Friday, September 18, 2009

"Project Runway" 9/17

THIS WEEK'S ASSIGNMENT: At the headquarters of the Los Angeles Times, where they meet their fashion editor, Booth Moore. They then had to make an outfit using some of the newspaper they collected within three minutes.

Joining Heidi Klum on the juding panel this week were Tommy Hilfiger, Zoe Glassner & Eva Longoria Parker.

Johnny Sakalis really struggled early on with this challenge.

The order:

1. Logan (Kojii)
2. Nicolas (Celine)
3. Christopher (Katie)
4. Ra'mon (Vanessa)
5. Epperson (Matar)
6. Johnny (Emarie)
7. Gordana (Tara)
8. Carol Hannah (Lisa)
9. Shirin (Ebony)
10. Irina (Kalyn)
11. Althea (Tanisha)
12. Louise (Fatma)

The first six definitely moving on to the next episode were Logan Neitzel, Ra'mon Lawrence Coleman, Rodney Epperson, Carol Hannah Whitfield, Shirin Askari & Louise Black. The winner of this challenge and immunity was...


By a unanimous vote, Johnny was eliminated (as was his model, Emarie Wiltz). Nicolas Putvinski was with him in the bottom two.
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