Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"The Ultimate Fighter" 9/30

The first month of the season's going to wrap up with a bang based on the fight we're about to see next.

Prior to that, both coaches trash talk at each other's faces. Later, James McSweeney, the winner of last week's preliminary round fight, got into a verbal confrontation with Rampage Jackson.

Marcus Jones then threatens to withdraw from the show, prompting Rampage to give him a pep talk.

PRELIMINARY FIGHT #3: Roy Nelson vs. Kimbo Slice
Referee: Herb Dean


Height: 6"
Reach: 74"
MMA Record: 13-4

Height: 6'2"
Reach: 77"
MMA Record: 3-1

Round 1: After a slow start by both fighters, near the end of the second minute of this round, Slice gets a hold of Nelson with several good shots in a corner, but Nelson shortly traps Slice in virtually the same position. With 93 seconds left in this round, Nelson takes down Slice and is threatening to beat him by TKO...but that doesn't happen, at least for now. 10-8, Nelson.

Round 2: Nelson takes down Slice within the first 35 seconds...AND KIMBO SLICE IS HISTORY AT LEAST FOR NOW BY TKO AT 2:01 OF THIS ROUND. Expect the ratings for the remaining episodes this season to plunge dramatically after this week's.

9/30/2009 Results

Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?: First up today is Michael Padula (who is a ballroom dance instructor; he even brings a female dance partner when he enters the classroom!). After choosing Pablo as his opening partner (and Pablo does a breakdancing number; he wants to be a lawyer!), here are the categories:

1st Grade Spelling
1st Grade Vocabulary
2nd Grade Life Science
2nd Grade Measurements
3rd Grade Anatomy
3rd Grade Science
4th Grade U.S. Geography
4th Grade Earth Science
5th Grade Math
5th Grade World History

This episode's opening question is worth $5,000 and it comes from 5th Grade Math:

What's the mode in the following set of numbers- 3, 4, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8?

The Peek is quickly used. Pablo's guess was four. Michael agrees...correct! Should've used the Copy instead. To double the five, here's the 5th Grade World History question:

On September 2, 1945, Japan signed a Formal Instrument of Surrender in Tokyo Bay aboard which U.S. battleship?

Michael's guess is the USS Arizona, as is Pablo's...he loses the five big ones right back. The ship was actually called the USS Missouri. Michael then goes deep down to 2nd Grade Measurements. For $1,000:

Annalise & Madison want to get to class 15 minutes early. If class begins at 7 AM and it takes them 30 minutes to get there, what time do they need to leave?

Mike's correct with 6:15 AM and then makes Madison (who has been taking dance lessons since she was four) his second classmate. He then heads back up to 4th Grade U.S. Geography before facing this $3,500 question:

Rapid City & Aberdeen are two of the three most populous cities in what U.S. state?

Michael's guess this time is Iowa...I thought that too, but that's not the right state. Madison guessed Colorado...also wrong. It was South Dakota. He then tries a $2,500 question now in 3rd Grade Anatomy:

The largest bone in the human body is the femur. What's the second largest?

He uses the Copy because Madison was quick in answering. She went with the tibia, as did the other two classmates...all are right for $2,500. That was Mike's gut, though. Next question comes from 2nd Grade Life Science:

There are three main body parts of an insect. The thorax and abdomen are two. What's the third?

Michael locks in the head...right to go to $3,500. That means Annalise (who is a black belt in Tae Kwan Do) is now eligible to Save him on one of the remaining questions. The next one comes from 4th Grade Earth Science:

To the nearest thousand, what's the circumference of the Earth at the Equator?

A: 25,000 miles
B: 45,000 miles
C: 91,000 miles

Michael locks in 91,000...incorrect. Annalise wrote down Mike's second guess of 45,000...not it, either, so he's now playing for a possible $35,000. Michael's next stop is 1st Grade Spelling.

T or F: The letter F appears only one time in the spelling of the following word- "preferrable".

Michael's right with False for $500. Now, for another $2,500, here's the 3rd Grade Nature question:

Which of the following clouds form farthest from the surface of the Earth?

A: Cirrus
B: Nimbo-stratus
C: Stratocumulus

Michael says nimbo-stratus...not the cloud. Annalise's guess was cirrus...that's the one to go to $3,000.

Extra Credit Question:

According to kids, what's the #1 choice when it comes to birthday cake?

A: Carrot
B: Chocolate
C: Angel Food

Answer: Chocolate; carrot said goodbye first.

For a total of $3,500, this is the 1st Grade Vocabulary question:

Pablo's sisters are triplets. If he has no other siblings, how many total sisters does Pablo have?

Michael's right with three.


Seeing as he had difficulty on three of the four upper-tier questions, he will Drop Out with the $3,500. But could he have had $35,000 after this question?...

What unit of energy is defined as being equal to the heat required to raise the temperature of one gram of pure water by one degree Celsius?, he would've blanked! The final correct answer was calorie.

JEFF'S JOKE: "If you think the Hoover Dam was built with vacuum cleaners, you might NOT be smarter than a 5th Grader."

Today's second participant is Anthony "Tony" Wilson (who is print company owner). First partner is Danielle (who attends a gifted elementary school) and these are the subjects this time:

1st Grade Social Studies
1st Grade Measurements
2nd Grade Nature
2nd Grade Health
3rd Grade Music
3rd Grade Animal Science
4th Grade Math
4th Grade Vocabulary
5th Grade U.S. Geography
5th Grade U.S. History

We start this go-round with a question from 5th Grade U.S. Geography:

What local Native American word for "the great one" is the alternate name for Alaska's Mt. McKinley?

Tony's blanking out, so he locks in the Copy. Danielle blows it with The Applachians (she spelled it as The Appalations); the actual alternate name is Denali. Trying again for five grand, here's the 5th Grade U.S. History question:

On October 8, 1871, a great fire burned four square miles and left 90,000 homeless in what U.S. city?

Tony believes it's Chicago, as did Danielle...yes it is! Continuing the slow trip down the board, the $3,500 4th Grade Vocabulary question reads as follows:

When used with the helping verb "has", what's the past tense of the word "swim"?

A: Swam
B: Swimmed
C: Swum

Tony's really torn between the top two choices, and he evenutally locks in "swimmed"...believe it or not, he never had it right. Danielle...wrote down "swum" for a new total of $8,500! His second and possibly final partner is Zach (who wants to travel back in time in order to watch the very first World Series) and he completes 4th Grade with this $3,500 Math question:

The product of any given number and its reciprocal is always what number?

Tony uses his Peek, the last remaining cheat. After Zach's revealed to have written down one, Tony locks that in...and is right to go to $12,000! He's now on his own from here on out. His first 3rd Grade question comes from 3rd Grade Animal Science:

Which of the following is considered a cetacean?

A: Blue whale
B: Great white shark
C: Shrimp

Tony's guess is the blue whale...that's it to move up to $14,500! Now, to 3rd Grade Music.

T or F: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart began writing music before Ludwig van Beethoven.

Tony locks in True...True it is, taking him to $17,000! Next is the first of the 2nd Grade questions in Nature:

If Zach's going to the only continent that doesn't have lizards native to it, what continent is he going to?

Tony's final guess here is Antarctica...correct for a new total of $18,000! To make it 19, let's see what 2nd Grade Health has to offer:

Once a common disease among pirates, Scurvy is caused by a deficiency of what vitamin?

Tony decides to go with C, which is the answer choice you should typically go for on any SAT question if you're stumped on one...and C's the right answer here for $19,000! Now down to 1st Grade, Tony tries this $500 Social Studies question:

Which U.S. federal holiday is celebrated on the second Monday in October?

Tony's right with Columbus Day!

Extra Credit Question:

The Baseball Hall of Fame is located in what U.S. state?

A: Massachusetts
B: New York
C: Ohio

Answer: New York; Massachusetts got scratched off first.

This 1st Grade Measurements question is worth a final haul of $20,000:

Using current U.S. coins, how many different ways are there to make a total of exactly 10 cents?

Tony's guess here is four...that's 20 grand!


He hates the subject as much as my family does, so he's Dropping Out!

JEFF'S JOKE: "If you think the U.S. Mint is a flavor of Girl Scouts cookies, you might NOT be smarter than a 5th Grader."

Tonight's celebrity game is being played by Tom Arnold, who's trying to win a lot of money for Camp del Corazon. After starting things off with Kevin (whose favorite sports team is the L.A. Lakers), let's see the subjects:

1st Grade World Geography
1st Grade Social Studies
2nd Grade U.S. Geography
2nd Grade Animal Science
3rd Grade Spelling
3rd Grade Vocabulary
4th Grade World History
4th Grade Math
5th Grade U.S. History
5th Grade Ancient Cultures

Tom starts with 5th Grade U.S. History and the following question worth $5,000:

What's the name of the Native American Shawnee chief who sided with the British in the War of 1812 and helped them capture Detroit?

Tom immediately Peeks at Kevin's answer of Tecuma before locking that in...not quite right. It was Tecumseh. Another chance to put the first $5,000 in his bank comes with the following query from 5th Grade Ancient Cultures:

One of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the Temple of Artemis was located at Ephesus, which is now part of what country?

Tom's guess is Greece...incorrect. Kevin instead wrote down Turkey...correct! Tom's next question comes from 4th Grade Math:

The mathematical expression (4 X 2) X 5 = 4 X (2 X 5) is an example of which property of multiplication?

A: Associative
B: Commutative

C: Transitive

Tom uses all three cheats before the first commercial break, as he uses the Copy here. Kevin guessed the associative property...right for an additional $3,500! Let's see the 4th Grade World History question next:

The explorer Magellan was famous for leading the first expedition to circle the globe. What was his first name?

Tom locks in...Emberg instead of the right first name of Ferdinand, so he's now playing for a possible $80,000. He begins the 3rd Grade row with this $2,500 Spelling question:

How many times does the letter E appear in the following word- "privilege"?

Tom answers too many. Again for $2,500, here's the 3rd Grade Vocabulary question:

A leveret is defined as the young of which of the following animals?

A: Goat
B: Hare
C: Mouse

His guess this time is hare...right this time for $2,500. The next question from 2nd Grade U.S. Geography has a visual:

The following image is an outlne of what eastern U.S. state?

Thinking of the Red Sox, he's right with Massachusetts to go to $3,500. The 2nd Grade Animal Science question worth another grand reads like this:

T or F: Aside from their teeth, sharks don't have any bones in their bodies.

Tom locks in True...right again for a new total of $4,500. The next-to-last regulation question in 1st Grade World Geography:

If Tom's broadcasting from the middle of the Himalaya mountain range, what continent is he on?

