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Christmas Eve 2009 Results

LMAD: During the intro of the first holiday special, it's snowing outside the Tropicana (with a searchlight moving around it all and a sleigh bell sounding). Anyway, on to the dealing. First, Wayne Brady & Jonathan Mangum ask the bottom two rows of today's audience to search for a $10 bill; the first person to find one gets $600. And that lucky trader is...Jeannette (wearing a pink hat), who can either keep that amount of money or buy what's inside the blue Christmas present (Jonathan). She takes the's a $4,800 diamond pendant! Second, another row up further is asked to look for a comb so that they can receive their $600. This time, with Alison Fiori's help...Barbara (dressed as a Card Shark) is our second trader of the day. She then gives back the cash for whatever kind of present that is behind Curtain #3...MERRY CHRISTMAS- it's a Nissan Versa Sedan worth $11,710! Finally, one more row needs to find at least one piece of gum, and it's Ashley Holcomb (dressed as a graduate) who takes the final $600 with a pack of Eclipse gum. She's next going with Curtain #2...and she just hit a huge stocking filled with coal, so it will NOT be a Very Merry Chrimstas for her.

Just before the first commercial break, a few people are given some Christmas presents. First up in this second deal is Nedra (who's fittingly wearing a red/white dress), who can either have her very small Winter Wonderland box or what's behind Curtain #1. She keeps her box...the leftmost curtain had an iMac computer system and a digital camera worth $2,898. Inside her present is...just a snow globe, but there's also a trip to the Swiss Alps on the bottom of it worth $200 shy of 10 grand! After Mr. Brady finds a copycat of himself named Cameron, he moves on to Karen (dressed as a black present with a pink version of the show's logo on it) with the Silent Night box; she can instead have Curtain #3 if she likes. She also keeps her present...this time, the curtain furthest to the right had a living room that included a 42" Panasonic LCD HDTV, a Dyson vacuum cleaner and a Merry Maids gift card, all worth $6,445. As for her...all she gets are some old ear muffs. This deal will continue.

Since we've still got lots of show to go, why not make a little deal with Cameron next? He's given the chance to welcome us back to the show, and he's given two $100 bills for his efforts! Back to the regular deals now, the couple of Brandon & Sara (both wearing some Winter clothing) are first shown that the Bank Vault's behind Curtain #1. Like the last time we did this kind of a deal, it has anywhere from a buck to 10 large inside. Here are the clues for the other two curtains:

Curtain #2: Foreign
Curtain #3: Domestic

They're going for the middle curtain. Did Curtain #3 have its second car of the day...NO, it had a ZONK truck! Inside the vault was...$1,224. And their curtain has...a trip to Paris worth $9,651! PERFECT DEAL!

Next up is Danielle, who's shooting for a Chevrolet Cobalt LS Sedan (Std., Mats)(Curtain #2) worth $16,510. On the red small box's tray are three candy items. If she picks the only one that has a buck underneath it, the car will be hers. She picks the Santa Claus. Underneath the snowman was $100. At this stage of the game, she can either take several kitchen appliances at the big box worth $3,869 or go for the automobile. Danielle then says the magic words "Go big or go home", so she's going for the car...but she does NOT win it with Santa, so it's worth a Benjamin to her. The candy box had the $1 bill underneath.

Let's conclude the small presents deal with Aubrey (dressed as a strawberry daiquri) and Trenton. The clue for Trenton's present is Christmas in July, and Jonathan brings down the blue small box. He takes that box...but he just ZONKED OUT with a lot of broken Christmas ornaments. That will cost him a Kawsaki jet ski (Curtain #1) worth $6,699. Then, we learn that Aubrey's present has a clue of "Mele Kalikimaka", which is a Hawaiian song. With Alison now guarding the blue small box, Aubrey keeps her present, hoping for a holiday in Hawaii...but it's a broken ukulele instead, so we have a HORRIBLE conclusion to this deal. She misses out on three grand.

To close out the Christmas regulation deals, Ryan (dressed as a caveman) gets his choice of any of the prizes previously offered on this episode to play for. He decides to play for the Versa (which is behind Curtain #3 again). On the red small box tray that Jonathan comes out with, there are three lettered stockings attached. Ryan can have $1,000 from one of Mr. Brady's pockets if he doesn't want to ZONK OUT as well, but he's going for it anyway. His selection of Stocking C has a golden envelope that gets handed over to Jonathan...and it has a ZONK card inside. The right stocking was A.

