17 (Ms. D)- $25
OFFER: $81,000

20th PICK: #1 (Mrs. Cuda)- $500
FINAL OFFER: $120,000

And with the $500 going away at that point, that was bad news for Mrs. Froehlich, as she definitely passed up the $250,000. For the record, the quarter million was in her new case of #20, leaving the buck in her original case of #18.


Conclusion of Pam Wroblewski's game
Game 2
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