Friday, February 26, 2010

2/26/2010 Results

LMAD: We start the Friday show by heading into the show's newspaper department. The first one goes to Jerrell, and it is "Trader Flies High With the Big Box!". He's offered $500 and $800 to sell the big box back, but he does a result, he ends up with the world's biggest paper airplane. Janet (dressed as a Hawaiian) has the second one, which is "Scientists Baffled! Curtain #1 Runs Both Hot and Cold!". For as much as a grand, she goes with the curtain...and she has won a stainless-steel range and refridgerator worth $4,648! Finally, Anya (dressed as a penguin) is shown the headline "Trendsetters Make a Splah Behind Curtain #2!". She says that she wants to win a car, but I highly doubt that clue will lead to one. But she keeps the middle curtain anyway instead of selling it out for a C-note...and she's won a spa with a professional home spa experience and some towels, all worth $7,977!

Second, a houseboat cruise through Lake Powell, AZ from Forever Resorts worth $7,994 is up for grabs as Jacqueline (who's wearing a red bow on her head and a gold jacket as part of her snazzy outfit) and Scott (who's wearing Bingo pajamas) pick from three small boats on the blue small box's tray (Jonathan). At least one of them has the houseboat trip on the bottom:

Jacqueline: #2
Scott: #1

Jacqueline goes for the houseboat trip. If she had gone with Curtain #2 instead, she would have won a $1,500 40" LCD HDTV...but she's won the right to go on the houseboat! Scott then stops with the HDTV that Jacqueline didn't take a moment ago...and it's a good thing he did- Boat #2 was the only winning one in this deal! PERFECT DEAL!

Our next trader is Terrance (dressed as a chocolate moose; a big cardboard chocolate bar is part of his outfit). Inside the green small box is nothing but $20 bills. To win all of that money, he needs to guess the total amount within $300, high or low. He can either try for the box of money, take a flat $800 or go with Curtain #1. Terrance tries his luck with the curtain furthest to the left. Had he made a guess, he would've said $2,500...and he would've won $2,340; instead, he has to settle for a bunch of plastic bottles. But Wayne Brady does give him $100 as a consolation prize just before he helps him do the contestant call plugs.

The next three to make a deal are Stacey (dressed as a flamingo; she's celebrating a birthday today), Burnis and Irene (dressed as a cowgirl). Stacey has the first choice of either the cash inside the bronze envelope or what's inside the blue small box (Jonathan). She goes with the money...but there's only $150 inside the envelope for her. As for Burnis, because she made the wrong choice, he gets...a Michael Green & Co. white gold diamond ring worth $2,426. He now gets to pick from the silver envelope or the big box. Burnis takes Envelope #2...he didn't do much better with it, because there's a $200 check in there, giving him a total of $2,626 in cash and jewelry. Irene's potential winnings starts out with...a home fitness center worth $3,710. She can keep that and add the check inside the golden envelope to her total, or she can give both items back for Curtain #1's contents. She rejects the curtain...good for her- she would have won a trash can and the same plastic bottles Terrance ZONKED OUT with earlier! The golden envelope's check is worth...a grand, for a total of $4,710!

Tic-Tic-Deal is the game for Linda (dressed as a nurse), and she will win (and possibly later sell) a 2010 Toyota Corolla worth $16,200 (Curtain #1) if she makes a TTD. The four silver envelopes that she picks are #3, #5, #7 & #1.

1. #3- X

We start out the Sure Thing Jackpot with a contemporary bedroom worth $4,397 (Curtain #3). She goes on at least one more round.

3. #5- O

At this point, $500 is added to the STJ, followed by another $200, another pair of Benjamins, yet another $200 and then an additional $500, for a final pot total of $5,997 if she wants all that moolah and the furniture. But she's going all the way...


...and she wins! PERFECT DEAL #2!

THE BIG DEAL: The contestant who will be going for the last Big Deal of the week worth $23,460 is...Irene; I'm very surprised Anya did NOT go for it. Irene selects Door #3. If the first revealed door of Door #2 has the small deal, we will have a BIG DEAL SHUTOUT. The middle door had a living room that included a 58" plasma screen HDTV and a TiVo HD DVR, all worth a total of...

