Tuesday, October 06, 2009

"Hell's Kitchen" 10/6

Individual Challenge #2: Little Chef Ramsay Felix Light and the Real McCoy himself both tell the remaining four contestants to cook vegetarian dishes for lunch within an hour to 80 children who aren't necessarily fans of vegetables. Here's the food:

Tennille: Vegetable-stuffed eggplant w/ rice
Ariel: Vegetarian lasagna
Dave: Polenta Tower w/ roasted peppers

Kevin: Beets

The final four don't make enough servings to feed the entire group.

Kevin Cottle finishes dead last because 40% of the group voted it as their least favorite dish. Dave Levey & Tennille Middleton finish in the top two...

...and Tennille wins with 55% of the vote in her favor! While everybody else cleans the dining room, Tennille gets a makeover from a Beverly Hills salon and lunch with Chef Ramsay at Nobu (which includes sushi).

DINNER SERVICE #13: After a great start with the appetizers, Tennille ends up cooking some rubbery scallops. Dave later re-aggrivates his injury for the second time this evening (he previously had this happen early on during this week's challenge). Tennille later cooks up some stuff that is way off the mark, including some sea bass. She gets back on track with some halibut later on in the service. This was one of the best services of the season.

ELIMINATION: Right inside the kitchen instead of in the dining room area, Chef Ramsay decides to eliminate this contestant on the spot...

...Tennille- hope you're happy, Andrew.

The remaining three's loved ones then show up to close this episode.
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