Saturday, October 24, 2009

"Head Games" 10/24

This new GS has a 13-episode run. The premiere was the first episode taped, while the second episode was the next-to-last episode taped. Tonight's third aired episode is Episode 8. Our contestants this evening are:

Marco Curry- Favorite kind of science is Biology
Liz Vaseu- Likes knowing why things are the way they are
Carlos Miranda- Science teacher

Round 1:

1. When metal forks are inserted into both ends of a pickle and the forks are wired to a full-charged car battery, what does the pickle do?

A: Light up
B: Turn black
C: Explode

Marco: Explode
Liz: Turn black
Carlos: Explode

ANSWER: Light up

2. Which of these animals best combats fire ants?

A: Fly
B: Lizard
C: Wolverine

Marco: Wolverine
Liz: Lizard
Carlos: Fly

ANSWER: Fly (Carlos: $200)

3. What are the shown college football helmets equipped with?

A: Air conditioning
B: GPS sensors
C: Concussion detectors

Marco: Air conditioning
Liz: Concussion detectors
Carlos: Concussion detectors

ANSWER: Concussion detectors (Carlos now has $400, while Liz's on the board with $200)

Flashback #1:

1. Was the pickle charged with direct or alternating current?
Liz: Direct- CORRECT ($300)

2. What type of vegetable is a pickle?
Carlos: NOTHING (A: Cucumber)

3. How long can a fire ant live without its brain- two hours, two days or two weeks?
Liz: Two days- INCORRECT (A: Two weeks)

4. In what decade were football helmets made mandatory in the NFL?
Marco: The '20s- WRONG (A: The '40s)

Final question: What were the first football helmets made of?
Carlos: Leather- RIGHT ($500)

Round 2:

1. According to NASA, when will North America's next total eclipse occur?

A: 2017
B: 2132
C: This coming February

Marco: 2132
Liz: 2017
Carlos: 2017

ANSWER: 2017 (Carlos now has $700; Liz's new score is $500)

2. According to a recent study, which kind of board staff member is most likely to remember the financial information?

A: Day dreamer
B: Texter
C: Doodler

Marco: Doodler
Liz: Texter
Carlos: Doodler

ANSWER: Doodler (Carlos' leading total is now $900; Marco finally gets his first $200)

3. How much weight is the bridge shown in Germany designed to withstand?

A: The water only
B: The boats only
C: The boats, water and concrete

Everybody guesses the combined weight of the boats, water and the That bridge can only withstand the water's weight.

Flashback #2:

1. Does a solar eclipse happen during a full moon or a new moon?
Liz: Full moon- NO

2. Does a lunar eclipe happen during a full moon or a new moon?
Marco: Full moon- CORRECT ($300)

3. Will staring directly at a solar eclipse damage your retina or cornea?
Carlos: Retina- YES ($1,000)

4. Is doodling a reflexive or volitional movement?
Marco: Volitional- RIGHT ($400)

5. How many people at the workers' meeting wore glasses?
Marco: One- NO (A: 2)

Round 3:

1. What still functions in an Alaskan frozen frog?

A: Cells
B: Heart

C: Lungs

Marco: Heart
Liz: Lungs
Carlos: Cells

ANSWER: Cells (Carlos now increases his lead with $1,500)

2. When some pie tins are placed on top of an operating Van de Graaff generator, what happens to them?

A: Crush the tins through attraction
B: Repel the tins through replusion
C: Invert the tins in a stable magnetic field

Marco: Invert the tins
Liz: Repel the tins
Carlos: Repel the tins

ANSWER: Repel the tins through repulsion (Carlos has now broke the two grand mark, while Liz now has half that)

3. What's carmine food coloring made of?

A: Dried salmon eggs
B: Crushed insects
C: Ground crab shells

Marco: Dried salmon eggs
Liz: Crushed insects
Carlos: Ground crab shells


Liz now has $1,500, trailing Carlos by $600 heading into the final round.


1. Dmitri Mendeleev, Joseph P. Kennedy or Edgar Bronfman

A: Formulated the standards for vodka production
B: Invented the Periodic Table

Carlos: Mendeleev- CORRECT ($2,400)

2. X-ray, MRI or CT scan

A: Visualizes the entire human body without radiation
B: Can't have any metal merit

Liz: MRI- RIGHT ($1,800)

3. Thomas Edison, George Eastman or Charles Macintosh

A: Patented roll film
B: Shocked himself in the heart

NO GUESS (A: George Eastman)

4. Leonardo Da Vinci, Guglielmo Marconi or Johann Gutenberg

A: He was trained as a goldsmith
B: Pioneered the use of oil-based ink

Liz: Gutenberg- RIGHT ($2,100)

5. Minnow, walrus or penguin

A: Can swim up to 25 mph underwater
B: Species include the Adelai, African and King

Liz: Penguin- RIGHT AGAIN (TIED at $2,400)

Final question: Tomato, apple or orange

A: First cultivated in 700 AD
B: Native to the Andean region of in South America


SUDDEN DEATH: What's the chemical symbol for fluorine?

Liz rings in with Fl...OOPS- she shouldn't have added that "l"- it was just F, so Carlos wins his $2,400! What a game!
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