Friday, September 04, 2009

"Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?" 9/4

Time to start the first of the last three primetime episodes of "5th Grader". Before we get to Dean Cain's game, we're holding a civilian game right now with Shomari James (who is a realtor). Kassidy's filling in for Olivia once again. His 10 topics:

1st Grade Animal Science
1st Grade English
2nd Grade Science
2nd Grade Grammar
3rd Grade Spelling
3rd Grade World Geography
4th Grade Music
4th Grade Measurements
5th Grade U.S. History
5th Grade Astronomy

After making his first partner Jonathan, the first chosen category of the evening is Animal Science.

T or F: All animals that live in the ocean are species of fish.

He guesses False, which Jonathan also said...correct. Shomari then finishes up 1st Grade with this English question:

"LN." is the abbreviation for what word that refers to a narrow street?

He nails lane and chooses Kassidy to be his second partner. He then moves up to 2nd Grade and this Grammar question:

How many contractions are in the following sentence- "It's three o' clock, and I can't wait to go play with my pet lizard"?

After talking it out, he decides to Peek. Kassidy's guess was 3, which happens to be Shomari's gut as well. So that's what he locks in...that's right. He'll now try to close out 2nd Grade successfully in the subject of Science; here's the question:

Which of the following metals would a magnet NOT attract?

A: Nickel
B: Iron
C: Brass

This guy's pretty sure it's nickel...but it isn't. The metal that we were going for was brass...Kassidy has it to save him and move him up to $10,000. Shomari then brings up Bryce and he'll try to move up to the $25,000 guarantee with the following 3rd Grade World Geography question. It happens to be a Field Trip Question from National Geographic Channel's Dr. Col Limpus:

If you're off the east coast of Australia and near the Great Barrier Reef, what ocean are you in?

Shomari decides to drop out with $10,000, which makes him the lowest non-$0 winner of the season. The answer was the Pacific, said by Jenna.

Dean Cain's now playing for Lollipop Theater Network, Inc, and Olivia's available for this game. This is the last celebrity game of the season. Jenna's his first partner and here are his subjects:

1st Grade Social Studies
1st Grade Health
2nd Grade Spelling
2nd Grade World Geography
3rd Grade Grammar
3rd Grade Anatomy
4th Grade Math
4th Grade Cultural Studies
5th Grade Literature
5th Grade U.S. Geography

Dean starts out in 1st Grade and Health.

What organ in the human body serves as a pump which circulates the blood?

He knows that's the heart. Here's the Social Studies question:

What federal holiday commemorates a feast held between pilgrims and Native Americans?

He and Jenna both gobble up the answer of Thanksgiving. His second partner is Bryce and he moves on to 2nd Grade and Spelling.

How many times does the letter E appear in the name of the following U.S. state- Tennessee?

He locks in four...yes indeed, even though he misspells the state as Tenesee. The other 2nd Grade topic, World Geography, is next:

T or F: In terms of land area, the USA is the largest country in North America.

Dean's pretty sure in locking in False, because he thinks it's Canada...right on all accounts (Bryce got it as well). After making his third classmate Olivia, his fifth subject is 3rd Grade Astronomy.

T or F: Human beings have walked on the surface of the planet Mars.

Dean's guess is False once again...right again for $25,000. He and Jeff Foxworthy then juggle three apples from Dean's favorite elementary school teacher, Mrs. McCullough from the 3rd Grade, just before the next commercial break. After that, the next subject he attempts is 3rd Grade Grammar.

What tense is the verb in the following sentence- "Jenna's mom will take her home"?

A: Past
B: Present

C: Future

Since it's a free guess, he locks in the present tense...incorrect (I would've guessed that also). It's actually in the future tense...Olivia comes through on the Save opportunity for $50,000! Jonathan then gets chosen by Dean and his $100,000 category is 4th Grade Math:

If the sum of -4 and 6 is y, then how much is y times 3?

He gets 6 no problem for $100,000! Dean then jumps up to 5th Grade Literature and this question:

What English author wrote the novel "Robinson Crusoe" in 1719?

Dean's going for it, because he uses his Peek. Jonathan's answer was Daniel Dorphe. Unfortunately, that's what he locks in, so his charity will have to settle for $25,000. Daniel was the first name of the right author, but the right last name was Defoe.
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