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Let's see what kind of scary stuff will be shown to these three contestants on Episode 7:

Meredith Scully- 2nd Grade teacher
Jeff Rydesdale- Stand-up comedian/writer
Bola Acanola

Round 1:

1. The brain of a Stegosaurus is roughly the size of what?

A: Walnut
B: Apple
C: Pea

Meredith: Walnut
Jeff: Apple
Bola: Pea

ANSWER: Walnut (Meredith: $200)

2. T or F: In zero gravity, a boomerang will come back to the person who throws it.

Jeff says True...and he's right to tie things up at $200 apiece with Meredith!

3. Scientists have created a new, ultra-high adhesion kind of tape that has a design modeled after which animal body part?

A: Frog's tongue
B: Gecko's toes
C: Snake's belly

All three contestants go with the frog's tongue...incorrect. That tape's actually inspired by the gecko's toes.

Flashback #1:

1. Is the Stegosaurus a vegetarian or a meat eater?
Meredith: Vegetarian- CORRECT ($300)

2. Was said dinosaur a biped or a quadriped?
Bola: Quadriped- CORRECT ($100)

3. Was the astronaut with the boomerang a man or a woman?
Jeff: Man- RIGHT ($300)

4. How many hairy toes are on each gecko's feet?
Bola: Three- NO (A: Five)

5. Does the gecko lay eggs or create live offspring?
Jeff: Lays eggs- RIGHT ($400)

Round 2:

1. When a skateboarder does an Ollie, three forces are at work- the skater's weight, gravity and the force of what?

A: Wheels
B: Board
C: Ground

Everybody guesses the ground...and they're all right this time! That means Bola now has $300, Meredith has $500 and Jeff's new leading total is $600.

2. Which of the following do forensic scientists use to best capture fingerprints?

A: Lipstick
B: Superglue
C: Duct tape

Meredith: Superglue
Jeff: Lipstick
Bola: Duct tape

ANSWER: Superglue (Meredith now leads with $700)

3. What did an earthquake bring New Zealand & Australia?

A: Hot weather
B: A low-frequency hum
C: Closer together

Meredith: A low-frequency hum
Jeff: Closer together
Bola: A low-frequency hum

ANSWER: Closer together (Jeff's back ahead with $800)

Flashback #2:

1. In what decade were commerically-made skateboards first marketed?
Bola: '70s- INCORRECT (A: '50s)

2. In what decade was the Ollie invented?
Jeff: '70s- CORRECT ($900)

3. How many wheels are in the air during an Ollie?
Jeff: Zero- NO (A: Four)

4. Was superglue invented in the '40s, '60s or '80s?
Bola: '40s- CORRECT ($400)

5. Is superglue made of horse hooves or cyanoacrylate?
Bola: Cyanoacrylate (she has a hard time pronouncing it)- RIGHT ($500)

Round 3:

1. Scientists at the University of Pittsburgh have trained a monkey to control a robotic arm with what body part?

A: Mouth
B: Eye movements
C: Brain

The entire panel says his eye movements...actually, it's his brain.

2. Diet soda is placed in one dish, while regular soda is placed in the other dish. When a jar of ants is opened, what will the ants do?

A: Drink the regular soda
B: Drink the diet soda
C: Drink from both

Meredith: Regular soda
Jeff: Regular soda
Bola: Both

ANSWER: Only drink the regular soda (Meredith now has $1,200, while Jeff's broken four figures with $1,400)

Bola must get the last $500 question right and have one of the top two miss it in order to remain mathematically alive in this game.

3. How deep is the Challenger, the deepest ocean point on the planet?

A: Deeper than the distance from Chicago to New York
B: Deeper than the height of Mount Everest
C: Deeper than all of Earth's atmosphere

Bola locks in B...unfortunately for her, Meredith & Jeff lock that in too, so she's eliminated from the game. B is correct- about 36,000 feet deep, to be exact. Her final score is a grand, while the other two advance with $1,900 apiece after the last Flashback is over.


1. Gordon Brown, Charles Babbage or Tim Berners Lee

A: Credited with inventing the World Wide Web
B: Knighted by Queen Elizabeth in 2004

STUMPER (A: Tim Berners Lee)

2. Cheetah, jackal or skunk

A: One of the few mammal species that mates her life
B: It's an omnivore

Jeff: Cheetah- NO (A: Jackal; $1,600)

3. Rudolf Diesel, Karl Benz or Henry Ford

A: Originally studied locksmithing
B: Invented the first practical automobile

Meredith: Henry Ford- NO (A: Karl Benz; $1,600)

4. Rhino, elephant or hippo

A: Fewer than 25,000 survive
B: It's the title of a play by Eugene Ionesco

STUMPER (A: Rhino)

5. Gottleib Daimler, Edward Teller or Rudolf Diesel

A: Created the internal combusion engine
B: Probably drowned in...

Jeff: Diesel- CORRECT ($1,900)

6. Elephant, hippo or rhino

A: They live in groups called pods
B: Its name means "river horse"...

Meredith: Hippo- RIGHT (TIED AGAIN at $1,900)

Final question: Severo Ochoa, Luis Walter Alvarez & Franklin Chang Diaz

A: Developed the detonators for the plutonium bomb
B: First Hispanic-American to win a Nobel Prize in Physics

Jeff: Alvarez- WINS $2,200!

"Face the Ace"- HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2009!

The first player to take their shot at a possible $1 Million treat is Charles Campbell from Savannah, GA (who is a firefighter and a Harley-Davidson motorcycle rider). After he selects the Ace of Spades door, he wants to see Mike Matusow behind there...but he'll have to settle for Phil Gordon.


Charles: (7H)(3C)
Phil: DOUBLE DEUCES (Clubs & Hearts)

POT: $800

Both bet $400 apiece.


Both check this time.


Campbell throws in a $2,000 bet before Gordon folds for a $3,600 pot!


Charles: (KC)(4D)
Phil: (9C)(7D)

POT: $2,000
THE FLOP: (2D)(4S)(3C)

After making top pair, Capbell bets $1,500 and Gordon folds after that for a $3,500 pot!


Charles: (AD)(8D)
Phil: (KC)(JH)

POT: $4,600
THE FLOP: (QD)(7C)(10C)

Gordon has an instant open-ended straight draw, while Campbell's 3/5 towards a diamond flush. Both check here.


Another double check.


Both bet $1,500, so the latest pot Campbell has just won is worth $7,600! After the first break, the blinds are currently at $400/$800, and Campbell leads $21,700-$18,300.


Charles: (JS)(3H)
Phil: (JD)(8H)

POT: $1,600

Despite this being a split pot sitation, after Gordon bets $600, Campbell folds to lose his first pot of the afternoon worth $2,200.


Charles: (KS)(4D)
Phil: (JD)(3C)

POT: $3,800
THE FLOP: (8D)(3H)(7S)

Gordon leads with bottom pair and then wins the $5,900 pot after his next bet of $2,100's enough for Campbell to fold, taking over the lead for now.


Charles: (9C)(5C)
Phil: (QD)(10D)

POT: $1,600
THE FLOP: (6D)(4D)(4H)

Gordon has a diamond flush draw; both bet $800 apiece.


Campbell wisely folds after Gordon bets $1,600, sacrificing a $4,800 pot that time.


Charles: DOUBLE 7s (Clubs & Spades)
Phil: DOUBLE 8s (Clubs & Diamonds)

After Gordon raises ALL IN...Campbell folds, putting him deeper behind, $12,600-$27,400. When we get back from the second break, the blinds are now at $600/$1,200.


Charles: (KH)(4H)
Phil: (KS)(10C)

POT: $2,400
THE FLOP: (7H)(4D)(2C)

Campbell has the lead for now in this hand with middle pair...and after betting $1,200, Gordon folds to win him a $3,600 pot.


Charles: (JD)(6D)
Phil: (KS)(5C)

POT: $2,400

Campbell makes middle pair once again. He eventually raises Gordon to $4,200...and it results in a fold, so with a $7,800 pot win here, he's starting to get back in it!


Charles: (6S)(4D)
Phil: (QS)(5C)

POT: $2,400
THE FLOP: (6H)(9S)(3C)

Once again, middle pair for Campbell...and another $7,800 pot win! The blinds are then raised to $1,000/$2,000. Two hands later, Campbell's ALL IN with this:

Charles: (AH)(KC)
Phil: (KH)(10S)

POT: $24,200

So far, so good for Campbell, although Gordon has a gutshot top straight draw.


Uh oh. This last card must be a club to complete a club flush and stay in the game.


He got it, so he's back in the lead...but not for very long, as two hands later, he's in this predictament:

Charles: (AS)(QS)
Phil: (QH)(10C)

POT: $39,600
THE FLOP: (4H)(10S)(3C)

At this point, the only thing that will help Campbell is another Ace.


Campbell then finally BUSTS two hands later.

Cell phone sales representative Illya "Will" Liberman then falls to Erick Lindgren in his $40,000 bid. The next episode airs in two weeks.

Benza forced to fold at "High Stakes Poker"

A.J. Benza, who has been hosting "High Stakes Poker" since day one, will NOT be returning to his post next season. Joining Gabe Kaplan this coming season will be an unknown female host.

Various sources contributed to this report.

Good/Bad Moments and Stupid Answers Part 3

More "The Price is Right" Before & Afters:

-On February 20, 1996, this happened on Cliff Hangers. 13 years later...well, the complete opposite happened at least once- here's this example.

-May 23, 2001 saw the first-ever Triple Play win. Now, here are the first two from the Drew Carey era.

Other clips:

-Watch this Virginia lady conquer one of the Pricing Games that she had been playing with the show's first DVD game! And she went on to win nearly $60K in cash and prizes!

-My brother Andrew might be jealous of this- watch somebody with the exact first name win $100,000 on "Wheel of Fortune" October 24, 2008, then watch a guy named Drew (the nickname my brother absolutely hates) do the same thing on April 14th of this year!

-The last few moments of a "Family Feud" Winner Take All Tournament final from February 2008!

-How NOT to use the Double Dip lifeline on "Millionaire" on April Fools' Day 2009.

-Jack Wagner proved to be extremely good luck for a "Wheel of Fortune" contestant during a Soap Stars Week episode in February 2006. However, in the following footage from March 4, 2009, he was anything but on "TPIR".

-Rich Fields' most recent blooper!

Zonk Answers:

-From the January 9, 2009 episode of "Wheel of Fortune":

_ R _ _ _ / A _ D

C E _ _ E _

The Army's Daniel Pagabressero rang in with BREAD AND CHEESE (correct answer- FRONT AND CENTER) when it obviously coudn't be at that point, and the category was Phrase instead of Food & Drink.

-TWO contestants guessed zero while playing Lucky $even and lost as a result- David Harris on October 17, 2008 (on the fourth digit) and Matthew Semler on January 13, 2009 (on the last digit).

-From the May 29, 2009 episode of "Don't Forget the Lyrics!", here's a lyric from "If Ever You're in My Arms Again" by Peabo Bryson:

"This time, I'll ____ __ ____ _____"

Contestant Cheryl Jones guessed " you much better", but the actual ending was " you much better", making her the last contestant ever to win nothing on that show.

