Saturday, February 28, 2009



Spike TV GS schedule news

Remember, the next season of "The Ultimate Fighter" will begin on April Fool's Day.

The next season of "Pros vs. Joes" will begin on April 27th and will air on Monday nights at 11 PM EST. Here are the sports stars that will serve as guests throughout the season:

Football: Tim Brown, Rich Gannon, Priest Holmes, Adam Jones, Steve McNair & Simeon Rice
Basketball: Steve Francis, Robert Horry, Shawn Kemp, Alonzo Mourning, Glen Rice & Antoine Walker

Two reality GSs renewed

"Survivor" and "America's Next Top Model" have both been renewed for next season.

One more thing- on the Fall 2009 season of "Model", those ladies applying for the show must be 5'7" and under.

Source: The Futon Critic

Ratings notes

Part 1 of this week's "The Biggest Loser" got a 6 Fast Nielsen with a 10 share, up from the past few weeks. Part 2 on Wednesday dropped to a 5.5/9.

Wednesday's "American Idol" performance episode got a 13.8/22, while the Thursday results show dropped to a 12/19.

Against "Idol", "Survivor" got a 7.1/11. After "Idol", "Hell's Kitchen" managed a 5.7/9.

Finally, the season finale of "Top Chef" was watched by 3.74 million viewers. For the season, it averaged a record 3.02 million viewers.

Source: The Futon Critic

Friday, February 27, 2009

Beginning of the end for Ed McMahon?

Former "Star Search" and "Snap Judgment" host and long-time "The Tonight Show" and "Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon" announcer Ed McMahon is now in serious condition while in intensive care. Amongst other ailments, like Drew Carey, he has pneumonia. Currently, he's 85 years old.

Various sources contributed to this report.

2/27/2009 Results- WHEEL 5000

TPIR: This week has been pretty special for the game show located at the Bob Barker Studio. The Pricing Games might not have gone that well, but as a result of what Gisela Kerans did yesterday, we have two Double Showcase Winners in a week for only the second time that I know of in history. Will we have a third to close out the week, let alone have most of today's Pricing Games won? Let's find out. I believe today might be director Bart Eskander's last episode.

Our first four players are Marine Joshua Quinn, Alma Davis, Theodore Braxton II and Chrystal Kelly. The first IUFB is a water slide (Amber).

Joshua: $325 (STAGE GARF)
Alma: $375
Theodore: $1,250
Chrystal: $355 (STAGE GARF)

ARP: $1,999

Theodore plays Lucky $even for a PT Cruiser (Rachael). He's off to a good start, because he correctly says 9 as the second number. He then guesses 4 as the second number...

$ 1 9 , 5 _ _

...costs him a dollar. Fourth number guess is 8...

$ 1 9 , 5 8 _

...bullseye! Instead of going with 5 as the last number, he says 7. The only thing that could go possibly wrong is for that last digit to be 1...

$ 1 9 , 5 8 9

...he wins the PT Cruiser and $3 in gas money! Broken Fingers moment right there! Best Lucky $even playing of the season, IMO! And he didn't rely on the audience much at all!

Rich then yells the magic words to Kimberly Hindle and the second IUFB is a selection of Dooney & Burke purses (Lanisha).

Kimberly: $1,000
Chrystal: $1,200
Joshua: $1,100
Alma: $4,500

ARP: $2,190

Chrystal, a college student and a fan of "The Drew Carey Show", just wanted to meet Drew while in Studio 33 today. But she's about to get more than she bargained for- she's playing Plinko (with a revised $50,000 graphic that spins in from the center)! Today's SPs are modeled by Rachael.

1. Webcam
IS NOT: $38
PICK: 8- $35

2. Kitchen faucet
IS NOT: $59
PICK: 9- $89

3. Beauty kit
IS NOT: $28
PICK: 2- $20

4. Blender
IS NOT: $69
PICK: 6- $39

Are we about to see a repeat of the Diane Proctor-Martinez Plinko debacle last season (where she only had two Plinko Chips to work with and didn't win a dime)? I hope not. The bonus Plinko Chip is given to Chrystal by Amber.

1. DUD (Right)
2. $1,000 (Left)

Well, at least she won some money.

Sixth is Katherine Litwin and the third IUFB is fishing stuff (Rachael).

Katherine: $5,000
Joshua: $900
Alma: $750
Kimberly: $1,100

ARP: $1,104

Since she was off by just four bucks, Kimberly goes to a Swap Meet to try and win a buffet server (Rachael), a wall clock (Lanisha), a satelite radio (Amber) and designer shoes (Amber). The target prize is the buffet server. Kimberly swaps for the shoes which are $2,405...while the buffet server's just $750. She should've picked the wall clock instead; the satelite radio was $1,058.

Kimberly ($1,104): Quarter + 55 = $.80
Chrystal ($3,210): 55 + Dime = $.65
Theodore ($21,591): 20 + 40 = $.60

Kimberly goes to the Showcase.

Next to leave the mob is Kalisha Carthin from the University of Kansas and the next IUFB is a treadmill (Amber).

Kalisha: $1,500
Katherine: $1,700
Joshua: $1,750
Alma: $978

ARP: $2,099

Joshua plays Two For the Price of One for a digital piano (Lanisha) and a trip to Acapulco (Rachael), all worth $5,218. Board for the piano:

First number: 6 or 9?
Second number: 6 or 8?
Third number: 0 or 4?

This Marine wisely takes the second digit, which is 6. He then locks in a guess of $960...

$ 9 6 0 bet!

Coming on down now is Elizabeth Bachman and the next IUFB is an 11" organic LED TV (Lanisha & Rachael). If Alma doesn't win that, she'll be in danger of being the week's last First Four Breakfast Club member.

Elizabeth: $2,200
Alma: $1,800
Kalisha: $800
Katherine: $1,000

ARP: $2,500

Elizabeth, who's a part of the national tour of the play "Annie", plays Check Out for a Pontiac G6 worth $20,295 (the base price hasn't been adjusted to $21,160 just yet)(Amber)! But this game has never been won this season when it's played for a car. The products in this playing are Udderly Smooth skin cream, Campbell's Soup, Hot Pockets Value Pack, Jolly Time Popcorn and Capzasin HP; Drew's modeling the groceries again. Guesses:

Skin cream: $10
Soup: BUCK
Hot Pockets: $4
Popcorn: $2
Capzasin: $6


Skin cream: $3.88
Soup: $1.53
Hot Pockets: $5.25
Popcorn: $4.69
Capzasin: $14.09


This game is now 0-3 when played for a car this season. That popcorn cost way more than I expected.

The day's last player is Matthew Kahn and the final IUFB is a catameran (Amber & Rachael). This is Alma's last chance.

Matthew: $2,399
Alma: $3,500
Kalisha: $3,800
Katherine: $4,500

ARP: $3,695, so Alma finally does it!

She now plays Double Prices for a child's bedroom (Lanisha). It's either $4,681 or $5,493. She goes with $5,

I mostly liked the lineup as it is today. The only thing I would've changed is to have had Plinko first (since the SPs were easy), then Lucky $even second (because it had an evil price).

Elizabeth ($2,500): 35 + 75 = OVER
Alma ($3,695): $.80
Joshua ($7,317): 50 + 95 = OVER

Alma gets the Top Winner spot in today's Showcase.

