Thursday, October 29, 2009

"America's Next Top Model" 10/28

Early on, the remaining models learned from host Tyra Banks that their home base was closed off so that they could move to Hawaii! Since Jennifer had last week's top commercial, it was playing on the TV screens when everybody got to Hawaii.

Tyra Mail #21 (now inside a smaller version of the Bankable Productions logo): "If you want to catch a break, you're going to have to go out there and get it."

After meeing with petite model/surfer Sofia Beschen and surfing champion/model Buzzy Kerbox, the ladies then got to learn surfing.

PHOTO SHOOT CHALLENGE: Everybody was now surfing tandem with male surfers. The photographer was Erik Aeder.

1. Laura: OK, I guess.

2. Sundai: Not good.

3. Nicole: Great!

4. Jennifer: Average.

5. Brittany: Excellent!

6. Erin: Well done!

The winner was...

...Erin Wagner! She won a helicopter tour of the island, and she chose Brittany Markert & Nicole Fox to join her on it!

Tyra Mail #22: "Sometimes being all mixed up is a beautiful thing."

PHOTO SHOOT #7: Each contestant had to portray two different races while being photographed by Tyra at a sugarcane field. This was the first time ever that Tyra handled two Photo Shoots in one season.

Here were their assignments:

Laura: Mexican & Greek
Erin: Tibetian & Egyptian
Sundai: Moroccan & Russian
Brittany: Native American & East Indian
Jennifer: Botswanan & Polynesian
Nicole: Malaguti & Japanese

Tyra Mail #23: Judges' meeting

The guest judge this go-round was supermodel Kirsty Hume.

In the bottom two this week for their second time apiece were Brittany & Erin. Did Erin survive this week after winning the Photo Shoot Challenge earlier in the show?...


...yes, meaning Brittany had to go back home.
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