THE BIG DEAL: Cameron tells us that the Christmas Big Deal is worth $31,830, and I can tell you right now it's a pair of KIA Souls. Jeanette decides to give up her piece of jewelry for my choice of Door #2...

...she does end up as the day's top winner, BUT IT WILL NOT BE AS A TWO-CAR WINNER, SO WE HAVE OUR FIFTH BIG DEAL SHUTOUT OF THE SEASON. She wins the medium deal, which is a trip to Bali with a pair of Maverix surfboards worth $12,738. Let's see what else could've been under her family's tree:

Door #1: CARS
Door #3: Samsung 46" LCD HDTV and a Blu-Ray Disc home theater system ($2,799)

A total of $44,199 in cash and prizes has been given away on this Christmas Eve. At the end of the show, we are told that everybody in the audience will receive a copy of both "It's a Wonderful Life" and "White Christmas". The final first-run episode of this year will air on December 30th.

TPIR: Let's see how we do at The Bob Barker Studio on this Christmas Eve! After Megan Jarvis, Troy Zada, Heriverto Bermudez and Steven Maldoon all "Come on Down", Drew Carey comes out of Door #2 riding the train! The first IUFB is a pair of Blackberry Pearls with the one-year nationwide calling plan and some cell phone skins (Lanisha & Manuela).

Steven: $2,100
Heriverto: $450
Troy: $820
Meghan: $821

ARP: $1,617

We get an early Christmas present this morning- the season's second playing of 3 Strikes for a 2010 Audi A5 2.0T Quatro Premium Plus Coupe (Fairly loaded)(Rachel at Door #3)! This is definitely NOT going to be an easy playing today, because the numbers in the price are 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.

Meghan, a real estate saleswoman, first draws the 5 and guesses the second digit...incorrect. She secondly draws her first strike. Third, she draws the 4 and goes with the obvious guess of the first spot...yes indeed.

$ 4 _ , _ _ _

She next draws the 6 and tries the second spot Then comes the 8 and she chooses the second window again...this time, she's correct!

$ 4 8 , _ _ _

She then draws strike two...and STRIKE THREE. ARP: $48,576. It just wasn't meant to be for her.

Video Bonus: First Christmas "TPIR" segment

Our fifth contestant is Rebecca Mullens and the second IUFB is a model train set (Manuela next to Door #3).

Rebecca: $400
Steven: $300 (STAGE GARF)
Herverto: $1,200
Troy: $420

ARP: $1,232

Herverto plays 1 Right Price for a mobile kitchen (Lanisha) and a Honda Rebel motorcycle (Manuela). The ORP that Rachel's holding is $4,915, and Herverto says that's the cost of the mobile kitchen...I think so! The motorcycle was $3,999.

Coming on down sixth is Tanya Wilson and IUFB #3 is four pieces of luggage (Lanisha & Rachel).

Tanya: $875
Troy: $1,100
Rebecca: $543
Steven: $1,200

ARP: $931

Tanya plays Cliff Hangers for a trip to Washington, D.C. (Manuela at the audience screen) worth $5,031. The holiday-themed SPs modeled by Rachel are a box of 40 Christmas cards/envelopes, a Santa platter and a seven-liter drink dispenser. Her guess for the card/envelope box is $12...$16. She secondly says $24 for the platter...$25! That means she has a $40 spread to work with on the drink dispenser. Her final bid is $'s $40 and she wins!

Meghan ($1,617): WINS $1,000!
Tanya ($6,043; first spin was a PENALTY): 60 + 50 = OVER
Herverto ($10,146): Nickel + 60 = $.65

Let's see if Meghan can also win some big money with her Bonus Spin...NO, she gets 75 cents.

Our next player is Diamond Sherman and the fourth IUFB is a Dell computer system (Manuela at the turntable).

Diamond: $1,500
Troy: $1,200
Rebecca: $1,795
Steven: $900

ARP: $3,022

Rebecca plays Freeze Frame for a polished ebony upright piano and 10 private one-hour piano lessons (Lanisha). The best possible prices on today's board are $5,495, $6,239, $8,740 and $9,512. She freezes the board at $8,740, which is a good guess...and good enough for another win! I would've locked in $9,512 instead.

Plugging in the green spot now is Paula Higgins from the front row and the next IUFB is two pairs of Saggatamo shoes (Manuela & Rachel).

