Wednesday, September 09, 2009

"America's Got Talent" 9/9

There will be 10 acts competing for the million next week. Remember, the last five finale spots are determined by only the voting from you, America.

A: FootworKINGz
B: Hairo Torres
ADVANCING: Hairo Torres

(Notes: After the first commercial break of tonight's episode, never-before-seen footage of the judges having trouble on deciding whether The Voices of Glory or The Fab Five would move on to the finals gets shown; this footage happened during that results show's last commercial break. It was Piers' idea to send both acts to the finals.)

A: Erik & Rickie
B: Jeffrey Ou

A: Mario & Jenny
B: Recycled Percussion
ADVANCING: Recycled Percussion

Members of the musical "Jersey Boys" then perform.

The last three acts to make it to the finals are Barbara Padilla, Lawrence Beamen...

...and the sole Wild Card, Drew Stevyns!
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