And finally, before we forget, on January 14, 2009, Cassandra Davis gave possibly the largest WILLY OF THE CENTURY on any "TPIR" Pricing Game when for whatever reason, during a five-digit playing of Pushover, she thought a West White Potter Sailboat was $81,767, when it just cost $17,670.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Ratings notes for the last week of October

"Dancing with the Stars":
Performance episode: 17.74 million, up from last week
Results episode: 14.69 million, up slightly from last week
"The Biggest Loser": 9.72 million, down slightly from last week
"Survivor: Samoa": 12.49 million, down slightly from last week (I'm surprised the drop wasn't bigger, given it was competing against Game 2 of the World Series last night)
"So You Think You Can Dance's" first performance episode of the season: 6.5 million
"America's Next Top Model": 3.5 million (season high)

Additionally, the weekly average for the syndicated "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?" remains at 1.6 while the overall ratings for the new "Let's Make a Deal" are up 7% from "Guiding Light's" ratings.

Various sources contributed to this report.

10/30/2009 Results- HALLOWEEN EVE

(Note: In the spirit of Halloween, I'm going to make nearly all the red text today orange.)

LMAD: Episode 1029 is indeed a Halloween-themed episode! Host Jonathan Mangum introduces Wayne Brady as "TV's undead dealer". Our first trader today is Adriane (dressed as a spicy dancer), who brought along her mother Irma (dressed as a gardener); she's also involved in this opening deal. They're given a chance to win a spooktacular trip to New Orleans (Curtain #1) worth $7,600...if they can find it somewhere in this deal- it'll appear at least once. It could be inside either the witch's hat or the Jack-O-Lantern from the small box (Jonathan). Adriane & Irma pick the hat; however, at the bottom of the Jack-O-Lantern's top is New Orleans. They can now trade in their hat for what's inside the big box. Their next decision is to take the big box...had they gone the distance with their hat, they would've been ZONKED, or in today's case, TRICKED. Next, Curtain #2's offered for their big box, but they stay with their box...the middle curtain had the trip. Finally, they're offered $500 for the big box...they accept it, and good thing- all that was back there was a giant piece of candy corn.

Dressed as a pig to deal next is Jessica. Jonathan brings down a bucket full of candy and possibly a lot more in cash. She can give back the bucket for what's behind Curtain #3. Jessica takes the curtain, so Ian (dressed as a baby) now owns the bucket and Jessica wins...a witch horse- she's the first contestant today to get TRICKED. We'll get back to Ian later in the show.

In the meantime, Alesia & Stasia Wiggin now have a chance to win a 2010 Volkswagen Jetta S Sedan (Curtain #1) worth $17,515. Inside the small box now are three keys and a locked glass box with the car key inside; only one key opens the glass box.

Alesia: #3
Stasia: #2

Alesia's now offered Curtain #2 for her key, but she holds on to her key...and it's a DUD. She misses out on all of this behind the curtain in the middle- a Samsung washer/dryer and maid service every month for a year worth $3,850. Stasia can now either keep her key or take whatever's inside the envelope. Stasia also decides to go for the car. The envelope had $2,500...WHICH SHE SHOULD'VE TAKEN, BECAUSE HER KEY'S A DUD, TOO. So both get TRICKED in this deal; we now have three ZONK victims on the day.

Now back to Ian, who's now tempted with Curtain #1. He takes it, so the bucket now belongs to Julie Macalister...and the Jetta's still behind that same curtain, so it now belongs to Ian! This deal once again is "To Be Continued".

We close out the first half with a couples deal; Jared (dressedas a vampire) & Jennifer happen to be the day's couple. The prize behind Curtain #1 this time that they could win is an extreme flying package in the city they're standing in right now (Las Vegas) worth $1,674. But behind Curtain #2 is a spa getaway in Palm Springs worth five grand. And behind the last a Ducati motorcycle worth $8,975. Their deal is called Panic Button. There are a series of six buttons. Half of them do nothing, while each of the other three buttons close one of the curtains. They get three button presses; whatever prizes remain after their last press is what they win.

1. #3- DUD
2. #6- DUD
3. #1- WINS EVERYTHING!!! ($15,649)

But we're not done yet. The emergency panel then flips over to reveal a pair of blue buttons marked A & B. If they go for it and pick the right button, they'll win a $6,000 bonus for a grand total of $21,249 in cash and prizes; otherwise, they'll lose everything at the last second. Wisely, they decide to keep their $15K+ worth of prizes and scram!

Next, Virginia (dressed as a girl from New Jersey) is told that the clue for Curtain #3 is Wolfman. After being offered five Benjamins for it, she listens to her cousin Patricia and takes the curtain...and she now owns the fourth TRICK of the day- Jonathan wearing a Wolfman mask. These two ladies might not be going Trick or Treating together anymore after today.

Frank the Fisherman then sees the small box (Alison) come down, which is now marked Bride of Frankenstein. The cash offer for that is $700. Frank reels in the money...but the box had a sapphire/diamond ring worth $1,700. To close out this deal, Susan (wearing mostly orange stuff, including a wig of that color) can either take $1,500 from Mr. Brady's pocket or what's behind Curtain #2, with the clue there being The Mummy. She decides to take all the green...but there was indeed a trip to Egypt behind the second curtain worth $7,900.

And now, for the thrilling conclusion of the candy bucket deal with Julie. Her final offer is Curtain #1, but she's keeping the bucket. #1 this time had...a ZONKMOBILE! Now, for what's inside the bucket besides all that candy:

Hot Tamales- $15
Milk Duds- $900
Mike & Ike- $2,000

That's a total of $2,915 for Julie!

THE BIG DEAL: Today's big treat is a $24,990 Ford Mustang, and it won't be either Ian, Jared, Jennifer or Julie that goes for the car; it'll be Susan. She thinks the Mustang's behind Door #2. Behind Door #1 was a 46" Samsung LCD HDTV and Blu-Ray Disc home theater package worth $3,750. The Mustang is behind...

...DOOR #3- SO WE HAVE OUR SECOND STRAIGHT BIG DEAL SHUTOUT!!! Scary, huh? But she does quadruple her money and then some behind Door #2, because the Bank Vault has $6,225 for her. That means Ian ends up as the day's top winner on this Halloween special.

TPIR: Episode 4885K is the Halloween special! And an organ version of the theme song is played (along with a slightly different intro; the light border's orange and black, as is)! We start off with Melissa Sweedon, Loretta Williams, Care Kelly (dressed as a banana) and Arnold Amaya (dressed as a Maori/Hawiian warrior). Drew's dressed up as Hans the Yodeler (and when he comes out as Door #2, the yodeling music plays!), Rich's wearing The Big Wheel, Lanisha Cole has a Grocery Game costume, Amber Lancaster's acting as Range Game and Rachel Reynolds thinks she's a life-sized Plinko Chip. The opening IUFB this time is an XBOX 360 package (Amber).

Arnold: $425
Care: $530
Loretta: $900
Melissa: $600

ARP: $925

This really big treat could be coming Loretta's way- three new autmobiles playing TRIPLE PLAY! They are a Ford Focus S (Rachel), the redesigned 2010 Chevrolet Camaro LS (Lanisha) and a Dodge Challenger (Amber).

FOCUS (Std., AT, ALB/VSC)(Lanisha brings the first board):


The losing streak on the first car in this game in daytime, currently standing at three playings...IS OVER, as Loretta successfully picks $16,380! The ARP, though not revealed, was $17,775.

CAMARO (Std., Paint, Stripes)(Amber brings the second board):


In the Drew Carey era, we've never had a loss on the second car in this game...UNTIL NOW, with her guess being $25,777. The ARP was $23,835. For the record, the ARP of the Challenger was $25,740.

(Notes: When something bad happens on this episode, instead of the buzzer or the losing horns, a lady screaming is heard. Also, as of this playing, the show has reverted to using only one TP sign at Door #3 instead of two of them.)

Our fifth participant, dressed as Wolverine, is Dylan Olson and the second IUFB is Halloween costumes (Lanisha at Door #2).

Dylan: $199 (STAGE GARF)
Melissa: $450
Arnold: $225 (STAGE GARF)

By default, Melissa wins the $544 costumes and plays Range Game for a Waverunner (Amber). Today's board is $9,300-$9,900 (exactly as Amber's costume looks). After the game's technician, Dave, comes out to do a cameo, Melissa stops the board (which makes creaking sounds) at $9,494-$9,654...but she gets TRICKED big time- the ARP was $9,798.

Sixth is Dawn Fisher-Waltz (dressed as bubble gum stuck to the bottom of a shoe) and the third IUFB is the Dimplex electric fireplace (Rachael behind rising sign).

Dawn: $1,750
Arnold: $1,800
Care: $1,526

Dylan: BUCK

ARP: $999

Dylan, a Civil Engineering major from SDSU, plays Grocery Game for a trip to Singapore (Amber at Door #3) worth $9,720. Lanisha's running the register today. The groceries are a six-pack of Dove soap, an 18-pack of Ralph's Eggs, four giant rolls of Charmin Ultra Strong bath tissue, Barbasol shaving cream and Basic Red paper bags.

1. 2 Soaps: $8.99 X 2 = $17.98
Other purchase: Eggs = $3.99 (BUST at $21.97)

As it turns out, the first Showcase Showdown ends in a three-way tie at a half dollar apiece- Melissa gets 30 and 20, Loretta gets the 50 in one spin and Dylan gets 45 and the nickel in his two spins.

THREE-WAY SPIN SPIN-OFF (with Rich at the scoreboard):

Melissa: $.30
Loretta: $.80
Dylan: $.40

Loretta goes to the Showcase to maybe get a shot a car that's much nicer than the first three she lost out on.

The next winner hopeful is Derek O'Leary (dressed as a soldier) and the fourth IUFB is a Gucci watch (on a moving hand).

Derek: $1,200
Dawn: $925
Arnold: $1,201
Care: $1,236

ARP: $1,195

Since Derek was over by five bucks, recent Cal Poly graduate Dawn plays Double Prices for a pair of Kawasaki motorcycles (modeled by a pair of ghost riders). They're either $7,998 or $8,495 (board modeled by Lanisha)...but she gets DISQUALIFIED with $8,495.

DQ: Breaking the pair of prizes rule

Hoping that she can become a winner now is cowgirl Jennifer Elam and the next IUFB is a Flexsteel chair/ottoman (Lanisha at Door #3).

Jennifer: $1,050
Arnold: $700
Care: BUCK

ARP: $1,642

Jennifer plays Cliff Hangers for a 2010 Scion xB (Std., AT)(Amber at Door #3) worth $17,370! The SPs modeled by Rachel are a skull light, a pirate ship cooler and a cauldron. Her guess for the light is $23...$20. For the cooler, her guess is $27...$30! That means she has a $19 range for the cauldron. Her final bid for that is $17...that's a DQ for her too. It was $50; had she bid $30 for that, she would've lost by a buck. In any event, she only wins the light and the cooler.

DQ: Underpricing the second SP on final turn

The day's hero might be our last participant, Myrna Merrifield (dressed as a gypsy) and the final IUFB is a Schwinn recumbent bike behind the splitting sign (with a skeleton on it). Arnold & Care could both be headed to the First Four Breakfast Club of Horror after this go-round.

Myrna: $1,500
Arnold: $1,100
Care: $1,351
Derek: BUCK

ARP: $699

Derek gets to wrap things up with another SP game- which turns out to be Plinko! Rachel also models this game's SPs.

1. Bubble fogger
IS NOT: $50
PICK: 5- $80

2. Voice distorter
IS NOT: $25
PICK: 5- $15

3. Five-foot posable bat
IS NOT: $20
PICK: 0- $27

4. Black light set
IS NOT: $35
PICK: 5- $30

(Note: The regular buzzer is used here for incorrect answers.)