Paula: $600
Steven: $1,000
Diamond: $650
Troy: $1,001

ARP: $820

Diamond from Highland, CA plays Pass the Buck for a 2010 Toyota Tacoma Regular Cab I4 4X2 (Std., AT, EVP, Lights, Mats, DSill)(Lanisha) worth $17,880.

Big bag of Nestle Flipz: $1.49
Clorox bleach: $2.19
PICK: Flipz- $2.49

Smooth Away: $8.99
Woodlands candle: $4.99


1. #3- DUD
2. #4- WINS $1,000

Rest of the board:

#1- $3,000
#2- $5,000 (he almost chose this on his other pick)

Our final player is Erin White and the final IUFB is a 48-piece collection of Christmas crystal stemware (Lanisha at the clam). Steven & Troy have both been here the whole show; even worse for Troy, he's bidding second in this final round.

Erin: $1,000
Troy: $1,300
Paula: $1,001
Steven: BUCK

ARP: $600


Steven tries to Pick a Number (Lanisha) for the second digit in the price of a Panasonic 54" HDTV and a Blu-Ray Disc theater (Manuela & Rachel). Board:

$ 4 _ 9 9


He goes with the 6 for a guess of $4,699...only 3 Strikes got completely lost today.

I thought today's lineup was just fine.

Diamond ($1,820): 35 + 85 = OVER
Steven ($5,299): 35 + 75 = OVER
Rebecca ($11,766): WINS BY DEFAULT WITH A DIME

The first Christmas Showcase has a Broyhill living room (Rachel at Door #3), this year's offered Christmas tree (which should've been the first IUFB as usual on the last Christmas Week episode)(Rachel), a Dimplex fireplace (Rachel), a diamond tennis bracelet (Rachel) and a Ski-Doo snowmobile (Manuela at Door #1).



Rebecca's Showcase is about finishing her Christmas shopping. To start, we have $4,000 worth of gift cards from Bloomingdale's, Target, The Home Depot & Toys R' Us (Lanisha). Second, give all your children this collection of toys (Lanisha at Door #2). Finally, you definitely can't buy this unless you have a fat wallet- a Trip Around the World (includes the right to sail on a 45" sailboat in The Virgin Islands, a four-course dinner on a glass dome boat in Amsterdam, and a six-night stay in Malaysia)(All at Door #2)!


MY BID FOR CHRISTMAS SHOWCASE #2: $75,000 (don't ask me why)

BID: $36,500
ARP: $24,414

BID: $23,600
ARP: $19,982
DOUBLE OVERBID #3 (that's the third week in a row and the third straight Christmas Week to have at least one of these)

Thank goodness we've also got a New Year's Eve episode this season (which will take place exactly a week from now), because this definitely WOULD NOT have been the best way to wrap up 2009 for Drew & Co. That sends Rebecca home with $11,766 in stuff, while Meghan will have to settle for $2,617 in cash and phones.

Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?: This celebrity repeat from Thanksgiving Day is actually my final first-run “5th Grader” recap of the season. We have Jillian Barberie-Reynolds playing for Five Acres. Her first partner is Khamani and here are the 10 subjects:

1st Grade Spelling
1st Grade Animal Science

2nd Grade Vocabulary
2nd Grade Social Studies

3rd Grade Math
3rd Grade Grammar

4th Grade Music
4th Grade Nature

5th Grade World Geography
5th Grade U.S. History

Jillian begins her game with the 4th Grade Music question. For $3,500, here it is:

Known for its double reed, what instrument do all the other instruments in the orchestra typically tune to?

She locks in her Peek with little hesitation. Khamani wrote down the oboe. Because Jillian saw him lock in an answer fairly quickly, she makes that her final answer…correct! To double her charity money, here’s her other 4th Grade question in Nature:

The ozone layer is located in which part of the Earth’s atmosphere?

A: Mesosphere
B: Stratosphere
C: Thermosphere

Given her long experience of doing the weather, especially on “FOX NFL Sunday”, Jillian’s not too sure about locking in the thermosphere…well, I can understand that, because she’s wrong. She would’ve also missed with the mesosphere…but Khamani Saves her with the stratosphere for the doubler! Her third category is 2nd Grade Social Studies. For another grand, here’s the question:

What Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees Freedom of Speech and the Press?