...$5,692, so she's still alive. If the Bank Vault is NOT behind her Door #3, she has become a hero...

...BUT IT IS, so she trades down to $1,324 and we have our first BIG DEAL SHUTOUT in over a month. That costs her a 2010 Dodge Challenger SE. I hope that means we'll have at least one $30K+ Big Deal of the Day next week as a result.

TPIR: Filling out Contestant's Row first are Kerri Denies, Dolores Taitano, Doyle Burom and Derrick Dickens. The Mizerak pool table is the first IUFB (Amber & Rachel behind Door #3).

Derrick: $1,900
Doyle: $1,685
Dolores: $2,200
Kerri: $1,500

All have overbid.

Derrick: $1,150
Doyle: $1,175
Dolores: $1,250Kerri: $1,251

ARP: You guessed it- $1,400

Kerri from somwhere in the East Coast plays Card Game for the Toyota Tacoma (Fairly loaded)(Lanisha at Door #2). Her range is $1,000; as of this playing, the $15,000 starting bid is lit up even before a range card is drawn.

1. 4 OF CLUBS ($15,400)
2. 10 OF SPADES ($16,400)
3. 7 OF DIAMONDS ($17,100)
4. 4 OF SPADES ($17,500)

ARP: $19,378; she needed at least a nine on her last card draw or a bigger range card at the start. And that's unfortunate, because I thought she was cute.

(Note: Immediately after the loss, Door #2 was closed. No word yet on whether this change is going to be permanent.)

Giovanni Funiciello then gets the green podium and the second IUFB is the DirecTV To Go! system with a one-year subscription (Amber & Lanisha).

Giovanni: $1,300
Derrick: $1,301
Doyle: $1,495
Delores: $1,401

ARP: $1,359

Derrick plays Cliff Hangers for a Beachcomber Hot Tub and a Sunlighten infrared sauna (Rachel at Door #3), a prize package worth $7,994. The three SPs modeled by Lanisha are a bamboo steamer, a photo box and a thermal carafe. His steamer guess is $'s only $15. His bid for the photo box is $25...$30. That gives him a $15 range for the carafe. Unfortunately, he then gets the beeper for going down to $17, when it was actually $40.

DQ: Giving a bid for the third SP that's lower than the ARP of the second SP

Elaine Vos is next to get out of the audience and the third IUFB is a gas range (Rachel at the turntable).

Elaine: $800
Doyle: $1,025
Delores: $1,500
Giovanni: $1,501

ARP: $1,449

Doyle plays Freeze Frame for a pair of Honda Rebel motorcycles (Amber at Door #3). The best- looking prices are $4,538, $6,350, $7,998 and $9,812...but he freezes at $8,945 instead, so we have our second straight DISQUALIFICATION. ARP: $7,998.

DQ: Pair of prizes rule violation

Kerri ($1,400): $.80
Derrick ($1,404): 55 + Dime = $.65
Doyle ($1,449): 70 + 60 = OVER

Kerri advances to the Showcase.

Trying to stop a First Four Sweep right now is Geretha Armour and IUFB #4 is a pair of surfboards and wetsuits (Amber behind GPT).

Geretha: $1,200
Delores: $1,800
Giovanni: $1,495Elaine: $1,500

ARP: $1,544

Elaine plays the Grocery Game (Rachel) for haircuts for a year, massages for a year, manicures/pedicures for a year and a $1,500 American Apparel gift certificate, all worth $6,520 (Lanisha at Door #2). The groceries in play are Northland juice, Gold Bond Ultimate Hand Sanitizer, Gorton's Roasted Garlic & Butter Grilled Tilapia, IcyHot patches and Sunsweet Ones.

1. 2 Patches: $6.99 X 2 = $13.98 (if she had bought one more of these, she would've scored an instant win)
2. 2 Juices: $3.39 X 2 = $6.78 (WIN AT $20.76!)

The next participant is Cedric Tucker and the next-to-last IUFB is a wine preservation system (Lanisha behind splitting sign).

Cedric: $1,375
Geretha: $1,200
Dolores: $1,250
Giovanni: $895

ARP: $1,650

Cedric plays One Wrong Price for some dumbbells marked at $1,175 (Rachel), two Marc Jacobs purses marked at $1,695 and an Aico dinette marked at $3,479. He needs to pick the purses...but he chooses the dumbbells instead. Believe it or not, the purses only cost $936.