He locks in Italy...that's right. For $5,500, here's the following from 1st Grade Social Studies:

U.S. Presidential elections always occur on what day of the week?

Tom nails Tuesday!


Tom makes the wise choice of Dropping Out with the $5,500 for his charity.

The day wraps up with Tamar Kummel (who is an Olympic massage therapist). Kevin (whose favorite band is Linkin Park) is her opening classmate and this is the final category board of the day:

1st Grade English
1st Grade Social Studies
2nd Grade Spelling
2nd Grade Earth Science
3rd Grade Animal Science
3rd Grade U.S. Geography
4th Grade Geometry
4th Grade Health
5th Grade Astronomy
5th Grade Literature

The opening question comes from 2nd Grade Earth Science. For $1,000:

If it's summer in the Northern Hemisphere, what season is it in the Southern Hemisphere?

Tamar locks in winter...she's on the board. Her second category is 3rd Grade Animal Science. For $2,500 more:

What species of animal is the largest member of the dolphin family?

She's unsure, but instead of using her Copy, she uses the Peek here. After Kevin is revealed to have written down the Killer Whale, Tamar agrees to move up to $3,500. She then completes 2nd Grade with this Spelling question worth another grand:

What vowel comes first in the word "chief"?

Tamar locks in I...and I say she's right again to inch up to $4,500. Her second classmate pick is Khamani (who is a former 5th Grade spelling bee champion) and she tries her first upper tier question of this game from 5th Grade Literature. For a total of $9,500 or nothing, here it is:

What fictional detective is the main character of many Arthur Conan Doyle works, including "The Hound of the Baskervilles"?

I'm not sure why this was a 5th Grade question, because Tamar answers Sherlock Holmes no problem to jump to $9,500! After giving Jeff Foxworthy a little massage, Tamar tries the other 5th Grade question in Astronomy:

What planet in our solar system has the hottest average surface temperature?

Khamani's real confident about this one, but Tamar doesn't need his help- she's right with Venus, taking her new total to $14,500! She stays in the upper tier by selecting 4th Grade Geometry next.

What's the area of the following parallelogram?

Top: 12
Left: 13
Right: 13
Bottom: 12
Inside: 5

Multiplying 13 times 12, Tamar's answer is 156...actually, you get the area by multiplying 12 times 5, which is 60...and Khamani's not even close with a guess of 2,302. That means she's now shooting for $70,000 as Taylar now joins her. The other 4th Grade question, from the subject of Health, is:

In the human body, what type of tissue holds together two bones at a joint?

A: Ligaments
B: Lymph nodes
C: Tendons

Tamar's response is ligaments...she's got $3,500 back. For another $2,500, let's see this 3rd Grade U.S. Geography question:

Frankfort is the capital city of what U.S. state?

A: Idaho
B: Kentucky
C: Mississippi

Tamar's back at six grand with Kentucky! She starts the last 1st Grade line with this Social Studies question worth another five Benjamins:

T or F: The Liberty Bell is cracked.

Having been to Philadelphia on a school trip, she knows that's True! To finish with $7,000, 1st Grade English asks this:

Taylar & Kevin are children. What's the singular form of the word "children"?

Tamar answers "child" for a total of seven grand! The Copy and the Save are now out of play.


Tamar Drops Out. But let's see if she would've gotten this one for the 70 large:

What king of Scotland succeeded Elizabeth I as the monarch of England?

She did the right thing, as she's thinking nothing. It was James Stewart. King James would've been acceptable.

TPIR: Episode 4852K starts with Lisa Connelly, Jessica Hayden, Gregory Prezebrak, Jonathan Wilson and the first IUFB behind the splitting sign, a Samsung 60" DLP HDTV (Lanisha & Rachael).

Jonathan: $1,100
Gregory: $1,250
Jessica: $1,275

Lisa: $1,252

ARP: $1,598

Jessica plays Cliff Hangers for a solar golf car and golf equipment (Manuela at Door #3), all worth $10,460! Rachael models these SPs- a 1,200-watt steam iron, a Nintendo DS "TPIR 2010" video game and a dry food dispenser. Her guess on the iron is $50...ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK NOMINEE and she wins absolutely nothing here. It was just $21. The video game was $30 and the dispenser price will remain hidden from view.

DQ: Way overpricing the iron on the first turn (a contestant can also be disqualified in this game if a contestant guesses at least $76 on any SP, as no SP in this game costs more than $50)

Darlene Joat hopes that she's going to do better on this episode as she enters Contestant's Row and the second IUFB is a Sirius/XM satelite radio package (Lanisha & Rachael).

Darlene: $800
Lisa: $255 (STAGE GARF)
Jonathan: $275 (STAGE GARF)
Gregory: $276

ARP: $838

Darlene, who's looking exhausted right now (thanks to coming on down all the way from the back of the audience), plays Dice Game for a Subaru Forester (Std., BCover, Guards, Bluetooth, Shifter)(Manuela at Door #3). First number in the car price is 2.

Second number: 1- CORRECT
Third number: 6- RIGHT
Fourth number: 2- NO; HIGHER
Fifth number: 1- NO; HIGHER FREEBIE (her first roll of a 6 here was a dud because it didn't quite go over the line; I was concerned she would roll a 3 or 4 there next)

She wins the $21,652 Subaru no problem, making Dice Game 2 for 2 so far this season!

(Note: To end this game, Rich DiPirro did a great zoom-in of the important top fourth digit window!)

Coming on down sixth is Chrsitina Camarena and the third IUFB is a Little Miss Liberty of Beverly Hills princess bed (Manuela at Door #3).

Christina: $800
Lisa: $2,100
Jonathan: $1,200
Gregory: $1,201

ARP: $1,848

Gregory from Buffalo, NY plays Double Prices right in front of Contestant's Row for a trip to Jackson Hole, WY (Lanisha at the audience screen). Rachael's modeling these two possible prices for it- $7,597 or $8,452. His guess is $7,597 and after Drew says "Alakazam!", Rachael hits the button to reveal...he's going on vacation!

Jessica ($1,598): 65 + 50 = DOH
Gregory ($9,445): $.70
Darlene ($22,490; first spin was a PENALTY): $.70

Gregory: $.75
Darlene: $.55

Before Gregory travels to at least Jackson Hole, he's going to the Showcase.

Rich then calls on Anthony and the fourth IUFB is a pair of mountain bikes (Lanisha & Rachael).

Anthony: $950
Christina: $750
Lisa: $555

Jonathan: $956

ARP: $1,548

Jonathan, a bank worker from L.A. plays Most Expensive for a washer/dryer (Manuela), five Cape Spade handbags w/ a wallet (Rachael) and a game table (Lanisha). His ME pick is the Cape Spade stuff. The washer/dryer is $1,628, the game table is $2,995...but the designer stuff's only $2,510.

Next on Rich's list is James Taglauer and the next IUFB is a Canon digital camera kit (Manuela).

James: $775
Anthony: $1,200
Christina: $1,201
Lisa: $1,500

ARP: $1,649

Lisa, the last of today's First Four, is from Chicago and this Italian Drew Crew member will play Ten Chances for a foot massager (Lanisha), some power tools (Lanisha) and a PT Cruiser (Std., Paint, AT, Mats, ALB, Radio)(Rachael; all prizes behind Door #3).


1. $59- DQ
3. $95- DQ
4. $90- OF COURSE

NUMBERS IN TOOLS: 0, 6, 7 & 9

5. $697- DQ
6. $760- NO
7. $796- DQ
8. $960- NO
9. $690- NO
10. $790- LOSS

ARP of the tools was $670; the ARP of the PT Cruiser was $19,820. She's definitely NOT a fan of this game.

DQs: 4 (first, third, fifth and seventh guesses broke the zero rule)

The final player of the day is Elizabeth Nader and the final IUFB is the Lobster tennis ball machine (Rachael & Manuela).

Elizabeth: $350
James: $1,200
Anthony: $351
Christina: $1,201

ARP: $912

Anthony, who has "TPIR" shaved on the back of his head, plays Grocery Game for some retro kitchen appliances (Lanisha at Door #2) worth $10,138. Rachael handles the cash register today, with the groceries being Sun Chips, a 2 liter bottle of Sunkist, a box of Sun Light, a jar of Sun-Maid raisins and Sunbelt banana nut granola cereal.

1. 4 Sun Chips: $3.79 X 4 = $15.16
2. 3 Sunkists: $1.79 X 3 = $5.37 (WIN at $20.53!)

I liked the lineup as is today.

Jonathan ($1,548): 20 + $1 = OVER
Lisa ($1,739): 40 + 30 = $.70
Anthony ($11,050): 60 + 55 = OVER

Whether we like it or not, Lisa's facing Gregory in the Showcase.

The first Showcase has nothing but trips behind Door #2 modeled by Rome, China and Australia.

LISA BIDS $15,500 ON TRIPS SHOWCASE- POSSIBLE GARF OF THE CENTURY (only covers one or two trips)


Gregory's going for an iMac computer w/ a Slingbox (Manuela), a billiards/dining table (Manuela & Rachael at Door #1) and a 2010 Mini Cooper Convertible (Lanisha at Door #3).

GREGORY BIDS $23,333 ON CONVERTIBLE SHOWCASE- STAGE GARF #2 (doesn't quite cover the car)


BID: $15,500

ARP: $33,249

BID: $23,333
ARP: $34,594

It wasn't a pretty victory, but Gregory becomes this episode's champion with a total of $44,039 in prizes!

Now, for Episode 4843K, with Contestant's Row starting out with Sarah Wakefield, Patrick McFarlane, Faye Wood & Christopher Manning. The first IUFB this time is a pair of Nokia cell phones (Manuela; includes a 700 minute calling plan).

Christopher: $800
Faye: $550
Sarah: $600
Patrick: $801

ARP: $1,645

Patrick won't be playing for a car, at least for now, but he can win over $10,000 in 1/2 Off to help him possibly buy any car he wants. The SPs here are modeled by Lanisha & Rachael.

Moen faucet: $124
Waterproof sound case: $100
PICK: Faucet- $248 ($500)
REMAINING BOXES: #2, #3, #5, #8, #9, #12, #14 & #15

Picture frame: $11
Argus digital camera: $45

Baby food maker: $75
Nintendo DS "TPIR 2010" video game: $30
PICK: Video game- OOPS

Patrick selects box #9, brought down by The 10 grand was in #15.

Headed to the green spot second is Leanne Keyones and the second IUFB behind the splitting sign is F2 golf clubs (Lanisha).

