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2/17/2010 Results

LMAD: Today's first three traders on Day 3 of Tiffany Coyne Week are Sarah (dressed as a gym lady), Chloe (dressed as a graduate) and Joshua (dressed as a Cheesehead). After they're each given $800, Sarah buys Curtain #1 with her eight bills...and she's won a trip to Laguna Beach, CA worth $3,864! After Chloe's bank is doubled, she rejects what's behind Curtain #3...some kitchen appliances worth $2,647. Finally, Joshua goes with Curtain #2...he's taking back several ZONK shopping carts.

The second deal is a different take on the classic game "Rock, Paper, Scissors"; the ones chosen to play are Denise (dressed as a leprechaun) and Cherri. In front of Curtain #2 now are the three small boxes on a table (Tiffany), each one of which has one of those three items. The winner gets a grand, while the other lady goes home with a Benjamin:

Denise: Green- ROCK
Cherri: Blue- SCISSORS

At this point, Denise can keep her money or give it back for a chance to win a Toyota Yaris 3-Door (Std., Conv., Cold Weather) worth $14,385 (Curtain #1). Inside one of the three envelopes on the table is the word CAR. After listening to somebody named Galligher, she goes for it with the Rock envelope...OOPS. The winning envelope was actually the Scissors one.

(Note: As of this episode, some street signs are usually in the background when a car is offered and/or won.)

The next contestant is Raven (dressed as a clown), with Curtain #3 being given to her right off the bat. It's time for the Jonathan's Statements Deal. Here's the first one- the Bank Vault is behind that curtain. But Raven's not sold on that statement, so she sells the curtain for a flat $500...good for her- there was a bunch of canteloupes! PERFECT DEAL!

Time now for the morning's couples deal with Eric & Melissa (dressed as the King & Queen of Broke). As we see what's inside the blue small box (Jonathan), we find a small clock that may or may not be antique. Eric can keep the clock for them or trade it away for the big box. He takes the bigger box. If they had gone all the way with the clock, they would have received the cash value of it...which was two grand. Instead, they have a $1,000 Sur La Table gift card, which Melissa can keep or give back for what's behind Curtain #1. She opts for the curtain...and they've won a game room package worth $4,008! Finally, they get to decide together on whether they want to give all that up for what's inside Curtain #2. They keep the furniture they just won...but if they had sold it, they would've gotten some ZONK antique furniture instead! PERFECT DEAL #2!

The Ca$h Train then arrives for Bonnie (who's wearing a flower bra).

1. #2- $250; GOES ON
2. #3- TRIPLE ($750)

In the Sure Thing Jackpot is $1,656 worth of outdoor furniture. For now, she will continue.

3. #3- CRASH

Finally, Kayla (dressed as a bride with a groom doll) plays the Caesar's Challenge Deal with the following board:


The jumbled word prize is behind Curtain #2. After hearing offers of $400, $600 and $700, she takes a chance with the middle curtain. For a $200 bonus, Tomoku (dressed as a bumble bee) blows it with EXOTIC CAR when there's no E on the board. It's actually...a trip to SAINT CROIX worth $8,003! PERFECT DEAL #3! But she then gives it right back for a chance at the Big Deal of the Day.

THE BIG DEAL: Today's top prize is a Ford Mustang ($21,845). After some wedding music plays while she comes down the steps with Jonathan following the next-to-last commercial break, she picks Door's NOT there, but she still leaves with a Suzuki ATV worth $8,099.

Door #1: Home entertainment center, including a 52" LCD HDTV ($2,900)
Door #3: MUSTANG

TPIR: The first four names on today's contestant list (with the light border around Door #4 now permanent during the intro) are Dezerie Gonzalez, Kathryn Corino, Christina Sid and Morris Covington. The first IUFB is a home gym w/ a one-year membership to Gold's Gym (Rachel behind splitting sign).

