Wednesday, November 04, 2009

"Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Ruins" 11/4

CHALLENGE #6 ("Fruits Of Your Labor"): Two members of each team begin by having to grab some fruit and then run it to their obstacle course's wall, where they have to throw their collected fruit over it to be caught by another couple team members with a burlap sack. After the catchers then drop off their fruit in a small basket, each team's runner must then take the fruit basket to a table, where the team's delivery guy awaits. Finally, the delivery guy must hold on to the fruit with a couple of bamboo poles before somebody else drops off the fruit for good in their team's scale. The team with the heaviest fruit count after 20 minutes shares in $1,000 a minute, as well as win everybody a Toshiba satellite laptop.

Champions: Syrus, Derrick, Johnny, Johanna, Susie & Veronica
Challengers: KellyAnne, Casey, Sarah, Cohutta, Dunbar & Evan

Your winners are...

...the Champions! That means the remaining eight people on that team just won an addittonal $2,500 apiece, so Susie Meister & Syrus Yarbrough both now have over $10,000 in their indivdual bank accounts! The other six each now have around $9,000 in their banks.


Men: Syrus vs. Cohutta
Women: Veronica vs. KellyAnne

This week's final game is called "Hog Tie". Both players in each match are hung upside down by their ankles and wrists from a pole. Their objective is to move from one end of their pole to the other, where a key can be grabbed. At that point, s/he has to sit on a platform and unlock themselves before jumping back down and hitting their gong for the win.

Still in the running for a whole lot of money are...

...Cohuttta Lee & KellyAnne Judd! Cohutta has a new bank total of $18,660, while KellyAnne's rises to $13,300. That's the second straight week the Champions have won the Main Challenge, while the Challengers have gotten the last laugh in both Ruins games. Syrus & Veronica Portillo both lose big in terms of money, but they still leave with all of these prizes in addition to their laptops- the DJ mixer, the mobile web cam, the portable digital projector and the snowboard.
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