Leanne: $1,200
Christopher: $2,100
Faye: $1,450
Sarah: $1,201

ARP: $1,353

Sarah from Ohio plays Squeeze Play for an outdoor kitchen island (Rachael & Manuela at Door #3). Board:


Does she take out the 2 to win the $7,995, she removes the first 9 instead.

Earlene Reed then heads to CR's orange location and the third IUFB behind the GPT is a treadmill from The Sports Authority (Rachael).

Earlene: $1,850
Leanne: $2,000
Christopher: $800
Faye: $1,201

ARP: $1,900

Earlene plays Any Number for either some iPod Nanos (Lanisha) or a Chevrolet Cobalt (Std., AT, #I, Prot, Pedals, Mats)(Manuela at Door #2)...and she ends up with the $796 iPods on her first three picks. The ARP of the car was $18,324 and the piggy bank had five bucks and a dime in it today.

Sarah ($1,353): $.75
Patrick ($2,493): $.85
Earlene ($2,696): 40 + $1 = OVER

Patrick might get that car opportunity in the Showcase, because he's going there.

The next big winner hopeful is Barbara Lewis and the fourth IUFB is a Panasonic 42" plasma HDTV (Manuela at Door #3).

Barbara: $1,600
Leanne: $1,800
Christopher: $952
Faye: $1,850

For the first time this season, we have an aired all-overbid.

Barbara: $750
Leanne: $555
Christopher: $638
Faye: $700

ARP: $898

Barbara, also from Ohio, plays One Wrong Price for an Ashley dinette marked at $1,200 (Manuela), a pair of designer handbags marked at $2,850 (Rachael) and a Yard-Man lawn mower marked at $1,450 (Lanisha). I would pick the dinette, but her selection is the handbags...$3,495!

Plugging in the hot orange spot now is David Watts and the next IUFB is a Howard Miller wine cabinet (Manuela).

David: $645
Leanne: $1,000
Christopher: $432
Faye: $501

ARP: $1,690

With that, we're definitely going to have at least our third First Four Breakfast Club member of the season. In the meantime, Leanne plays Pass the Buck for a Jeep Wrangler (Rachael) worth $20,770.

Carton of Whoppers: $1.49
Ajax dishwashing liquid: $3.29
PICK: Whoppers- $2.49

Propel drink mix: $3.79
Neosporin Neo to Go! spray: $5.79
PICK: Spray- $6.79


Final pick: #6- WINS $5,000

The final player of the day is Denise Gobel and the final IUFB on the turntable is an electric guitar played by Andrew DeRoberts.

Denise: $650
Christopher: $842
Faye: $900
David: $901

ARP: $1,313


David plays Switch? for trips to Alaska marked at $4,145 (Rachael) and a trip to Cancun marked at $5,060. He switches...and loses.

My lineup for this episode:

1. Squeeze Play
2. 1/2 Off
3. Any Number
4. One Wrong Price
5. Pass the Buck
6. Switch?

Today's Win At-Home Prize is a Sony 52" Bravia W Series HDTV.

David ($1,313): 30 + 55 = $.85
Leanne ($6,690): $.90
Barbara ($7,043): 35 + Dime = $.45

Leanne gets the Top Winner spot in today's Showcase, so Patrick's chances of possibly winning a car there are getting slimmer by the moment.

First up is the Every Room in the House Showcase. While the setup behind Door #2 still isn't that great, at least the lights dim for a few seconds before the door opens. The prizes in this Showcase are a game table (Rachael), a Yamaha Clavinova digital piano (Rachael), a Beachcomber Hot Tub (Manuela) and a Pantel outdoor TV (Manuela). But that's not all- coming into Door #2 now is a Smart Pure Coupe (Std., Paint, AC, Lamps)(Lanisha)!

LEANNE PASSES TO PATRICK; PATRICK BIDS $21,500 ON EVERYROOM SHOWCASE- STAGE GARF (only covers the car and one or two other prizes)


Leanne's going for an NHL-themed Showcase now. Bailey, the LA Kings' mascot, starts off by offering four tickets to one of their games, plus VIP access to the team's warm-ups and replica gear (Manuela). Second, the Washington Capitals' mascot, Slapshot, offers up four tickets to one of their games w/ VIP access and some replica gear (Rachael). Third, Carlton happens to be the mascot of the Toronto Maple Leafs, so four tickets to one of their games is offered as well, as well as replica gear and a trip to the Hockey Hall of Fame in the same area (Lanisha). Finally, Stanley C. Panther offers up four tickets to one of the Florida Panthers' games, VIP access and replica gear (Manuela)!



BID: $21,500
ARP: $33,001


BID: $22,000
ARP: $28,346


No car for Patrick, so Leanne wins her Showcase and $35,036 in cash and prizes.

BrainSurge: Let's meet today's six kids:

Cody (the owner of 25 pets)
Sydney (who can burp the alphabet)
Liam (who enjoys camping, snorkeling and riding dirt bikes)
Alec (who wants to fly a jet one day)
Maya (former spelling bee champion)
Kellie (who likes to shop and play basketball)

Level 1: For 10 points, which design was the branding iron that Jeff the Cowboy accidentially sat on?
ANSWER: #4 (the mirror image of the letter R)

Sydney: #1
Alec: #4 (10)
Kellie: #1
Cody: #4 (10)
Liam: #1
Maya: #1

For 20: After seeing the numbers on the first six gumballs, which number from the second series didn't appear on the first series?

Sydney: 6 (20)
Alec: 6 (30)
Kellie: 1
Cody: 26

Liam: 2
Maya: 4

For 30: How many red fish are in the shown school of fish?

Alec was the only person who was incorrect on this one with 16; Sydney now has 50 and the lead, Cody has 40 and everybody else has 30.

For 40: After looking at three female ballet dancers, they must come up with the lowest number amongst everybody's shoes.

Maya was the only one who goofed on this one with seven; that means Sydney's leading score is now 90, followed by Cody with 80, four others at 70 and Maya's now in last with 30.

For 50: There's a three digit number on a baseball Jeff pitches at a virtual baseball game.

Sydney: 796 (140)
Alec: 796 (120)
Kellie: 196
Cody: 760
Liam: 796 (120)
Maya: 789

FOR 100: As a prince, Jeff gets turned into a frog. Out of five lily pads, which one is he on at the end?

Sydney: 5
Alec: 5
Kellie: 5
Cody: 5
Liam: 2
Maya: 4

After the second WIPEOUT ever, Maya & Kellie are out of here with a "Drawn to Life Spongebob Squarepants" Nintendo DS video game and a bucket of slime.

Level 2: Today's story is about Jeff as a one-man band. The four remaining contestants have to give instruments that get mentioned in the story.

Round 1:

Sydney: Turntable
Liam: Cymbals
Alec: Violin
Cody: Triangle

Round 2:

Sydney: Harmonica
Liam: Bagpipes
Alec: Flute
Cody: Trumpet

Round 3:

Sydney: Cello
Liam: Banjo

The other instruments were the trombone, guitar, piano, ukulele and the ram's horn.

KO Round: Today's matching pairs are #1 & #12, #2 & #11, #3 & #10, #4 & #15, #5 & #13, #6 & #8, #7 & #14 and #9 & #16.

Syndey: #2 & #11
Cody: #14 & #7
Sydney: #1 & #15
Cody: #6 & #8- WIN!

The other three kids go home with a Southern California City Pass.

LEVEL 3: Today's prizes are a Polaroid digital camera, a Kid Zui laptop and the Lake Tahoe trip.

FIRST GRID: #4, #8, #11, #6, #10 & #14

1. #4, #8, #11, #6, #10 & #13
2. #4, #8, #7
3. #4, #8, #11, #6, #10 & #14- 1:06.79 LEFT

SECOND GRID: #2, #6, #11, #12, #13, #19, #18 & #22

1. #2, #6, #11, #12, #18
2. #2, #6, #11, #12, #13, #18
4. #2, #6, DQ
6. #2, #6, #11, #12, #13, #19, #18 & #22- 8.71 LEFT

LAKE TAHOE GRID: #1, #8, #9, #10, #16, #23, #29, #28, #27 & #32

He's got virtually only one shot at a miracle win...but he can only get #1 and #8 before messing up on #14, so he's headed down the Brain Drain as the first bonus round loser. But he still wins the first two prizes.

WOF: Let's open with a Phrase Toss-Up puzzle:

L _ _ _ _ / N O / S T O N E

_ _ _ _ _ _ E _

Joseph solves LEAVE NO STONE UNTURNED for a grand. Here's Wednesday's panel:

Joseph Perdina (Little Neck, NY)- Majoring in Math and Economics at Florida University
Shantella Miller (Little Rock)- Accountant for a global cosmetics company
Amber Larson (Glendale, AZ)- Trash company worker

$2,000 Toss-Up category is Thing:

L I _ I T E D - _ I _ E

O F _ _ _

Joseph takes advantage of this LIMITED-TIME OFFER to triple his money.

Eggland's Best Jackpot Round category is Song Title and out on the wheel now is a trip to the Lookout Point Lakeside Inn in Hot Springs, AR from Bed & worth $6,055. Joseph starts with three T's for $1,500 and a purchase of four E's and an A, then he calls a pair of H's for another $1,000, buys three O's and we have...

_ A _ / _ O _ / _ E E _

T H E / _ O _ E

T O _ _ _ H T

...he solves the Elton John classic CAN YOU FEEL THE LOVE TONIGHT to go to $4,750.


Prize Puzzle Round category is Event. Shantella begins this round with two T's for $800, four N's for the trip, two L's for another $600, then she buys two A's and six E's. Afterwards, she lights up a $900 C, two I's, a $450 S, a $550 D, a $300 P, but she next gives our first letter repeat of the season with C. Amber next calls a pair of R's for $1,200 and buys the O, then she lights up the F for another $3,500 and the board reads:


_ N F O R _ E T T A _ L E


E _ P E R I E N C E

She wins $4,450 and AN UNFORGETTABLE ISLAND EXPERIENCE at the Hilton Waikoloa Village in Hawaii worth $6,014, a total of $10,464 in cash and trip. Shantella's bobble late in the round costs her $14,919 in cash and trips.

DQ: Shantella (C duplication)

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: RC7957789 (Regina C. from Houston, TX)

Meineke Mystery Round category is Fictional Place. Amber begins with a trio of T's for $1,500 but she then duds out with E. Joseph then hits Bankrupt. Next, Shantella calls an $800 N, a $600 L, three C's for $2,700 more, two I's, four A's, a pair of D's for an extra $1,600 but then gets disqualified for the second time tonight by repeating the E. Back to Amber, she puts up two S's for another $800, followed by quad R's for an extra $3,200 and the purchase of four O's to clean out the vowels. Unfortunately, she next repeats the C to possibly cost her five grand. Joseph then calls three H's for $900 and we have...

