Saturday, November 14, 2009

"Head Games" 11/14

Let's meet the players on Episode 6:

Melissa Martin- Documentarian
John Lutzel
Matthew Cokley- An art director of Popular Science Magazine

Round 1:

1. If you accidentally break your PDA by dropping it into a toilet, which of the following household products can you use to make it function again?

A: A natural fiber cloth
B: A hair dryer

C: A bowl of rice

Everybody guesses the hair dryer...incorrect. You actually use a bowl of rice overnight in this situation (after removing the PDA's batteries, of course).

2. Which of these species is more deadly to ants?

A: Other ants
B: Humans

C: Ant-eaters

Melissa: Ant-eaters
John: Other ants
Matthew: Other ants

ANSWER: Other ants (both men are on the board)

3. Why do dimples make golf balls go farther?

A: They make the ball spin
B: They make air cling
C: They increase the ball's elasticity

Melissa: They make air cling
John: They make air cling
Matthew: They make the ball spin

ANSWER: They make air cling (John doubles up to $400, while Melissa earns her first $200)

Flashback #1:

1. The rice we used to dry the PDA is either a matacamptodon or a dicamptodon?
John: "What is a matacamptodon?"- CORRECT ($500)

2. Name a crop that is more widely harvested than rice.
Matthew: Corn- RIGHT ($300)

3. How many legs did each of the ants have?
Matthew: Six- RIGHT AGAIN ($400)

4. What's the only continent with no indigenous ants?
John: Antarctica- RIGHT ($600)

5. Golf balls were once made of what bird part- feathers or feet?
John: Feathers- RIGHT AGAIN ($700)

Round 2:

1. How do NASA astronauts go to the bathroom while wearing their spacesuits?

A: Miniature urinal
B: Diapers
C: Hold it

Melissa: Miniature urinal
John: Miniature urinal
Matthew: Diapers

ANSWER: Diapers (Matt: $600)

2. In some murder cases, forensic entomologists use maggots to help determine what?

A: Age of victim
B: Murder weapon
C: Time of death

Everybody locks in the time of death...which is correct! Melissa doubles to $400, Matthew now has $800 and John now leads by a Benjamin with $900.

3. How long has the accidential gas fire at Turkmenistan's Karakum Desert been going on?

A: Several years
B: Several decades
C: Several centuries

This time, everybody says that fire's been going on for centuries...and we have another sweep! That puts Melissa at $600, Matthew at a grand and John at $1,100.

Flashback #2:

1. Are the NASA suits air-cooled or liquid-cooled?
Matthew: Liquid- CORRECT TO TIE FOR THE LEAD ($1,100)

2. How much do these suits weigh on Earth- about 50, 75 or 300 pounds?
John: About 300- RIGHT FOR THE OUTRIGHT LEAD BACK ($1,200)

3. What color are the suits?
John: White- YOU BET ($1,300)

4. Are maggots diptera or lepidoptera?
Matthew: Lepidotera- NO

5. What do maggots grow into?
John: Flies- RIGHT ($1,400)

$500 Round:

1. To start, we hear some music being played using what?

A: Car parts
B: Vegetables
C: Children's toys

Melissa: Car parts
John: Children's toys
Matthew: Children's toys

ANSWER: Vegetables (being used by an orchestra in Vienna)

2. What happens to a male octopus after mating?

A: Shrivel up
B: Break off

C: Immediately die

Melissa: Break off
John: Break off
Matt: Shrivel up

ANSWER: Break off (John's leading total jumps to $1,900, while Melissa's now tied for second place with Matthew)

3. T or F: A blow torch is used to heat up an aluminum soda can with a teaspoon of water inside. Once the water inside it boils and the can is placed inside a water tank, it explodes.

All three contestants are correct with False! John's clinched a spot in the final round with $2,400, while the other two now have $1,600 apiece.

Final Flashback:

1. In what city was the vegetable orchestra based?
Matthew: Vienna- OF COURSE ($1,700)

2. Is the octopus an arthropod or a cephalopod?
John: "What is a cephalopod?"- RIGHT ($2,500)

3. How often in his life will the octopus mate?

4. How many ounces of soda did the aluminum can hold?
Matthew: 12- RIGHT ($1,800)

5. Was the soda can imploson thermal or chemical?
John: Thermal- RIGHT ($2,600)

Great game tonight by everybody, but it's time for Melissa to go home.


1. Blaise Pascal, Pythagoras or Louis Braille

A: Invented the first calculating machine
B: Developed the concept of hydrolics

John: Pythagoras- NO (A: Pascal; $2,300)

2. Pancreas, spinal cord or heart

A: Has one billion neurons running through it
B: Relays sensory impulse...

Matthew: Spinal cord- CORRECT ($2,100)

3. Benjamin Franklin, Dr. Carter G. Woodson or Michael Faraday

A: Discovered electromatic induction
B: Invented the electric motor

Matthew: Dr. Woodson- NO (A: Faraday; $1,800)

4. Anita Roberts, Gertrude B. Elion or Sally Ride

A: Won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1988
B: Led the team that developed AIDS, the AIDS drug AZT

Matthew: Anita Roberts- WRONG AGAIN (A: Elion; $1,500)

5. Baboon, chimpanzee or gorilla

A: The primate that interacts most regularly with humans
B: Considered a monkey, not an ape

Matthew: Chimpanzee- WRONG YET AGAIN (A: Baboon; $1,200)

6. Chimpanzee, gorilla or orangutan

A: It's the largest Arborial mammal
B: Its name means "person of the forest" in the Lazian language

NO GUESS (A: Orangutan)

And that's all we have time for, so John hangs on for the win and $2,300!
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