Instead of having three Plinko Chips, he only has two; Rachel brings him the extra one. I hope he makes a lot of money...

1. $10,000
2. $100 (Left)

...and he does with $10,100! We definitely don't get skunked today! I loved today's lineup, as well. But I do have to put most of the blame on all of this week's Showcase winners so far except for Peter Maciel (since his episode was taped much later than this one) for jinxing most of this Halloween special.

TODAY'S WIN AT-HOME PRIZE: 42" Panasonic plasma HDTV

Dawn ($1,195): $.75
Jennifer ($1,692): Dime + 40 = $.50
Derek ($10,814): $.85

Derek makes it to the Showcase; today, the Showcase podiums are dressed as coffins!

The first Showcase has these three spooky trips to offer at Door #2 modeled by Amber- Charlotte, NC (includes a three-night stay at the Charlotte Uptown and tickets to the Gravedigger's Ball), Salem, MA (includes a private witch tour) and London (includes a six-night stay at the Grosvenor House and a private tour of the city). Derek passes this Showcase to Lanisha.

Derek's latest treats could be a home theater package (Lanisha at Door #3) that features a trio of home theater seats, a JVC 47" LCD TV, a 120GB iPod, a Blu-Ray Disc player and 23 horror DVDs; plus, there's a Chevy HHR LS (Rachel at Door #1).

As luck would have it, both bid just $4,200 on their Showcases, a DOUBLE GARF OF THE CENTURY.

(Note: Drew opens the top door on both Showcase podiums to reveal the Showcase bid/ARP displays. The text on them is slightly different.)

The one who garfed the least is...

Loretta: $19,399 (Difference: $15,199)
Derek: $27,954 (Difference: $23,754)

...Loretta, so she picks up a very scary, ugly Showcase victory and takes home $20,324 in stuff. Additionally, Derek's Showcase bid is also a ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK NOMINEE.

DQ: Derek's Showcase bid repeat

Video Bonus: Footage from today's episode- Clip 1, Clip 2 & Clip 3

(IMPORTANT PROGRAMMING NOTE: The 7,000th episode celebration will take place on Thursday, November 5th!)

Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?: Let's see if Carl Edwards can take a big money checkered flag to end NASCAR Week and split it up between the NASCAR Foundation/Motor Racing Outreach and the Aflac Cancer Center. His opening classmate partner is Malachi (who would like to attend the University of Miami, FL), and let's see his categories:

1st Grade Earth Science
1st Grade Math
2nd Grade U.S. Geography
2nd Grade Animal Science
3rd Grade Grammar
3rd Grade Geometry
4th Grade Measurements
4th Grade Physical Science
5th Grade Literature
5th Grade Language

For $5,000, here's the opening question from 5th Grade Literature:

First published in 1873, the novel "Around the World in 80 Days" was written by which author?

For no reason, Carl guesses Jack London...definitely incorrect. Zach had the right answer of Jules Verne...but not Malachi, as he wrote down John Smith instead. Carl tries again for $5,000, this time with the following 5th Grade Language question:

What Latin motto that appears on U.S. currency means "out of many, one"?

A similar question resulted in a controversial Million Pound Question on the British version of "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire" (a celebrity couple wound up getting it wrong as a result, but they were invited back for a different MPQ and they walked with the 500,000 pounds that time). Anyway, thinking of his dad, Carl locks in "E Pluribus Unum" for five grand! Continuing his slow trip down the board, his third subject selection is 4th Grade Measurements. For another $3,500, the question this time is:

What unit of measurement abbreviated dB measures the intensity of sound waves?

Carl guesses decibels...and his bank now stands at $8,500! After choosing on Danielle, the fourth topic he attempts is 3rd Grade Grammar. This is a $2,500 question:

What's the plural possessive pronoun in the following sentence- "We watched as Khamani and Kevin left their backpacks in the hallway"?

He thinks it's "their" (as did Danielle)...and it is for a new total of 11 large! Then, he goes back up to 4th Grade Physical Science before being asked this for an additional $3,500:

T or F: When you mix water with sugar, the sugar acts as a solvent.

The guess from Carl is True...FALSE. Danielle...gets him the Save for a new total of $14,500! Carl then moves on to 3rd Grade Geometry. For $2,500 more, the next question is:

What's the number pi rounded to the first two decimal places?

After another quick lock in by Danielle, Carl wisely Peeks at her answer of 3.14. He then locks that in to increase his charity winnings to $17,000! With Zach now at the other desk for a possible Copy scenario, Carl's next category is 2nd Grade Animal Science. For another grand:

Which of these statements is NOT true of amphibians?

A: They lay eggs
B: They live in water and on land
C: They are warm blooded

Carl's confident that amphibians aren't warm blooded...yes indeed to inch up to $18,000! The other 2nd Grade question in U.S. Geography:

In terms of population, what's the largest city to border Lake Michigan?

He's very sure it's Chicago...that's $19,000 for him now! The 1st Grade subject he chooses first is Earth Science.

Approximately how much of the Earth's surface is covered in water?

A: 1/3
B: 1/2
C: 3/4

He goes with 3/ question away from $20,000!

Extra Credit Question:

Which of the following city zoos holds the most species?

A: Omaha
B: San Diego
C: Houston

Answer: Omaha; the first city to get the boot was Houston.

Now, here's the final regulation question in 1st Grade Math:

What integer with a four in the ones place is closest to 80?

Curt uses the Copy. Had he guessed 84 on his own...he would've been right. As for Zach...84's on his monitor also, meaning Curt finishes with $10,000 apiece for his two charities to get ($20,000)! But, he's going to try to multiply all of that by 10 with this $200,000 Bonus Question in the lucky category of World History. Curt says if he misses it, he'll donate $30,000 himself between his two charities (in addition to the $2,500 courtesy of this show). But for the 200, here's the question:

Who were the first and last names of the U.S. Commodore who negotiated a trade treaty with Japan in 1854, ending hundreds of years of Japanese isolation?

Carl gives a ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK NOMINEE with Commander Arnold. The right name was Matthew Perry.

JEFF'S JOKE OF THE DAY (after outtakes are shown): "If you think the state of Kentucky was founded by Colonel Sanders, you might NOT be smarter than a 5th Grader."

Now, for the conclusion of Special Delivery Week. The pregnant stay-at-home mom joining us tonight is Monica Robasic (who's expecting her third baby, which she will name Joshua Alexander, in five days). Madison's her first partner and let's see her subjects:

1st Grade Vocabulary
1st Grade Grammar
2nd Grade U.S. History
2nd Grade Math
3rd Grade Astronomy
3rd Grade World Geography
4th Grade Physical Science
4th Grade Spelling
5th Grade World History
5th Grade Literature

The first category is 5th Grade World History. This is her first $5,000 question:

What was the name of the Japanese emperor who gave a speech over the radio on August 15, 1945 signifying Japan's surrender in WWII?

Since Monica's not a history buff, she will Copy Madison. All three classmates said Hirohito...which is the $5,000 emperor! Her second subject is 3rd Grade World Geometry. To add half of what she has so far early on, here's the question:

The Panama Canal connects the Caribbean Sea to which ocean?

Monica guesses the Pacific...correct for a new total of $7,500! Third, she goes all the way back up to 5th Grade Literature before being asked the following for another $5,000:

What 1937 novel by J.R.R. Tolkien tells the story of Bilbo Baggins and his question for the treasure guarded by a dragon, Smaug?

Monica goes with my gut of "Lord of the Rings", also the title of a popular movie series...NO! Madison instead answered "The Hobbit"...that's right for $12,500! Her second and possibly final partner this game is Pablo (at her husband's request), and her fourth question eminates from 4th Grade Physical Science. For $3,500 extra:

If a substance has a measure of three on the pH scale, it's which of the following?

A: Acid
B: Base
C: Neutral

Assuming she rules out neutral, she's got a 50/50 chance of being right here. Thinking back to reading a book about this, she locks in acid...yes indeed to move up to $16,000! The other 4th Grade question is in Spelling, and reads like this:

How many times does the letter E appear in the following word- "delicatessen"?

Monica spells out the word correctly...and locks in three to make her new total winnings $19,500! Pablo got it right as well (despite the fact that Spelling isn't one of his best subjects). The sixth category played is 2nd Grade U.S. History. The one grand question there:

Farmous for patenting 1,093 inventions, what American inventor was known as the Wizard of Menlo Park?

Because she has no idea, Monica uses the Peek and then takes Pablo's guess of Thomas Edison (written as Tom Edison)...she now has $20,500! But she's now on her own the rest of the way out. Question #7 comes from 3rd Grade Astronomy, so it's worth $2,500 more:

T or F: Sunspots are created by disruptions in the Sun's magnetic field.

Monica locks in's right for $23,000! Now, to this from 1st Grade Vocabulary:

What letter do you add to the word "cap" to make a word meaning "a sleeveless garment fastened around the neck which falls loosely from the shoulders"?

She locks in in "cape", she's right again! I would've missed with the H and "chap". Staying at the bottom of the board, Monica then listens to this 1st Grade Grammar query:

How many titles of respect appear in the following sentence- "Mr. Foxworthy has an appointment with Dr. Doolittle"?

Monica's next-to-last regulation answer of two...puts her within one of a sweep!

Totino's Extra Credit Question:

What percentage of Americans eat breakfast in their cars?

A: 10%
B: 25%
C: 50%

Answer: 25%; the 50% was eliminated first.

For $25,000, here's the problem that 2nd Grade Measurements decides to pose:

T or F: If Pablo multiplies an even number by an odd number, the result will always be even.

Math's her favorite subject...and she proves it by correctly locking in True for $25,000!

$250,000 QUESTION CATEGORY: Earth Science

Will she be the second and final pregnant mom to go for a quarter million this week?...


To conclude the week, 7th Grade teacher Lauren Dubb takes $3,000 into this Bonus Question, with the category being U.S. History:

Who was the first man to be U.S. President when the United States had 50 states?

Her final answer is John Adams...but it was her mom's guess of Dwight D. Eisenhower, so she goes home with the $2,500 card.

Next week, we'll see the rest of WWE Week, and we'll see soap stars compete!

DOND: #18 Valerie Bishop wraps up the week with us.

1. #9 (Angela)- $1,000
2. #11 (Gene)- $2,500
3. #3 (Frannie)- $10,000
4. #6 (James)- $300
5. #12 (Kim)- $500


1. #19 (Gerry P.)- $10
2. #17 (Andrea)- $250,000 (she was ONE OFF this amount)
3. #15 (Pattie)- $7,500
4. #22 (Rema)- BUCK
5. #5 (Roula)- $25,000


1. #1 (Rosa)- $5
2. #8 (Lakisha)- $25
3. #21 (Bob)- $50
4. #14 (Kevin)- PENNY


1. #10 (Tiffany)- $500,000 (DANGER ZONE ENFORCED)
2. #16 (Dan)- $75,000 (STRIKE ONE)


1. #20 (Erin)- $400
2. #4 (Mark)- $200


19th PICK: #13 (Jen)- $5,000


20th PICK: #2 (Robert)- $100,000 (STRIKE TWO; NO SAFETY NET LEFT)


Would she have won the $50K...yes.