H O _ _ A R T S

S C H O O L / O _

_ I T C H C R A _ T / A N D

_ I _ A R D R _


DUD: E (Amber)
DQs: 2 (Shantella's E duplication, Amber's C duplication)

$3,000 Toss-Up category is Food & Drink:

S _ _ T

P R E T_ E L

Joseph is incorrect with SALT PRETZEL. Amber then increases her lead with SOFT PRETZEL to go to $13,464 in cash and vacation. Next subject is Phrase. Amber starts with a $1,000 pair of T's and an E purchase, then she calls a $450 H, a $550 S and buys three I's. Next, she calls a $300 N but then buys a dud in A; that's her second dud vowel of the evening. Joseph follows that with the G for $800 and an O buy to finish out the vowels for this puzzle, then we go to Speed-Up Mode with this setup:

T H E / _ _ O _ _

I S / T I _ _ I N G

The remaining letters are each worth $1,300 apiece. After he calls the C's on a later turn...

T H E / C L O C _

I S / T I C _ I N G

...he solves THE CLOCK IS TICKING for another $4,450 and a final second-place total of $10,200. Shantella mercifully gets goooseegged for $1,000 and Amber hangs on for the win with $13,464 in cash and trip.

So far, $24,664 in cash and trip has been given away tonight.

Prior to big bell: A (Amber)
During Speed-Up: M (Shantella), R (Joseph)


Big Money Round: Amber Larson spins the G and the category is Thing. The opening board:

_ _ _ L T E _

_ _ N _ _ _ _

She calls C, D, H and O and gets...

_ _ _ L T E D

H _ N D _ _ _

...she doesn't snatch up the $30,000 from this QUILTED HANDBAG, so she leaves with $13,464 in cash and Hawaii.

Jeopardy!: Andy Srinivasan's trying for win #4 against these two guys:

Stan Chiueh (Houston, TX)- Law student
Jose Trevino (Bristol, VA)- Logistics analyst

Wednesday's first six categories:

CLASSIC VIDEO GAMES (a clip of each game is shown in addition to the clue being given orally) "The Onion"
"Star-Spangled Banner" WORDS (these are words that appear in the song's lyrics)

At the first break, after a rocky -$1,600 start, the champ's in the lead with $2,800; Chiueh has two grand and Trevino's at $1,400. Srinivasan later finds the Daily Double under the $1,000 The Con is On clue with $6,800; Chiueh's at $2,800 and Trevino's score now sits at two grand. His wager is three grand on this clue:

In 1911, Eduardo De Valfierno stole this Renaissance portrait in order to sell six forgeries of it.

"What is the Mona Lisa?"...yes it is to be within $200 of five figures! At round's end, he's at $10,400, Chiueh's second-place score is now $3,800 and Trevino's new total is $2,600.

LACH TRASH: $1,000 (attempted)

DJ! Categories:



Just as we reach the halfway point of this round, Chiueh bumps Srinivasan out of Lock Game Territory for now as he finds DD #1 under the $2,000 You Can Sail the 7 Seas clue with $9,400 in his bank; the champ's leading score is $14,800 and Trevino's at $3,400. His wager is $7,500. For the lead, here's the clue:

"Abel"-bodied sailors navigate this down under sea that has a max depth of about 17,000 feet.

"What is the Coral Sea?"...NO. The right sea was the Tasman, dropping him all the way to last place with $1,900. Four clues later, Srinivasan finds the other DD under the $1,600 Same First & Last Letter clue with $17,200; he's very deep in LGT now. His wager this time on both DDs in last night's DJ!, he risks $5,000 on this clue:

It's the part of a racetrack between the last turn & the finish line.

"What is the homestretch?"...has to be, giving him $22,200! But the $2,000 there proves to be a Triple Stumper, denying him a sweep in that category.



Andy: $23,800 (another lock game!)
Jose: $4,600
Stan: $3,900


Andy: $18,400
Jose: $4,600
Stan: $11,400

FJ! CATEGORY: Historic Headlines.

On September 30, 2008, Daily Variety reprised this 5-word headline from October 30, 1929.

Response: "What is Black Friday: Stock Market Crash"
Wager: $1,1311
Final score: $2,769

Response: "What was stock market crashes?" (DQ- not enough words)
Wager: $4,500
Final score: $100

Response: "What is the stock market?" (DQ- not enough words)
Wager: $8,000

Wins with: $15,800

Correct: What is "Wall Street Lays an Egg"?

Another missed big money opportunity for Mr. Srinivasan, but he does now have a four-day total of $69,600!

DOND: Teacher's Week rolled on with #18 Mrs. Adria Froehlich. She swapped out for Mrs. P's #20.

1. #9 (Mrs. Traverso)- $100,000
2. #16 (Mr. Piazza)- $10,000
3. #8 (Ms. Aionne)- $2,500
4. #11 (Ms. Sierra)- $300
5. #22 (Ms. Lavalle)- $100


1. #12 (Mrs. Yorachiko)- $25,000
2. #10 (Ms. Allen)- $5
3. #2 (Dr. Kim)- $200
4. #6 (Mr. Shin)- $5,000
5. #15 (Ms. Walker)- $50


1. #21 (Mr. I)- $7,500
2. #13 (Ms. Prager)- $10
3. #4 (Ms. Miller)- PENNY
4. #14 (Mrs. Cadigan)- $400


1. #3 (Mr. Reece)- $500,000 (DANGER ZONE ENFORCED)
2. #19 (Mr. Gydus)- $1,000


1. #5 (Mrs. Collins)- $75,000 (STRIKE ONE)
2. #7 (Ms. Trevano)- $50,000 (STRIKE TWO; NO SAFETY NET LEFT)


19th PICK: #17 (Ms. D)- $25
OFFER: $81,000

20th PICK: #1 (Mrs. Cuda)- $500
FINAL OFFER: $120,000

And with the $500 going away at that point, that was bad news for Mrs. Froehlich, as she definitely passed up the $250,000. For the record, the quarter million was in her new case of #20, leaving the buck in her original case of #18.


Conclusion of Pam Wroblewski's game
Game 2

More Haterade for yours truly

It was supposed to have been at least one new episode of "Deal or No Deal" on MyNetworkTV last night...well, guess what? Both episodes that night were repeats of the first season's second week. I guess I'm just not meant to see any of the second season episodes at this point in time.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"Dancing with the Stars" 9/29

This week's encore performance of the week is Mya & Dmitry Chaplin's Jive.

Joss Stone then performs two singles from her new album "Colour Me Free"- "Free Me" and later "Son of a Preacher Man".

Selena Gomez then sings "Falling Down" from her debut album.

In tonight's Macy's Stars of Dance segment, the USC Trojans Marching Band performs.

Kathy Ireland & Tony Dovolani are in the bottom two again. Joining them there this time are Debi Mazar & Maksim Chermovskiy. The end result is that Kathy & Tony...

Kathy & Tony
Debi & Maksim

...are eliminated this time around.

"Hell's Kitchen" 9/29

Individual Challenge: Each of the remaining five contestants are given 45 minutes to make a visually stunning dish. Most of Bon Appetit Magazine's staff is helping out with the judging for this challenge, including editor in chief Barbara Fairchild. The top two dishes in terms of presentation become eligible for the final taste test, where the winner of this challenge will be determined.

Kevin: Caribbean sea bass w/ orange & papaya
Suzanne: Grilled Calamari salad
Dave: Rack of lamb w/ Fingerling potatoes (he has a HARD time, however, of describing the dish to the judges)
Ariel: Prosciutto-wrapped John Dory
Tennille: Asian-inspired red snapper

The top two are Kevin Cottle & Ariel Contreras. The winner is...

...BOTH OF THEM! They will get to spend an evening on Shutters at the Beach, which includes a Bon Appetit photo shoot, and both of their dishes will be showcased there (additionally, those dishes will also be on tonight's Dinner Service menu. As for the other three contestants, they have to clean up a street that will be named after this show!

If you would like to apply for a future season of "Hell's Kitchen", go to or call (866) 226-2226.

DINNER SERVICE #12: Early on, Tennille Middleton overcooks a risotto. The overflowing demands leads to incomplete dishes being served to the diners (as well as more sub-par risottos). Ariel later adds on to the problems by serving some raw chicken, while Suzanne Schlicht serves raw sushi. They do manage to finish the service, but they had a HARD time getting through it.

Ariel (for the second time in a row) & Suzanne (also her second straight time and fourth out of the past five episode) are on the hot spot...


...Chef Ramsay came close to cutting them both, but he ends up eliminating Suzanne only.

9/29/2009 Results

Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?: On Super Tuesday, our first contestant is Wylisa Bennett (who is a marketing executive). After making Madison (whose favorite family vacation was to NYC) her opening partner, here are the subjects:

1st Grade Nature
1st Grade Social Studies
2nd Grade World Geography
2nd Grade Music
3rd Grade U.S. History
3rd Grade Animal Science
4th Grade Geometry
4th Grade Anatomy
5th Grade Earth Science
5th Grade U.S. Geography

This game begins with 4th Grade Geometry. For $3,500:

If a quadrilateral has angles of 36, 48 and 172 degrees, how many degrees is the fourth angle?

Wylisa Copies right away. I hope Madison wrote down 104...she did to get Wylisa on the board! Her second category is 5th Grade Earth Science.

From the Chinese for "great wind", what's the official word for hurricanes that form west of the International Date Line?

Wylisa now uses her Peek. This time, Madison wrote down "Yyng yangs". They way. They're called typhoons in the west. With $165,000 still possible, Wylisa's third category selection is 4th Grade Anatomy. To get the $3,500 back, here's the question:

In a full set of 32 adult human teeth, how many are molars?

Wylisa's guess is eight...that's not enough. Madison's guess is 20...she's over. The actual number of molars is 12. Wylisa's now playing for a potential $130,000 as she picks on Pablo (who thinks he's a WWII expert) second. Her next question comes from 3rd Grade U.S. History. For $2,500:

How many of the 13 original colonies had the word "new" in their name?

She locks in three...correct. Her next subject is 2nd Grade U.S. Geography.

If Annalise is having lunch in the nation of India, she's dining on what continent?

Wylisa locks in Asia with authority to move to $3,500. Now, to the 5th Grade World Geography question worth another $5,000:

The Yukon River flows through what U.S. state?

