Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"Wheel of Fortune"/"Jeopardy!" 12/29

WOF: The opening Toss-Up has a category of Proper Name:


E _ P _ _ _ S

Michael remembers the PONY EXPRESS for $1,000. Let's now meet him and the rest of tonight's panel:

Michael Newman (Durwood, MD)- Public affairs officer; also a Q & A local newspaper columinist for 16 years
Jenna Iburger (Downer's Grove, IL)- Stay-at-home mom and an auditor at a public accounting firm
Lolita McCauley (Sacramento)- 5th Grade teacher

The $2,000 Toss-Up deals with a Place:

_W _ _ M I _ G

H O L _

Jenna solves SWIMMING HOLE for $2,000.

Mama Lucia Jackpot Round category is Before & After and out on the wheel now is a $5,000 Great American West Tour from Caravan.com. Jenna begins the real action with a $550 R, two T's for another $1,800 and then buys two E's and an A. Next, she calls two S's for the trip and buys the rest of the vowels (one I, two O's and one U) before lighting up a pair of P's for the Million Dollar Wedge. But she then loses that and $6,100 in cash and vacation to a Bankrupt.
Lolita also Bankrupts. Michael then proceeds to call a couple H's for $600, two C's to add $1,800 and we have...

T E C H _ I C A _



...he solves TECHNICAL SUPPORT HOSE to add the $2,400 to his winnings, which increases to $3,400.

BANKRUPTS: 2 (Jenna, Lolita)

The topic of tonight's Prize Puzzle Round is Phrase. Lolita immediately Bankrupts again. Michael secondly gets his first taste of that dreaded black wedge. Third, Jenna calls three T's for $2,400 and purchases an E, followed by a couple L's for another $1,200 and the purchase of a trio of O's. Afterwards, she also Bankrupts for the second time tonight to lose $3,100. Lolita's streak of bad luck continues with a Lose a Turn hit; Michael has the exact same fate. Back to Jenna, she makes an S appear for $3,500 and buys double I's before trying to solve with this showing...

_ O _ ' L L / _ E T

_ / _ I _ _ / O _ T

O _ / T _ I S

...YOU'LL GET A KICK OUT OF THIS, my dear- in addition to another $3,250, you're headed on a trip to the Divi Flamingo Beach Resort & Casino in The Caribbean worth $5,623, for a new total of $10,873 in cash and trip.

LATs: 2 (Lolita, Michael)
BANKRUPTS: 3 (Everybody)

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: DB7054180 (Daniel B. from Tennessee)

Pamprin Mystery Round category is What Are You Doing? Up first is Michael with a $600 N, two T's for another grand, an $800 H, a $900 C and a $900 L before landing on the Mystery Wedge in between Free Play and LAT. But he then duds out with G; that's the first dud all night long. Second, Jenna puts up three R's for $1,800, buys four E's, calls three S's for a $1,000 Raleigh bicycle package and purchases triple O's. After that, she lands on the same MW Michael hit earler and calls a D. With $3,300 in cash and prizes at risk in this round, she decides not to flip it over and buzzes in with this board...

T H E / N E _

_ O R _ / T _ _ E S

C R O S S _ O R D

_ _ _ _ L E

...she solves THE NEW YORK TIMES CROSSWORD PUZZLE (this puzzle could've also fit under Fun & Games) for a new total of $14,173 in cash and stuff. But if she had flipped that MW over...she would've had $9,000 more, because the 10 grand was on the back side.

DUD: G (Michael)

Let's see if Lolita can snap her unlucky streak with this $3,000 Toss-Up; the topic is Thing:

S _ L F -

P O _ T _ _ _ T

Lolita blows her chance to get off the zero mark for now with SELF-POTATO, which is a ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK NOMINEE. Mike then steals SELF-PORTRAIT to make his new score $6,400.


Speed-Up Round category is TV Title and consonants are worth...$1,600 a pop. After Lolita makes three H's show up...

T H _ / _ _ _ _ H

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ / S H _ _

...she nails the soon-to-be-retired THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW to finally win something, which is $4,800! Mike takes home $6,400 and Jenna is the victor with $14,173 in cash and merchandise!