Jillian says the 5th, while Khamani wrote down the 1st…she has goofed once again, as she should’ve used her final cheat on this question, the Copy. After the first break, she makes Taylar her second classmate choice. She’ll try to do better with this 2nd Grade question in Vocabulary:

From the French for “to descend”, what’s the word for a giant mass of moving snow?

Her guess is an avalanche…correct. At the halfway point, her next question comes from 5th Grade World Geography.

If Kevin’s standing by the base of Angel Falls, the highest waterfall in the world, he’s standing in what continent?

Jillian’s got a one in seven chance of being right if she decides to guess on her own. But she decides to Copy this time. Taylar locked in the continent of South America, which Kevin also said…both of them are right to multiply Jillian’s current bank by six! Now that she’s completely on her own, her next topic pick is 1st Grade Animal Science. For another $500:

T or F: Some fish can swim upstream.

Jillian thinks that’s True…it is! Her next stop is right in the middle of the board with 3rd Grade Grammar. This question is worth an additional $2,500:

Which of these is an example of an hyperbole?

A: “A man, a plan, a canal, Panama.”
B: “Taylar is so hungry, she could eat a horse.”
C: “The cars vroomed past us.”

She chooses Sentence B…right for a new total of $9,000! For $500 more, here’s her 1st Grade Spelling query:

What vowel appears most frequently in the following word- “recycle”?

She successfully locks in E! Now, for a new total of $14,500, the 5th Grade U.S. History question goes like this:

Who was U.S. President when the Statue of Liberty was dedicated in 1886?

Jillian doesn’t have much of an idea, but she does make Abraham Lincoln her guess for this question…Stinkin’ Lincoln is NOT right. Kevin had the right President named Grover Cleveland.

Final Extra Credit Question of the Season:

Which of the following types of music has the greatest number of U.S. radio stations devoted to it?

A: Country
B: Oldies
C: R & B

Answer: Country; R & B was eliminated first.

For $2,500 and a free shot at 25 grand, here’s her 3rd Grade Math problem:

How much is 10 billion divided by 10 million?

Jillian goes with 1,000…yes! Now, here’s her Bonus Question in U.S. Geography:

What U.S. state is home to Hot Springs National Park?

Her final answer is Colorado…but some members of the audience and I are right instead with Arkansas. Outtakes are shown to end this episode.

Well folks, that concludes the first syndicated season of "5th Grader". It's been a very fun season. Over the course of 160 episodes this season, we gave away over $1 Million in cash and prizes, including two $250,000 jackpots- one to Elizabeth Miller and the other to Geoff Wolinetz (who can ever forget his PERFECT run on this show). Until next time, the classroom is now closed.

WOF: Last night, Mitch Harper denied Harry Friedman & Co. the chance to make it three straight Happy Holidays Week SCROOGINGS with a $30,000 bonus round win and $70,500 overall! Let's see what happens on the night before Christmas. The first Toss-Up category is Food & Drink:

_ _ _ _ M _ _ E

_ G _ _ _ G

Becky solves HOMEMADE EGGNOG for $1,000. Let's meet our Christmas Eve panel:

Becky Keith (Glendora, CA)- Freelance writer/editor
Chris Kelly (Brooklyn, NY)- Carpenter
Melody Vincent (North Las Vegas)- Does telecommunications at a resort hotel

$2,000 Toss-Up category is Landmark:

R O C _ _ _ _ L _ E R

C E N T _ _

New York City WILL NOT be disappointed for Chris, because he solves the home of the annual Christmas tree lighting, ROCKEFELLER CENTER, for $2,000!

Wellgate Jackpot Round category is Before & After and out on the wheel now is $5,200 worth of Yowza!! mobile coupons. Chris gets this round underway with two R's while on Free Play for a grand, an E buy, but then a dud of S. Second, Melody calls both a T and a Y for $300 apiece, but she then purchases a dud vowel in I. Becky also duds out with N. Chris then calls his second dud of L. Afterwards, Melody calls four P's for another $1,200 and buys all of the remaining vowels in this puzzle- four A's and two O's. We now have:

P A _ A _ A



She solves PAJAMA PARTY POOPER for $1,050.

DUDS: I (Melody), $500 L (Chris), $900 N (Becky), $500 S (Chris)
LEFT BEHIND IN JACKPOT: $8,300 (same as last night)

(The first greeting message of the night comes from the contestant call coordinators.)

