Thursday, December 17, 2009

"Survivor: Samoa" 12/17

Reward Challenge: Two teams of three deal with a series of intersecting ropes holding up a ton of coconuts. One contestant at a time, each team pulls one of their ropes, hoping not to drop too many of them. The first trio to force the other to drop at least 100 of their coconuts wins a trip to a local village, where they will have a feast and spend the night. Let's see how the two threesomes look like:

Purple: Natalie White (captain), Brett Clauser & Mick Trimming
Yellow: Russell Hantz (captain), Jaison Robinson & Shambo Waters

By a final tally of 104-77, the winners are...

...the Yellow Team! Natalie dropped most of the coconuts for the Purple Team, while Jaison was responsible for losing a majority of the Yellow Team's.

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE #13: Everyone races out into a field where they have to count everything for each of the six animal stations. The six correct answers will form the correct combination to a lock, which releases a rod that they can use to break their tile; the right combination is NOT the same for everybody.

The first castaway to unlock their lock and smash their tile to win the coveted immunity necklace is...

...for the third straight time, Brett!

TRIBAL COUNCIL #13: This is Russell's LAST CHANCE to use his final Hidden Immunity Idol...BUT HE DECIDES TO KEEP IT AS A SOUVENIR. Has that just cost him a spot on Sunday's championship show???...

...NO- HE GETS NO VOTES!!! In reality, this vote comes down to Mick & Shambo. By a unanimous 5-1 vote, the last player to be eliminated before the season finale and the seventh member of the jury is...


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