DQ: Another pair of prizes rule violation

The last persont to hear the magic words is Thomas Levino and the last IUFB of February is a selection of Lise Watier cosmetics (Rachel inside the clam). Dolores has been here the whole show.

Thomas: $375 (STAGE GARF)
Geretha: $350 (STAGE GARF)
Dolores: $400 (SUICIDE BID)
Giovanni: $401


After Giovanni wins $521 worth of beauty stuff, he plays One Away for the Chevrolet Cobalt (Std., Prot, Pedals, Mats)(Amber at Door #3). Board (Lanisha):

$ 2 6 , 4 6 8

He TOTALLY BOMBS this setup with his guesses of $17,559 and $15,579. Ugh; those are ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK NOMINEES. ARP: $17,379.

DQs: 2 (repeating back-to-back digits both times)

My lineup today:

1. One Wrong Price
2. One Away
3. Grocery Game
4. Cliff Hangers
5. Freeze Frame
6. Card Game

Giovanni ($521): $.55
Cedric ($1,650): 15 + 90 = OVER BY A NICKEL
Elaine ($8,064): $.55

Giovanni: $.45
Elaine: $.85

Elaine has made it to the Showcase today!

You could begin your winning Showcase in Key West, FL (Amber; includes a six-hour 38" cigarette boat ride). Second, fly to Cancun (Amber; includes five hours of speedboat riding). Finally, after you're done riding the boats in the first two locales, take home your own red Maxum ski boat (Lanisha at Door #2).



Elaine gets a wine lover's Showcase. First, you could be putting all of your collected wines in this modular wine wall (Rachel at Door #1). Second, any wine aficinado would enjoy a trip to the home of California Wine Country, Napa Valley (Amber at Door #4; includes a luxury train ride through the area). Finally, don't get drunk too much before you get inside your Ford Mustang Convertible (Std., AT, Security)(Rachel at Door #3)!



BID: $29,000
ARP: $38,567

BID: $29,542
ARP: $33,673

Elaine deservingly takes home today's title and $41,737 in prizes!

DOND: #1 Raymond Baxter wrapped up the week by giving back his case for Pablo's #13; I think that's the first (and possibly only) time ever every chosen contestant has switched their original case. BTW, this is the last episode before this show's Spring Break.

1. #10 (Patty)- $250,000
2. #21 (April)- PENNY
3. #19 (Kelly C.)- $100,000
4. #5 (Cathy)- $25
5. #22 (Kyle)- $7,500


1. #8 (Ron)- $400
2. #18 (Anthony)- $75,000 (DANGER ZONE ENFORCED ALREADY)
3. #11 (Lisa)- $50,000 (STRIKE ONE)
4. #16 (Sid)- $10,000
5. #6 (Allyson)- $300


1. #20 (Pasquale)- $500,000 (GIANT STRIKE TWO)
2. #3 (Sharline)- $500
3. #7 (Jeannette)- BUCK
4. #17 (Tim)- $200


1. #15 (Jackie)- $1,000
2. #1 (Pablo)- $50


1. #2 (Oscar)- $100
2. #4 (Kate)- $2,500


19th PICK: #9 (Cesar)- $10


20th PICK: #12 (Jaimeelynn)- $5 (LEFT SIDE CLEARED!)


Did Mike's final case have the 25 grand...yup.

WOF: Wrapping up a good week here, Friday's opening Toss-Up category is Phrase:

_ _ _ _ _ _ / T _ A N

E _ E R

This puzzle might have also fallen under Rhyme Time; in any event, Joanne's feeling BETTER THAN EVER, because she just won $1,000. Here are this week's final three players:

Joanne Wotring (Alexandria, VA!)- Registered nurse at Mount Vernon Hospital; she's also a Washington Capitals fan
Allen Gannett (Homedale, NJ)- George Washington University sophomore majoring in Political Science; also does some non-profit photography
Jessica Worthy (Huntington Beach, CA)- Instructional aid

A Living Thing is the $2,000 Toss-Up's identity:

B L _ _

_ G _ A _ A

Jessica is a letter short with BLUE ALGAE.