Her guess is Ohio...incorrect. And that's too bad, because Pablo's guess of Philly is not even a state. Pennsylvania wasn't it either- it was Alaska. $45,000's now at stake for Wylisa. Annalise is now eligible to Save her on one of the final four questions and the next chosen category is 3rd Grade Animal Science:

Which of the following do snails and octopi have in common?

A: Both are molluses
B: Both are herbivores
C: Both lay about 200,000 eggs

Wylisa's guess is the molluses...correct for $2,500. Now, for the $1,000 2nd Grade Music question:

Which of the following is the correct spelling for a percussion instrument?

A: Cymbals
B: Cymbles
C: Cymbuls

Wylisa goofs with "cymbles", but Annalise is able to Save her with "cymbals", taking her back up to $3,500. Now down to the 1st Grade mark, her next-to-last question comes from Social Studies:

What U.S. federal holiday falls on the first Monday in September?

Wylisa's right with Labor Day, meaning she now has $4,000.

Extra Credit Question:

What city has the world's busiest airport?

A: New York
B: Atlanta
C: Chicago

Correct: Atlanta; New York surprisingly got cut first.

The 1st Grade Nature question:

T or F: The Sun is always in front of you when you see a rainbow.

Wylisa's guess is False...sure it is for $4,500!


Wylisa wisely decides not to heed the audience's advice and will Drop Out with $4,500. Outtakes are shown at the end.

Our second player is Jackie Pennetta (who is a recptionist). She calls on Malachi (who loves to play Chess and has won seven such tournaments) first before we see these subjects:

1st Grade Social Studies
1st Grade Nature
2nd Grade U.S. History
2nd Grade Vocabulary
3rd Grade Math
3rd Grade Civics
4th Grade Measurements
4th Grade Grammar
5th Grade World Geography
5th Grade Geometry

Jackie starts the game off with 3rd Grade Math. This question is worth $2,500:

What's the name of the symbol that appears over the number 9?

It looks like the square root symbol to me, but Jackie's wrong with the division is Malachi. She secondly attempts to earn $5,000 with this 5th Grade World Geography question:

What African desert covers parts of Botswana, Namibia & South Africa?

She agrees with me on the Sahara...but we're both incorrect! Malachi's guess to this one was the Nigerian Desert...also wrong. It was the Kalahari. Jackie's now hoping the third time's the charm to score with this question from 5th Grade Geometry:

What's the surface area in square feet of a rectangular solid with dimensions 3 ft., 3 ft. & 4 ft.?

Jackie uses the first of her cheats, the Peek. Malachi said 36, and Jackie locks that in...she just wasted a cheat and is STILL not on the board yet. The correct answer was 66. Hoping to be a better partner for her is Danielle (who's taking Mandarin lessons) and she tries again to get in the money with the following question from 4th Grade Grammar:

Fill in the blank with the past participle of "awake"- "Zach has _____ at 8:00 all week".

Her guess is "awoke"...finally for $3,500! She then tries to double that with 4th Grade Measurements.

35 degrees Celsius converts closest to which of the following in degrees Fahrenheit?

A: 75
B: 95
C: 115

Jackie goes with 95...another $3,500 is hers! Now to 3rd Grade Civics and this question worth another $2,500:

T or F: U.S. Representatives must live in the state that contains the district they represent.

Jackie's pretty sure it's True...yes to go to $9,500! Zach (who once saved a turtle that was in the middle of the road) is now in play as Jackie chooses the next category of 2nd Grade U.S. History. To break the $10K mark:

What 19th Century mail service in the U.S. carried letters over 2,000 miles in 10 days by horseback?

Jackie uses her Copy...and Zach knew it was The Pony Express, taking the bank to $10,500! The first question from 1st Grade in the subject of Social Studies is this:

Thomas Jefferson is featured on what current U.S. coin?

Jackie's got a 1/4 chance of locking in the right coin. She believes it's the nickel...that's the one for a new total of 11 grand! Back to 2nd Grade she goes and here's the $1,000 Vocabulary question:

The word "smog" comes from combining "smoke" with what other word?

She nails "fog"!

Extra Credit Question:

In 2006, what state gave out a record-breaking Powerball prize worth $365 Million?

A: Nebraska
B: West Virginia
C: Wisconsin

The very lucky state: Nebraska; West Virginia left the board first.

For half the maximum amount in regulation, here's the 1st Grade Nature query:

T or F: Pine needles are a type of leaf.

Jackie locks in False, as did Zach...TRUE (the other two classmates got that one right). That means she's the third contestant to miss out on the Bonus Question opportunity and leaves with a $250 gift card.

JEFF'S JOKE: "If you think the Ottoman Empire is a chain of furniture stores, you might NOT be smarter than a 5th Grader."

TPIR: Episode 4854K starts with Paula Burke, Denise Watson, Andrew Houseman and Joshua Byrd. After Denise picks up one of the earrings that falls off while she was entering Contestant's Row, the first IUFB behind the splitting sign is a home gym (Amber).

Paula: $1,500
Denise: $1,550

Andrew: $1,501
Joshua: BUCK

ARP: $1,195

Joshua's one buck bid buys him a chance to play Coming or Going for a Kawasaki jet ski (Rachael at Door #2). This time, Coming would yield a guess of $9,398, while the Going guess would be $8,939. Joshua's final answer is $8,939...that jet ski's Going nowhere- he loses.

Juliet Gaspar is today's fifth player and the second IUFB is Delsey luggage (Lanisha & Rachael).

Juliet: $1,200
Paula: $1,000
Denise: $520
Andrew: $521

ARP: $760

Andrew plays Any Number for either an Ashley dinette (Amber) or a 2010 Mazda3 (Std., AT, Prot, Net)(Lanisha; both prizes behind Door #3). First number in the car price is 2.

1. 1- CAR ($ 2 1 , _ _ _)
2. 5- Dinette ($ _ _ 5)
3. 0- Pricey Ziffel ($ _ . _ 0)
4. 4- Dinette ($ 4 _ 5)
5. 9- Pricey Ziffel ($ 9 . _ 0)
6. 2- CAR ($ 2 1 , _ 2 _)
7. 7- CAR ($ 2 1 , _ 2 7)
Final pick: 6- Wins $465 dinette

His next pick of 3 would've done it, because the ARP of the car was $21,327.

Next to play is Joseph Cole from the Marine Corps and the third IUFB is a Blackberry Pearl (Amber).

Joseph: $465
Juliet: $520
Paula: $300
Denise: $325

ARP: $840

Juliet plays One Wrong Price at Door #2 for an off-road vehicle marked at $3,499 (Amber), an HP laptop marked at $2,998 (Lanisha) and a refrigerator/freezer marked at $2,798 (Rachael). I would pick the laptop, while she picks the ATV...should've gone with me- the laptop was $2,149.

Andrew wins $1,000 on the Big Wheel and gets to the Showcase! In his Bonus Spin...75 cents. Let's see the scores for the other two players during the first Showcase Showdown:

Juliet: 35 + 40 = $.75
Joshua: $.85

Coming on down now is Lydia Newhouse and the fourth IUFB is a pair of Croton watches coming down from the ceiling.

Lydia: $550
Paula: $700
Denise: $2,500 (STAGE WILLY)
Joseph: $2,501 (STAGE WILLY)

ARP: $600

Lydia from Walla Walla, WA plays Hi-Lo for a home theater package including a Panasonic plasma 50" HDTV (Rachael at Door #3) worth $4,496. The groceries are Horizon organic strawberry yogurt, Arm & Hammer detergent, Bath & Body Works sweet cinnamon pumpkin lotion, peanut brittle, CoverGirl lipstick and Castrol GTX motor oil. First selection is the detergent...$7.99. Lydia's second choice is the lotion...$9.50. Her final pick is the lipstick...$4.99. The yogurt's $1.29, the peanut brittle is $3.99...but the motor oil is $5.99, so she blew an easy victory here, IMO.

Hoping to become the day's first big winner is Rachael Garrett and the next IUFB on the turntable is a Le Creuset cookware set (Rachael).

Rachael: $750
Paula: $500
Denise: $825
Joseph: $400

ARP: $960

Denise plays Temptation for a Scion xB (Std., Mats, Stereo, WCovers, Springs, Bluetooth)(Amber at Door #3). First number in the price is 1.

1. Trip to Santa Barbara (Rachael)- $3,888

2. $2,244 cash fishbowl (Lanisha)

3. Line 6 guitar (being played by Alex Taylor from said company)- $699

4. Picnic baskets (Lanisha)- $500

Her car guess is $18,490 and she leaves it alone. She's being offered $7,331 in cash and prizes not to go for the car...

...she wisely bails out with them! ARP of the Scion: $18,465.

Rich lastly calls on Luke Vistor and the final IUFB this episode inside the clam is a fragrance collection (Lanisha). Paula's been here the whole show, but she does get the final bid this round.

Luke: $720
Joseph: $550
Rachael: $750
Paula: $751

ARP: $951, so Paula finally makes it out of the Row!

She now plays Range Game for a Flagstaff camping trailer (Amber at Door #3). Range is $9,800-$10,400. Her range guess is $9,954-$10,'s $10,065! The skunking was never meant to happen this episode, as Fingers wanted this playing won today!

My lineup today:

1. Temptation
2. Coming or Going
3. One Wrong Price
4. Range Game
5. Hi-Lo
6. Any Number

Lydia ($600): $.95
Denise ($8,281): 80 + 65 = OVER
Paula ($11,016): 65 + 90 = OVER

Good news for Andrew- since Lydia won this SS, he gets the Top Winner spot in the Showcase.

The opening Showcase offers prizes to get away from it all. First, listen to the music with a pair of Dr. Dre headphones, an iPod and a $1,000 iTunes gift card (Rachael). Second, upload those tunes into the database of this new IntelliTrax jukebox (Rachael at Door #2). Third, relax in this bathtub with a built-in TV (Amber at Door #3). Finally, this kind of Showcase wouldn't be complete without offering a trip- in this case, it's to the Marquesas Islands (Lanisha at the audience screen; includes SCUBA lessons, a picnic lunch and horseback riding on the beach at sunset).



Andrew then gets a similar Showcase. In his case, he's going for a Daniel's Wood Land giant tree house (Rachael), a five-night treehouse resort trip to Oregon (Lanisha) and another treehouse trip to India (Amber). All prizes are behind Door #1.



BID: $21,000
ARP: $28,513


BID: $17,572
ARP: $19,525

Lydia wins $20,125 in prizes while Andrew leaves with $2,225 in cash and stuff.