The Newlywed Game: Let's meet the latest end-of-week couples:

Marc & Kim D. (married eight months)
Josh & Allie (married three months)
Ryan & Kim P. (married 1 1/3 years)

Randy's Intro: "The queen of romance herself"


1. Which of you is more likely to wanna have sex in a public place where you might get caught?
2. If it were up to your wife, what would the temperature of your house be like- Florida, Alaska or somewhere in between?
3. Complete the following: "I know my wife's had a great day when she gives me _________."


1. Myself
2. In between
3. Hugs and kisses

1. Myself
2. In between
3. Pleasures me "down there"

1. Kim
2. Alaska
3. A hug

TRIP AT STAKE: Barbados (Almond)


Kim D.:
1. Myself- NO MATCH
2. In between- MATCH (5)
3. Cooking dinner- NO MATCH

1. Josh- MATCH (5)
2. In between- MATCH (10)
3. Pleasures him "downtown"- MATCH (15)

Kim P.:
1. Myself- MATCH (5)
2. Florida- NO MATCH
3. A foot massage- NO MATCH


1. What's most likely to wake you up in the middle of the night- snoring, being kicked out by accident or being poked on purpose?
2. What's the most unromantic thing that your husband has ever said to you right after the two of you make whoopie? Dimension (Kindness): What was the last random act of kindness you witnessed your husband do for a stranger?
30-POINT BONUS QUESTION: "When it comes to male actors, I would say _____________ i s the most talented, but _______________ is definitely the hottest man on screen."


Kim D.:
1. Kicked out by accident
2. "I'm thirsty"
3. Left a large donation at church
BONUS: Jack Black, Mark Wahlberg

1. Kicked out by accident
2. "Good night, babe"
3. Gave a guy a ride home from work
BONUS: Jim Carrey, Gerard Butler

Kim P.:
1. Snoring
2. "I'm sorry"
3. Left a big tip at a restaurant
BONUS: David Duchovny, Ewan McGregor


1. Kicked out by accident- MATCH (15)
2. "I'm sorry you didn't get there, too"- NO MATCH
3. Giving spare change to the homeless down the street- NO MATCH
BONUS: Brad Pitt, Mark Wahlberg- ONE MATCH (30)

1. Kicked out by accident- MATCH (25)
2. "Oops"- NO MATCH
3. Holding a door open- NO MATCH
BONUS: Clive Owen, Gerard Butler- ONE MATCH (40)

1. Snoring- MATCH (15)
2. "I'm sorry"- MATCH (25)
3. Holding a door open- NO MATCH
BONUS: Russell Crowe, Ewan McGregor- ONE MATCH (40)


Allie: 20
Kim P.: 25

Ryan & Kim are going to Barbados! Hopefully the place isn't haunted when they arrive...

Today's Consolation Prize: Arthur Murray gift certificate

WOF: We're wrapping up one of our best Halloween Weeks ever, thinks in part to Eric Hamlin's season-best $89,350 win last night! Friday's first Toss-Up category is Fictional Character:

_ H _ / _ R _ A T

_ _ _ _ _ I _

Juan knows about THE GREAT PUMPKIN from "Peanuts" fame for $1,000. Now, for our Friday panel:

Juan Hoya (Houston, TX)- Graphic designer and an energy study representative
Vanessa Vaughn (Merrillville, IN)- Accounting major at Brown Macon College
Devon Bussey (Orlando)- Graphic designer and a former cafeteria worker

$2,000 Toss-Up category is Occupation:

_ L _ _ _ T

_ _ _ _ _ _ A N T

Juan's two for two with FLIGHT ATTENDANT, tripling his money in the process.

After a haunted tour of Las Vegas (includes tickets to a show) from worth $5,113 goes on the wheel, the category for the week's last Meineke Jackpot Round is Before & After. Juan immediately Bankrupts. Vanessa secondly calls two H's for $600 and buys four E's, then she calls two T's for another $900, three N's to add $2,400, but she next buys this puzzle's only dud vowel (A). Devon then calls the first letter of this puzzle, S, for $600, and after buying the I, she follows that with a couple G's for $1,100 more and a $300 L before we see this...

S T E _ H E N

_ I N G

_ _ / T H E / _ _ N G L E

...she solves STEPHEN KING OF THE JUNGLE for $1,750.

DUD: A (Vanessa)

Next category is Fun & Games. Vanessa starts off the second main round with four T's for the Wild Card, two H's for the trip, but she then lands on Lose a Turn. Devon's next in line with three S's for $1,800, the purchase of three O's, two L's for an additional $1,100 and she then buys four E's and three I's. Afterwards, she calls a pair of N's for another grand, two G's to add $1,200, three R's for another nine Benjamins and buys the U. The board currently reads:


G H O S T / S T O R I E S

_ R O U N _ / T H E

_ _ _ _ _ I R E

She's able to solve TELLING GHOST STORIES AROUND THE CAMPFIRE for another five grand and $6,750 total.

LAT: Vanessa

IHOP Mystery/Prize Puzzle Round category is Phrase. Devon immediately calls a dud in N. Juan secondly calls a $300 S, buys a trio of A's, then he lands on the Mystery Wedge next to the Million Dollar Wedge. He calls a T and flips...$10,000! Next, he calls four R's for another couple grand and purchases a pair of O's and six E's; after he calls the K for $600 more, we have...

_ E / S _ R E / T O

K E E _ / _ O _ R

_ A _ E R A / R E A _ _

...Juan, not only have you won another $12,150, BE SURE TO KEEP YOUR CAMERA READY, because you're headed on a tour of Costa Rica from worth six large, for a new total of $21,150 in cash and tour!

DUD: $550 N (Devon)

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: MS00429 (Marie V. from Petersburg, VA!)

$3,000 Toss-Up category is Rhyme Time:

_ _ A M E

G _ M _

Juan solves BLAME GAME to sweep the Toss-Ups and make his new total $24,150! Next category is In the Kitchen. He starts off with twin N's for $1,000 and buys an O and two E's before dudding out with the T. Vanessa follows with two L's for $1,600 before calling D for dud, and we then hear the big bell for Speed-Up Mode. Board at this point:

_ E L _ _ _ N

_ _ _ _ L E / _ _ O N

The remaining consonants are worth...$1,500 apiece. After we get back to her and she calls the B...

B E L _ _ _ N

_ _ _ _ L E / _ R O N

...she finally gets off the gooseegg with BELGIAN WAFFLE IRON for $3,100! Devon leaves with $6,750 and Juan takes the match with $24,150!

So far, an even 34 grand in cash and trip has been given away on the episode just before Halloween.

Prior to big bell: $500 D (Vanessa), $800 T (Juan)
During Speed-Up: P (Juan)


Big Money Round: Juan Hoya spins the S in AMERICA'S and the category is Phrase. Starting with:

_ _ T / _ T

_ _ _

He calls G, M, H and I and gets...

H I T / I T

_ I G

...he is able to HIT IT BIG (and make Kasey Clapp very unhappy back at home) for...

...$25,000, giving him a final total of $49,150 in cash and trip! That means we end up with a 4 for 5 bonus round week just before we head to Boston on Monday! Additionally, as a result of tonight's BR win, we have established a new season-high total for one week with $321,263 in cash and prizes!!

Pat's credit in this week's full credit roll: Pumpkin picker

Jeopardy!: Can Christine Valada become a five-time champion just before, I think, we begin our Teen Tournament on Monday? Let's hope she can against:

Chris Rodrigues (New Bedford, MA)- Personal banking representative
Roopa Kalaynraman Marcello (Brooklyn, NY) Public health professional

Our first six categories this Friday are:


DROP OUT (this is about celebrity school/college drop-outs)

At the first break, Valada has $2,800 and an $800 lead over Marcello; Rodrigues has $400. Marcello later uncovers the Daily Double under the next-to-last clue of this round, the $1,000 one in Tune "In". She and the champ are tied for the lead with $3,400, both leading Rodrigues by four bills. Her wager is the face value of the clue, a grand, on this for the outright lead if she's right:

Perhaps this type of pasta tastes good to your tongue because its name means "little tongue".

"What is linguine?" right for sole possession of the lead and $4,400! Time runs out before we get to the final $1,000 clue in Brotherhood & Sisterhood.


DJ! Categories:


BEST FOREIGN LANGUAGE FILM (a foreign movie title and the year it was released are shown on each clue; the country must be given)
"The Shakespearean Room With Wolf Blitzer" (all clues here are shown on a ticker graphic!)

Marcello finds her second DD of the evening early on under the $2,000 clue in "The Shakespearean Room" with six grand; she leads Rodrigues by a grand, while the champ has $3,800. Her wager this time is two grand. To keep the lead, here's the clue from Wolf:

Breaking news...decapitation & regicide in Scotland! Macbeth is dead, & Macduff hails this man as the new king!

"Who is Ben Quo?"...NO. Wolf was actually referring to Malcolm, so she's fallen to second place for the moment with $4,000. Rodrigues then finds the other one under the $1,600 Artsy clue with $11,400 and the lead; Valada's in second with seven grand and Marcello's back up to $5,600. He wagers $1,400 on this:

In the 1690s, Jesuit brother Andrea Pozzo appropriately painted a "Triumph" of this saint.

"Who is Ignatius (of) Loyola?"...that's the saint for a new total of $12,800! He's close to Lock Game Territory. Time expires before the $800 Best Foreign Language Film clue can be revealed; we end this round with four straight Triple Stumpers.

DJ! LACH TRASH (all unattempted): $5,600


Christine: $7,000
Roopa: $12,000

Chris: $16,000


Christine: $7,000
Roopa: $14,000
Chris: $16,200

This is a 3/4 FJ! betting situation.

FJ! CATEGORY: Presidential Names.

He's the only President whose first and last names contain the same pair of double letters.

Christine Valada responded with NOTHING. Her wager...three grand, dropping her to a final score of $4,000. Roopa Kalaynraman Marcello's response was "Who is Coolidge", which is definitely no good, because that doesn't fit the clue. Her wager...$8,008, so she's now out of this game with $3,992, and it likely means Valada will be sent home with $70,703 for her five days. Just out of curiosity, Chris Rodrigues wrote down not much of anything, going for William Henry Harrison, which is also incorrect; the correct response was "Who is Millard Filmore?". That costs him $8,001, so he'll take $7,999 into next time.

Catch 21: One of these three players could make back-to-back $25,000 wins happen for the very first time here tonight:

Jasmin- Has gotten a transplant in L.A. from NYC
Jerame (originally from Cleveland)- Professional magician
Tammy (Clearwater Beach, FL)- Marketing director

(Notes: In later-taped episodes for this season like last night's and tonight's, Alfonso's standing in front of the three players when he first says somebody could win $25,000, and Mikki apparently no longer goes down the steps when she's first introduced.)


Jasmin: 5 OF HEARTS
Tammy: 5 OF CLUBS

TONIGHT'S BONUS PRIZE: $500 Seattle's Best Coffee gift certificate

After the first three questions, our opening hands now look like:

Jasmin: (5H)(7D) = 12 (200)
Jerame: (AS)(8S) = 8 or 18 (100)
Tammy: (5C)(2C) = 7

4. No, the Battle of the Bulge doesn't involve not fitting into a dress- it was a German offensive during what war?

A: Revolutionary War
B: Civil War

Jerame: Civil War- NO
Tammy: WWII- CORRECT (100)


5. Espresso yourself- which is a coffee icon from Columbia?

A: Juan Peron
B: Juan Perez
C: Juan Valdez

Jasmin: Juan Valdez- YES INDEED (300)


6. If the Trojans were fighting the Fighting Irish, which two colleges would be playing?

A: Harvard & Yale
B: USC & Notre Dame
C: Stanford & Princeton

Jasmin: USC & Notre Dame- YOU BET (400)


7. This year, with a little help from their friends, former members of what rock band help create their own version of the popular video game "Rock Band"?