B L _ _

_ G _ A N A

Joanne steals BLUE IGUANA for a tripler.

Campbell's Jackpot Round category is Before & After and the last $7,500 trip of the week is to the Sandals Whitehouse European Village & Spa in Jamaica. The Virginia lady starts off on a bad note with a dud of N. Secondly, Allen gets an immediate Bankrupt. Third, Jessica calls three R's while on Jackpot for $1,500 (obviously, she does not solve for a $5,900 Jackpot) but she buys a dud vowel of E immediately afterwards. Back to Joanne, who calls two T's for $1,800 but she then gets zapped for repeating the E. On his second turn, Allen hits the left Bankrupt of the Million Dollar Wedge. Jessica next lights up a $500 S and purchases two of both the A's and the O's, but she then lands on the regular Bankrupt to lose $1,250. Joanne's back in control with a B call for the trip and we have...

B _ R T _ _ A _

S _ _ T

O _ / A R _ O R

...she solves BIRTHDAY SUIT OF ARMOR for another $9,050 in cash and trip, giving her a new total of $12,050!

DUDS: E (Jessica), $400 N (Joanne)
BANKRUPTS: 3 (2 by Allen, Jessica)
DQ: Joanne (E repeat)

Prize Puzzle Round category is What Are You Doing? Allen finally gets away from the Bankrupts in order to call two N's for $900 and a $450 G before buying four I's and calling an R for the Wild Card. After that, he purchases three A's, lights up two T's for another $600 and a $300 K, followed by a $450 D and three P's for another $1,050. The board now...

T A K I N G / A

D I P / I N / _ _

P R I _ A T _ / P _ _ _

...he will NOT be TAKING A DIP IN MY PRIVATE POOL (because my house doesn't have one), but he does win $3,250 and a $10,500 vacation to the Sandals Grand St. Lucian Spa & Beach Resort, putting him on the board with $13,750 in cash and trip; he's now in the lead.


TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: SC07022 (Sylvia C. from Florida)

Meineke Mystery Round topic is Rock On!, and it's a big-sized puzzle. Up first is Jessica with four T's for $1,200, the buying of a quartet of E's, three H's for another $1,650 and the purchase of a trio of I's. Then, she calls a pair of N's for the Pier 1 Imports gift tag, buys a couple A's, but she then Bankrupts for the second time tonight to give back the gift certificate and $2,100. Joanne's second in line with two L's for $900, triple S's for another $10,500 and she buys the remaining vowels of U and O before putting up two B's for an additional $1,100, a $500 W, a $500 K while on Free Play and we now have showing...

L U _ _ / I N / T H E

S K _ / W I T H

_ I A _ O N _ S / B _

T H E / B E A T L E S

...she solves "LUCY IN THE SKY WITH DIAMONDS" BY THE BEATLES for $13,000 more, giving her the lead back with $25,050 in cash and trip!


$3K Toss-Up subject is Proper Name:

C H _ _ _ _ _ _ N

S L _ _ _ _

Joanne is right again with CHRISTIAN SLATER to move up to $28,050 in cash and vacation!

Next on the docket is a Title. Joanne first calls a $400 T and four S's to quadruple before we go to Speed-Up Mode...

S _ _ S _ / _ _ _

S _ _ S _ _ _ _ _ T _

...and the remaining consonants pay off at $1,500 each. After she calls a trio of N's...

S _ N S _ / _ N _

S _ N S _ _ _ _ _ T _

...she has the SENSE AND SENSIBILITY to win an extra $6,100, giving her a final, big-winning maingame haul of $34,150 in cash and Jamaica!! Allen leaves with $13,750 in cash and St. Lucia despite his Wild Card being left unused and Jessica gets the $1,000 consolation.

So far, $48,900 in cash and voyages has been given away tonight!


TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH: $4,350 in cash and gift tag

(Note: Just before Joanne called the N's in the last maingame round, Pat inadvertantly started the Speed-Up action with Allen because his podium's cursors were mistakenly blinking instead of Joanne's and he called an R; obviously, this didn't affect the final outcome.)

