Sunday, November 01, 2009

"The Amazing Race" 11/1

Before I start this week's recap, I forgot to mention that since Mika Combs chickened out on going down the Lap of Faith water slide and they went straight to the Pit Stop instead of completing the remainder of that week's leg, she and Canaan Smith were assessed a two-hour penalty, which didn't affect the final outcome.

OPENING CLUE: Teams have to fly about 3,000 miles to Amsterdam; once there, they have to drive themselves to the Lely Monument to get their second clue.

Clue #2: Teams now have to drive to Martinitoren, the city's largest building, to get their third clue.

ROADBLOCK #7: While going up the Martinitoren's long staircase, one member of each team has to count the number of bells inside and then write their answer down. If correct, they will receive their next clue.

Clue #4: Teams next have to travel to Vierhuizen de Marne and find the windmill there, where their next clue is near it.

Gary & Matt Tomljenovich are now in the lead; Brian Kleinschmidt & Ericka Dunlap have been in last for most of the early parts of this episode thanks in part to Ericka having trouble with the Roadblock.

DETOUR #5: Farmer's Game or Farmer's Dance? Either way, each team has to put on some Dutch costumes inside the windmill and ride a pair of bikes to their chosen task.

Farmer's Game: Teams have to find a creek before stripping to their farmer's underwear and swimming across it. Then, they have to complete each of three holes of golf in eight strokes or less to get their next clue.

Farmer's Dance: Teams must go to a country festival, where one half of the team has to ring the bell of the high striker before they learn and perform a Dutch folk dance together. Once they've completed the dance successfully, they are then served some salted herring onions. After eating that, they'll receive their next clue.

Sam & Dan McMillen are now in the lead.

PIT STOP #7: Zoutkamp Harbor, where one team may be eliminated.

Here are the initial Detour task choices for the remaining six teams:

Game: Sam & Dan and Meghan & Cheyene
Dance: Gary & Matt, Maria & Tiffany, Big Easy & Flight Time and Brian & Ericka

Sam & Dan hang on for their second win of the season! Their bonus prize this time is a pair of sand buggies. Back to Maria Ho & Tiffany Michelle, they switch to the golf task after having a hard time with the high striker device. Gary & Matt do the same thing (but not because of the high striker). Alas, Maria & Tiffany then decide to go back to the high striker, but it results in more of the same problems for them, so they switch to the golf ONCE AGAIN.

2. Meghan & Cheyene (I thought they were going to get penalized because it looks like they did this week's Roadblock together, which is not allowed)

3. Flight Time & Big Easy

4. Gary & Matt

While going to their Detour task, Brian & Ericka forget to take their bicycles and ride them, so they're headed to the PENALTY BOX for 30 minutes...

...but they're Team #5 anyway!

Maria & Tiffany continue to have trouble with both Detour tasks, so they decide to FOLD (withdraw) from the race.
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