The first Showcase has Ray-Ban sunglasses (Rachael), a Cal Spas hot tub (Rachael) and a trip to Club Med Bora Bora (Amber at the audience screen).



For Alma, we have nothing but games. That's because there's a game room (Lanisha) that includes a water blast arcade game, a Brunswick pool table package and a game table. After you're done playing the games inside your own home, go play some games for big money while in Monte Carlo (Amber & Rachael at the audience screen).



BID: $15,300
ARP: $27,586

BID: $21,000
ARP: $34,526

Both Showcase were on Grec-oids today! Anyway, Kimberly wins the day and $28,690 in prizes.

WOF: This is the 5,000TH EPISODE! On this special day, the first Toss-Up category is Event:

_/_ _ _ E/M I L _ S _ _ N E

Scott knows that tonight is A HUGE MILESTONE for $1,000.


Here are tonight's players on Episode 5,000:

Scott Steven (Moscow, ID)- University of Idaho student studying Biology and an aspiring physical therapist; also training for a marathon this summer
Jennifer Quinn (Spokane, WA)- Paramedic and just graduated from nursing school
Shari Weiss (Garden City, NY)- Senior at Northwestern studying Journalism; aspiring entertainment journalist

$2,000 Toss-Up category is Phrase:

_ _ _ N/_ R/_ O _ V _

If there are no vowels left or you don't have enough to buy one, Jennifer knows that you have to SPIN OR SOLVE for $2,000.

After a trip to Cabo San Lucas worth $5,540 goes on the wheel, the Round 1 category is Show Biz. After Jennifer cleans out the vowels, we have...


...she calls a $500 M and solves THE MAGIC OF TELEVISION for another $3,100 and $5,100 total.


(Just before the first break, Pat talks about how big boomboxes were back in 1983.)

Campbell's Jackpot/Prize Puzzle Round category is Food & Drink. Shari picks up some food to start by calling an N for the Marie Calender's gift tag. Scott later hits Jackpot and calls three R's, but he can't solve for a $7,050 Jackpot. After he then buys the E's, we have...

_ R E S _/S E A _ _ _ D/AND/

S _ _ R D _ _ _ _/_ R E A D

...he calls the F's for another $1,200, the H's for yet another $1,200, the G for another $500 and then solves FRESH SEAFOOD AND SOURDOUGH BREAD for another $3,900 and a trip to San Francisco with tickets to "Steve Silver's Beach Blanket Babylon", a new total of $10,460 in cash and trip.

DUDS: T (while Shari was on Jackpot)


(Before the second commercial break, Vanna mentions that the Cabbage Patch Kids were hot sellers back in 1983.)

IHOP Mystery Round category is Rhyme Time. Scott instantly hits Lose a Turn. Jennifer then hits an instant Bankrupt. Shari then calls two N's for $600 but then calls a dud in S. After Scott later calls the M, we have...

_ _ T E N

_ M _ T A T E _


_ _ _ L _ _ A T E _

...he then calls the D's for the Cabo trip and solves OFTEN IMITATED NEVER DUPLICATED for another $6,100 and his second trip of the night, a new total of $22,100 in cash and trips!

BANKRUPTS: 1 (Jennifer)

(Before we get to the $3,000 Toss-Up, we learn from Pat that the Rubik's Cube was another hot-selling item back in 1983.)

$3,000 Toss-Up category is Thing:

S _ C R _ _

F O _ M _ _ A

KFC just found a new place to hide this for their famous chicken- the SECRET FORMULA, and Jennifer solves it to go to $8,100. After a little work by Jennifer, Speed-Up Round category is Song Lyrics and consonants are worth...not $6,000, unfortunately. Instead, they're worth $1,300 apiece. After Jennifer calls the N's...

_ _ _/AIN'T/S _ _ N/N _ T _ I N '/_ _ T

...she blanks. This gives Shari a chance to finally get off the zero mark, and she does with YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHIN' YET after calling the H for $1,300 (too bad the house minimum tonight wasn't $5,000 since this is the 5,000th episode)! Jennifer leaves with $8,100 and Scott wins by 14 grand with $22,100!

So far on this special night, $31,500 in cash and trips have been given away.

Big Money Round: I hope Scott can close out this big episode by winning either some big money or a new Mercury Mariner Hybrid. He spins the triple star and the category is Thing. Starting with:

_ _ T

_ _ _

He calls C, M, P and A and gets...

_ _ T

_ A _

...he can't solve HOT WAX...


After we see the ending from Pat's last daytime episode, we see the celebratory cake appear at the end. Next week, we go to SeaWorld in Orlando to begin four weeks of shows. Pat is listed as the cake cutter in the credit roll.

Video Bonus: Past "Wheel" moment reels shown during the first four days of this week

Jeopardy!: Leland Graham III tries to make it into March after facing these two tonight:

Charles Murphy (Westmont, IL)- Health care/finanical services supervisor
Edie Chang (Sacramento)- Engineer

Let's take a look at the first six categories:

BIBLICAL NAME'S THE SAME (three names are given in each clue)
EUROPE: AGES AGO (Clue Crew clues from the Lejre Archaeological Research Center in Denmark)

At the first break, Chang's ahead with $3,800. Murphy's just $400 behind her and Graham has $1,400. Late in the round, Chang finds the Daily Double under the $600 Europe clue. With $6,800, she leads Murphy by $1,600. She wagers $2,000 on this clue told by Jimmy:

The Stone Age is divided into three parts, depending on the sophisitication of the tools; these antler axes tell us where in this part.

"What is the Middle Stone Age?"...not gonna work, so she loses the lead by falling back to $4,800. Correct: What is Mesolithic? At the end of the round, Murphy's leading score is $7,000, while the champ's score is now $1,800.

LACH TRASH: $1,200

ASK ALEX: What's Alex's favorite sport? Hockey (in part because that is Canada's most popular sport), when it comes to physically playing it. But when it comes to watching it, it's basketball.

DJ! Categories:


A Shakespeare-themed board. Murphy discovers the round's first DD under the $1,600 "ADO" clue. With $9,800 now, he leads Chang by $5,000 and Graham by $8,000. His wager is two grand.

In 1988, Congress passed an Indoor Abatement Act to reduce levels of this toxic gas in the home.

"What is radon?"...radon's right to go to $11,800! Later, with two categories left, Love's Labour's Lost and Hamlet, here are the scores now:

Leland: $6,600
Edie: $8,000
Charles: $14,200

Charles begins Hamlet with this $400 clue.

Dramatized by an HBO series, this Black Hills, SD Hamlet boomed and waned with nearby gold mines.

Leland: "What is Deadwood?"- CORRECT ($7,000); $800 HAMLET CLUE

DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLYYYY DOUBLE #2! He makes it a True Daily Double, folks. This clue could very well make him or break him. Here it is:

This southernmost Florida town, population 25,000, takes its name from Cayo Hueso, or "Bone Island" in Spanish.

"What is Key West?"...IS RIGHT for $14,000 and to stay in the game! $1,200 Hamlet clue:

"We Bathe the World" is the slogan of this West Central Arkansas town.

Edie: "What is Hot Springs?"- CORRECT ($9,200); $1,600 HAMLET CLUE

On May 28, 1934, this fivesome was born in the Hamlet of Callander, Ontario.