A: The Monkees
B: The Beatles
C: Rolling Stones

Tammy: The Beatles- OF COURSE (200)



Jerame: 10 OF DIAMONDS
Tammy: 9 OF HEARTS

1. If you tell your hairstylist you'd like a "shag", what are you asking him to give you?

Tammy: Layers haircut- ACCEPTABLE (800)


2. The pessimists' novel "Pirate Latitudes" was found on the computer of what late author of "Jurassic Park" and "The Andromeda Strain"?

A: Robin Cook
B: Michael Crichton
C: Dean Koontz

Jerame: Dean Koontz- INCORRECT
Tammy: Michael Crichton- RIGHT AGAIN (900)


3. We can't help but wonder if Spanish rice was thrown at the 1996 wedding of Melanie Griffith and whom?

Tammy: Antonio Banderas- RIGHT YET AGAIN (1,000)



Jasmin: 6 OF HEARTS

1. If rapper 50 Cent looked at a U.S. 50 cent coin, which youngest elected U.S. President would he see?

Tammy: (John F.) Kennedy- CORRECT


2. What 12-year-old probably screamed for joy when he was paid an estimated $5 Million to star in the 1992 sequel to "Home Alone"?

Tammy: McCaulay Culkin- RIGHT YET AGAIN

For her to win this game and take four Power Chips into Bonusland, she needs at least an 8...



BLACKJACK BONANZA: If Tammy can make yet another $25,000 win happen, we will make history in more ways than one. Let's hope for the best.




2. 8 OF DIAMONDS; CHANGES IT (three Power Chips left)


4. 7 OF HEARTS; HAND #2 CLEARED ($1,000)


6. QUEEN OF HEARTS; CHANGES IT (one Power Chip left)


If one of the next two cards is also an Ace, she will have GRAND SLAMMED this show...


...NO, but at least she goes home with $6,500 in cash and coffee!


Pay It Off: The first-ever returning contestant on this show is Elgin Tucker. He's already won three games, so his total currently stands at $4,500. Bola's his Bailout Buddy and is still available.

Fab 5: Elgin has to pick the five activities out of the 10 listed that burn the most calories per hour, according to WebMD.


1. Swimming
2. Dancing
3. Tennis
4. Yoga
5. Skiing
6. Golf- WINS $7,000

Piece Out: If he's successful in joining the five-figure club, Elgin will win an electric bicycle and an iPod Nano. The category of his mystery picture is Thing.

1. Formerly endorsed by Bill Cosby, about 300 million boxes of what are sold yearly in the U.S.?

A: Rice-A-Roni
B: Wheaties
C: Jell-O
D: Cracker Jack

Guess: Jell-O- YOU BET

2. If rapper Flo Rida wants to admire apple bottoms in his home state of Florida, which beach could he go to?

A: Myrtle
B: South
C: Jones
D: Doheny

Guess: South- YES INDEED (2)

3. Which TV show featured Dennis Haysbery as a black U.S. president before it was cool?

A: "24"
B: "Girlfriends"
C: "Baldwin Hills"
D: "The Game"

Guess: "24"- RIGHT (3)

4. The name of which of the Seven Deadly Sins is also the term for a group of lions?

A: Sloth
B: Anger
C: Greed
D: Pride

Guess: Pride- RIGHT AGAIN (4)

5. What African-American playwright won two Pulitzer Prizes for the plays "Fences" & "The Piano Lesson"?

A: Lorraine Hansberry
B: August Wilson
C: Tyler Perry
D: Langston Hughes

Guess: August Wilson- SWEEP!

He then chooses to remove pieces #7, #8, #3, #13 and #9...and just like yours truly, he knows it after his second puzzle piece removal- the Eiffel Tower!

BACK IN THE BLACK: The base item this go-round are the "Three Little Pigs".

$500: Digits in a Social Security number

$1,000: Acres of land of the White House grounds

He leaves with the $10,000 and a pair of bonus prizes.

(Note: As of the last episode, the $15,000 level is re-titled the "Grand Prize" level.)

Our next contestant is Cheryl Davis from Atlanta, who has about $30,000 worth of credit card debts. Her oldest sister Connie's her Bailout Buddy.

Whodunnit: The two subjects for this game are Eve the Rapper and Eve from the Bible.

1. Who "Gotta Man" the moment she opened her eyes?
Pick: Eve from the Bible- CORRECT

2. Who might have said "Let me blow ya mind" when she was naked with her man Adam?
Pick: Eve the Rapper- STRIKE ONE

3. Who successfully entered a man's world by being the first female in the Ruff Ryders crew?
Pick: Eve the Rapper- RIGHT

4. Who took a bite of the Big Apple when she appeared on "TRL"?
Pick: Eve the Rapper- WINS $1,000

Black Sheep:

1. Which musical group was NOT formed in Atlanta?

A: Destiny's Child

C: Arrested Development

Guess: Destiny's Child- CORRECT

2. The President and First Lady do NOT have what luxury at The White House?

A: Their own movie theater
B: Their own basketball court
C: Their own day spa

Guess: Their own day spa- RIGHT

3. Which of the following beauties is NOT a beauty contest winner?

A: Halle Berry
B: Vanessa L. Williams
C: Vivica A. Fox

Guess: Vivica A. Fox- WINS $2,500

Don't Blink: The music video shown here this time is "Pon De Replay" by Rihanna.


1. What does the neon sign over the artist's shoulder say?
2. On which arm is the artist wearing bracelets?
3. What's playing in the video above the artist's head?
4. What's the letter on the dancer's jacket?
5. Name the song.


1. Dance- STRIKE ONE (A: Park or Par)
2. Right- CORRECT
3. Lightning- RIGHT

Does she know the song's title...NO, so she leaves with $2,500.

Our next contestant is David Wilson from Southfield, MI. He's broke, so he doesn't have a relationship. His brother Nick becomes this game's Bailout Buddy.

David knows enough about the Harlem Globetrotters & the Harlem Renaissance for $1,000, then he gets past Black Sheep to add $1,500...and thanks to Nick on the last question, he manages to successfully clear a Don't Blink game about "The Keyshia Cole Show" to take his winnings to $4,500. If he can win next game, he'll be back on the next episode.

Fab 5: This time, he must pick the five artists out of the possible 10 that were amongst the first 10 inducted into the Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame.

Stevie Wonder
Tina Turner
James Brown
Smokey Robinson
Fats Domino
Bob Marley
Michael Jackson
Ray Charles
Chuck Berry
Little Richard

1. Chuck Berry
2. Ray Charles
3. Stevie Wonder
4. James Brown
5. Bob Marley
6. Michael Jackson

He won't be returning, but he will be leaving with $4,500. The other two correct artists were Fats Domino & Little Richard.

Millionaire: First up was former 1996 "Jeopardy!" College Champion Shane Whitlock from Little Rock, AR. All week long, the Expert has been Tom DeLay.

Lower Tier: Hot Dogs, Sporting Goods, Earth, Movie Directors & Consumer Brands
Middle Tier: Famous Firsts, Colors, Hairstyles, Main Ingredients & David Letterman
Upper Tier: Anatomy, Ohio, Deep Space, Down Under & Assassinations

His first question:

According to their long-running advertising slogan, Ball Park hot dogs do what "when you cook 'em"?

A: Melt
B: Plump
C: Crisp
D: Scream in pain

With just four seconds left, Shane had to Ask the Audience. 97% said plump, 2% said scream in pain and the other 1% said melt. He then locked in plump a second later for $500 and add his first three seconds to his time bank, which now stood at :48. He then got the remainder of his first five questions correct to lock up $5,000 and run his million dollar clock up to 1:32. Now, for $7,500:

Opened in Brooklyn's Coney Island in June 1884, the "Switchback Railway" is recognized as the first what?

A: Carousel
B: Ferris wheel
C: Waterslide
D: Roller coaster

With :17 left, Shane decided to Ask the Expert. Tom thought it was roller coaster, but it feared it would be too obvious. Three seconds later, he Phoned a Friend- it could've been Nicole (Little Rock), Steve (Pittsburgh) or Chad Mosher (Flint, MI). Sorry, Chad, but Shane called up his friend Steve, who thought it was a carousel. Because of two different answers being given, Shane wisely used his Double Dip a second later. His first guess was carousel...incorrect. He then guessed roller coaster with 10 seconds left...Tom was right all along! Shane now had $7,500 and 1:42 on his million dollar clock.


Though the chemical element in its name is itself silvery-white, which of the following colors is a shade of deep blue?

A: Xenon blue
B: Argon blue
C: Cobalt blue
D: Bromine blue

GUESS (:24): Cobalt blue- CORRECT (2:06)


Thought it was made popular by men in the 1950s, what hairstyle is named after a French mistress from the 1700s?

A: Bouffant
B: Pompadour
C: Chignon
D: Pixie

GUESS (:25): Pompadour- RIGHT (2:31)


While sauerkraut is made with cabbage, traditional sauerbraten is made with what?

A: Fish
B: Cheese
C: Beef
D: Fruit

GUESS (:22): Beef- RIGHT (2:53)


In a "Late Show" Christmas tradition, David Letterman has Jay Thomas recount a story about a car chase involving what costumed character?

A: The Lone Ranger
B: Captain Kangaroo
C: Big Bird
D: Bozo the Clown

GUESS (:04): Big Bird- OOPS (A: The Lone Ranger)

Shane had to settle for adding $5,000 to his lifetime GS winnings.

Start of Melissa Storms' game

Episode ratings:

8: "Catch 21", "The Newlywed Game" & "Wheel of Fortune"
7: "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?", "Deal or No Deal"
6: "The Price is Right", "Jeopardy!", "Millionaire" & "Pay It Off"

Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Project Runway" 10/29

To start, the remaining six designers are asked to sit down and have their backs turned from the runway. When they're asked to turn around, they see their best looks of the season so far. This week, each one has to make a companion piece based on their top look.

This week's Mood shopping budget is $100 with a half-hour time limit. On the judging panel this week are Season 2 contestant Nick Verreos, Nina Garcia & actress/L'oreal spokeswoman Kerry Washington.

1. Carol Hannah: Black (Lisa)
2. Althea: White top w/ black pants and a grey jacket (Tanisha)
3. Logan: Mostly black outfit with a few white parts (Kojii)
4. Irina: Brown/white outfit with a beige robe (Kaylin)
5. Gordana: Grey suit w/ black skirt (Matar)
6. Christopher: Black dress w/ a big grey/white skirt (Katie)

The top three this week are Carol Hannah Whitfield, Irina Shabayeva and this week's winner...

...Althea Harper! She's just the second contestant this season to win more than one challenge.

ELIMINATION: After nearly escaping the bottom two a couple weeks ago when she had immunity then, Gordana Gehlhausen has finally dropped down to this point. As for Logan Neitzel, this is his third time facing elimination. The final results...


...Gordana gets another chance, while Logan does not.

Celina Chua is this week's eliminated model.

"Survivor: Samoa" 10/29

With Russell Swan's unfortunate exit last week, Shambo Waters is now the new captain of Galu.

