Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"Hell's Kitchen" 9/22- TWO-HOUR SPECTACULAR #2

First Challenge: With 15 ingredients from the Whistler, BC area made available, each team had to make three dishes using all the ingredients, without using any ingredient on more than one dish. They had until Chef Ramsay's return from Whistler to finish.

The guest judges for this challenge were Olympic silver medalist Sasha Cohen and Olympic gold medalist Jonny Moseley.

Kevin: Salmon & pan-seared leg of lamb
Ariel: Grilled salmon, melted wheat & grilled shrimp

Tennille: Venison (she introduced the dish as lamb, though)
Dave: Rack of venison w/ cranberry sauce

Sabrina: Lamb w/ some mushroom sauce and some lightly sauteed artichokes
Van: Grilled shrimp, braised kale (he had a hard time remembering this), roasted tomatoes & ginger sun choke puree

The Blue Team won the first round, the Women got the second round despite Tennille Middleton's introduction mistake, and the winners were...

...the Blue Team! While the Women had to work at a local farm, the Blue Team got to eat at Mark Peele's Campanile Restaurant.

DINNER SERVICE #10: This one had the same rules for any finale- each team had to make three dishes for each course.

Blue Team's Menu Notables:
1. Roasted butternut squash soup
2. Carmelized halibut w/ fennel & plum salad
3. Pan-seared diver scallops w/ caviar & lemongrass sauce

Red Team's Appetizers:
1. Braised pork ravioli w/ Chantelle mushrooms & sage brown butter
2. Seared sesame-crushed Ahi Tuna w/ Asian salad & soy vinegar
3. Shaved apple, fennel & Watercrest Salad w/ Gorgonzola cheese, mapled walnuts & sherry vinaigrette

Red Team's Entrees:
1. Blackened halibut w/ seafood risotto & Creole vegetables
2. Grass-fed NY Strip Steak w/ cauliflower & pomme puree & Portabello red wine sauce
3. Pan-roasted duck breast w/ sweet potato, kale & orange duck jus

The Red Team's desserts included some bread pudding w/ bourbon cream. Sabrina Gresset better have hoped that the Red Team had won this service, because she didn't contribute to their menu; the rules stated that she had to have contributed to at least one dish. Tennille, however, got off to a slow start after adding too much pepper to something. Speaking of her, my brother Andrew has caused me to label her La Cheapa, because he hates her with a passion. Also, Ariel Contreras undercooked her ravioli a few times. Sabrina continued to bumble along as the service went on.

Van Hurd left out a scallop from a table's order and couldn't even multiply 2 X 3- he's definitely NOT smarter than a 5th Grader. Later, Dave Levey re-aggrivated his injured right wrist and Van also struggled on the halibut. For the second time in a row, a Dinner Service ended in a draw.

ELIMINATION: Sabrina was eliminated over Van by a mile.

And now, it's MERGER TIME!

Second Challenge: Three teams of two had to re-create one of Chef Ramsay's signature dishes from his restaurants within 30 minutes- fish with a garnish, puree and sauce. The duos were:

1. Van & Ariel
2. Tennille & Kevin
3. Suzanne & Dave

Everybody used turbot as their chosen fish and calamari as their garnish. For the purees, Ariel & Van thought it was celery root, while the other teams went with parsnip. Ariel & Van then chose star fruit for their sauce, Kevin & Tennille picked grapefruit for their sauce and Dave & Suzanne's sauce consisted of passion fruit.

The winning team was...

...Dave & Suzanne Schlicht! Kevin Cottle & Tennille got eliminated from this challenge first. Dave & Suzanne got to eat at one of Chef Ramsay's restaurants as their reward, with Season 4 winner Christina Machamer cooking there.

DINNER SERVICE #11: The dishes were being served to couples. Included for the tableside part was a chopped salad and Porterhouse Steak for two. The tableside service duties went to Kevin.

Van got chewed out early on by Chef Ramsay for jumping the gun on cooking some sea bass prior to the appetizers being served. He also struggled on cooking some scallops and sweated a lot. Much to my brother's dismay, Tennille was in top form for most of this service on the meat. Van, however, continued to serve more raw fish, while Ariel overcooked some lettuce garnish. The frustration in the kitchen proved to be just too much for Chef Ramsay, so he walked out of the building temporarily for the first time ever!!! Sous chef Scott Liebfried also left. This prompted Tennille to lead the kitchen for a little while before Chef Ramsay return to EJECT Ariel, Suzanne & Van for the remainder of this service. As a result, those three were automatically nominated for elimination.

ELIMINATION: Van was the other contestant eliminated.
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