Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"The Ultimate Fighter" 9/30

The first month of the season's going to wrap up with a bang based on the fight we're about to see next.

Prior to that, both coaches trash talk at each other's faces. Later, James McSweeney, the winner of last week's preliminary round fight, got into a verbal confrontation with Rampage Jackson.

Marcus Jones then threatens to withdraw from the show, prompting Rampage to give him a pep talk.

PRELIMINARY FIGHT #3: Roy Nelson vs. Kimbo Slice
Referee: Herb Dean


Height: 6"
Reach: 74"
MMA Record: 13-4

Height: 6'2"
Reach: 77"
MMA Record: 3-1

Round 1: After a slow start by both fighters, near the end of the second minute of this round, Slice gets a hold of Nelson with several good shots in a corner, but Nelson shortly traps Slice in virtually the same position. With 93 seconds left in this round, Nelson takes down Slice and is threatening to beat him by TKO...but that doesn't happen, at least for now. 10-8, Nelson.

Round 2: Nelson takes down Slice within the first 35 seconds...AND KIMBO SLICE IS HISTORY AT LEAST FOR NOW BY TKO AT 2:01 OF THIS ROUND. Expect the ratings for the remaining episodes this season to plunge dramatically after this week's.
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