Next up is a big Event puzzle. Melody starts us off with five T's for $1,500 and the purchase of three E's, but after calling two H's for a $1,000 See's Candies package, she loses that and the remaining $1,250 to a Bankrupt. Becky next picks up the Wild Card by lighting up two C's, then she calls three R's for $1,650, buys a pair of I's, makes a trio of S's appear for another $1,800, puts up a $700 M and purchases four A's. Following all of that, she calls a $550 L, buys three O's to clean out the vowels and now the board...

_ L A C I _ _ / A

S T A R / O _ / T O _ / O _

T H E / C H R I S T M A S


...she knows enough about PLACING A STAR ON TOP OF THE CHRISTMAS TREE for another $3,950 and $4,950 total.


(The other greeting message of the night is courtesy of the prize/production people.)

Gold Bond Ultimate Mystery/Prize Puzzle Round category is Phrase. The winner of the previous round, Becky, begins this one with a $900 S but then spins Lose a Turn immediately after that.
Chris also hits LAT. Hoping to do much better is Melody, who next calls two N's for $1,200, buys a couple A's, lights up four T's for another $3,600 but then gets the air horn for repeating the A before buying the I. Afterwards, Becky calls a C for the Yowza!! prize, a $300 W and buys triple I's and double E's, then she lights up an R for an additional $300 and twin L's for $1,600 more. We have at this moment...

I / C A N ' T / W A I T

T O / T E L L

_ _ / _ R I E N _ S

...she will now say I CAN'T WAIT TO TELL MY FRIENDS that she just won another $2,600, the Yowza!! package and a trip to The Fairmont Orchid in Hawaii worth $9,958, a new total of $22,708 in cash and prizes!

LATs: 2 (Becky, Chris)
DQ: Melody (A repeat)

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: TP8315941 (Tara Gail P. from Alabama)

The final Toss-Up subject of the evening is Living Things, and it's a one-wordy:

_ U R T _ _ _ O V _ S

Melody solves TURTLEDOVES to nearly quadruple her winnings to $4,050.

Next category is Title. First, she calls three T's for $900 and a $600 H, followed by three E's; I knew this puzzle after the H showed up. Then, she lights up a pair of L's for another $1,400 and buys an I up top, an O at the bottom and the last valid vowel of U. Next comes double R's to add $600, but then a late dud in C. After that, Becky makes the two M's in the next-to-last word appear for $1,400...

T H E / L I T T L E

_ R U M M E R / _ O _

...and she solves THE LITTLE DRUMMER BOY (this should've fallen under TV Title instead, IMO) to increase her total to $24,108 in cash and merchandise!

DUD: $900 C (Melody)

Speed-Up Round category is Thing and consonants are worth...$1,450 apiece. After Becky calls a V...

_ _ G _ _ _ N _

C _ V _ R / S T _ R Y

...she might be on her way to being the subject of a MAGAZINE COVER STORY, because she just added another $4,350 to her winning total, which is $28,458 in cash and stuff! Melody takes home $4,050 and Chris leaves with a couple grand in Toss-Up money.

So far, $34,508 in cash and prizes has been given away a few hours before we open our own Christmas presents.

DUD: L (Chris)
DQ: Becky (L bobble)

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH: $2,250 in cash and gift tag

Big Money Round: The Wild Card will be in play her tonight. Becky spins the M in GAME and the category is Thing. Starting with:

_ _ _ _ _ N T _ E N T

_ _ _ _

It took me a while, but I got this with just the RSTLNE. Let's see how she does. Her first four letter picks are C, M, G and O. Her Wild Card choice is P. We get...

_ P P O _ N T M E N T

_ O O _

...she BLOWS IT with APPOINTMENT GOOD. It was APPOINTMENT BOOK and we have our biggest bonus round loss of the season thus far...

...well, she didn't lose the $100,000, but she does lose $50,000. That sends her away with $28,458 in cash and prizes.

Jeopardy!: Ryan Chaffee will become probably the last five-time champion of 2009 if he's successful in defending his title against:

Sarah Boyette (originally from Philadephia)- Law student
Stephen Weingarten (Portland, OR)- Para-educator

BIBLICAL NAME'S THE SAME (three names are given on each clue)

LETTER-WORD (each correct response starts with a single letter and ends with a regular word)

At the opening break, Chaffee leads with $2,200, a grand ahead of Weingarten and $1,600 over Boyette's score. Immediately after the first set of commercials have aired, the champion finds the Daily Double under the $400 Nobel Laureates in Literature clue. For the second time in a row, he makes an ALL IN wager! For $4,400 or nothing, here's his True Daily Double clue:

1958: "For his most important the field of the great Russian epic tradition."

