Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Good/Bad Moments and Stupid Answers Part 2

Here are a couple more "The Price is Right" Before & Afters:

Nearly 20 years ago, most people said this was the closest Double Showcase Win in daytime history. Alas, later research said it was actually $1 not too long after that in the same year...until this happened on December 16, 2008.

On October 6, 1998, this happened for the very first time in "TPIR" history. Nearly a decade later, this happened again, albeit under different circumstances.

And now, for a "Wheel of Fortune" one- here are two BR clips- one from 1992 and one from this year.

Also, watch former "Temptation" grand champion Mark Coyle kick some ass on "Million Dollar Password" with this clip!

But here's one way you definitely should NOT lose $100,000 on "Wheel of Fortune".

Stupid Answers: Here are quite a few from "Bingo America":

-One person thought Monica Seles was the whiny tennis player that was famous for yelling "You cannot be serious!", when it was actually John McEnroe.

-Another thought rocker Jimi Hendrix was born in Washington, D.C., when the question asked for the city in the state of WASHINGTON where he was born (the answer was Seattle).

-Finally, in a clear sign that the total viewership for all the national broadcasting networks is going down, two contestants didn't know what human body part makes up the CBS logo- one said the heart while the other said the entire head (it's the eye, actually).
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