Leland: "Who are the Dionne Quintuplets?"- RIGHT FOR THE LEAD! ($15,600); FINAL HAMLET CLUE

Sherwood Anderson's collection of short stories about life in a small Ohio town.

TRIPLE STUMPER: "Winesburg, Ohio"


This actor divorced Demi Moore in 2000; did she ask for the whole nine yards?

Leland: "Who is Bruce Willis?"- RIGHT ($16,000)


He divorced Farah Fawcett in 1982; did that make him the $3 Million Man?

Leland: "Who is Lee Majors?"- RIGHT AGAIN ($16,800)


"It's the Pitts" was one headline describing Brad's broken engagement with her in 1997.

TRIPLE STUMPER: Gwyneth Paltrow


Steven Spielberg divorced this actress in '89; was the courtroom a war of the worlds? (Sorry, pun fatigue)



In 1999, director James Cameron's marriage to this actress-- dare we say -- terminated?

Charles: "Who is Linda Hamilton?"- RIGHT ($16,200)

DJ! LACH TRASH: $10,800


Leland: $16,800
Edie: $9,200
Charles: $16,200


Leland: $10,600
Edie: $10,800
Charles: $15,800

Before we get to FJ!, we get an update on former Tournament of Champions winner Dan Melia. He's currently a Berkeley professor. And guess what- his marriage ceremony to Dara took place on the show's set itself!!! And officiating the wedding was another former "Jeopardy!" champion, Bob Harris!

FJ! CATEGORY: Advertising Icons.

On Advertising Age's list of the Top 10 Ad Icons of the 20th Century, they're the two alliterative entries that end in "Man".

The woman in the middle's response was "Who are Michelin and Marlboro?"...right, but she didn't risk anything. Mr. Murphy...only gets Malboro and is out of it by losing ten grand. Graham...only gets Michelin while putting Good Humor in the place of Marlboro, meaning he loses $15,601 and the championship. That means Edie Chang steals the game and $9,200, while Mr. Graham leaves with $49,400.


Conclusion of Alan Isenberg's game
Game 2

"Bullrun" 2/26

STARTING POINT: Shelby Headquarters in Las Vegas
MIDWAY MARK: A wedding chapel on the Las Vegas Strip
CHECKPOINT #2: Fredonia, AZ (Lake Powell)

Team VW had their second straight slow start, thanks to having problems with the clutch. Also struggling early on was Team Corvette and Team Pantera because they got lost.

As of right now, Yelana & Marcus are the only "neutral" team currently in the competition.

Team Avalanche were sick enough to knock down some cones in the way of other teams on one path.

The big winners this week are...

...Team Lexus! They also get the Black Magic Detail. But definitely joining Team Pantera in the danger zone is...

...Team Corvette. And Team Lexus decides that the last team in danger of being eliminated this week is...

...Team Evo.


1. Team Lexus: 3:37.37
2. Team Shelby: 4:16.56
3. Team Solstice: 4:18.13
4. Team Camaro: 4:22.28
5. Team Dart: 4:27.22
6. Team Avalanche: 4:27.26
7. Team VW: 4:33.09
8. Team Evo: 4:47.48
9. Team Ferrari: 4:45.49
10 Team Corvette: 6:03.15
DEAD LAST- Team Pantera: 7:02.16

ELIMINATION CHALLENGE #2: One member of the team must ride a jet ski around a buoy in the water. Once they've made it out of the water, they must join their partner in the given car and drive around a water barrel-filled salom course before reverse parking their car in a finish box. Knocking over any barrels incur a penalty.

Team Pantera had their car worked on long before this challenge got underway.

Since Team Evo had the best time amongst those up for elimination, they will do the challenge first; Team Pantera will go last.

Here are the times:


The second team eliminated in the second season of "Bullrun" is...

1:21- Team Evo
1:31- Team Corvette
1:34- Team Pantera

...the team of Nick Morland & Jason Eaton.

"American Idol" 2/26

The show began with a group performance of "Closer" by Ne-Yo.

The first contestant this week to advance to the Top 12 is a female...

...and it's Allison Iraheta! The second to make it through...

 the guy that performed after her, Kris Allen!

Brooke White, one of last season's contestants, then performed "Hold Up" by Heart.

The last spot this week came down to Nick Mitchell and Adam Lambert. Let's see what and who won out...

...singing won out, so Adam Lambert advanced!

Next Thursday will be the Wild Card Show.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

"Toughest Cowboy" 2/26

At this point in the season, immunity is now gone. Tonight, we're in the Gwinnett Center in Atlanta.

Bandy Murphy: 73
Erik Wolford: 83
Mark Fisher: 71
Steve Woolsey: 67
Ben Londo: 73
Charlie Barker: 77
Steven Dent: 78
Chad Eubank: 79
Dusty Elkinton: 70

Steve Woolsey: 76 (143)
Erik Wolford: 69 (152)
Chad Eubank: 82 (161)
Charlie Barker: 78 (155)
Ben Londo: 80 (153)
Bandy Murphy: 60 (143)
Dusty Elkinton: 34 (104)
Steven Dent: 74 (152)
Mark Fisher: 29 (100)

Erik Wolford: 57 (209)
Steve Woolsey: 88 (231)
Chad Eubank: 68 (229)
Mark Fisher: 56 (156; third straight trip to KO Round)
Ben Londo: 80 (233)
Charlie Barker: 42 (197)
Steven Dent: 20 (172)
Bandy Murphy: 82 (225)
Dusty Elkinton: 62 (166)

KNOCKOUT ROUND: Fisher's up first...and he goes the distance. That means to have any shot of finally getting rid of Fisher, Elkinton must go the distance as well...

...but it doesn't happen, so he's eliminated and Fisher just put on another clutch performance!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Beginning next week, the show will move to Wednesdays at 11 PM EST.

"TPIR" host Carey ill

Current "The Price is Right" host Drew Carey has suffered pneumonia. As a result, all show tapings have been postponed indefinitely. GSK would like to wish him the best of luck recovering from this tough time.


"America's Best Dance Crew" 2/26- SEMI-FINALS & FINALS

The most popular team of last week and is in next week's live finale is...

...the Beat Freaks!

Tonight's theme is the Hip Hop Decathlon. Each team must incorporate some Hip Hop moves while in their longest routines yet; each team will be performing to the same Hip Hop Decathlon mastermix music given. Some former "ABDC" contestants are back to help out the remaining three crews- Mike (Kaga Modern), Taeko (Fysh n' Glicks), Frost (Supreme Soul), Ronnie (SuperCrew) & K.B. (Jabbawockeez).

Hip Hop moves include Threading, Cutting, Krumping, Housing & Waving.

Now, for the Beat Freaks reviews. Shane thought they knocked it out of the park again. JC said that this crew was concerned the most about their Krumping, but JC thought they nailed it this week. Lil' Mama, however, thought it wasn't their best performance.

SUDDEN DEATH FACE OFF: Have the Fly Khicks somehow made it an all-female crew showdown next week?...

Fly Khicks
Quest Crew

...NO, so Quest Crew advances and the Fly Khicks finally bow out of the competition after their fifth trip to Sudden Death; they were there a record four times in a row.

CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND: The two remaining teams, Beat Freaks and Quest Crew, must now create their own routine, which includes their own wardrobe, routine and moves.

The Beat Freaks' routine is called "Freak the Dream". The music has an electropop flavor.