Video Bonus: Andrew's Journey

Now, for Episode 4842K, which begins with these players- Mitchell Levine, Emily Allen, Israel Hutt & Cara Carlone. The first IUFB, coming down from the sky, is a pair of Burbury watches.

Cara: $700
Israel: $500
Emily: $999
Mitchell: $1,701

ARP: $1,390

Emily plays Master Key for a Chevrolet Impala (Rachael) plus a silver-plated coffee/tea set (Lanisha) and a cotton candy maker (Manuela; all prizes behind Door #2). "The Big Banana" does not get played; so sorry. Additionally, the red border around the Master Key logo is no longer there. She doesn't quite understand this game, as she thinks the keys will open up the locks to the two SPs.

1. Portable hot dog maker
SETUP: 649

2. A set of eight fairy tale princess cookie cutters
SETUP: 250

I feel good about this one. Key #2 unlocks...the cotton candy maker. As for Key #5...IT'S THE MASTER KEY, BABY!!! Great way to start off this episode!

(Note: While the Impala is the most expensive car ever won in this game at $24,540, the most expensive car ever offered in this game was a Buick LeSabre worth over $25K).

It's time to knock on Rachelle Wood, because she's coming on down next. The second IUFB is located inside the clam, and it's a Playstation 3 package (Manuela).

Rachelle: $800
Mitchell: $1,100
Cara: $659
Israel: BUCK

ARP: $530

After kissing Drew on both cheeks, Israel, a Sears appliance salesman, plays the Race Game for a dinette (Lanisha), Craftsman power tools (Lanisha & Rachael), designer accessories (Rachael & Manuela) and a motorscooter (Manuela). Today's board:



Dinette: $995
Tools: $1,799
Accessories: $1,390
Motorscooter: $2,090



Dinette: $1,799
Tools: $1,390
Accessories: $995
Motorscooter: $2,090



Dinette: $995
Tools: $1,799

Accessories: $2,090
Motorscooter: $1,390

He wins the accessories and the dinette; I thought for sure that motorscooter was $2,090. What do I know.

Clayton Bailey is next on Rich's magic list and the third IUFB behind the splitting sign is a Yamaha electronic keyboard (Rachael).

Clayton: $499
Rachelle: $1,500
Mitchell: $650

Cara: $651

ARP: $1,220

Cara, a recent college graduate, plays Pushover for a trip to Palm Springs (Lanisha at the audience screen; includes a tram ride in the air). Board:


She pushes to $3,041...


...and wins!

Israel ($3,615): $.70
Cara ($4,261): 40 + 45 = $.85
Emily ($28,837; second spin was a PENALTY): 15 + 70 = $.85

Cara: $.75
Emily: $.75

Cara: $.15
Emily: $.40

Emily's in the Showcase!

Next to hear the magic words is Terence Healey and the fourth IUFB is a selection of beach towels/bags (Manuela at Door #3).

Terence: $450
Clayton: $650
Rachelle: $300 (STAGE GARF)
Mitchell: $651

ARP: $558

Terence plays Freeze Frame for a Beachcomber Hot Tub (Rachael at Door #3). The best possible prices on this episode's board are $4,394, $5,233, $6,482, $8,220 & $9,452. But he locks in neither one, $3,315...he was one notch away from the right ARP of $5,233.

Next to enter the red position is Kristin Hoffman and the next IUFB is a Bose home entertainment system (Lanisha).

Kristin: $701
Clayton: $1,300
Rachelle: $1,500
Mitchell: $1,528

ARP: $1,499

Because Rachelle was over by a buck, Clayton plays (It's) In the Bag (Lanisha & Rachael). Today's grocery items are Clean & Clear daily pore cleanser, Dove chocolate, Buitoni angel hair pasta, a vegetable tray that includes Hidden Valley Ranch dressing, a PowerBar Harvest bar and Mazola Vegetable Plus! oil. His guesses:

$1.59: PowerBar
$9.99: Oil
$2.49: Chocolate
$4.99: Pore cleanser
$3.49: Pasta

The right for $1,000; I would've wiped out with the chocolate there. The audience didn't like his oil guess at the $9.99 spot...and he decides to take their advice and stop with the grand. The $9.99 item...was actually the veggie tray. The pasta was $2.49, the oil cost just $4.99 and the chocolate was $3.49. Honest to God, I probably wouldn't have gotten any of them right.

The last participant this Tuesday is Heidi Eilerston and the final IUFB is a Broyhill sofa (Manuela at Door #2). Mitchell's now in danger of heading to the clubhouse; he'll bid third this go-round.

Heidi: $1,600
Rachelle: $1,000
Mitchell: $1,200
Kristin: BUCK

ARP: $1,099


Rachelle rebounds from that tough break in the last IUFB at a good time, because she's playing Lucky $even for a Scion xB (Lanisha). First number in the Scion price is 1. Her second number guess is 9...

$ 1 8 , _ _ _

...that costs her a dollar. Middle digit guess is 5...

$ 1 8 , 9 _ _

...that's another four dollars gone. She then guesses 4...

$ 1 8 , 9 6 _

...she's flat broke. She guessed 4 one spot too soon (she also did that with the 9), because that was the last number in the price. In any event, too bad.

I liked the lineup as is today.

Terence ($558): $.75
Rachelle ($1,099): 55 + 35 = $.90
Clayton ($2,499): 35 + 95 = OVER

Rachelle definitely gets the Runner-Up spot in this episode's Showcase.

Showcase #1 contains a digital Canon camera and a Gateway computer system w/ a 4 GB memory card and Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 software, a trip to Egypt from STI Travel (Door #2; includes a three-night Nile Cruise and tours of the city's famous desert monuments) and a trip to China from NWA WorldVacations (Door #2; includes a private car guide). All prizes are modeled by Lanisha.



Rachelle's Showcase has a Ligna bedroom (Manuela at Door #3), snowboarding equipment (Rachael) and a Yamaha snowmobile (Rachael at Door #1).



BID: $10,500
ARP: $17,116

BID: $20,000
ARP: $25,646


Rachelle's bidding strategy backfires on her, so she leaves with a consolation gift while Emily becomes the season's biggest winner so far with $54,483 in stuff!

BrainSurge: Today's Brainiacs are:

Samantha (who speaks Pig Latin)
Nate (who once ate a chocolate-covered hot dog topped with whipped cream and relish)
Jenna (a Japanese anime drawer)
Spencer (who has only missed one day of school the past five years)
Gabe (who is a web site designer)
Priscilla (who is a school cheerleader)

Level 1: For 10 points, how many somersaults does the virtual Jeff do in the air while in a circus-like setting?

Everybody got that one right!

For 20: After paying close attention to the numbers on the first six gumballs that Jeff collects, Jeff collects a set of six more gumballs. Which number in the second series of gumballs did NOT appear in the first set?

Nate: 4
Spencer: 1 (30)
Priscilla: 1 (30)
Samantha: 1 (30)
Jenna: 5
Gabe: 1 (30)

For 30: A series of seven cards with numbers on them appear, with only a few turning over at a time. Out of the bottom row range of 1-8, which number does NOT appear on any of the cards in the top row?

Gabe was the only one who missed this one- he said unlucky seven, meaning he's now in last place for the moment with 30. Nate & Jenna now have 40 apiece while Spencer, Priscilla & Samantha are tied for the lead with 60 each.

For 40: Memorize the five-digit code on Jeff's chest while on the beach.

Priscilla was the only one to goof up this one- she typed in 83933, leaving her in last for the time being. Gabe now has 70, Nate & Jenna have 80 and Spencer & Samantha are still perfect with 100.

For 50: After paying attention to the phone number Jeff dials to have a pizza delivered, the entire phone number or the last three digits of it must be remembered.
CORRECT: 919 (the complete phone number was 555-3919)

Spencer: 555-3962
Priscilla: 399
Samantha: 3919- NOT ACCEPTABLE
Jenna: 919 (130)

FOR 100: How many monsters are under Jeff's bed?

Nate: 8
Spencer: 9
Priscilla: 15
Samantha: 8
Jenna: 9
Gabe: 9

We have our first WIPEOUT of the series. That means Priscilla & Gabe are dismissed and sent packing with a Spongebob Squarepants alarm clock and a bucket of slime.

Level 2: Today's story is about Jeff's first date.

Round 1:

Jenna: Jeff's gang got a ride from his cousin's truck- what kind was it?
Guess: Pickup- OUT ALREADY
Spencer: Tow- CORRECT

Samantha: What was the name of the girl Jeff dated?
Guess: Stacy- RIGHT

Nate: What did Jeff hit that caused a tire to go flat?
Guess: Pothole- RIGHT

Round 2:

Spencer: Whose pizzeria did Jeff & Co. eat at?
Guess: Charlie's Pizzeria- ELIMINATED (A: Johnny's)

KO Round: The correct matching pairs today are #1 & #10, #2 & #13, #3 & #14, #4 & #5, #6 & #12, #7 & #9, #8 & #15 and #11 & #16.

Samantha: #11 & #16
Nate: #2 & #13
Samantha: #8 & #15
Nate: #1 & #7
Samantha: #4 & #5- WIN!

The other three players each get a Pulse scooter.

THE FINAL STAGE: The first grid is worth a Behringer electric guitar, the second one is worth a Diamondback mountain bike and the last one is worth a trip to Lake Tahoe.

FIRST GRID: #1, #6, #7, #8, #11 & #16

1. #1, #6, #7, #8, #11 & #16- 1:22.79 LEFT

SECOND GRID: #5, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, #17 & #23

1. #5, #10, #9, #8, #7, #11, #17 & #23- 1:15.82 LEFT

LAKE TAHOE GRID: #3, #8, #13, #14, #15, #16, #17, #23, #28 & #33

1. #3, #8, #13, #14, #15 (this turn was DQed because she didn't wait for #14 to lit up before stepping on #15)
2. #3, #8, #13, #14, #15, #22
3. #3, #8, #13, #14, #15, #16, #23
4. #3, #8, #13, #14, #15, #16, #17, #23, #28 & #33- WIN WITH 30.69 LEFT!

WOF: Tonight's first Toss-Up category is Around the House:

B _ _

W _ _ D O W

This could've very well been a Triple Stumper, but Christopher does solve BAY WINDOW for $1,000. Here are tonight's players:

Christopher Bell (Casa Grande, AZ)- Bartender
Monique Santos (Berkeley, CA)- Transportation supervisor
Meryl McWilliams (The Woodlands, TX)- Recent SHSU graduate majoring in Health and is going to grad school to major in Physical Therapy

$2,000 Toss-Up category is Living Things:

C A L I _ O

C _ T S

Meryl solves CALICO CATS for $2,000.