Morris: $1,100
Christina: $1,175
Kathryn: $1,500
Dezerie: $1,200

ARP: $1,725

Kathryn from Emerson College plays 3 Strikes for a 2010 Lexus GS 350 (Std., Tires/WLocks/Spare, Wheel, Spoiler, Luxury, DSills)(Manuela at Door #3)! The numbers in the price are 1, 3, 4, 5 and 7. After getting two strikes right off the bat, she draws the three and guesses the second digit...incorrect. She then draws the one and tries the third Next, she draws the three and goes with the third spot After drawing the three again, she goes with the first digit this time...wrong again. Next comes the four and she's right about that as the first digit.

$ 4 _ , _ _ _

Her next draw gets her the one, and she goes with the second, and she then STRIKES OUT. ARP: $47,513.

(Note: I HATED the music they played during the Lexus' description.)

Taking over her podium is Eileen Noble and the second IUFB is some beach bags/towels (Lanisha at Door #2).

Eileen: $100 (STAGE GARF)
Dezerie: $550
Morris: $650
Christina: $101

ARP: $558

Dezerie will be placing that beach stuff near a Beachcomber Hot Tub (Rachel at Door #2) if she make a successful Pushover to the correct price. Board:


She wins the $6,893 spa no problem!

Coming on down sixth is David Townson and IUFB #3 is a selection of scented beauty products (Manuela inside the clam).

David: $775
Morris: $800
Christina: $475
Eileen: $500

ARP: $583

Eileen plays Now or Then for an Aico bedroom that includes an LG 32" LCD HDTV worth $8,518 (Lanisha at Door #3). Then is October 2000. The six groceries on the pie grid are Honey Maid graham crackers marked at $4.29, Aquafresh Extra Fresh toothpaste marked at $1.81, Gold Bond Foot Cream marked at $7.49, Sunsweet PlumSmartJuice markd at $3.99, Easy-Off Fume-Free Oven Cleaner marked at $3.79 and Strawberry Fruit Gushers marked at $2.99. Her first stop is the Easy-Off and she says Now...wrong. Her second choice is the toothpaste; she must be right this time or the game will be over already. She locks in Now...WE HAVE A WIPEOUT WITH THE THENS.

Eileen ($583): 55 + 90 = OVER
Kathryn ($1,725): $.75
Dezerie ($7,451): Nickel + 45 = Half-Dollar

Kathryn goes to the Showcase.

Rich Fields next calls on David Veil and the fourth IUFB is a Canon digital camera/printer package (Rachel at the turntable).

Veil: $1,900
Townson: $1,250
Morris: $800
Christina: $1,150

ARP: $2,499

Veil from Orlando plays Secret X for a trip home (Manuela at Door #4) worth $4,290. Let's see where he places that opening X:


The two SPs modeled by Lanisha are:

Tomato press: $38 or $57?
Flash drive/Swiss pocket knife: $78 or $106?

For the tomato press, he guesses $38...correct. He then makes $78 his answer for the flash drive/knife...right. His final board:


Is this David the latest Rock Bottom victim?...

(--)(--)(X), sir!

After Daria Hall comes on down, the next-to-last IUFB on the train (Lanisha) is a Maytag washer/dryer (Manuela).

Daria: $2,200
David: $2,201
Morris: $2,300
Christina: $4,000 (STAGE WILLY)

ARP: $2,740

Because of Christine's boo-boo, Morris plays Money Game for a 2010 Hyundai Sonata GLS (Std., AT, Net)(Rachel at Door #3). Board:


MIDDLE NUMBER: 6 ($ _ _ , 6 _ _)

He starts off with Semi El Cheapo, 15...dollar sign. Secondly, he jumps to 22...that also has a dollar sign behind it. His third choice is 21...more money. After finally picking the 20 as the front of the Hyundai ($ 2 0 , 6 _ _), his final choice is 84...well, what do you know- he's come all the way back to win the $20,684 car and $58 in gas money!

(Note: Morris DOES NOT go see his car afterwards.)