So far, $25,373 in cash and stuff has been given away tonight.

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding the MDW): $9,200 in cash and trip

Big Money Round: Jenna spins the I in AMERICA'S and the category is Person. Starting with:

_ N E / _ _

T _ E / _ _ _ S

Thinking she may be on to something, she calls F, G, H and U and gets..

_ N E / _ F

T H E / G U _ S

...I thought for sure it was going to be ONE OF THE BOYS (which is also the name of Katy Perry's major debut album), but her excellent choices help her nail ONE OF THE GUYS for $25,000! Her final total in cash and prizes is $39,173!

To wrap up this episode, we see Vanna's blooper reel from the May 2004 road trip in San Francisco!

Episode rating: 7

Jeopardy!: All Stephen Weingarten must do is win tonight's game against these two challengers and he'll take the #6 Tournament of Champions ranking from last week's big-winning champion, Ryan Chaffee:

Breanne Reinhard Smith (Arcona, IL)- Writer
Chris Gleason (originally from San Diego)- Purchasing agent (and a former "Wheel of Fortune" contestant!)

Here are Tuesday's first six subjects:

BIBLE BOOKS BY QUOTATION (the quote is given on each clue; the book's title must be identified)
NAME THAT SPORT (on each clue, the initials of a major sports company are stated, and the sport must be given)

Early on, Gleason SWEEPS Name That Sport for the initial lead with $3,800! Weingarten's got $1,200 at this point. When we reach the first break, Gleason's leading total is now $5,400; he's four grand ahead of Smith and five large over the current champion. Later on, Smith finds the night's first Daily Double under the $600 clue on The Smiths with $1,600; she's just two Benjamins ahead of Weingarten for second place, while Gleason's still sitting pretty with $5,800. Her wager is $1,200.

Founded a church in 1830, murdered 14 years later.

"Who is Joseph Smith?"...it was him to move up to $2,800! By the end of the round, she's added two grand to that; Weingarten's still in last place with $3,600 and Gleason's still ahead for now with $7,400.

LACH TRASH (only the $800 and $1,000 clues under The Smiths were Triple Stumpers in this round): $1,800

DJ! Categories:

ACTORS & THEIR ROLES (two movie roles are listed in each clue)

Following a TS on the $1,600 Brand "X" clue, Gleason closes out that category with the first DD of this round of play. He's currently at $10,600, just a thou ahead of Smith; Weingarten's not too far behind with $6,400. He wagers $3,600. To add on to his lead or lose it altogether, here's the clue:

Lesney Products, a London die-casting business, introduced this toy brand in 1953.

"What is K-Nex?"...that's a bit too recent, sir. Correct: What is Matchbox? That means he drops to seven grand and second place. Not too long after that, he gets a chance to redeem himself with the final one attached to the $1,200 Little-Used Words clue. He's in the exact same betting position as Smith was during the first round- at $7,400, he's just $200 ahead for second place, which in this case is over our champ; Smith remains at $9,600. He again bets $3,600, this time on:

An horologe is any device that gives you this information.

"What is time?"...he got it this time to regain the lead with 11 big ones! Alas, it proves to be short-lived, as he then goofs on the same topic's $1,600 clue to fall back to $9,400, whereas Smith gets it right to re-take the lead with $11,200.



Stephen: $9,200
Chris: $14,200
Breanne: $12,800


Stephen: $9,200
Chris: $15,400
Breanne: $12,200

For the second night in a row, we're entering the 4/5 FJ! betting scenario.

FJ! CATEGORY: American Music.

The brilliance of Anne Brown, a Soprano, changed the title of a 1935 opera that was to be called simply this one name.

Champ Stephen Weingarten's question was "What is Porgy?"...right! His wager...everything but eight bucks, so his total nearly doubles to $18,392! Breanne Reinhard Smith...blanked out, so she loses $7,800 and any hopes of becoming the new champ with a final score of $5K. That means it's Chris Gleason's game to lose...and he lost it with Unsinkable. With a final bet of $13K, he leaves with the $1,000 third-place check, and Mr. Weingarten is the second straight four-time champion! His new total: $96,690!

Episode rating: 8
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