Eggland's Best Jackpot/Prize Puzzle Round category is Places and out on the wheel now is a trip to Rome & Florence from EZItaly worth $6,600. Meryl starts off the gameplay with a $400 F but then a Bankrupt. Christopher then calls the night's first dud in R. Third, Monique calls two N's for a $1,000 gift certificate, two S's for another grand while on Free Play and then buys three E's. At this point, I will tell you right now the last three words of this puzzle will remind you of a puzzle that cost Becki Burrell approximately $40,000 in cash and stuff almost two years ago after adding two letters that resulted in a disqualification. Following the purchase of two I's, she lights up an $800 G, a $300 B and buys three A's to clean out the vowels before landing on Jackpot. She then calls a $500 C, but she can't solve for an $8,000 Jackpot. Next, she calls a pair of D's for another grand, two H's for the trip, a $500 W, a $300 L and...

D A _ _ L I N G

W H I T E / S A N D


...solves DAZZLING WHITE SAND BEACHES for $3,650, the gift tag, the Italy trip and a second trip to the British Colonial Hilton in the Bahamas worth $6,050, a total of $17,300 in cash and prizes!

DUD: $500 R (Christopher)

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: DC0021059 (Deborah C. from Virginia Beach, VA!)

Next category is Same Name. Christopher's up first with quad S's for $3,600 but then duds out with the R for the second time this evening. Monique then calls two N's for the Million Dollar Wedge but then a dud in C. Meryl next calls two G's for the Wild Card but then spins Lose a Turn. Back to Christopher, he buys the E, two A's and the U but then hits LAT. Monique then has the same fate. Meryl then rings in...

S A U S A G E / &

_ _ S S _ N G

_ _ N _

...and solves SAUSAGE & MISSING LINK to go to $3,000, meaning the MDW is out of play.

DUDS: $300 C (Monique), $400 R (Christopher)
LATs: 3 (Everybody)

Meineke Mystery Round category is Phrase. Monique, fresh off that tough break in the last round, calls a $500 N, five T's for another $4,500 and then purchases three E's, two I's and two A's. Afterwards, she hits LAT for the second time tonight. Meryl then calls a pair of H's for $1,600, four M's to make that four grand and now we have...

I / M E A N / I T

_ _ _ M / T H E

_ _ T T _ M / _ _

M _ / H E A _ T

...she says I MEAN IT FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART to go to seven large.

LAT: Monique

$3,000 Toss-Up category is Fun & Games:

E X T _ _

_ N N _ _ _ S

Meryl's at 10 grand now after solving EXTRA INNINGS. Next category is Thing. She begins this round with a dud of N. Christopher finally gets his way with an R call, as three of them pop up for $800. He then proceeds to call two S's to triple that, followed by the purchase of two A's and E's. Afterwards, he puts up a pair of T's to add $600 but then calls a critical dud in M. Monique then calls two C's for $600 but then we have to go to Speed-Up Mode with this:

C _ A S S _ C

_ _ T E R A T _ R E

The remaining consonant in this puzzle is worth $1,300 every time it appears in this puzzle. She then calls it, the L...

C L A S S _ C

L _ T E R A T _ R E

...she solves CLASSIC LITERATURE for another $3,200 and a winning total of $20,500 in cash and stuff! Meryl leaves with $10,000 and a worthless Wild Card and Christopher gets a non-gooseegged $1,000.

So far, $31,500 in cash and prizes has been given away tonight.

DUDS: $600 M (Christopher). $300 N (Meryl; both called prior to the big bell)


Big Money Round: Monique Santos spins the R and the category is Phrase. Starting with:

_ / _ _ _

_ / _ _ N _ _

She calls C, D, H and I and gets...

I / H _ D

_ / H _ N C H

...I HAD A HUNCH she would win this with all that extra help...and she does! Now, having the $100,000 in the envelope would be a bit of a disappointment after what happened to her late in Round 2...

, $30,000's there instead. In any event, her final take on the night is $50,500 in cash and stuff!

Jeopardy!: For his third game, Andy Srinivasan's challengers are:

Jessica Hawks (Baltimore, MD)- Stay-at-home mom
Gregg Bingham (Louisville, KY)- Health care policy consultant

Opening categories:


"Shark Tank"

The $1,000 clue in Haunted America is the night's first Daily Double, and Srinivasan finds it first with $1,800; Bingham's leading for the moment with $3,400 and Hawks has a grand. He makes it a True Daily Double, so this clue is for the lead:

The Spirit of Marie Laveau reportedly utters voodoo curses to trespassers at a cemetery in this city.

"What is New Orleans?"...good guess to DOUBLE UP to $3,600 and the lead! At the first break, he's still has that much money while Bingham's now down to $2,400. Let's see what happens after the round is over...

Andy: $5,800
Gregg: $7,200
Jessica: $3,000 far, it's mostly a battle between the men.

TOTAL LACH TRASH: $1,800 (all from the Presidential Facebook Pages category)

DJ! Categories:



After the first two categories this round (At the Movies and Faith), Srinivasan's in Lock Game Territory at $15,800; he leads Bingham by nine grand while Hawks' down to $2,600. By the time he finds the round's first DD under the $1,200 "A" clue, he's at $19,400; Hawks is now back to her pre-DJ! score of $3,000. His wager this time is five grand on this clue:

Metabolic imbalances can cause this, an electrical disturbance that alters the heartbeat.

"What is arithmia?" right to jump to $24,400! He winds up finding all three DDs tonight- the last one is located under the $1,200 Charity clue. At this moment, he's at the Norma Brown mark of $28,800; Hawks' new total is $3,400. His latest wager is...five grand once again. To break the $30K mark at least for now, here's the clue:

It was founded in 1887 to coordinate 22 Denver charities.

"What is...Goodwill?"...incorrect. We're actually talking about United Way here, so he falls back to $23,800. Time runs out before the $2,000 Alternate Literary Tombstones clue can be played.



Andy: $29,000 (another lock game!)
Gregg: $9,200
Jessica: $1,400


Andy: $29,400
Gregg: $9,200

Jessica: $1,400

FJ! CATEGORY: Music Halls of Fame.

Two of the four Country Music Hall of Fame acts who are also in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as performers.

Response: "Who are Johnny Cash + Elvis Presley?"
Wager: $100

Final score: $1,500

Response: "Who are Elvis Presley and Traveling Wilburys? "
Wager: $57
Final score: $9,143

Response: "Who are the Eagles + Elvis Presley?"
Wager: $9,000

Wins with: $20,000

No $38K payday for the champ tonight, but he does now have a three-day total of $53,800! The other acceptable two acts were Brenda Lee and The Eberly Brothers.

Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?, Part 2: Time now for the first celebrity game of the evening. Coming into the classroom now is Paula Deen, playing for the Bethesda Home For Boys. After making Taylar (whose favorite author is Roald Dahl) her first partner, here are her categories:

1st Grade Reading
1st Grade Math
2nd Grade Animal Science
2nd Grade Spelling
3rd Grade Social Studies
3rd Grade U.S. Geography
4th Grade U.S. History
4th Grade Ancient Cultures
5th Grade Cultural Studies
5th Grade Literature

Paula starts out with a $5,000 opportunity on this question from 5th Grade Literature:

What's the name of the 14th Century Italian author who wrote "Intrepid", which was part of his epic poem "The Divine Comedy"?

Paula's guess is Giovanni...incorrect. Taylar's guess was Deconeo...only the first letter's right. It was Dante (as in "Dante's Inferno"). She tries to do better with this $2,500 question from 3rd Grade Social Studies:

Clutching a snake in its mouth, what bird is featured on the national flag of Mexico?

Paula guesses the eagle...yes it is for $2,500. She's going all over the board here, because her third category selection is 2nd Grade Spelling.

How many times does the letter S appear in the following word- "ancestor"?

Paula is right with one. Her second partner is Kevin (whose favorite afterschool activity is swimming) and her fourth subject is 5th Grade Cultural Studies. For $5,000 more:

Kabuki is a traditional type of theater which originates from what country?

She locks in Japan...right she is to go to $8,500! Paula then goes back to the middle of the board and 3rd Grade U.S. Geography. This is a $2,500 question:

Over 14,000 feet high, Mt. Rainier is a volcanic mountain peak in what U.S. state?

Hawaii gets locked in, but another Bobby in the audience doesn't think so...and it's not. He got it right with did Kevin, taking her total to $11,000! She then attempts her first 4th Grade question in Ancient Cultures:

According to Norse mythology, which of the following gods was ruler of peace, sunshine and fertility?

A: Frey
B: Odin
C: Thor

Paula uses her Peek. Kevin wrote down Frey, but Paula's first instinct was Thor. Paula agrees with Kevin on Frey...that's worth another $3,500! Only the Copy remains as Khamani now joins her. The next category is 4th Grade U.S. History.

Finding it cold, damp and uncomfortable, who was the first U.S. President to live in the White House?

Since Paula can't remember this event, she uses her Copy. Khamani's guess was John Adams...yes indeed to reach $18,000! Now out of cheats, Paula decides to finish out 2nd Grade by taking a stab at the following Animal Science question:

A typical ant can lift how many times its body weight?

A: 2
B: 20
C: 200

Paula's fairly sure it's 20...that's the number to make her new bank total $19,000! She's two correct answers away from reaching the 20. Only the 1st Grade subjects remain; her next category is Reading.

T or F: Personal narratives are always written in the first person.

Paula's right with False. For $20,000 in Math:

If Khamani buys four pairs of rollerskis, how many rollerskis will he have?

Paula locks in eight for $20,000!


Paula decides to Drop Out.

Our last civilian game this Tuesday is played by Mike Price (who is an SAT tutor). He first brings up Taylar before seeing these 10 subjects:

1st Grade Social Studies
1st Grade English
2nd Grade U.S. Geography
2nd Grade Animal Science
3rd Grade Music
3rd Grade Cultural Studies
4th Grade Grammar
4th Grade Earth Science
5th Grade Measurements
5th Grade U.S. History

This game starts out with a $5,000 5th Grade U.S. History question:

The House of Burgesses was the first elective assembly of the 13 original colonies. What colony was it in?

Mike's wrong with Pennsylvania. I hope Taylar wrote down Virginia...but she wrote down New York instead, so no money yet. Maybe he'll get some with this $3,500 question in 4th Grade Earth Science:

T or F: An earthquake that measures 5.0 on the Richter Scale is twice as strong as one that measures 4.0.