After that shocking turn of events, Terisha Teregny is called on down last and the final IUFB is a Lenovo laptop (Lanisha & Manuela). Christine's in a lot of trouble, because not only has she been in Contestant's Row the whole time, she's bidding second in this final round.

Terisha: $978
Christina: $1,200
Daria: $800
David: $1,201 (sorry, Christina)

ARP: $1,275


The other David plays One Wrong Price for a stealth-reclining chair marked at $1,498 (Lanisha), a pair of wireless speakers marked at $1,200 (Rachel) and the blue Suzuki Ninja marked at $3,999 (Manuela). But he goofs with the motorcycle; the speakers actually cost $400 more.

All I would've changed in today's lineup is swapped the fourth and sixth Pricing Games.

David T. ($1,275): $.75
David V. ($6,905): 35 + 95 = OVER
Morris ($23,482): 55 + Half-Dollar = OVER BY A NICKEL

Since Townson won this SCSD, Kathryn will get the Top Winner spot in today's Showcase.

The first Showcase has these prizes to make you look good- some leather accessories (Rachel), a fashion tour in Milan, Italy (Door #4; includes $1,000 in spending money) and the all-new Mercury Milan Hybrid (Fairly loaded)(Lanisha at Door #3)!



David Townson's Showcase, all modeled by Manuela, has some Columbia winter gear, skiing/snowboarding equipment, a skiing trip to Mammoth, CA (Door #2; includes some five-day ski lift passes) and an Antarctic Cruise (Door #2).



BID: $42,000
ARP: $48,494

BID: $20,000
ARP: $32,524

Kathryn wins $50,219 in cash and prizes!

DOND: #9 SSG Cartier Coleman from the Marine Corps is ready for action today.

1. #13 (Lisa)- $25
2. #17 (Keegan)- $50
3. #5 (Jeannie G.)- PENNY
4. #21 (Joe)- $300
5. #2 (Madonna)- $10


1. #19 (Scott)- $400
2. #15 (Angel)- $100,000
3. #6 (Butch)- $200
4. #7 (Adrian)- $50,000
5. #12 (Mike)- $7,500


1. #11 (Matt)- BUCK
2. #18 (Dave)- $2,500
3. #14 (Brian)- $500
4. #4 (Andy)- $10,000


1. #16 (Alejandro)- $250,000 (DANGER ZONE ENFORCED)
2. #3 (Rick)- $1,000

FOURTH OFFER: $47,000- DEAL (wha?)

1. #10 (Maria)- $5,000
2. #22 (Charles)- $5
OFFER: $131,000

19th PICK: #1 (Deannie)- $25,000
OFFER: $185,000

20th PICK: #20 (Donavon)- $100
FINAL OFFER: $302,000

Everybody who has been at the podium so far this week have been coming close to having the $500,000. Monday, Tim Manskie was two away, while Venise Fleurisma was one off yesterday. Given all that, I just have this sinking feeling Cartier is the fourth contestant this season to throw away the half million...

...well, $75,000 was in his case instead. Still, this is the second straight day the contestant's case was just ONE OFF the big one. Considering probably no one will win the $500K on this version of the show, it's just as well he didn't have it in his case.

WOF: The first Toss-Up category on this Wednesday is Song Title:

_ W O / _ I _ K E T S

_ _ / _ A _ _ _ I S _

Not only was this an Eddie Money song, this was also the title of a week back in January 2006 when a PERFECT BONUS ROUND WEEK occurred; Jimmy knows it's TWO TICKETS TO PARADISE for $1,000. Let's meet tonight's contestants:

Jimmy Caturrent (Vegas)- Recently engaged private banker
Tracy Zimmerman (Orange, CA)- Runs a military-style outdoor fitness boot camp; she's also wearing orange clothing and hair
Michelle Madison (Vegas)- Realtor

T _ E / _ _ G I C

T _ _ _ _

Michelle has THE MAGIC TOUCH for $2,000.