Reward Challenge: There are 30 small huts, each with a survival item inside. There are 13 matching pairs of items, with the other four being duds. One team member at a time chooses two huts to try and make a match. At any point, if a tribe's leader decides they want to keep any item (s) they just matched for future use, they can do so, but they will lose credit for the match (es) they made for the item (s). The tribe with more points at the end wins a pirate ship lunch getaway and gets to send one of their members to the losing tribe's camp for some spying.

Galu chooses to sit out Shambo, Kelly Sharbaugh & Dave Ball. Additionally, Brett Clauser will be their leader for this challenge only.

Russell Hantz: Fire-starting kit & rope
John: Cleaver & mosquito net
Jaison: Lantern/oil & fire-starting kit
Laura: Both fire-starting kits; KEEPS IT
Elizabeth: Cleaver & mosquito net
Brett: Both mosquito nets (1)
Natalie: Hammock & pot
John: Both cleavers (2)

By a final score of 7-3...

...Galu wins (they also decided to keep a tarp along the way) and sends Laura Morett over to Foa Foa's home base. During that time, Laura makes a secret pact with Mr. Hantz.

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE #6: After both tribes paddle out to the ocean to retreive all six sets of fish-shaped puzzle pieces, they have to paddle back to shore and let three of their members attempt to solve the fish puzzle.

John Fincher, Monica Padilla and Laura sit out for Galu this time. This week's immunity winners are...

...Galu one more time!

TRIBAL COUNCIL #6: For the second straight time, Elizabeth Kim's in danger here; this time, Jaison Robinson's her opponent. By a unanimous 4-1 vote...


...Liz is history.

10/29/2009 Results

LMAD: Episode 1033 opens with Amelia (dressed as a pirate girl) and Kenneth (dressed as Bret Michaels) being offered two envelopes, one of which has a $5 bill on the outside and the other having a $100 bill on the outside. Kenneth chooses the $5 one while Amelia gets the $100 one. Kenneth can either take the additional money inside his envelope or trade all the money away for what's behind the big box. He takes the box...for the second straight day, we have an instant ZONK- a bumper car. That costs Kenneth $255. Amelia can then trade in her envelope for what's behind Curtain #1, and she does...she passes up two grand, but in return, she wins a three-night spa trip to New England worth $7,502! But as luck would have it, we're not done with Kenneth just yet. Jonathan then brings down the small box's table, which now has a board with two cards on it. If he picks the right one, he'll drive away in a 2010 Ford Focus S worth $15,995 (Curtain #3). He chooses the left one...NO, so he's the first contestant ever on this version of the show to get ZONKED twice.

Second, Christine (dressed as a cowboy), Linette (dressed as a flower) and Lamont (wearing a black suit with a black and purple hat) are playing marbles for money. Inside the grab bag are seven green ones and two red ones. Every time s/he picks a green one, money is awarded, but if a red is chosen at any time, they're out of the deal with whatever they had up to that point.

For $500:

Linette: GREEN
Christine: GREEN
Lamont: OUT

For $1,000:

Linette: GREEN ($1,500)
Christine: OUT

Since she's the only one left, Linette is given the option of keeping her money or buying what's behind Curtain #3. She keeps her dough...and there was another car back at the curtain furthest to the right- a Chevrolet Cobalt LS Sedan (Std., #I) worth $15,840. That likely sends her home for good with $1,500.

The first half then concludes with Olga (dressed as an Italian chef), Kevin (dressed as a hot dog) and Andrew. They're first offered either an envelope or something that's worth at least $500 behind Curtain #1. Olga gets to choose for them, and it's the envelope. The first curtain had a 47" LG LCD HDTV and a Nintendo Wii Fit package worth $2,050. Now, the middle curtain's mininum value is $1,000, and she takes that...the envelope had $1,100 for each trader. At this point, everybody's now on their own. They can either keep Curtain #2 or trade for a complete unknown inside the small box (Jonathan). Everyone keeps the Sure Thing behind that second curtain...instead of a bag ball of chewing gum inside the small box, all of the traders in this deal receive a high-end music system and a designer chair worth a total of $7,229! PERFECT DEAL!

Now, for the day's couples deal, with Andrew & Dominique (dressed as Olympic gold medalists; they're actually teachers). They have a chance to win a four-night trip for two to St. Thomas (Curtain #3; includes an excursion on a private yacht) worth $4,800. Alison's controlling four pairs of cards. In each pair are an Ace and a ZONK. If they can pick three out of the four Aces, they win the trip.

2. Right- ZONK #1

At this point, they bail out for $1,000.

3. Right- ZONK #2!

In our final regulation deal, Amber (dressed as a cruise lady) can either take the bracelet case and whatever's inside or what's behind Curtain #1. She takes the curtain...and gets a ZONK alarm clock. $2,600 was inside her case.

THE BIG DEAL: The BD this Thursday is worth $21,733. While Amelia goes to New England and Olga keeps her music/chair package, Kevin goes for it and selects Door #2, hoping that the BD's there for the third straight episode...I DON'T THINK SO- he gets $3,456 from the Bank Vault and the losing streak here's broken double digits now. Let's see where everything else was:

Door #1: Jeep Wrangler X
Door #3: French Empire style dining room ($9,838)

TPIR: Before we get to this year's Halloween special, let's do Episode 4944K first today (therefore, the exploding dollar signs around Rich's calldown window will be in effect on this episode). Our opening contestants are Peter Maciel, Christopher Hadlock from the University of Texas, Dorothy Dunbar & Heather Lovett. We have a neat opening IUFB for you behind Door #3- it's a birdieball inflatable golf game (Rachel).

Heather: $600
Dorothy: $750
Christopher: $450
Peter: $751

ARP: $1,299

Peter plays Freeze Frame for a trip to Hilton Head (Manuela at the audience screen; includes 10 one hour golf lessons). The best ARP possibilities on this particular board are $3,849, $4,965, $5,695, $6,587, $8,713 & $9,524. He pulls the freeze lever at $6,587, after almost stopping at $8,713...he'll be traveling there!

Taking over his green spot second is Meoshe Williams and the second IUFB on the turntable is an ESP electric guitar (Manuela).

Meoshe: $802
Heather: $1,100
Dorothy: $1,500
Christopher: $1,200

ARP: $2,149

Dorothy from Pasco, WA plays Pathfinder for a 2010 Ford Mustang (Std., #101A, Prot)(Amber at Door #3). Board:


Today's SPs modeled by Rachel are:

Chopper: $50 or $65?
Warming tray: $150 or $180?
"Star Trek" telephone: $55 or $70?

She gets off to a terrible start by stepping to 5 as the second digit. For the chopper, she guesses $50...correct. Dorothy is wrong again by stepping to the 4. She secondly picks the warming tray and guesses $180...right again. She then hopes that 3's the second number in the Mustang price...but it's the 2. To stay in the game, she makes a guess of $70 for the phone...yes indeed ($ 2 2 , _ _ _). Dorothy next steps to 8 as the middle digit...right ($ 2 2 , 8 _ _). She then steps to the 5 as the next-to-last digit...nope. ARP: $22,839.

Rich then calls on Alonzo Sandoval and the third IUFB behind the rising sign is dumbbells (Amber).

Alonzo: $1,000
Christopher: $800
Meoshe: $650
Heather: $1,001

ARP: $1,175

Heather plays Most Expensive for a baby stroller package (Amber), an electric range (Manuela) and an Apple MacBook laptop w/ an iPod Touch (Rachel). Her ME pick is the range...sorry, that's the Least Expensive at $1,349. The stroller was $1,580 and the electronics were the ME at $2,198.

Heather ($1,175; first spin was a PENALTY): 15 + 60 = $.75
Dorothy ($2,449): $.80
Peter ($7,886): Quarter + 75 = WINS $1,000 & SHOWCASE BERTH!

Peter's Bonus Spin nets him...FOR THE FIRST TIME THIS SEASON, $25,000!!!! That gives him a new total of $33,886 in cash and prizes!

(SCSD money graphic notes: There's a new animation for the $1,000 graphic once it's finished. As for the $10K and $25K graphics, the comma in both of them now spins on the screen; originally, it just popped up instead of doing that.)

Coming on down next is Joseph Burnett and the next IUFB is camping equipment (Rachel at Door #3).

Joseph: $642
Alonzo: $780
Christopher: BUCK
Meoshe: $781

ARP: $916

Meoshe, soon to be a Math teacher, plays Pushover for a living room group (Manuela at Door #2). Board:


I say $4,515, but she pushes on to $6,804...


...sorry, I was right.

Next to leave their seat is Sandra Henderson (wearing a tye-dye T-shirt) and the next IUFB is a men's watch (Manuela).

Sandra: $1,251
Joseph: $1,000
Alonzo: $1,200
Christopher: $1,050

ARP: $1,800

Sandra from Culver City, CA plays Any Number for either some Michael Kors accessories (Amber) or a 2010 Toyota Camry LE I4 (Std., Bluetooth, Mats)(Rachel at Door #2). First number in the price of the car is 2.

1. 1- CAR ($ 2 _ , 1 _ _)
2. 2- Accessories ($ _ 2 _)
3. 3- CAR ($ 2 3 , 1 _ _)
4. 8- Accessories ($ 8 2 _)
5. 7- Pricey Ziffel ($ 7 . _ _)
6. 9- CAR ($ 2 3 , 1 _ 9)
7. 5- Wins $859 accessories

The Camry was $23,149 and the piggy bank's value was $7.60.

Rich then graces our screens to call on Nathan Livingston and the final IUFB is luggage from another designer, Kenneth Cole (Manuela behind the splitting sign). Christopher's been here the whole day, but he will bid last once again.

Nathan: $950
Joseph: $499
Alonzo: $951
Christopher: $1,000

ARP: $1,440, so Christopher's finally in!

He now can take that luggage on a trip to Osaka, Japan (Amber at Door #3) if he can get the scale in check on Balance Game (Rachel). The last three digits in the price of the trip are 3, 5 and 4.

DOLLAR VALUES AVAILABLE: $2,000, $5,000 & $7,000

Christopher picks the two least expensive bags for a total guess of $7,354, which was mine as well...but it was the middle ARP of $9,354. Thus, the lucky guy who won $26K in the first Showcase Showdown is fittingly the only Pricing Game winner of this episode.

My lineup today:

1. Balance Game
2. Any Number
3. Puhsover
4. Most Expensive
5. Freeze Frame
6. Pathfinder

There should've been a grocery item PG in today's lineup.

Meoshe ($916; first two spins were PENALTIES): WINS $1,000!
Christopher ($1,440): 15 + 80 = $.95
Sandra ($2,629): 30 + $1 = OVER

Let's see if Meoshe can do just as well as Peter did in her Bonus, she gets 60 cents.

The first Showcase contains an Ashley dining room w/ the Noritake stuff (Rachel at Door #3), a private chef (Manuela), a private string quartet from and a trip to Paris (Amber at Door #1; includes dinner for two at the Jules Verne Restaurant).



Peter could now add to his already big haul a trip to London to see the red carpet premiere of the new version of Disney's "A Christmas Carol" starring Jim Carrey (Rachel), a retro refridgerator from Elmira Stove Works (Rachel)(Past), a Samsung 46" LED LCD TV (Rachel)(Present) and the all-new 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid (Manuela)(Future)! All prizes are modeled at Door #2.

