Sunday, December 20, 2009

"Survivor: Samoa"- FINALE

Tree Mail (as read by Russell Hantz): “37 days you’ve survived this game, a victory guarantees one more. Use balance, speed and patience to fight to the final four.”

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE #14: The remaining five contestants have to run an obstacle course and collect a bag of puzzle pieces along the way before going up a very steep wall to a platform where they can solve their puzzle.

This challenge is basically Sudden Death for Brett Clauser, as he has won the past two Immunity Challenges. Has he done it for the third time in a row?...


TRIBAL COUNCIL #14: The final vote here is a unanimous 4-1. With Brett safe, is it finally time for Russell to go???...

NO, it’s Jaison Robinson’s turn! The other vote went to Mick Trimming, who looks like he finished a close second to Brett in the last Immunity Challenge.

FINAL IMMUNITY CHALLENGE: Everyone places a wooden statue on the end of a pole. After two minutes have elapsed in each round, they will add pole sections to that. When their statue falls, they are eliminated. Last man/woman standing automatically qualifies for the Million Dollar Tribal Council, unless they do something outrageous later on.

1. Mick

2. Natalie

The guy who wins is…


Brett’s winning streak and his game are both over, as he’s unanimously voted out 3-1 over Mick Trimming.


Jaison: He asks them to tell the jury some information about who they really are in life.
Shambo: After apologizing to America for helping dismantle Galu, she calls Mick’s gameplay “feckless” and Natalie a coattail. At the end, she implies that she’s going to vote for Russell.
Brett: He asks Mick what it would be like if they went out on a bro date together.
Kelly: She calls Natalie out for relying on help too much. When she asks Russell if he also lies, cheats and steals in real life, he says no.
Monica: She says Russell has made some bold moves to get as far as he did, whereas Mick & Natalie have both played an honest game without showing much passion.
Dave: He asks everyone what they think their chances are of winning this game.
Laura: She asks Russell on what he learned about her to help vote her out.
John: He demands Mick give him a hard sell on why he should get his vote. Afterwards, he notices Natalie got this far because she was tucked under Russell’s wing.
Erik: He tells Mick he never found a legitimate reason on why he deserved the leadership necklace on their very first day. Additionally, he tells Russell they have nothing in common. In conclusion, he says perception isn’t reality, stating that he’ll vote for Natalie.

MILLION DOLLAR TRIBAL COUNCIL: With no votes, finishing in third place is...

...Mick. Now, for the moment of truth.




OUCH. But it's by no means a total loss for him- in addition to the $100,000 for being the runner-up, he won the Sprint fan vote, so he's leaving us with $200,000! That obviously means the million goes to Natalie (wouldn't that have been something if she had been related to Vanna) White!
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