Maxwell House Big Money Round: I'm really pulling for Joanne Wotring to make it four endgame wins in a row to end the week (but not Jessica Stringeri) and cause the Feeding America Bonus Round Charity Bank to hit five figures. She spins the N in SPIN and the category is Thing. Starting with:

S _ R _ _

_ _ _ N T

She calls P, H, B and A and gets...

S P R A _

P A _ N T

...did Stringeri just cost us a PERFECT ROUND WEEK?...

...YES. Darn. On the bright side, Wotring solves SPRAY PAINT for the 50th endgame win of the season and just won another $25K for a final total of $59,150 in cash and Jamaica! You were GREAT, my dear!!!

To conclude this week, Pat Sajak tells us that Vanna White broke her right pinky toe for the third time at home. Also, this week, excluding the $10K in charity money, we have given away a grand total of $301,448 in cash and prizes!!!

Jeopardy!: Ben Auer dominated last night's game, but didn't win that much money. Maybe he'll clean up tonight against:

Kori Tyler (Cordova, TN)- High school History teacher
Ashok Bhaskar (originally from Auburn, PA)- College student

(IMPORTANT NOTE: Tyler became a champion on January 8, 2009 and left with $22K the following night, but the judges made a questionable call during FJ! on her other appearance when they did NOT accept her response of "What is Z?" for "What are the Zulu?", which ended up costing her a second victory. Because of that, she has been brought back for tonight's show.)

The first six categories this Friday are:

IN THE MIDDLE WITH "U" (each correct response has the U in the middle of the word)

Bhaskar doesn't waste too much time going Daily Double Hunting. However, at halftime, Auer's deep in Lock Game Territory at this stage of the game for the second night in a row with $5,800; both of the evening's challengers have $1,200 apiece. Auer adds a grand to his score by the time he finds the first Daily Double under the $1,000 Stuck clue; Tyler's also added a C-note to her total. His wager is two grand for this clue:

A frustrated driver stuck in snow does this three-word phrase; it means to expend effort with no result.

"What is bend one's tires?"...NOT ACCEPTABLE. The exact phrase was "spin your wheels", so he goes back to $4,800. He's NOT in LGT at the end of the round with $8,200, because Tyler now has $4,600; Bhaskar only has $200 left in his bank.

LACH TRASH (all unattempted): $800

DJ! Categories:


Bhaskar's still going DD Hunting...and this time, he finds a DD with the $1,600 clue on The Animal Kingdom! He currently has $2,200, but he's got a long way to go before he can catch up to Auer, who's back in LGT with $11,400. For a True Daily Double, here's the clue:

Also known as St. Hubert's Hound, this dog's more familiar name comes from its purebred ancestry.

"What is a Bassett Hound?"...NO. It was the Bloodhound, so he'll have to start from scratch again. He tries to do so by using the High School Strategy. Tyler uses it a little later...and she unravels the last DD just before this round concludes attached to the middle Intellectual Property clue! She's barely back in the game with $7,800; Auer has 15 grand and Bhaskar's down to four Benjamins. She bets...five big ones. If she misses this clue, it's all over:

In 1935, he bought a house at 112 Mercer Street in Princeton, NJ.

"Who is...Einstein?"...RIGHT to stay in the match with $12,800! Left behind were the last two 20th Century Fiction clues, the $800 Not Your Everyday clue and the $1,200 clue on The Quota System.



Ben: $15,000
Kori: $12,800


Ben: $17,000
Ashok: $2,600
Kori: $9,000

Tonight's final features both the 4/5 wagering situation and the weaker version of Shore's Conjecture.

FJ! CATEGORY: Landmarks.

Begun in 1774, it was finally stablized in May 2008, after more than 700 years of slow movement.

Response: "What is the Leaning Tower of Pisa?"
Wager: $266
Final score: $666 (he leaves with $1K)

Alex Trebek thinks everybody on tonight's panel should have gotten this clue right...well, Kori Tyler did also for $10K more (her suggested wagering range was $4,401-$8,400) and a final score of $22,800, as well as Ben Auer, so with a wager of $10,608 (he either could have used the Shortegic wager of $9,801 or betted anywhere from $10,601-$14,199), he's the one who's won a second game with $25,608! That makes his new total $36,810; Tyler leaves with a final total of $24K.

