Sunday, September 20, 2009

"America's Best Dance Crew" 9/20- SEMI-FINALS & FINAL PERFORMANCES

This week, the final three dance crews have to incorporate some trends in their performances from the '60s, '70s, '80s, '90s and this millennium. These will be their longest performances of the season.

The most popular crew of last week, and getting the first spot in the finals, is...


Here are their judging reviews for their latest performance: Shane liked the concept, but said some members weren't on cue at times. Lil' Mama said they just walked through the performance just to get it over with. JC said they had one last chance to blow everybody away.

After the Sudden Death Face-Off, the team that will be facing Afroborike in the finals are...

Massive Monkees
We Are Heroes

...We Are Heroes! We have another chance to crown the show's first all-female champions! But it's going to be a longshot against Afroborike, as they were in the bottom two only once compared to We Are Heroes' three.

And now, it's time for their final performances.

Afroborike: This performance showcases their Reggae roots; it's titled "Raiz Says". Early on, there's a big drum with three women inside the back of it.

We Are Heroes: This was a slow, superhero kind of performance called "Ichiban". Appropriately, the ladies are dressed in superhero attire. They dance most of the time in a ring of fire!
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