As for Quest Crew's final routine in competition, it is titled "Orquestra". They're using piano music composed by a guy named Ryan.

Both final routines were pretty short; shouldn't they have been the longest yet? Oh well.

All of this season's crews are expected back for the season finale next week. Hope to see you then!

"Hell's Kitchen" 2/26

Challenge: For the first time ever, Hell's Kitchen is serving up some breakfast. In this case, they're serving breakfast to a youth football and cheerleading team. The Red Team serves to the cheerleaders while the Blue Team serves the young football players. The first team to serve all of their designated customers properly wins.

The team who scores in this challenge is...

...the Red Team! For their first challenge win, the women win the right to go camping in Beverly Hills. The Blue Team, meanwhile, have to clean up the premises.

DINNER SERVICE: Coi's off to a slow start with the appetizers, espescially the spaghetti. Soon after, Andrea forgets her team's tomato butter sauce and has to go inside the Blue Team's kitchen to ask the chef for it. Ben has been struggling all episode long, and he later does the same thing Andrea did.

The women take the lead after the appetizers. J later serves a Caesar Salad that has some inedible lettuce. Despite this error, the Blue Team do pretty good serving their appetizers.

Seth, who my family dubs this season's El Cheapo, then is busted by Chef Ramsay for wiping his face with a kitchen cloth. Later, he is EJECTED.

In the end...

...THIS DINNER SERVICE IS A DOUBLE DISASTER. That means that both teams must nominate two members for elimination; however, only one will be eliminated tonight.

Ben & Seth are on the hot seat for the Blue Team. Up for the Red Team are Lacey (the captain) and Colleen. We all know what happened to Wil when he nominated himself on the season premiere. I can tell you right now...

...Ben is safe. But I can't say the same for tonight's casualty...


...El Cheapo Seth. My family's pretty darn happy about that result.

At the end, we learn that Lacey has been moved to the Blue Team.

"Survivor: Tocantins" 2/26

Reward Challenge: Six members of each tribe will be blindfolded and tied together in pairs. Each tribe's designated captain must guide each of their pairs through a maze. Each pair has to find a spot with a bucket in it and then go over to a water tower and fill up their bucket. They must then deposit that water in their tribe's water station. Once it's completely filled up, one of the tribe's flags goes up. Then, another pair must find a bucket and this time fill it with corn. The first tribe to raise both of their flags wins patio furniture.

Like last week, after this challenge is over, one member from each tribe will be chosen to go to Exile Island.

Jalapao: Joe
Timbira: Debra

The winners of the season's first Reward Challenge turn out to be...

...Jalapao! Brendan & Taj are chosen to go back to Exile Island.

Nothing special happens this week on Exile Island.

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE #3: On each turn, two members from each tribe must roll a crate from the other side of the field back to the start line. Each team has to bring back six crates. Once they have all of them, they must solve a staircase puzzle with their tribe's name on it. After solving the puzzle, everyone on the tribe must climb their staircase and get on top of it.

The tribe that gets up top first and now leads in Immunity Challenge wins this season is...


A little later, Brendan winds up finding the season's first HIDDEN IMMUNITY IDOL under a statue's skirt!

Last week, Sierra got one vote. This week...

...she doesn't get any. Brendan didn't use his just-collected Immunity Idol...

...wise move, because he doesn't get any votes either. This vote was actually between Erinn & Jerry. By a unanimous vote...


...Jerry Sims is going home.

2/26/2009 Results

TPIR: This episode begins with Cathy Tran, Ester Berry, Karen Egidio and Benjamin Wade. We're winding down to the end of director Bart Eskander's stay on the show. The first IUFB is Harley-Davidson riding apparel (Lanisha).

Cathy: $869
Ester: $1,100
Karen: $3,113
Benjamin: $450

ARP: $1,803

Ester, guess what- you can complete your Harley-Davidson package with a Harley-Davidson motorcycle (Lanisha) playing Super Pushover! Board:


The ARP's $15,749...but she goes one block too many to $21,574.

Fifth is a big guy named Derrick Fair and the second IUFB is a Washburn electric guitar (played by Destinee McKenzie).

Derrick: $501
Karen: $700
Benjamin: $1,200
Cathy: $1,182

ARP: $1,299

Since Cathy didn't one up him, Benjamin plays Stack the Deck for a Chevrolet Equinox (Std., Steps, Shade, Mats)(Amber). Board:


If he knows everything about the groceries today, I think he'll have the best chance of winning if he has the last three numbers revealed. Rachael is the game's model today.

1. Campbell's Soup and Jolly Time Popcorn
TARGET: $2.49
PICK: Popcorn- YOU BET; CHOOSES LAST DIGIT ($ _ _ , _ _ 6)

2. Capzasin pain relief and HBP medicine
TARGET: $6.29
PICK: Pain relief- $9.89

3. Hot Pockets (regular flavor) and Northland juice
TARGET: $3.39
PICK: Juice- RIGHT; CHOOSES FOURTH DIGIT ($ _ _ , _ 3 6)

His guess for the car is $25,836...

$ 2 5 , 8 3 6

...he just missed it; it was $25,736. If he had gotten all the groceries, he might've very well have won. Stack the Deck remains winless this season.

Coming on down sixth is Gisela Kerans and the third IUFB is a lawn mower (Rachael).

Gisela: $1,295
Cathy: $1,750
Derrick: $899
Karen: $1,300

ARP: $1,450

Karen, who called in sick to make it here, plays Most Expensive for a sofa (Rachael), a home gym (Lanisha) and a professional gas range (Amber). Her Most Expensive pick is the sofa. The home gym is $2,495, the range is $3,848...and her sofa is the least expensive, because it's just $1,099.

Benjamin: Dime + 95 = OVER
Karen: 50 + 50 = WINS $1,000!
Ester: 40 + 60 = WINS $1,000 ALSO!

Karen: $.50
Ester: Quarter

Karen goes to the Showcase with an extra $1,000 in hand, thanks to Drew's help!

Next to leave the crowd is Shayna Welcher and the fourth IUFB is a surfboard/wetsuit collection (Amber).

Shayna: $700
Gisela: $5,250 (STAGE WILLY)
Cathy: $1,550
Derrick: $750

ARP: $1,544

Derrick plays Range Game for a Great Lakes spa (Lanisha & Rachael). Range is $5,000-$5,600. His guess is $5,178-$5,328...but it's $5,350.

Next is Yesenia Avila (not sure if she's related to big "Greed" loser Dan) and the next IUFB is luggage (Lanisha).

Yesenia: $1,200
Shayna: $900
Gisela: $1,300
Cathy: $770

ARP: $2,875

Gisela plays Secret X for a Broyhill dining room (Amber) worth $5,620. Her free X placement:


Today's SPs modeled by Rachael:

Alarm clock: $50 or $75?
Speaker phone: $70 or $83?

She gets the clock at $50 but her gut fails her on the speaker phone with $83, when it's actually $70. She places her other X in the bottom right spot. Is the Secret X in the middle?...


...yes- we finally have a winner!

Finally, there's Sheryl Roush and the final IUFB is a pair of Blackerry Pearls (Amber & Lanisha).
Cathy's been here the entire time.

Sheryl: $750
Cathy: $800
Yesenia: $700
Shayna: BUCK

ARP: $2,097, so Cathy has finally made it on stage!