The Singing Bee: Tonight is Episode 209; next week will be Episode 210.

(Note: In later-taped episodes like this one, when Melissa Peterman's graphic appears and drops back down, a whooshing sound effect is heard.)

Pick Four:

1. "All My Friends Say" by Luke Bryan (2007)
Previous line: "All my friends say I went a little crazy..."
Rhonda: "...seeing you with him"

2. "Burnin' Love" by Elvis Presley (1972)
Previous line: "Higher higher"
Shelley: "'s burning through to my soul"

3. "Fishing In the Dark" by The Nitty-Gritty Dirt Band (1987)
Previous line: " the middle of the night"
Jocelyn: "Where the blue _______ go"
Michael: "Where the green grass grows"
Scooter: "Just moving slow"

4. "Inside Out" by Eve 6 (1998)
Previous line: "...turn it inside out, find nothing but..."
Shasta: "..._____ in nothing"
Jocelyn: " in nothing"

Let's meet the Final Four:

Rhonda- Emmy Award Winner for local TV news production
Shelley- Her stepmother stole the show at her own wedding
Scooter (Old Hickory, TN)- His nickname came from his mother upon his birth
Jocelyn- Massage therapy student

Random Shuffle:

RHONDA: "Let's Go To Vegas" by Faith Hill (1995)
Previous line: "Kiss the single life goodbye"
Guess: "Hey baby, let's go to Vegas, bet on love and let it ride"

SHELLEY: "Coca-Cola Cowboy" by Mel Tellis (1979; written by Steve Dorff!)
Previous line: "But you walked across my heart, like it was Texas"
Guess: "And you taught me to say I just don't care"

SCOOTER: "Disturbia" by Rihanna (2008)
Previous line: " might just go under"
Guess: "Better think twice, or you'll be a..." (A: "Better think twice, your train of thought will be altered"

JOCELYN: "How Blue" by Reba McEntire (1984)
Previous line: "I swear to you that I'm dying"
Guess: "'Cause my mind won't let my body rest"

Singing With The Enemy:

RHONDA & SHELLEY: "Who Says You Can't Go Home" by Bon Jovi w/ Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles (2005)


Rhonda: SWEEP! (20)
Shelley: 2 (15)

SCOOTER & JOCELYN: "Runaway" by Love & Theft (2009)


Scooter: SHUTOUT
Jocelyn: SWEEP! (20)

Random Shuffle:

SCOOTER: "If You Ever Stop Loving Me" by Montgomery Gentry (2004)

SHELLEY: "If I Said You Have a Beautiful Body, Would You Hold It Against Me?" by The Bellamy Brothers (1979)

RHONDA: "The Ballad of Jed Clampett" by Jerry Scoggins w/ Flatt & Scruggs (1962; this is the theme song to "The Beverly Hillbillies"

JOCELYN: "Gimme Three Steps" by Lynyrd Skynyrd (1973)

Chorus Showdown:

Rhonda: "Standing Outside the Fire" by Garth Brooks (1993)- FAIL
Shelley: "Red Dirt Road" by Brooks & Dunn (2003)- FAIL

Rhonda: "Here In The Real World" by Alan Jackson (1990)- FAILShelley: "Write This Down" by George Strait (1999)- FAIL

SUDDEN DEATH: The song that will decide it all is Kellie Pickler's "Red High Heels" from 2006. Shelley rings in first and will play.

Previous line: "I bet you want me back now, don't you, don't you"
Guess: "I'm about to show you just how missin' me feels"- WIN!

THE FINAL COUNTDOWN: Shelley RUNS THE TABLE with parts of "The World" by Brad Paisley (2005), "Come To My Window" by Melissa Etheridge (1993), "Brand New Girlfriend" by Steve Holy (2006), Corinne Bailey Rae's "Put Your Records On" (2006) and "You're Gonna Miss This" from Trace Adkins (2007) for $10,000!

Pay It Off: We lead off tonight's games with Jennifer Ferris from Atlanta. Her Bailout Buddy is her cousin Jeanette.

Whodunnit: Tyrese and Tyra Banks are the choices.