PETER BIDS $32,000 ON CHRISTMAS PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE SHOWCASE- STAGE GARF (only about covers the car and the TV)


BID: $15,504
ARP: $22,713

BID: $32,000
ARP: $38,189
DIFFERENCE: $6,189- WIN!!!!!


Video Bonus: Peter Pulls a Taylor Randall/George Diaz on "TPIR"!

Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?: NASCAR Week continues with Denny Hamlin. Like Kurt Busch yesterday, he's playing for both his own foundation and the NASCAR one. After making Danielle his first partner, here come the subjects:

1st Grade Nature
1st Grade Social Studies
2nd Grade Measurements
2nd Grade Geometry
3rd Grade Ancient Cultures
3rd Grade Grammar
4th Grade World Geography
4th Grade World History
5th Grade U.S. History
5th Grade U.S. Geography

We start off with this $5,000 question in 5th Grade U.S. Geography:

Pennsylvania's capital, Harrisburg, lies on the east bank of what river?

Denny immediately uses the Copy. Danielle's guess was the Susquahanna...sounds weird, but it's correct for $5,000! Staying up top, here's the other 5th Grade question from U.S. History:

Three Vice Presidents served under U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt. John Nance Garner & Henry A. Wallace are two. Who was the third?

Denny pretty much blanks on this one, so he's hoping that Danielle can save him...and she does with Harry Truman to double his charity winnings to $10,000! Then, he goes down to 2nd Grade Measurements before being asked this for another grand:

If October 1st falls on a Tuesday, what day of the week will Halloween fall on?

Unfortunately, Denny DOES NOT lock in Thursday; he says Tuesday instead, so he's now playing for a possible $140,000. His second teammate is Malachi and his fourth category is 4th Grade World History. For $3,500, here's the question:

In what present-day U.S. state could you find the abandoned cliff dwellings of the Anasazi people?

A: Colorado
B: Hawaii
C: Vermont

His guess this time is Hawaii...should've used the Peek on Malachi, because he had the right state of Colorado. With $105,000 left in his potential jackpot, his fifth topic is 3rd Grade Grammar. For $2,500:

What word is the article in the following sentence- "Danielle got a pet parakeet"?

Denny locks in "parakeet"...but it's the A. That means he still has NOT gotten a question correct on his own today. Maybe his skid will end after being asked this 2nd Grade Geometry question:

If we build a rectangular race track wiith sides of 20 feet and 30 feet, what's its perimeter?

He tries 100...finally! With Zach now available for a Peek situation, Denny's next category choice is 4th Grade World Geography:

Puerto Rico is located at which of the following points on the given map- A, B or C?

He locks in C, while Zach thought of B...should've Peeked. Next question, in 3rd Grade Ancient Cultures:

What's the name of the following ancient monument located in Egypt?

Denny FINALLY uses his Peek and then locks in Zach's response of The Sphinx...good for $2,500. Now, to 1st Grade Nature:

How many total legs does a typical bee have?

Torn between six and eight, Denny guesses six...that's the right one! He now has three grand.

Extra Credit Question:

The hottest chili pepper in the world comes from which of the following countries?

A: India
B: Mexico
C: Thailand

Answer: India; Thailand was the first country eliminated.

For a total of $3,500, here's the 1st Grade Social Studies question:

T or F: Thomas Jefferson is featured on the face of the nickel.

Denny locks in True...$3,500! And now, for $35,000, here's the Bonus Question in Literature:

The story of schoolboys stranded on a desert island, "Lord of the Flies" was written by which author?

All Denny can come up with is Stephen King...and he gives back a grand. It was William Golding, so he's the third NASCAR driver out of four to leave with $2,500 in charity money.

Next amongst the pregnant moms to play is Tamara Bennefield (who is a lawyer expecting in a week). After Madison is chosen by her as this game's first partner, here are the 10 topics this time:

1st Grade Math
1st Grade Vocabulary
2nd Grade Social Studies
2nd Grade Spelling
3rd Grade Earth Science
3rd Grade Animal Science
4th Grade Astronomy
4th Grade World History
5th Grade Ancient History
5th Grade World Geography

(Note: Her topic board just before the start of the game was much different than the one she eventually plays right now- not sure why. BIG editing mistake there by Don Weiner.)

We open in the middle of the board with 3rd Grade Earth Science and this $2,500 question:

T or F: Methane is a greenhouse gas.

She guesses True...and is on the board! Secondly, she tries this 4th Grade World History question:

In the 1400s, French heroine Joan of Arc led her army in a war against what nation?

She uses her Peek. Madison's guess was England. Since that was Tamara's instinct guess, that's what she locks in...and that's right to go to $6,000! She then completes the middle line of the categories with 3rd Grade Animal Science. For another $2,500, here's the question this time out:

Which of the following is the closest-living relative to the trilobite?

A: African elephant
B: Gecko
C: Horseshoe crab

After ruling out the elephant, Tamara wants to lock in the horseshoe crab, but she instead makes the gecko her final answer...but her gut was right again this time. Did Madison say the crab...yes for the Save and a new total of $8,500! Her second and maybe final partner is Annalise and her next subject is 5th Grade Ancient History. For another five big ones, the question is:

Designated as a World Heritage site, Cappadocia is a centuries-old complex of caves carved into ancient volcanic rock and located in what country?

With only Egypt as her initial idea, Tamara uses the Copy. Annalise said Greece...NO. That's actually found in Turkey. Now with $115,000 left to play for and out of cheats, her next subject is 5th Grade World History. Her other $5,000 question:

If Annalise is visiting the islands of Sumatra and Sulawesi, what country is she in?

Tamara makes a wild guess of Malaysia...not quite- Indonesia was it. With the potential jackpot down to $65,000 at this point, she tries to do better with this $3,500 from 4th Grade Astronomy:

Which layer of the Sun is closest to its core?

A: Corona
B: Chromosphere
C: Photosphere

After talking it out, Tamara guesses the corona...her current funk continues- it was the photosphere. She tries yet again to get back on track with the following from 2nd Grade Social Studies:

What's the lowest denomination of current U.S. paper currency that does NOT feature the portrait of a U.S. President on its front?

She chooses the $10 bill...her losing streak is over for now! Now, for another $500, here's the 1st Grade Math problem:

What letter in the alphabet typically represents the multiplication symbol?

She gets X no problem! Onward to this from 2nd Grade Spelling:

What are the last four letters in the following word, meaning "complete"- "thorough"?

She's right again with -ough! To finish with three grand, let's see what 1st Grade Vocabulary has to offer:

By definition, the word equine refers to what species of mammal?

She's not very sure about her guess of dog, but she locks it in anyway...GAME OVER. Equine actually refers to horses, so she leaves with the $250 gift card from Just for giggles, here was the erroneous category board:

1st Grade Spelling
1st Grade Math
2nd Grade U.S. Geography
2nd Grade Grammar
3rd Grade Nature
3rd Grade Health
4th Grade World Geography
4th Grade U.S. History
5th Grade Geometry
5th Grade Social Studies

Totino's Extra Credit Question:

What percentage of U.S. teens currently have a cell phone?

A: 20%
B: 40%
C: 60%

20% was eliminated first; the correct answer is double that.

In the final game, Girl Scout troop leader and stay-at-home mom Michele Hill left with the $2,500 card when she first made a critical mistake on this 2nd Grade Math question that looked like this (with no cheats left):

What number would Kevin add to three to make a doubles fact?

She said seven, but the answer was another odd number- 3. That cost her $21,500. She then identified that the E and the U in the word "unsuccessfully" both appeared three times on her 3rd Grade Spelling question to get $2,500 and virtually a free shot at the Bonus Question. In Earth Science, the final question was:

The spiral shape of a hurricane is the result of what counterclockwise movement in the Northern Hemisphere named for a French physicist?

She had pretty much no idea by guessing Pierre- it was the Coriolis Effect. At least all three of today's Flunk Outs didn't leave with $250 unlike on the Tuesday of last week.

DOND: After being eliminated first the past two episodes, #7 Meg Donovan gets chosen by the Deal Wheel to play today! Let's see how lucky that case of hers is today.

1. #1 (Rosa)- $500
2. #2 (Robert)- $1,000
3. #8 (Lakisha)- $25,000
4. #6 (James)- $100,000 (she was ONE OFF this amount)
5. #13 (Jen)- $100


1. #19 (Gerry P.)- $10,000
2. #10 (Tiffany)- $2,500
3. #9 (Angela)- $7,500
4. #12 (Kim)- BUCK
5. #22 (Rema)- $50


1. #16 (Dan)- $5
2. #15 (Pattie)- $300
3. #21 (Bob)- $5,000
4. #20 (Erin)- $75,000 (DANGER ZONE ENFORCED)


1. #17 (Andrea)- PENNY
2. #18 (Valerie)- $25

FOURTH OFFER: DOUBLE to $78,000- DEAL (another very iffy decision there)

1. #3 (Frannie)- $500,000!
2. #4 (Mark)- $400
OFFER: $62,000

19th PICK: #14 (Kevin)- $10
OFFER: $69,000

20th PICK: #5 (Roula)- $50,000
FINAL OFFER: $128,000

Meg's case...wasn't so lucky after all- it had just $300 inside, so another great deal has been made!

The Newlywed Game: Now, to Thursday's couples:

Horacio & Marlene (married a year and two months)
Armando & Enrica (married five months)
John & Debbie (also married five months)

Randy's Intro: "She's gorgeous, witty and wise"


1. After a big argument, do the two of you talk before going to bed, go to bed angry or work it out in the bedroom?
2. If you hadn't met your wife, which of her friends would you have most likely to ask out on a date?
3. Complete the following: "In a perfect world, my wife's size would be a _________ cup."


1. Talk
2. Angie
3. D

1. Talk
2. Annick
3. D

1. Talk
2. Shauna
3. B

TRIP AT STAKE: Antigua (The Verandah)


1. Talk- MATCH (5)
2. Anna- NO MATCH
3. D- MATCH (10)

1. Go to sleep angry- NO MATCH
2. Annick- MATCH (5)
3. D- MATCH (10)

1. Talk- MATCH (5)
2. Shauna- MATCH (10)


1. Which submarine sandwich size best describes your husband- kid, 6" or footlong?
2. If we asked you to describe a sexual fantasy that involves your husband in a different profession, what job would he be doing? Dimension (Humor): Complete the following- "All my husband has to do is __________ and I'm on the floor laughing hysterically."
30-POINT BONUS QUESTION: "They would kill us if they found out that for our wedding, _________ gave us _________, and we totally returned it."


1. Footlong
2. Fireman
3. Mocks her
BONUS: Anna, toaster oven

1. Footlong
2. Fireman
3. Telling stories about Costa Rica
BONUS: Natalie & Joe, a check

1. 6"
2. Fireman
3. Farting in front of her
BONUS: Liz, bath gift basket


1. 6"- NO MATCH
2. Construction worker- NO MATCH
3. Fart- NO MATCH
BONUS: David, coffee maker- OUT

1. Footlong (he originally said kid size but Carnie realized he misunderstoood the question)- MATCH (20)
2. Fireman- MATCH (30)
3. Friends' invitations- ACCEPTABLE (40)

1. Footlong- NO MATCH
2. Dancer- NO MATCH
3. Tickling her- NO MATCH
BONUS: Bob, doormat- LOSS

Armando & Enrica win by the widest margin of the season!