She now plays the first car game in the sixth spot in more than a month, One Away, for a Chevy Cobalt (Fairly loaded)(Rachael). Board:

$ 2 7 , 8 3 8

First guess:

$ 1 6 , 7 4 9

She gets three honks from the Mighty Sound Effects Lady. She then changes to:

$ 1 8 , 9 4 9

She loses. ARP: $18,729.

One positive about today's episode was that I loved the lineup as it was! Nice job, Adam, for once!

Derrick: 30 + 30 = $.60
Cathy: 20 + Dime = $.30
Gisela: $.80

The only winner, Gisela, goes to the Showcase!

The first Showcase has cosmetics (Rachael), outdoor furniture including a patio heater (Lanisha) and a Pontiac Solstice (Std., AT, AC, Conv., Pref.)(Rachael)!



For Karen, we have a waterproof camcorder (Amber), a small Catalina sailboat (Amber; the green screen pillars aren't gone yet, so sorry) and a trip to Venice (Lanisha & Rachael at the audience monitor).



BID: $23,000
ARP: $17,291

BID: $35,500
ARP: $35,674

WE HAVE OUR SECOND DOUBLE SHOWCASE WINNER THIS WEEK (and third in just seven episodes)!!!! A very deserving champion, Gisela Kerans, wins $61,510 in prizes! Way to go, Gisela! You saved this episode from being the worst of the season!

Video Bonus: DSW #5

WOF: Episode 4,999 has the BMW X3 on offer for the second time this week. Tonight's first Toss-Up category is Phrase:

F L _ A T I _ G/ON/A I _

Josh is indeed FLOATING ON AIR for $1,000.


Tonight's panel:

Josh Krinsman (Newton, MA)- State Senate member
Stella Guerrery (Macungie, PA)- Housewife and medical transcriptionist
Heather Cox (Burbank; originally from Michigan)- Freelance graphic designer for a health maitenance organization in Pasadena; she's also a marathon runner

$2,000 Toss-Up category is Occupation:

A _ C H _ E _ _ _ _ _ _ T

Stella is incorrect with ARCHITECT, because that's not enough letters. Josh then goes 2 for 2 with ARCHAEOLOGIST.

The Prize Puzzle Round category is Things and out on the wheel now is a trip to Durango, CO worth $5,585. After he buys the O, we have...

T E _ _ _ _ A

_ O _ _ T A _ _

R E _ _ _ E S

...why did this puzzle not get placed under the category of Food & Drink? Anyway, after buying the I's, he calls the C's for another $7,500 and solves TEQUILA COCKTAIL RECIPES for another $8,700 and a trip to Puerto Vallarta at the Dreams Resort & Spa, a total of $16,900 in cash and trip.



Campbell's Jackpot Round category is Food & Drink; that category came a round too late, IMO. Stella starts off with four S's for $3,600, buys the E's but then spins Bankrupt. Heather then calls two T's for $800 but then spins the right Bankrupt of the Million Dollar Wedge. Later, Josh calls a $300 C for the Free Spin and after he cleans out the vowels, we have...


_ _ E S _ - CUT/_ _ I E S

...he next calls the F's for another $600 and solves STEAK SALAD AND FRESH-CUT FRIES for another $2,700 and $19,600 total!

BANKRUPTS: 2 (Stella, Heather)

IHOP Mystery Round category is Before & After. Heather immediately hits a regular Bankrupt; that's her second Bankrupt tonight. Josh then hits the right Bankrupt of the MDW, so he uses his Free Spin but he then calls the night's first dud in T. Stella then calls a $3,500 S but she then hits the other Bankrupt of the MDW; both ladies now have two Bankrupts to their credit this evening. Heather then calls a pair of N's for $7,000 and buys the I, but she then spins her third Bankrupt of this episode. After Josh buys the E's, we have...

S _ E E _ _ /D _ _ E _/&/_ _ _ _ _/

E N D _ N G

...he then calls the P's for another $1,200 and solves SLEEPY, DOPEY & HAPPY ENDING for another $2,750 and $22,350 total!

BANKRUPTS: 4 (2 by Heather)

$3,000 Toss-Up Round category is Place:

_/_ _ _ _ W A Y/L _ N _

Josh rings in first with A HIGHWAY LANE...incorrect, so his perfect record's gone. Heather is also incorrect with A FARAWAY LANE, which happens to be just a letter off. Stella then solves A FARAWAY LAND for her first $3,000.

After a little work by Josh, Speed-Up Round category is What Are You Doing? and consonants are worth $1,600 apiece. After he calls the G...

T _ _ N _ _ N G/_ _ T/

_ _ _ _

...THIKNING OUT LOUD will be key if Josh wants to win tonight's endgame, which he will go to with $24,550! Stella leaves with $3,000 and Heather leaves with a goosegged $1,000.


Big Money Round: Josh looks like he could be the guy to bring home a bonus round win this week; let's hope he can make it happen. He spins the N in WIN and the category is Things. Beginning with:

_ S _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ E R S

He calls C, D, P and A and gets...

P S _ C _ _ C

P _ _ E R S PSYCHIC POWERS are necessary for this guy to win $35,000! That's $59,550 in cash and trip for him! Very good player!

Video Bonus: Tonight's bonus round (not in the best quality, though)

The show ends with clips around the time of the 4,000th episode, including two of the show's $100K endgame wins! Remember, the 5,000th episode is on Friday; don't miss it!

Jeopardy!: Leland Graham III's first pair of challengers:

Dawn Bacak (Katy, TX)- Stay-at-home mom
Bruce Hanson (Heightstown, NJ)- Graphics artist & musician

First six categories:


Almost immediately, Hanson's going Daily Double Hunting. After the first two categories get cleared out, Graham's off to a good start with $4,400 thanks to everything in the NFL Team Nicknames category except for the $200 clue (Hanson got that one). Just before the first break, he finds the night's first Daily Double under the $600 Underground Railroad clue with $4,800; Hanson's back at zero while Bacak's $200 in the hole. His wager is three grand on this:

Abolitionist Levi Coffin's house in Fountain City, IN was known as this "station" on The Underground Railroad.

"What is Grand Central?" right to jump to $7,400! At round's end, Graham's in five figures at $11,200. He leads Hanson by eight grand, while Bacak's at $2,000.

LACH TRASH: $1,400

DJ! Categories:

THEIR FIRST NOVELS (the author must be matched up to each one)
BACK IN THE CBC (some of Alex's most memorable moments from his CBC broadcasting days are shown in this category!)

After the $1,200 Italian Renaissance clue proves to be a Triple Stumper, Graham finds a DD under the $1,600 clue there. He still leads with 12 grand, while Hanson has $5,600; Bacak has half Hanson's current score ($2,800). His wager is two grand.

On December 10, 1513, he wrote to Francesco Vettoti that he had "Composed a little work on Princedoms".

"Who is Machiavelli?"...correct to make his new total $14K! Later in the round, Graham finds the third and final DD under the $1,600 Proverb vs. Proverb clue with 20 grand now. Hanson's now at $12,400 and Bacak's at $3,200. His last DD wager of the night is five large.

Wait a minute -- "Opposites attract", but these "flock together"? Huh?

"What are birds and a feather?"...that ties his winning score from last night ($25,000)!

BTW, the $400 clue in the CBC category featured part of Alex's audition tape! And the $2,000 clue there was about a Canadian comedy show spoofing Alex!

