Friday, September 25, 2009

"Survivor: Samoa" 9/24

Some of you noticed last week that I incorrectly stated Ashley Trainer was the first one sent packing by a vote of 7-3, when in fact it was Marisa Calihan. I have since fixed the mistake in last week's recap.

As you know by know, Russell Hantz's said to be the biggest villain ever on the show. Speaking of him, he was talking with Jaison Robinson about the possibility of a hidden Immunity Idol somewhere, even though there's no Exile Island this season; Russell then promptly started searching for it...AND HE POSSIBLY FOUND ONE WITHOUT A SINGLE CLUE INSIDE A TREE!!! That's the first time that's ever happened!

First Tree Mail This Season: "All the bravado and talking smack, may cost someone today. A rumble and a test of skill, will send one more away."

REWARD/IMMUNITY CHALLENGE: Everybody had to be painted as Samoan warriors. In each round, three members of each tribe had to battle it out to retrieve three balls so that they could pass them to three other tribemates on a platform so that they could shoot them into their opponents' basket. After every point was scored, the contestants changed positions; the first tribe to three points won immunity, fishing gear and another special surprise.

Monica Padilla was chosen to sit this challenge out for Galu.

Round 1: The men fought for the balls, while the women had to retrieve and shoot the balls. Elizabeth Kim scored the first point for Foa Foa.

Round 2: Two men and one woman from each tribe were now on the platforms, while the women were now fighting for the balls. There was a choking attempt by at least one woman, while another woman headbutted another lady in the face. John Fincher tied things up for Galu. Host Jeff Probst then warned everybody about the rough play.

Round 3: Two men and one woman now fought for the balls, while only the other men did the ball shooting. Late in this round, Ben Browning got DISQUALIFIED from this challenge for kicking Russell Swan in the ankle from behind; that's the first time ever anybody has gotten DQed from a challenge on this show because of foul play. After the round got restarted as a result, Erik Cardona scored to allow Galu to overcome a one-person disadvantage and lead 2-1.

Round 4: Back to the Round 1 setup, Laura Morett scored to give Galu the 3-1 victory! Then, Russell was told to choose one of his tribemates to accompany Foa Foa back to camp, as well as observe what was going on during the second Tribal Council. He chose Yasmine Giles. She then got a clue to a Hidden Immunity Idol; however, Russell Hantz had possibly found it already.

Shortly back at Foa Foa's camp, Mike Borassi experienced breathing problems because of low blood pressure and had to get medical attention. After that...

...HE WAS MEDICALLY DISQUALIFIED FROM THE GAME. However, Tribal Council was still on for this episode.

TRIBAL COUNCIL #2: By a unanimous vote (with seven out of a possible eight votes)...

...Betsy Bolan was the second contestant eliminated this night and the second one voted out this season. The other vote went to Ben.
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