After a $5,000 RazorGator gift certificate is made available, the Campbell's Jackpot Round category is Show Biz. Michelle immediately picks up the Wild Card with an R call before calling two S's for $1,100. Then, she buys three E's, calls a $500 T while on Free Play, lights up a $2,500 B and two L's after handing in her WC for another $5,000. Afterwards, she buys a dud vowel in A to leave $9,850 on the table. Jimmy next calls an $800 N, buys two I's, puts up a $900 G and a pair of M's for another $1,200 before we see this:

B E S T - S E L L I N G

M E M _ I R

He solves BEST-SELLING MEMOIR for another $2,650 and $3,650 total.

SOLE DUD: A (Michelle)

Same Name is the category of the Round 2 puzzle. To start, Jimmy calls a $500 R and buys two E's and an A, followed by a $3,500 S, a $450 L and an I buy. Next, he lights up a $300 T, purchases three O's to clean out the vowels, but he then lands on the left Bankrupt of the Million Dollar Wedge to lose $3,800. Tracy follows that with three C's for $1,200, two H's for another grand, two P's for another $1,200 and we have:

P O _ E R

& / C H O C O L A T E


She solves POKER & CHOCOLATE CHIPS for $3,400.


Meineke Mystery/Prize Puzzle Round category is Fun & Games. Tracy immediately spins Lose a Turn. Michelle is second in line with three R's for $2,100, two S's for another $1,100, the purchasing of a pair of E's, but then a dud of T. Jimmy next puts up five N's for $4,500 but he also duds out while buying the A. Back to Tracy, who calls a pair of G's while on FP for a C-note, and buys a trio of I's before landing on the Mystery Wedge in between FP and LAT. She has a K pop up and she flips it over...the big money's back there! After buying triple O's, she hits LAT for the second time this round, likely costing her at least $10,500. Michelle then rings in...

_ O R N I N G

S N O R K E _ I N G

E _ _ _ R S I O N

...and solves for an additional $2,950 and the right to do a MORNING SNORKELING EXCURISION during her $5,700 trip to the Marriott Aruba Resort & Stellaris Casino, making her leading total $10,650 in cash and vacation.

DUDS: A (Jimmy), $600 T (Michelle)
LATs: 2 (both by Tracy)

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: NM02916 (Nancy M. from Pennsylvania)

$3,000 Toss-Up topic is Thing:

D E E _ / D A _ K

S E C _ E T

Tracy reveals the DEEP DARK SECRET of winning another three grand, increasing her winnings to $6,400.

Next up is a Proper Name. She duds out quickly with the S. Michelle secondly calls a quartet of R's for $1,600, a dud of T while on FP and yet another dud of L while on the $5,000 wedge. At that point, we shift to Speed-Up Mode...

_ R _ _

_ _ R R _ _ _ R _

...and the remaining consonants are worth $1,500 apiece. After Tracy has a B show up...

D R _ _

B _ R R _ _ _ R _

...she solves DREW BARRYMORE for a final total of $7,900. Jimmy leaves with $3,650 and Michelle hangs on for the match win with $10,650 in cash and Aruba.

So far, $22,200 in cash and vacation has been given away tonight.

DUDS (all called prior to the final bell): $5,000 L (Michelle), $500 S (Tracy), T (Michelle)


Big Money Round: So far this week, we've had a couple of impressive endgame wins; the first one on Monday came in the second half of the 10-second countdown, while last night saw a very rare EXACTA occur. Let's see if Michelle Madison can keep up that momentum tonight. After spinning the I in SPIN, we learn that we have another Phrase to deal with here. Starting with:

_ _ _ _ / _ _

T _ E / _ _ _ E

It took me a little while, but I have this puzzle down now. She calls G, H, C and A and gets...

_ _ C _ / _ _

T H E / _ A C E

...she's wrong with BACK OF A FACE, PACK OF THE RACE and RACE OF THE PACK. Because she didn't try hard enough to PICK UP THE PACE on solving this puzzle (especially without the P's up there), she is NOT the second straight $25,000 winner. That sends her home with $10,650 in cash and trip.