DJ! LACH TRASH: $7,600


Leland: $25,400
Bruce: $13,600
Dawn: $3,200


Leland: $19,200
Bruce: $13,600
Dawn: $3,200

FJ! CATEGORY: 18th Century Scientists.

This Northern European said his gravestone should be inscribed Princeps Botanicorum, "Prince of Botanists".

Response: "Who was Mendel?"
Wager: $3,199

Final score: BUCK

Bruce Hanson also said that and loses 12 grand. The champ also wrote Mendel down; the right person was Carl Linnaeus. But he only risked two grand, so he retains the title at $23,400! Two-day total: $48,400.


Game 1
Game 2
Game 3

"American Idol" 2/25

Like last week's group, this week's group of semi-finalists must perform some Billboard Hot 100 songs.

1. Jasmine Murray: "Love Song" by Sara Bareilles

I thought she overdid the performance. Randy said it was average because it was pitchy. The others agreed. I gave her a 6.

2. Matt Giraud: "Viva La Vida" by Coldplay

I didn't think he was that much better than Jasmine. Kara thought that was the wrong song choice. Paula thought that was a risky song choice. The male judges agreed with them. I also gave him a 6.

3. Jeanine Vailes: "This Love" by Maroon 5

All Paula said about her was that she's got great legs. Simon thought she also made a bad song choice. The others agreed. I also gave her a 6.

4. Nick Mitchell: "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" by Jennifer Hudson

He totally butchered the ending. Simon was so hoping he would not get to the Top 12. Randy thought it was one of the most entertaining performances ever, even if the singing wasn't there. Kara thought she would remember this performance a lot, and she thought he wasn't that terrible of a singer. Paula thought he was a true performance but didn't think this was the right place for him. Like the other three, I gave him a 6.

5. Allison Iraheta: "Alone" by Heart

The first good performance of the evening- I gave her a 7.

6. Kris Allen: "Man in the Mirror" by Michael Jackson

Kara liked the second half of the performance better than the first half; regardless, she still thought he fell short of his Hollywood days. Paula disagreed because she felt that he showed some personality. Simon and Randy both agreed with Paula; Randy added that he proved that he could do a song without his trusted guitar. I also gave him a 7.

7. Megan Joy Corkrey: "Put Your Records On" by Corrine Bailey Rae

Paula thought she made the right song choice. Simon thought she started off well but she oversang the second half of the song; he wanted America to vote her through to the Top 12. Randy and Kara thought she had the vibes to make it far in the competition. I also gave her a 7.

8. Matt Breitzke: "If You Can Only See" by Tonic

All the judges thought that wasn't the best of song choices. I really liked the performance, though, because his voice there sounded just like the main singer of that song. Therefore, I gave him a 7 as well.

9. Jesse Langseth: "Betty Davis Eyes" by Kim Carnes

Randy thought it was just OK and cool. Kara thought it was her best-looking performance to date since she took a few risks. Paula thought she was the most captivating contestant of the season. Simon, however, thought she was forgettable. Since I haven't heard this song much, I decided to give her a 6.

10. Kai Kalama: "What Becomes of the Brokenhearted" by Jimmy Ruffin

Kara thought he was a little pitchy and that his song choice was old-fashioned. Paula quickly realized that he liked to perform throwback songs. Simon agreed with Kara and Randy thought it was just a safe song choice. I also gave him a 6.

11. Mishavonna Henson: "Drops of Jupiter" by Train

Paula thought her performance was decent but she didn't prefer that song. Simon said she sung like a 50-year-old despite the fact she was 18. Randy agreed with Simon, and Kara thought she wasn't loose enough. I didn't like her performance, so I gave her a 5.

12. Adam Lambert: "Satisfaction" by The Rolling Stones

Randy & Paula both loved the performance. Simon thought the performance was a mixture of excellent and horrible parts. And Kara thought his vocal range was outrageous. I gave him the night's top score, an 8.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


The three remaining finalists- Stefan Richter, Carla Hall and Hosea Rosenberg, must now create a three-course meal. Each one can make a dessert if they like, but it's not required. Also, each one must do an appetizer for a customer. To help each one out, there will be a former "Top Chef" runner-up acting as their sous chef. After they draw knives, here are their picks:

Hosea: Richard Blais (Season 4)
Stefan: Marcel Vigneron (Season 2)
Carla: Casey Thompson (Season 3)

The food will be served at Commander's Palace in New Orleans. To decide who cooks what, each finalist chooses a slice of King Cake. The one who ends up with the slice with a tiny golden baby inside gets to choose the ingredient each chef will work with for their appetizer...and Hosea ends up with it. Here are the appetizer assignments:

Hosea: Red fish
Stefan: Alligator
Carla: Crab

Appetizer: Blackened red fish on corn cake w/ creole remoulade & micro cilantro
First course: Tuna, hamachi & black bass sashimi w/ fennel oil, citrus & fried tempura bits- DUD
Second course: Seared scallop w/ Foie Gras on Pain Perdu w/ apple preserves & Foie Gras foam
Third course: Pan-roasted venison and chestnut & cherry root puree w/ wild mushrooms

Appetizer: Alligator soup w/ celeriac parsley leaves & puff pastry
First course: Smoked salmon & halibut carpaccio w/ micro greens, citrus vinaigrette & caviar- DUD
Second course: Pan-seared squab, braised cabbage, Schupfnudelin, Foie Gras & grape jus
Third course: Stracciatella ice cream, chocolate mousse, vanilla syrup & banana lollipop

Appetizer: Shiso soup with blue crab & Chayote Thai salsa (had weakest reviews of the three, but they were still good)
First course: Seared red snapper over saffron aioli, braised fennel & grilled clam
Second course: Sous-vide NY Strip Steak w/ seared potato rod & merlot sauce- DUD (steak too tough)
Third course: Apple tart coin w/ blue cheese & walnut crumble

Let's see who the home viewers thought should win tonight:

1. Carla- 65%
2. Hosea- 20%
3. Stefan- 15%

I can tell you right now...

...STEFAN RICHTER IS NOT THE WINNER. Darn. How about Carla Hall?...


That means Hosea Rosenberg has pulled off the upset and has won Season 5.

"The Contender IV"- FINALE

Nick Charles, best known for hosting "SHOBox: The New Generation", is hosting tonight's show alongside Tony Danza and Wally Matthews. Contrary to what I said last week, the finale's being held at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods in Ledyard, CT. Tonight's ring announcer is John Vena.

All three previous "Contender" champions are in the audience tonight, as is former host and boxer Sugar Ray Leonard!

This championship fight is 10 rounds long and is governed under the unified boxing rules (no standing eight count, no three knockdown rule, nobody can be saved by the bell at any time, only the referee can stop the fight and the accidental headbutt rule). Here's the tale of the tape:

Height: 5'11.5
Weight: 194
Reach: 76"
Record: 20-1, 14 KO
Fighting out of: Toronto

Height: 5'11
Weight: 192 lbs.
Reach: 76"
Record: 15-3, 7 KO
Fighting out of: Queens, NY

The judges are Glenn Feldman, Tommy Kaczmarek and Clark Sammartino. The referee is Steve "Double S" Smoger.

(Troy's wearing the black trim with white, while Hino's fighting in the black with red trim.)

Round 1: I gave the first round to Ross.