Today's Consolation Prize: Sony Cyber-shot camera from

WOF: Two more days left in the annual salute to Halloween. The first Toss-Up category tonight is Show Biz:

_ O _ R _ R

M _ V _ E

Shannon solves HORROR MOVIE for a grand and let's meet her now, as well as the two opponents:

Shannon Friedman (Ft. Arthur, TX)- 7th-12th Grade English teacher
Eric Hamlin (Bridgewater, MA)- Satelite cable technician
Tonya George (Hot Springs, AR)- A lady who loves to enter contests

$2,000 Toss-Up category is Fun & Games:

_ _ L L _ W

_ I _ _ _

Eric solves PILLOW FIGHT for $2,000.

Meineke Jackpot Round category is Phrase and out on the wheel now is a trip to the Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans (includes a Haunted History tour) worth $5,040. He first calls two N's for the Wild Card, then three R's for $2,100 and then the purchase of two E's. Next, he lights up two T's to add $900 and we have...

E N T E R / _ T / _ _ _ R

_ _ N / R _ _ _

...he solves ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK for another $2,750 and $4,750 total.


Prize Puzzle Round category is Things. Tonya's up first this time with three N's for $900 but then hits Bankrupt immediately after that. Shannon secondly calls a couple G's for $1,400, buys five I's, then she calls three T's to add $1,800 to her bank. After buying a quartet of E's and a pair of A's, she lights up triple S's for an additional $1,500, three R's for an extra $900 and then buys an O to clean out the vowels. Following all of that, she lands on Free Play and calls an F for $500 more (she could've tried to solve the puzzle right then and there; if she had been incorrect, she wouldn't have lost her turn), then she puts up a $700 L, a $500 W, a $900 C, a $600 B, and she finally decides to buzz in...


F L O A T I N G / I N

_ R I S T I N E


...she guesses ICEBERGS FLOATING IN PRISTINE WATERS...correct for another $7,800 and the Alaskan Cruise from Princess Cruises worth $5,500, a new total of $14,300 in cash and cruise.


TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: PY0000832 (Pamela Y. from Cherokee, NC)

IHOP Mystery Round category is Before & After. The big winner of the last round, Shannon, starts off this one with two T's for $1,200 and an E purchase, then she calls the H for another $300, a couple N's for an extra $1,100 and then purchases a pair of A's. Afterwards, she calls twin R's to throw in an extra C-note and buys triple O's before calling a dud in J while on FP; Pat mistakenly next tries to send control over to Eric before quickly realizing his mistake. As it turns out, Eric's going to be up next anyway, because she next spins Lose a Turn. Eric then lands on the Mystery Wedge in between those two spaces and calls a couple D's. He risks his Wild Card by flipping it over...and he finds the $10,000 treat! The board at this point:

D O _ N / _ O R / T H E

_ O _ N T

D R A _ _ _ A

He wins the money with DOWN FOR THE COUNT DRACULA, putting him back in the lead by $450 with $14,750!

DUD: J (Shannon)
LAT: Shannon

$3,000 Toss-Up category is On the Map:

_ _ A T H

_ _ _ L _ Y

This is the alleged hometown of current WWE World Heavyweight Champion The Undertaker- DEATH VALLEY, and Eric solves it to pad his lead with a new total of $17,750! Next category is Event. Eric immediately duds out with R. Tonya secondly calls a $900 S, an E while on FP, but then gets her second Bankrupt of the night. Shannon then calls a dud in N. Eric then calls a couple L's before we go to Speed-Up Mode with this board:

_ _ L _ _ _ _ E

_ _ _ _ L _ _ _ _ S

The remaining consonants are worth...$6,000 each! Eric calls two T's, Tonya calls D for dud and Shannon calls an M. Then, everyone calls a dud with W, C & P respectively. Next, Eric calls four H's...

H _ L _ T _ M E

H _ _ H L _ _ H T S

...this will be part of our HALFTIME HIGHLIGHTS when we reach that point in the current season, because Eric solves this puzzle for a whopping $36,600 and a new season-high maingame total of $54,350!!! He also gets to take the Wild Card to the bonus round! Shannon leaves with $14,300 in cash and cruise and Tonya gets the $1,000 gooseegg prize.

So far, $69,350 in cash and cruise has been given away tonight!

Prior to big bell: $700 N (Shannon), $700 R (Eric)
During Speed-Up: C (Tonya), D (Tonya), P (Shannon), W (Eric)


Big Money Round: Should Eric Hamlin win this endgame, he will definitely at least be the biggest winner of the season so far. He spins the ampersand and the category is Phrase. Starting with:

_ _ / _ _ _ _ R E

After calling M, D, G and A, he calls H for his Wild Card Choice...

G _ / _ _ G _ R E

...GO FIGURE- that G call saves him! Now, if the $100,000 is in the envelope, he's the second-highest winner ever on this show...

...I can tell you right now it's not $25,000 or $30,000...

's $35,000. That means his final, season-high total tonight, all in cash, is $89,350- way to go, Eric!!! That's the second GS today to post a new season-high total- I had a feeling something big was going to happen today!

Video Bonus: Season-high Win II

Jeopardy!: Christine Valada's going for her fourth win tonight against:

Sara Kniffen (Vermillion, SD)- Graduate student
Ed Perez-Giz (NYC)- Tutor

Thursday's first six topics:

WHICH CAME FIRST? (three items are given on each clue)
I FEEL LIKE SUCH AN IDIOM (these are visual puzzles acted out by the Clue Crew)

Perez-Giz ends the first played category, The E.U., with the Daily Double; he has $1,600, while Valada has $400 and Kniffen's $600 in the hole. He's going for a True Daily Double, folks! Here's the clue for $3,200 or nothing:

Of the 27 full members of the E.U., this nation is first alphabetically.

"What is Albania?"...that's NOT even part of the E.U. The right country did indeed start with A, but it was Austria. The champ's in front at the first break with $2,600, while the two challengers have $1,200 apiece. At the end of the round...

Christine: $5,400
Ed: $3,600
Sara: $2,800's still a pretty tight game.

(BTW, all of the money that Sara has won so far will come a long way towards finding a new permanent home for her family, as it got burned down last April. This reminds me of what happened to the best solo player of all-time back on "Blockbusters", John Hatten, back in 1980 during his first 10 matches on that show.)


DJ! Categories:


MOST POPULOUS CITY IN THE STATE (the said city must be identified after the state has been given)

Valada finds DD #1 under the $2,000 Classical Music clue with $10,200; she only leads Perez-Giz by $600, while Kniffen's stuck with two grand. Her wager is her current lead on this:

Halloween concerts often include this, "Opus 40" by Saint-Saens, with a xylophone imitating rattling bones.

She's smiling, because she knows it's "What is Night on Bald Mountain?"...or is it- that's actually incorrect. The correct title was "Danse Macabre", so she's now tied for the lead at $9,600 apiece. Two clues later, after Kniffen's successful on the $800 Semitic Languages clue, she finds the other DD under the $1,200 one. She wagers two grand of her $2,800 on the following clue:

People who spoke Semitic languages include these great seafarers whose alphabet led to ours.

"Who are the Arabs?"...not them. They were instead called the Venetians, dropping her to eight Benjamins. She then gets $1,600 of the lost money back with the next clue in the same category before time runs out on the round. The $2,000 clue there and the $1,600 & $2,000 "EU" clues go unplayed.



Christine & Ed: $9,600 apiece
Sara: $2,400


Christine: $10,200
Ed: $11,200
Sara: $4,400

Whenever two players are tied for the lead heading into FJ!, we're in a Prisoner's Dilemma. Thus, Kniffen shouldn't wager very much then.

FJ! CATEGORY: The Pulitzer Prize For Drama.

One of the two one-word plays, winners in 2001 & 2005, which both became movies; if you have one, you want the other.

Sara Kniffen wrote down "What is Doubt?"...that's one of the two, and she didn't bet a dime. Ed Perez-Giz instead came up with "What is Time"...not the other one, and he LOSES EVERYTHING. Christine Valada's response was "What is Proof?" one member in the audience suspected, that's the other one for her fourth straight win! She wagered $4,700, for a total of $14,300 tonight and a four-day total of $68,703! The lady's understandably emotional afterwards!

Catch 21: Tonight, we Alfonso come out without a jacket and Mikki not coming down the steps when she's introduced (she's already at her card podium). Anyway, onto the game with these contestants:

Daniel Roden (Calabassas, CA)- Restaurant server
Stacey ? (L.A.)- Retail manager/jewelry maker
Devin Wilson (originally from Texas)- Hotel worker



TONIGHT'S BONUS TRIP: San Francisco (Radisson Fisherman's Wharf)

1. In a breakthrough performance, Ellen Page breaks the news to her parents that she's pregnant in what hit movie?

Devin: "Juno"- CORRECT (100)



Stacey: 2 OF CLUBS
Devin: 4 OF HEARTS

The board now after the first three questions of this round:

Daniel: (KS)(9H) = FREEZES AT 19 (100)
Stacey: (2C)(9S) = 11 (200)
Devin: (4H)(AH) = 5 or 15 (600)

4. Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross or Gladys Knight- which soul singer is famous for going on stage and showing off her Pips?

Devin: Gladys Knight- CORRECT (700)


5. This year, angry taxpayers dumped tea into a Florida harbor to re-create the Boston Tea Party, which occurred in what century- 16th, 17th or 18th?

Devin: 17th- INCORRECT
Stacey: 18th- CORRECT (300)


6. You can burn up to 500 calories an hour while doing what combination of aerobics and dance?

A: Tae-Bo
B: Pilates
C: Jazzercise

Devin: Tae-Bo- NO
Stacey: Jazzercise- RIGHT AGAIN (400)


7. Which is the name of a real U.S. city?

A: George Washington
B: Hannah Montana
C: Yellow Rose of Texas

Stacey: Yellow Rose of Texas- NO
Devin: George Washington- RIGHT (800)




Stacey: 10 OF DIAMONDS
Devin: 7 OF CLUBS

1. "Fun, fearless, female" is the slogan of what girly magazine formerly edited by Helen "Girly" Brown?

A: Elle
B: Cosmopolitian
C: Vogue

Stacey: Cosmopolitian- CORRECT


2. 7 OF HEARTS (14)

Devin leaves with the S.F. trip.

BLACKJACK BONANZA: Stacey's got her three Power Chips. She managed to get on this show after being approached by a contestant coordinator while she was eating some yogurt with blueberries and granola on a lunch break that cost about two bucks.






4. 3 OF SPADES; HAND #1 CLEARED ($5,000)

5. KING OF DIAMONDS; CHANGES IT (two Power Chips left)


7. 9 OF HEARTS; CHANGES IT (one Power Chip left)

8. 2 OF SPADES (11)

Does she get a 10 or face card within two turns to keep our season's weekly bonus round win streak intact?...


...YES! She has just turned a $2 lunch break into a $26,000 payday! That means we've now had a BB winner in each of the season's first three weeks, already tying the amount of wins in each of the first two seasons! Tune in tomorrow to see if we make it happen again!


Conclusion of Michael Cahill's game (former "Jeopardy!" and "Merv Griffin's Crosswords" contestant!)
Game 2

Episode ratings:

Wheel of Fortune: 10
Catch 21: 9
TPIR: 8 (if there had been at least one more PG win, I would've instead given it a 9 or 10)
Deal or No Deal & Jeopardy!: 8 also
The Newlywed Game: 7
Deal or No Deal & WWTBAM: 6 each
Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?: 4