1. Who appeared topless on the cover of the album "I Wanna Go There"?
Guess: Tyrese- CORRECT

2. Who has won an Emmy?
Guess: Tyra Banks- YES INDEED

3. Who transformed into an actor for roles in "Coyote Ugly" and "Felicity"?
Guess: Tyra Banks- $1,000

Black Sheep:

1. Who is NOT a native son of Mississippi?

A: Medgar Evers
B: Muddy Waters
C: Magic Johnson

Guess: Magic Johnson- CORRECT (he's from Michigan)

2. Who did NOT sing on the 1985 hit "We Are The World"?

A: Lionel Richie
B: Stevie Wonder
C: Prince

Guess: Prince- RIGHT

3. Which is NOT a final destination for someone planning to do "Down Under"?

A: New Zealand
B: The Philippines
C: Australia

Guess: The Philippines- $2,500

Don't Blink: The subject of this particular round is "Hate That I Love You" by Rihanna w/ Ne-Yo.

1. What does the female artist run her hand down?
2. How many times do we see the dragon wallpaper?
3. What does the artist say "he just can't do"?
4. What clothing item does the artist put on?
5. How many fingers are used to push the elevator button?

1. Curtains- CORRECT
2. Five- STRIKE ONE (A: 6)
3. "...let you go"- YOU BET
4. Skirt- $4,500


Line Up: These five items from McDonald's must be placed from the least amount of calories to the most- Filet O' Fish, a ketchup packet, a small package of French Fries, a fruit yogurt parfait and a Double Quarter Pounder w/ cheese.

1. Parfait
2. Ketchup
3. French Fries
4. Filet O' Fish
5. Quarter Pounder

1. Ketchup
2. Parfait
3. French Fries
4. Filet O' Fish
5. Quarter Pounder


Piece Out: She will take home at least $10,000 and a trip to Jamaica if she can identify a Person.

1. As Beyonce asked in the song "Single Ladies", which planet, known for its rings, would you "put a ring on"?

A: Mars
B: Saturn
C: Venus
D: Pluto

Guess: Saturn- OF COURSE

2. Throw your rollies in the sky! What symbol is used as the logo for Rolex watches?

A: Horse
B: Crown
C: Throne
D: Castle

Guess: Crown- CORRECT

3. By the time of his death in 1828, what military leader ruled the largest kingdom in Southeastern Africa?

A: Hannibal
B: Kublai Khan
C: Shaka Zulu
D: Tutankhamun

Guess: Shaka Zulu- RIGHT

4. If you combined the title of two shows that have starred Tisha Campbell-Martin & Tichna Arnold, what could that new show title be?

A: "King of 227"
B: "Hangin' With Mr. Bernie Mac"
C: "Everybody Hates My Wife and Kids"
D: "Grey's Soul Food"

Guess: "Everybody Hates My Wife and Kids"- RIGHT AGAIN

Final question: In 1952, what legendary baseball player became the first black executive of a major radio/TV network?

A: Jackie Robinson
B: Hank Aaron
C: Willie Mays
D: Barry Bonds

Guess: Hank Aaron- NO (A: Jackie Robinson)

She removes #7, #8, #13 and #12 and easily knows it's Oprah Winfrey!

BACK IN THE BLACK: The base number is three, which not only stands for the number of people in a typical crowd, but the title Britney Spears' most recent hit single.

$500: Acting Oscars won by black performers
Guess: MORE- 12

$1K: Letters in the Greek alphabet
Guess: MORE- 24

$2K: Full months Britney Spears was married to Kevin Federline
Guess: LESS- 33

Our second contestant is Renee Davis, whose BB is her husband Ron.

Black Sheep:

1. Who did NOT win a Nobel Peace Prize?

A: Nelson Mandela
B: Martin Luther King, Jr.
C: W.E.B. Du Bois

Guess: W.E.B. Du Bois- CORRECT

2. Who would most likely NOT call Mathew Knowles on Father's Day?

A: Solange
B: Beyonce
C: Des'ree

Guess: Des'ree- YOU BET

3. Go green! Which is NOT biodegradable?

A: Brown paper bag
B: Pile of grass
C: Aluminum cans

Guess: Cans- $1,000

The Hook-Up: She has to match up at least three desserts with the countries they are most associated with.

1. Churro-Mexico
2. Tiramisu- Italy
3. