Friday, January 29, 2010

"Project Runway" 1/28

THIS WEEK'S CHALLENGE: In teams of two, create a high-end signature look worthy of being included in a master collection. Also, they had to create a cheap look derivative of another team's.

The Mood shopping budget for Part 1 this week was a RECORD $500; their shopping time limit was 45 minutes. The second part had a $50 budget and a 20 minute time limit (only one member of each team could go shopping at that point) and Jay Nicolas Sario's prize for winning last week's challenge was the right to automatically become a team leader for this challenge. The other six leaders were chosen by Tim Gunn from a grab bag, after which the leaders would choose their partners; all of the team leaders are listed first for each team. Here were the seven teams (the team they chose to make a similar dress off of theirs are in parentheses):

1. Jay Nicolas Sario & Maya Luz (Ben & Janeane)
2. Jesus Estrada & Amy Sarabi (Ping & Jesse)
3. Anthony L. Williams & Seth Aaron Henderson (Jesus & Amy)
4. Janeane Marie Ceccanti & Ben Chmura (Mila & Jonathan Joseph)
5. Mila Hermanovski & Jonathan Joseph Peters (Anthony & Seth Aaron)
6. Ping Wu & Jesse LeNoir (Emilio & Anna Marie)
7. Emilio Sosa & Anna Marie Lynett (Maya & Jay)

This week's guest judge was British fashion designer Matthew Williamson.

1. Anthony & Seth Aaron
2. Jesus & Amy
3. Mila & Jonathan Joseph
4. Janeane Marie & Ben
5. Emilio & Anna Marie
6. Jay Nicolas & Maya
7. Ping & Jesse

1. Jesus & Amy
2. Anthony & Seth Aaron
3. Mila & Jonathan Joseph
4. Janeane Marie & Ben
5. Emilio & Anna Marie
6. Jay Nicolas & Maya
7. Ping & Jesse

The first three teams definitely in were Jesus & Amy, Janeane Marie & Ben and Emilio & Anna Marie. The top duo was...

...Mila & Jonathan Joseph, and the sole challenge winner was Maya, also winning her immunity!

ELIMNATION #3: After finishing second-to-worst on the season premiere, Anthony was in the bottom two this week with Ping (who also finished in the bottom three last week). It was possible both of them could have been eliminated by Heidi Klum...


...but only Ping was cut. The model that was out this week was Sophia Lee.
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