Sunday, September 27, 2009

"The Amazing Race"- 15TH SEASON PREMIERE

Here are the 12 teams for this cycle:

Herbert “Flight Time” Lang (Brinkley, AR) & Nathaniel “The Big Easy” Lofton (New Orleans)- Harlem Globetrotters teammates
Lance Layne (Salem, MA) & Keri Morrione (Peabody, MA)- Engaged couple
Maria Ho (Arcadia, CA) & Tiffany Michelle (L.A.)- Professional poker players
Eric & Lisa Paskel (Encino, CA, by way of Michigan)- Married Yoga teachers
Gary (Laurel, MT) & Matt (Bozeman, MT) Tomljenovich- Father/son
Zev Glassenberg (Sherman Oaks, CA) & Justin Kanew (L.A.)- Friends
Garret Paul (Aptos, CA) & Jessica Stout (Larkspur, CA)- On/off dating couple
Marcy Maloy & Ronald Shalita (San Francisco)- Dating couple
Mika Combs & Canaan Smith (Nashville)- Newly dating couple
Daniel (Liberty, MO) & Samuel (Ft. Worth, TX) McMillen- Brothers/college students
Meghan Rickey & Cheyene Whitney (San Diego)- Dating couple
Ericka Dunlap & Brian Kleinschmidt (Nashville)- Married couple (Ericka’s also a former Miss America winner and Player of the Week for her winning appearance on a Miss America edition of “Pyramid” back in September 2003)

On tonight's two-hour season premiere, at least two teams will be eliminated and be sent home with nothing. And little do these teams know that one team's race will end in L.A. before it even starts.

OPENING CLUE/CHALLENGE: On a wall of numerous license plates are 11 Shinagawa District license plates that are related to the season's first destination, Tokyo. Once a team finds a correct one and hands it over to host Phil Keoghan, they will get their tickets on one of two flights to Tokyo (with the first six teams going on the first one). After making it to Tokyo, they must travel to the Tokyo Tower Studios to get their second clue.

The team that never finds a correct license plate and are eliminated on the spot are...

...The Paskels.

ROADBLOCK: One member of each team plays Sushi Roulette, where a big wheel is spun. On it are nine sushi rolls and two Wasabi Bombs. They must continue eating the food on that wheel until they successfully eat a Wasabi Bomb. Once they land on a bomb, they have two minutes to finish eating it in order to receieve their third clue.

PIT STOP: Teams now have to match up their designated audience section's color flag to 20 of its members wearing the corresponding visor. Then, they have to lead that group through the streets of Tokyo to the Konno Hachimangu Shrine, where the last place team may be eliminated.

Here are the color assignments:

Meghan & Cheyene- Red
Marcy & Ron- Dark blue
Zev & Justin- Yellow
Garrett & Jessica- Green
Maria & Tiffany- Light purple (Maria failed her first attempt)
Big Easy & Flight Time-Light blue
Gary & Matt- Dark purple
Lance & Keri- Pink
Mika & Canaan- Orange
Sam & Dan- Green (lighter shade)
Ericka & Brian- Pink

The first stage winners of the season are...

...Meghan & Cheyene! Their bonus prize is a Travelocity vacation to Aspen & Veil, CO.

2. Zev & Justin

3. Lance & Keri

4. Marcy & Ron

5. Big Easy & Flight Time

6. Brian & Ericka

7. Gary & Matt

8. Garrett & Jessica

9. Sam & Dan

10. Mika & Canaan

That means Maria & Tiffany finish in dead last...

...but they're not being forced to fold just yet, because this is the first of the season's non-elimination legs. That means only they will have to battle a Speed Bump during the next stage. However, because they didn't complete the last part of this stage, they have been assessed a TWO HOUR PENALTY and will have to wait that much time out before they can start the second stage.


OPENING CLUE: Teams must fly 2,600 miles to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Once there, they have to take a two-hour bus ride to the rural village of Cai Be, where they then have to run on foot to a boat dock to find their second clue.

For this stage, each team has been given $444 at their disposal.

Clue #2: Teams must now go to the nearby mud pits and collect enough nutrient mud so that as soon as they deposit it in an orchid to reach the red line, they'll fertilize a fruit tree. Once that happens, they'll get their third clue.

SPEED BUMP: Before they head to the mud pits, Maria & Tiffany must head to a soup stand and order all the necessary ingredients to make a soup called Bacht. They must then combine the ingredients before serving the soup to the dockmaster. Once the dockmaster deems their soup good enough, they can resume their regular gameplay.

Meghan & Cheyene, the winners of the first stage, are currently leading this one as well at this point.

Clue #3: After returning to the boat dock, teams now have to run on foot to the Cai Be Field to collect their next clue.

ROADBLOCK #2: One half of each team now has 10 minutes, with a pair of flags in tow, to lead a flock of 150 ducks from their pen to across a bridge, then all the way back.

PIT STOP #2: After running to a bay market at the edge of the Macon River, they have to get to the nearby dock to find the Bassac III riverboat. The last team to check in here WILL be eliminated.

The second stage winners are...

...Gary & Matt! They each win a kayak.

2. Sam & Dan

3. Big Easy & Flight Time

4. Lance & Keri

5. Zev & Justin

6. Meghan & Cheyne

7. Maria & Tiffany

8. Mike & Canaan

9. Marcy & Ron

The last team to advance to the next episode are...

Brian & Ericka
Garrett & Jessica

...Brian & Ericka! That means Garrett & Jessica are the other team eliminated this evening.
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