Friday, January 29, 2010

The Week in Review: January 25-31; First Player of the Month Standings for 2010 announced

Player of the Week:
WINNER: Nancy Sandoval ($58,522)("The Price is Right")
RUNNER-UP: Rachel Gordon ($53,500)("Wheel of Fortune")
3RD PLACE: Rebecca Dixon ($53,001 as current two-day champion)("Jeopardy!")

ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK: Nora Cook's One Away bomb of $21,544 on her second guess on Wednesday's "Price"

JANUARY 2010 PLAYER OF THE MONTH: Jason Zollinger ($149,404 six-day champ)("Jeopardy!")
RUNNER-UP: Jill (last $25,000 "Catch 21" winner of the season; she was the first female to sweep the maingame and win the endgame)
3RD PLACE: David (first $25,000 "Catch 21" winner of 2010)
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