Jeopardy!: Jeremy Apsley tries for a second win tonight against:

Elizabeth Galoozis (Cambridge, MA)- Reference librarian
Mayank Keshaviah (originally from Minneapolis, MN)- SAT teacher

Wednesday's first six categories:

HAMNESIA (the pig character whose words are being revealed on each clue must be identified)
PICTURE THE PREZ (all photo clues)

At the first timeout, Galoozis has $2,400, twice Apsley's score; Keshaviah has $400. Towards the end of the round, Apsley gets his hands on the Daily Double under the last Picture The Prez clue with $2,800, just $600 behind Galoozis for first place; Keshaviah has doubled his first-half score of this round. The champion wagers $2,000. For the lead, here is the clue:

He was the first President to be born an American citizen.

"Who is Buchanan?"...that's NOT the right one; we were actually looking at Martin Van Buren, meaning he falls into a second-place tie. Heading into the last remaining category of the round, Stupid Answers, here are the scores now:

Jeremy: $2,400
Mayank: $800
Elizabeth: $4,200

First clue:

You use these broad noodles to make Lasagna.

Jeremy: "What are Lasagna noodles?"- CORRECT ($2,600)


This type of bed covering gets its name from an old French word, Cuilte.

Mayank: "What is a quilt?"- RIGHT ($1,200)


Just before serving this Chinese soup, drop some beaten egg into it.

Elizabeth: "What is Egg Drop Soup?"- YES INDEED ($4,800)


This rapper was born Tramar Dillard in Opa-Locka, Florida.

Mayank: "Who is Flo-Rida?"- YOU BET ($2,000)


This book by Malcom Gladwell is about the choices that are made in the blink of an eye.

Elizabeth: "What is Blink?"- RIGHT ($5,800)


DJ! Categories:


This is a radio-themed board, and the first DD from it belongs to Apsley with the $1,600 Country clue. With five grand now, he's $800 behind Galoozis' leading score this time; Keshaviah's still in third with $2,400. He again wagers two grand in the hopes of gaining the lead, this time on the following:

This country's coat of arms has three stars for its three main island groups, an eagle for the U.S. and a lion representing Spain.

"What are the Philippines?"...that is correct for the lead with seven large! And he completes the DD Sweep with the $2,000 Rock clue and $11,400! However, this game has gotten tighter between everybody- Galoozis has a second-place total of $7,800, and Keshaviah's a fairly close third with $6,400. Like the past two times, he makes a $2K bet. The answer this time is:

Chert, a hard, dense sedimentary rock, is called Jasper if it's brightly colored, and this if it's dark.

"What is ebony?"...incorrect. It was flint (which was the solution to a puzzle that Tom Kennedy inadvertantly gave away late in the run of "Password Plus"), taking him back to $9,400.



Jeremy: $14,200
Mayank: $7,600

Elizabeth: $11,000


Jeremy: $17,800
Mayank: $7,600
Elizabeth: $11,000

In this evening's final, we have the 3/4 betting situation.

FJ! CATEGORY: Religious Words.

Surprisingly, this word appears only twice in The New Testament, once in acts and once in The First Epistle of Peter.

Mayank Keshaviah's response was "What is Jesus" That costs him seven big ones, putting him out of the game with $600 (he should've wagered between $4,201-$4,600). Elizabeth Galoozis instead jotted down "What is Christian?"...also the name of the professional wrestler who just lost the ECW Championship last night on the finale of WWE's take on ECW, that's right! Her suggested wager was $1,200, but she actually risked $4,600, for a final score of $15,600. Jeremy Apsley...loses the game with "What is Faith" and an eight grand bet, sending him home with $32,400 and making Galoozis the new champ.


Conclusion of Catherine Parker's game
Start of Ted Farrell's game

Episode ratings:

8: "Millionaire" & "The Price is Right"
6: "The other shows
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