"Who is (Boris Leonidovich) Pasternak?"...DOUBLE! When we reach the end of this first round, he's got $6,600, but is NOT quite in Lock Game Territory at this point, because Boyette's second-place score now reads $3,800 and Weingarten's at $2,600.


The topics for Double Jeopardy! are:



After the first half of the board has been completed, here are the scores now:

Ryan: $7,800
Stephen: $7,400
Sarah: $4,600


Dark military offensive.

Stephen: "What is black attack?"- TIE GAME ($7,800); $800 COLORFUL RHYME TIME CLUE

Earthy dress for a ball.

Sarah: "What is a brown gown?"- CORRECT ($5,400); MIDDLE COLORFUL RHYME TIME CLUE

Commie-grooved part of a tire.

Stephen: "What is red tread?"- RIGHT FOR THE LEAD ($9,000); $1,600 CLUE, SAME CATEGORY

Salmon-colored psychiatrist.

Stephen: "What is pink shrink?"- RIGHT AGAIN ($10,600); FINAL CLUE IN COLORFUL RHYME TIME

Blood-hued Courtesan.

TRIPLE STUMPER: Scarlett Harlet


After Dolley Payne's first husband died of yellow fever in 1793, she married this man.

Sarah: "Who is Madison?"- CORRECT ($5,800); $800 YELLOW FEVER CLUE

Yellow fever is caused by one of these microorganisms that get transmitted by mosquito bites.

Stephen: "What is bacteria?"- INCORRECT ($9,800)
Ryan: "What is a virus?"- CORRECT ($8,600); $400 THE GREEN MOUNTAIN STATE CLUE

In 1791, Vermont joined the union as this number state; not quite original.

Ryan: "What is two?"- NO ($8,200)
Sarah: "What is 14?"- RIGHT ($6,200); $1,200 YELLOW FEVER CLUE

From the Old French for "yellowness", this skin condition puts the yellow in yellow fever.

Stephen: "What is jock itch?"- YES INDEED ($11,000); $1,600 CLUE, SAME SUBJECT


Control of yellow fever greatly aided the completion of this large-scale Central American project in 1914.

"What is the Panama Canal?"...that's it for a new total of $13K! Closing out that topic:

A Washington, D.C. hospital bears the name of this man who fought yellow fever in Cuba and discovered its cause.

Ryan: "Who is Walter Reid?"- RIGHT ($10,200); $800 THE GREEN MOUNTAIN STATE CLUE

Bordering Vermont to the North is Canada, specifically this province.

Stephen: "What is Ontario?"- NO ($12,200)
Sarah: "What is Quebec?"- CORRECT ($7,000)


This man from Middlesex is the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.




Between New Hampshire & Vermont runs this river named for a third state.

"What is the Connecticut?"...believe it or not, she's right to move up to $9,600!


This most populous city in the state is home to the main campus of the University of Vermont.

Sarah: "What is Burlington?"- RIGHT AGAIN ($11,600)



Ryan: $10,200
Stephen: $12,200
Sarah: $11,600


Ryan: $8,400
Stephen: $11,800
Sarah: $10,600

Whether I will have to worry about whether or not Mr. Chaffee goes for his sixth win on Christmas Day when this show and "Wheel" are both pre-empted in my area depends on what happens in FJ! Tonight, we're in a 4/5 betting situation.

FJ! CATEGORY: Sportswomen.

Referring to a 1999 incident, her autobiography is titled "It's Not About the Bra".

I knew this one right away, but does Ryan Chaffee...YES with "Who is Brandy Chastain?", although slightly misspelled! The betting calculator told him to wager anywhere from $1,401-$7,400...but he BET THE FARM YET AGAIN! That takes him to $20,400! But is it enough to make him a five-time champ???...

...NO, he finishes in last place anyway, as everybody's right on this clue. That means he's leaving for the time being with $92,900, and he should make the next Tournament of Champions. Let's see who the new champion is...

Sarah: $10K- $21,600
Stephen: $11K- $23,200

...Stephen Weingarten!

Episode ratings:

7: "Jeopardy!" & "Let's Make a Deal"
6: "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?" & "Wheel of Fortune"
5: "The Price is Right"
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