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Let's see what kind of scary stuff will be shown to these three contestants on Episode 7:

Meredith Scully- 2nd Grade teacher
Jeff Rydesdale- Stand-up comedian/writer
Bola Acanola

Round 1:

1. The brain of a Stegosaurus is roughly the size of what?

A: Walnut
B: Apple
C: Pea

Meredith: Walnut
Jeff: Apple
Bola: Pea

ANSWER: Walnut (Meredith: $200)

2. T or F: In zero gravity, a boomerang will come back to the person who throws it.

Jeff says True...and he's right to tie things up at $200 apiece with Meredith!

3. Scientists have created a new, ultra-high adhesion kind of tape that has a design modeled after which animal body part?

A: Frog's tongue
B: Gecko's toes
C: Snake's belly

All three contestants go with the frog's tongue...incorrect. That tape's actually inspired by the gecko's toes.

Flashback #1:

1. Is the Stegosaurus a vegetarian or a meat eater?
Meredith: Vegetarian- CORRECT ($300)

2. Was said dinosaur a biped or a quadriped?
Bola: Quadriped- CORRECT ($100)

3. Was the astronaut with the boomerang a man or a woman?
Jeff: Man- RIGHT ($300)

4. How many hairy toes are on each gecko's feet?
Bola: Three- NO (A: Five)

5. Does the gecko lay eggs or create live offspring?
Jeff: Lays eggs- RIGHT ($400)

Round 2:

1. When a skateboarder does an Ollie, three forces are at work- the skater's weight, gravity and the force of what?

A: Wheels
B: Board
C: Ground

Everybody guesses the ground...and they're all right this time! That means Bola now has $300, Meredith has $500 and Jeff's new leading total is $600.

2. Which of the following do forensic scientists use to best capture fingerprints?

A: Lipstick
B: Superglue
C: Duct tape

Meredith: Superglue
Jeff: Lipstick
Bola: Duct tape

ANSWER: Superglue (Meredith now leads with $700)

3. What did an earthquake bring New Zealand & Australia?

A: Hot weather
B: A low-frequency hum
C: Closer together

Meredith: A low-frequency hum
Jeff: Closer together
Bola: A low-frequency hum

ANSWER: Closer together (Jeff's back ahead with $800)

Flashback #2:

1. In what decade were commerically-made skateboards first marketed?
Bola: '70s- INCORRECT (A: '50s)

2. In what decade was the Ollie invented?
Jeff: '70s- CORRECT ($900)

3. How many wheels are in the air during an Ollie?
Jeff: Zero- NO (A: Four)

4. Was superglue invented in the '40s, '60s or '80s?
Bola: '40s- CORRECT ($400)

5. Is superglue made of horse hooves or cyanoacrylate?
Bola: Cyanoacrylate (she has a hard time pronouncing it)- RIGHT ($500)

Round 3:

1. Scientists at the University of Pittsburgh have trained a monkey to control a robotic arm with what body part?

A: Mouth
B: Eye movements
C: Brain

The entire panel says his eye movements...actually, it's his brain.

2. Diet soda is placed in one dish, while regular soda is placed in the other dish. When a jar of ants is opened, what will the ants do?

A: Drink the regular soda
B: Drink the diet soda
C: Drink from both

Meredith: Regular soda
Jeff: Regular soda
Bola: Both

ANSWER: Only drink the regular soda (Meredith now has $1,200, while Jeff's broken four figures with $1,400)

Bola must get the last $500 question right and have one of the top two miss it in order to remain mathematically alive in this game.

3. How deep is the Challenger, the deepest ocean point on the planet?

A: Deeper than the distance from Chicago to New York
B: Deeper than the height of Mount Everest
C: Deeper than all of Earth's atmosphere

Bola locks in B...unfortunately for her, Meredith & Jeff lock that in too, so she's eliminated from the game. B is correct- about 36,000 feet deep, to be exact. Her final score is a grand, while the other two advance with $1,900 apiece after the last Flashback is over.


1. Gordon Brown, Charles Babbage or Tim Berners Lee

A: Credited with inventing the World Wide Web
B: Knighted by Queen Elizabeth in 2004

STUMPER (A: Tim Berners Lee)

2. Cheetah, jackal or skunk

A: One of the few mammal species that mates her life
B: It's an omnivore

Jeff: Cheetah- NO (A: Jackal; $1,600)

3. Rudolf Diesel, Karl Benz or Henry Ford

A: Originally studied locksmithing
B: Invented the first practical automobile

Meredith: Henry Ford- NO (A: Karl Benz; $1,600)

4. Rhino, elephant or hippo

A: Fewer than 25,000 survive
B: It's the title of a play by Eugene Ionesco

STUMPER (A: Rhino)

5. Gottleib Daimler, Edward Teller or Rudolf Diesel

A: Created the internal combusion engine
B: Probably drowned in...

Jeff: Diesel- CORRECT ($1,900)

6. Elephant, hippo or rhino

A: They live in groups called pods
B: Its name means "river horse"...

Meredith: Hippo- RIGHT (TIED AGAIN at $1,900)

Final question: Severo Ochoa, Luis Walter Alvarez & Franklin Chang Diaz

A: Developed the detonators for the plutonium bomb
B: First Hispanic-American to win a Nobel Prize in Physics

Jeff: Alvarez- WINS $2,200!
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