Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"Launch My Line" 12/23

THIS WEEK'S ASSIGNMENT: Everybody has to design an asymmetrical look for a night out on the town. Their inspirations will come from NAKED models that show up at a museum!!! The winners this week will get immunity on the first episode of 2010.


1. Eric & Galina
2. Merle & Thai
3. Marilyn & Coco
4. Patrick & Roberto
5. Louanna & Jim
6. Kathy & Emil
7. Vanessa & Tressa

In the top two this week are Kathy Rose & Emil Gampe and Merle Ginsburg & Thai Nguyen. Do Kathy & Emil pick up their second straight win and get immunity to boot?...

...NO, so it all goes to Merle & Thai!

ELIMINATION #4: Once again, the team of Vanessa Gonzalez & Tressa Williams is in the bottom three; that's four times for them now. Joining them there this week are Eric Cubeechee & Galina Sobolev and Louanna Rawls & Jim Tanner.

Louanna & Jim are the first of those three duos sent to safety. But the one that gets cut tonight consists of...

Vanessa & Tressa
Eric & Galena

...Vanessa & Tressa.
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