Round 2: Thanks to a very good beginning this round, I gave this round to Hino, so my scorecard was tied up after two rounds.

Round 3: Since I felt he delivered more strong punches this round, I scored this round in Hino's favor, meaning he leads my card 29-28 after the third round.

Round 4: Early on, Ross traps Hino in the corner...AND TROY ROSS HAS DONE IT BY TKO WITHIN THE FIRST MINUTE OF THIS ROUND!!!! HE HAS WON THIS SEASON'S COMPETITION WITH THREE KNOCKOUT WINS IN FOUR FIGHTS!!! Unbelieveable! All season long, he certainly lived up to his nickname- "The Boss"!

(The ref was criticized by some for stopping the fight a little too soon.)

Other fight results:
THIRD PLACE FIGHT (eight rounds long): Rico Hoye defeats A.J. Laleye by unanimous decision (everyone scored it 79-72; Hoye was penalized a point about midway in the fight because of illegally holding one of Laleye's arms)
Felix Cora, Jr. def. Tim Flamos by TKO at 2:03 of Round 3
Alfredo Escalera, Jr. def. Erick Vega by TKO in Round 6
Ryan Coyne def. Richard Gingras by unanimous decision

"The Biggest Loser" 2/25

Pop Challenge: Both teams are now asked questions about health & aging by Liz Vaccariello, the Editor-in-Chief of Prevention Magazine. The first team to get three right wins a Fountain of Youth trip for the entire team.

1. T or F: Switching from regular to diet cola will help you live longer.

Both say False, which is correct.

2. Which change in your diet is believed to help you live longer?

A: Cutting fat
B: Cutting calories

The Blue Team says cutting fat, while the Black Team says cutting calories...cutting calories is right to give the Black Team a 2-1 lead.

3. Which exercise is believed to help you live longer?

A: Doing push-ups regularly
B: Doing squats regularly

The Blue Team goes with push-ups, while the Black Team chooses squats...the right one is squats, meaning the Black Team wins, 3-1!



Dane: 312 lbs, 13 pounds lost

Aubrey: 211 lbs, five pounds lost

Mandi: 203 lbs, seven pounds lost

Ron: 349 lbs, five pounds lost

Kristin: 279 lbs, 10 pounds lost

Cathy: 249 lbs, 14 pounds lost

Altogether, the Blue Team lost 54 pounds, for a weight loss percentage of 3.26%.


Remember, these guys get three pounds to start. They must now lose at least another 48 pounds combined to win.

Helen: 198 lbs, seven pounds lost

Laura: 233 lbs, eight pounds lost

Tara: 211 lbs, 11 pounds lost

Mike: 297 lbs, 10 pounds lost

Filipe: 283 lbs, eight pounds lost

Did Sione lose at least four pounds to make Jillian's team very happy?...

Sione: 286 lbs, 10 pounds lost- WIN!

...yup! They didn't need the three-pound bonus! And Tara continues to be on the winning team in Weigh-Ins!

ELIMINATION #7: This vote is between Kristin, Ron & Dane. Kristin gets just one of the six votes. Getting three of them and leaving the show tonight will be...


...Dane Patterson, meaning Ron Morelli has just barely avoided elimination for the fourth time this season!

2/25/2009 Results

TPIR: I'm doing a full recap today. We begin this episode with Kristen Burwell, Michael Feldman, Henry Perry and Sonya Butler. The first IUFB is a batting cage (Rachael).

Sonya: $350 (STAGE GARF)
Henry: $450
Michael: $1,000
Kristen: $1,001

ARP: $753 (how the heck was that so cheap?)

After winning the batting cage, we hope Henry from Cal State Fullterton doesn't strike out playing Spelling Bee for a Jeep Wrangler (Amber & Lanisha). His free picks are #12 and #20.

1. Golf water globe
BID: $18
ARP: $20

2. Beauty kit
BID: $25
ARP: $13

3. Earmuff headphones
BID: $40
ARP: $35

He goes on. First card has a C. Second card displays an R. The last two cards have nothing but...A's, so he wins the Jeep!

Rich then calls on Abigail Vishniavsky and the second IUFB is a dining set (Lanisha).

Abigail: $150 (STAGE GARF)
Michael: $300 (STAGE GARF)
Kristen: $1,200
Sonya: $550

ARP: $3,200

Kristen plays Bonkers for a trip to Dude Ranch (Amber & Rachael at the audience screen). Board:

6 5 8 6

Final try: HLLL- OOPS

ARP: $9,728- that trip was way more expensive than I thought. I believe that may be the most expensive prize ever offered in this game. The right combination thus was HHLH; she was close on her third try. I'm not sure if I would've won either.

Contestant #6 is Linda Cooper and the third IUFB is weightlifing equipment being modeled by "The Incredible Hulk" actor Lou Ferrigno!

Linda: $875
Sonya: $950
Abigail: $1,050
Michael: $500

ARP: $964

Sonya plays One Wrong Price for a fireplace marked at $1,850 (Rachael), a pirate child's bed marked at $3,000 (Lanisha) and some coats marked at $4,085 (Amber). A lot of you believe the clothing is wrong, but she's picking the bed instead...everyone's wrong! The fireplace was actually $1,399.

Sonya ($964): 45 + 85 = OVER
Kristen ($3,200): $.55
Henry ($21,368): $.90

Henry's in the Showcase today.

Next to make it out of the crowd is Ryan Boone and the fourth IUFB is a pair of mountain bikes (Amber & Lanisha).

Ryan: $950
Abigail: $799
Michael: $1,300
Linda: $985

ARP: $3,500

Michael completes the First Four Sweep and will now play the month's only playing of Any Number (not sure why they didn't play it for a while) for either picnic baskets or a Ford Focus SE (Std., AT, ALB/VSC, Prot)(both prizes modeled by Rachael).

1. 8- Pricey Ziffel ($ 8 . _ _)
2. 7- Pricey Ziffel ($ 8 . 7 _)
3. 4- Picnic baskets ($ 4 _ _)
4. 9- CAR ($ 1 9 , _ _ _)
5. 6- Picnic baskets ($ 4 6 _)
6. 3- CAR ($ 1 9 , _ 3 _)
7. 5- Wins picnic baskets ($465)

The car was $19,132 and the piggy bank today was worth $8.70. Fingers definitely didn't want this playing won today.

Getting called on next is Helen Palmer and the next IUFB is a gas grill (Rachael).

Helen: $5,000
Linda: $1,000
Ryan: $2,300
Abigail: $1,500

ARP: $1,137

Linda plays Grand Game with a target price today of $7. Products are Campbell's Soup, Hot Pockets Paninis, Gold Bond Lotion (regular size), Icy Hot XL, a big bag of 9 Lives cat food and Northland juice.

1. Soup- $1.31 ($10)
2. Hot Pockets- $3.19 ($100)
3. Juice- $3.39 ($1,000)

Her last pick is the's not the Ultimate Healing variety, but it's $8.53 and she loses. The patches were $8.97 and the winning product was actually the cat food at $6.51.

Finally, we have Margaret Thacker and the final IUFB is a wine cooler (Amber).

Margaret: $1,500
Ryan: $750
Abigail: $1,000
Helen: $1,400

ARP: $999

Since Abigail was over by a buck, Phillies fan Ryan plays Squeeze Play for a 50" plasma TV (Lanisha & Rachael; Rich's on it). Board:


I say $3,998 and he agrees...yes indeed! I think the two games that got won today were the ones Fingers intended to be won.