Mike locks in True...False. Taylar...wrote down False for $3,500. Back up to 5th Grade he goes as he challenges the following question in Measurements:

By definiton, "a bushel and a peck" is equivalent to how many gallons?

Mike uses the Copy. Taylar wrote two...10, actually. Khamani (whose favorite author is J.K. Rowling) is then chosen to join Mike as 4th Grade Grammar is played next.

In grammatical terms, which of these is NOT a part of speech?

A: Conjunction
B: Exclamation
C: Pronoun

Mike's right with an exclamation for $3,500 and then chooses this $2,500 3rd Grade Music question:

The following is a muscial symbol representing which clef?

Mike nails the treble clef to up his total to $6,000. He then completes the 3rd Grade row with the following from Cultural Studies:

What ancient Greek city is known as the birthplace of democracy?

He locks in the birthplace of the Olympics, Athens...yes indeed for a new total of $9,500. On one of the last four questions, he can use his Peek on Kevin. Here's the $1,000 question in 2nd Grade Animal Science:

Some of Taylar's favorite animals are wallabies. The wallaby is native to what continent?

Mike's correct with Australia. The other 2nd Grade category, U.S. Geography, has this question:

The names of how many U.S. states start with the letter A?

The Peek is used here. Kevin thought four and Mike goes ahead and locks that in...good for a new total of $10,500 (Alabama, Alaska, Arizona & Arkansas)! 1st Grade Social Studies is Mike's next stop:

Which 555-foot-tall U.S. monument shaped like an obelisk was opened to the public in 1888?

Mike guesses the Washington Monument...right! To finish with $11,500, the 1st Grade English question:

Complete the following analogy- fingers are to the hand as toes are to the what?

A: Chin
B: Foot
C: Knee

Final answer is foot for $11,500!


Because Mike has gotten both of his 5th Grade questions wrong in this game, he's Dropping Out. But here's the Bonus Question just for fun:

There are four stages in a butterfly's life cycle. What's the stage immediately after caterpillar?

He would've locked in pupa...and would've won the really big money. Third time that's happened on this version of the show.

And now, it's time for the WWE episodes! It makes sense to air two such episodes on MyNetworkTV this week, because "WWE Smackdown" is celebrating its 10th Anniversary this Friday night! Taylar, Khamani & Kevin are also the classmates for these episodes. The Miz is up first, playing for Make a Wish (he's also a former "Real World" participant). After selecting Kevin as his first partner (who wrote his first story at the age of 4), here are the categories for this game:

1st Grade Astronomy
1st Grade Animal Science
2nd Grade Anatomy
2nd Grade Life Science
3rd Grade Math
3rd Grade Spelling
4th Grade Physical Science
4th Grade Grammar
5th Grade Measurements
5th Grade Social Studies

5th Grade Measurements poses this opening question worth $5,000:

How many cups are in 28 fluid ounces?

The Miz guesses Kevin has double that guess, 14...both are over. The right answer was half of seven- 3.5. Trying again for $5,000, here's the 5th Grade Social Studies question:

The federal agency that oversees much of our public lands is called the BLM. What does BLM stand for?

The best guess that The Miz can muster is Bureau of Land Markets...makes some sense, but that's incorrect. Kevin instead guessed Bureau of Land Management...that's exactly right for $5,000! Now down to 4th Grade, The Miz tries a question from Physical Science:

T or F: The atomic mass of an atom is affected by how many neutrons it has.

The Miz simply locks in is True to go to $8,500! After putting Jeff Foxworthy in a headlock, The Miz calls on Taylar (whose favorite poet is Shel Silverstein). His next subject is 4th Grade Grammar.

In the following sentence, what word is a definite article- "Khamani went to the wrestling event and drank a soda"?

The Miz uses the Peek here. Taylar has "the" written down on her monitor. That's locked in next...and it's the right answer to break five figures! Time now for my favorite subject, Math, and this 3rd Grade question worth $2,500:

What negative integer is the highest in value?

After thinking it out, instead of using the Copy (because Taylar rang in so quickly), he locks in his own guess of -1...that's not a negative answer at all, because it's right for a new total of $14,500!
The other 3rd Grade question comes from Spelling:

What's the fifth letter in the following word- "camouflage"?

The Miz locks in the letter U and...sir, U are right for a new total of $17,000! Khamani's now available and the first 2nd Grade subject The Miz attempts is Life Science. The question there:

Plankton is an example of which of the following?

A: Mineral
B: Fungus
C: Plant

The Miz's final answer is plant...yes indeed, giving him 18 grand at this moment! The 2nd Grade Anatomy query:

The anvil bone is located inside what organ of the human body?

The Miz says it's Copy time! Khamani's guess was the ear...and The Miz's going to be positively screaming in at least one of Khamani's, because that's right to go to $19,000! All cheats are now gone. His next-to-last regulation question eminates from 1st Grade Animal Science:

T or F: Penguins are native to the Southern Hemisphere.

The Miz locks that in as a True is True!

Extra Credit Question:

What's the most popular New Year's Resolution?

A: Pay off debt
B: Quit smoking
C: Lose weight

Answer: Lose weight; pay off debt was the first choice eliminated.

To finish regulation play with 20 grand, the 1st Grade Astronomy question is this:

How many days does it take the Earth to make one complete spin on its axis?

Miz locks in one...$20,000!


The Miz decides to tap out at this point, so all that money is definitely headed to Make a Wish. The Bonus Question wasn't revealed on TV, but I can tell you that he did the right thing not to go for it, as he would've missed it.

JEFF'S JOKE: "If you think your largest organ is the one in your church, you might NOT be smarter than a 5th Grader."

(Just before the joke, outtakes are also shown.)

The second WWE Superstar to play is current Intercontinental Champion John Morrison! He's also playing for Make a Wish. After his first classmate turns out to be Khamani (following a trading of glasses between him and Jeff; Khamani's been reading since he was 3 and is the biggest wrestling fan in the classroom), here are the subjects this time:

1st Grade Measurements
1st Grade English
2nd Grade World Geography
2nd Grade Spelling
3rd Grade Math
3rd Grade Animal Science
4th Grade Social Studies
4th Grade Grammar
5th Grade Anatomy
5th Grade Literature

The last game of the day begins with a question from 5th Grade Anatomy:

In humans, the pituitary gland is attached by a stalk to what internal organ?

John's guess is the brain...his own mind's right for $5,000! To double it to 10, here's the 5th Grade Literature question:

Kevin's favorite book is the 1850 novel "David Copperfield". Who wrote it?

John's fairly confident it was Charles is for $10,000! He continues the slow trip down the board with the following $3,500 question from 4th Grade Grammar:

What's the intransitive verb in the following sentence- "Taylar laughed as she threw the referee out of the ring"?

John's guess is "threw"...incorrect. Khamani's answer was "laughed"...that's a successful Save for another $3,500! He then brings up Taylar (who has taken piano lessons since she was 4) and the fourth selected subject is 4th Grade Social Studies.

T or F: Filibusters can occur in the House of Representatives.

John uses the Copy. Taylar said False, but John's gut was telling him True...good thing he didn't trust his gut now- False's right for a new total of $17,000! Now, to 3rd Grade Math and the following problem for another $2,500:

How many different pairs of positive integers add up to nine?

He locks in four...exactly right to move up the bank to $19,500! I would've missed with five. Finishing out 3rd Grade, let's take a look at the Animal Science question:

Which of the following is NOT a mollusk?

A: Clam
B: Oyster

C: Shrimp

Mr. Morrison locks in my favorite seafood, shrimp...right on to hit $22,000! Kevin can now join John. The next chosen subject is a 2nd Grade one- World Geography. For another $1,000, the question:

How many oceans does Europe border?

John's guess is two...Atlantic & Arctic are it for $23,000! Now, for 2nd Grade Spelling.

What letter comes immediately after the letter G in the following word- "vegetables"?

John knows that would be E to hit the $24,000 mark! His next-to-last subject is 1st Grade Measurements.

T or F: If you need to be at least 52 inches tall to ride the roller coaster, and Kevin is 4'8" tall, Kevin can ride the roller coaster.

Knowing there are 12 inches in a food, John believes he added up to 56, so he locks in True...yes!

Extra Credit Question:

80% of a potato consists of what?

A: Carbs
B: Fat
C: Water

Answer: Water; fat had to go first.

For $25,000, here's the 1st Grade English question:

In print, not cursive, there are five over case letters that extend below the base line. Four of them are J, P, Q & Y. What's the fifth?

For insurance, John uses his Peek. Kevin's response was G. That's what John was thinking beforehand, so that's locked in...and that's $25,000!

$250,000 QUESTION CATEGORY: Earth Science

John Morrison...

...IS GOING FOR IT!!! We haven't had a Bonus Question winner at all so far on this version of the show. This would be such a good time for it to happen now, because it's for another quarter million dollars for Make a Wish. If he fails, The Miz will have bragging rights over his former tag team championship partner John on this show. Here's the all-important question:

The last geological period before ours was called the Neogene Period. What's the name of the geological period we are in right now?

John's final answer is Myogene...

...THE MIZ BEAT HIM. Darn. The right answer was Quaternary. That means we knock off a zero from his previous bank, so $2,500 in his name will go to Make a Wish. Outakes are shown at the end.

Video Bonus: "5th Grader" $250,000 Loss #3

DOND: #12 Coach Chris Fuerte played today (who is a football coach in Southern California).

1. #13 (Ms. Prager)- PENNY
2. #8 (Ms. Aionne)- $7,500
3. #19 (Mr. Gydus)- $10,000
4. #6 (Mr. Shin)- $1,000
5. #10 (Ms. Allen)- $500


1. #11 (Ms. Sierra)- $10
2. #1 (Mrs. Cuda)- $5
3. #9 (Ms. Traverso)- $25,000
4. #4 (Ms. Miller)- $25
5. #3 (Mr. Reece)- $2,500


1. #15 (Ms. Walker)- $50,000
2. #2 (Dr. Kim)- $200
3. #7 (Ms. Trevano)- $5,000
4. #14 (Mrs. Cadigan)- $250,000 (DANGER ZONE ENFORCED)


1. #5 (Mrs. Collins)- $100
2. #16 (Mr. Piazza)- $75,000
OFFER: $79,000

1. #17 (Ms. D)- BUCK
2. #18 (Mrs. Frohlich)- $500,000!
OFFER: $24,000

19th PICK: #20 (Mrs P.)- $100,000!

He didn't make such a bad deal after deal- his case only had 50 bucks! Other cases:

#21 (Mr. I)- $300
#22 (Ms. Lavalle)- $400


Conclusion of Alex Zephyr's game
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Game 3