My lineup today:

1. Spelling Bee
2. Grand Game
3. Bonkers
4. One Wrong Price
5. Any Number
6. Squeeze Play

Linda ($1,137): 15 + 65 = $.80
Michael ($4,165): 40 + 50 = $.90
Ryan ($4,997): 60 + 35 = $.95

Both of today's winners are in the Showcase today!

The first Showcase has an Ashley living room (Rachael), a pair of off-road vehicles (Amber) and a Fleetwood Backpack trailer (Lanisha)!



For Ryan, we have an electronic dart gameboard, a complete bar set (Lanisha & Rachael) and a trip to Ireland (Amber at the audience screen).



Showcase prices:

Henry: $28,073 (I would've DSWed)
Ryan: $17,382

Ryan wins $22,379 in prizes.

WOF: We're on the Holiday Movie Magic set. Tonight's first Toss-Up topic is On the Map:

_ I _ M _ R C K

N _ _ T H/_ _ K _ _ A

Katrina solves BISMARCK NORTH DAKOTA for $1,000.


Tonight's contestants:

Katrina Helicorn (Spokane, WA)- Marketing director and sometimes holds "Wheel of Fortune" parties at her house
Drew Cross (New Orleans)- Network technician/flair bartender
Mary Daniel (Kailua Kona, HI)- Dental office worker/vacation services representative

$2,000 Toss-Up category is Proper Name:

A _ T O _/K _ V _ N/

C _ S T _ E R

After stumbling a bit on the last word, Mary solves ACTOR KEVIN COSTNER for $2,000.

A Taos, NM spa trip worth $5,051 goes on the wheel and the category for this Prize Puzzle Round is What Are You Doing? What will Mary be doing at the start of this round? Picking up that Million Dollar Wedge after landing on it and calling three N's. But she later hits Lose a Turn with $2,900 also in her bank. Later, Drew calls a V for a $1,000 Marie Calender's gift certificate. After he calls the D, we have...


THE/_ A _ I _ I _

...but he then spins Bankrupt to lose the gift tag and $2,700. Mary then jumps in and solves ADMIRING THE SUN SETTING OVER THE PACIFIC in order to keep the MDW, win another $2,900 as well as a trip to the Treasure Islands Resort in Fiji, a new total of $14,550 in cash and trip.

DUDS: W (while Katrina was on gift tag)


Campell's Jackpot Round category is Food & Drink. After Katrina buys the I, we have...

_ _ E _ - _ _ _ E _

R _ _ S _/_ E E _/

S _ _ _ I _ _

...after calling a $600 T, she buys the A's and the O's to clean out the vowels. Next, she calls a $300 B but is then incorrect with OVEN-BAKED ROAST BEEF SANDWICH. I was afraid somebody might say that. Drew then calls a $450 P and steals OPEN-FACED ROAST BEEF SANDWICH to make that $1,000.

IHOP Mystery Round category is Before & After. Drew immediately hits his second Bankrupt tonight. Mary then barely slides by a Bankrupt and calls a $900 R, but then calls D for dud while on the Mystery Wedge next to Lose a Turn. After Katrina calls the N, we have...

N _ _ _ T - _ _ _ _ T/

_ E E R

...I think I know it. She then calls the L for $300 and the Free Spin, then buys the I's to finish out the round's vowels. Afterwards, she calls the H's for another $800 and solves NIGHT-LIGHT BEER for another $1,550 and $2,550 total.


$3,000 Toss-Up Round category is Place:

S _ I _ ' S

G A L L _ Y

Katrina solves SHIP'S GALLEY to go to $5,550, but her Free Spin will now be worthless, because it's Speed-Up Round time. Category is Phrase...and consonants are worth $1,300 apiece. After Mary calls the R's...

T _ _ T _ N _/Y _ _ R/_ _ N/

_ _ R N

...she can't do it. Katrina calls a dud in B, then Drew calls a not-too-helpful I. Back to Mary, she calls the G and blanks again. Katrina then lights up the O's and solves TOOTING YOUR OWN HORN for another $2,600 and a final total of $8,150. Drew leaves with a non-goosegged $1,000 and Mary qualifies for the Million Dollar Bonus Round with $14,550!


MILLION DOLLAR BONUS ROUND: For the first time ever, more than one contestant in a week is playing for a million here! Remember, since this is the movie-themed set, there is a Cadillac also up for grabs tonight. She spins the P and the category is Phrase. Starting with:

_ L _ _/_/_ _ _ N

I think I know already. Daniel calls P, D, M and A and gets...

_ L _ P/A/_ _ _ N need to do more than to FLIP A COIN to win here, and she doesn't make the win happen...

...for $30,000.


We then see moments around the time of the 3,000th episode at the end!

Jeopardy!: Let's see if Jorge Rivero can retain the title against these two:

Leland Graham III (Rock Hill, SC)- Research specialist/project coordinator
Maria Borga (Washington, DC)- Economist

Opening categories:

NON-MEMORABLE MOVIE QUOTES (the film must be IDed in each correct response)
THE AFRICAN AMERICAN EXPERIENCE (video clues from Henry Lewis Gates, Jr.)

Just before the first break, Ms. Borga finds the Daily Double under the $800 African American Experience clue; she has $1,600 and trails Graham for the lead by $1,400. Rivero has $200 after starting the game with $600. She makes it a True Daily Double.

I direct a research institute at Harvard University named for this author of "The Souls of Black Folk", Black America's leading public intellectual through most of his long life, 1868-1963.

"Who is...Marcus Garvin?"...sorry, so she's back to zero like Rivero once was early on in the game. It was W.E.B. DuBois. The final clue in that category also proves to be a Triple Stumper.
At round's end, Graham's leading total is now $5,400. Borga's back up to $2,800 and the champ has $1,200.

LACH TRASH: $3,000

DJ! Categories:


Rivero finds the first DD of this round under the $1,600 Science clue after getting the $1,200 one to go to $2,400 (Graham got the first two to move up to $6,600). He bets half on this clue:

From the Latin for "about a day", these body rhythms govern circles of wakefulness & sleep.

"What is Diurnal?", sir. It was Circadian Rhythyms, so he's left with the other $1,200 at this point. Towards the end of the round, Graham finds the other DD under the $1,600 Samuel Johnson clue with $15,800, meaning he leads Borga by $5,400. Rivero has $2,400. His wager is four grand.

Johnson was a Staunch Tory, or supporter of the king, & referred to foes in this party as "dogs".

"Who are the Whigs?"...that's $19,800, just shy of Lock Game Territory! And that ends the round.

DJ! LACH TRASH: $3,200


Jorge: $2,400
Maria: $10,000
Leland: $19,800


Jorge: $3,600
Maria: $11,600

Leland: $17,400

FJ! CATEGORY: Sports Team Names.

It's the only Major League Baseball team name whose first four letters match the first four letters of its city.

The champ drew a total blank, so he loses $1,400 and will add that remaining $1,000 to his final total, meaning he leaves with $19,100. Maria Borga wrote down "What is Philadelphia Phillies", which is right! She risked everything but $100, so she's at $19,900...but Mr. Graham has that also to win 25 grand and the championship (not sure why he wagered $5,200 instead of $201)!


Conclusion of a sweepstakes winner's game

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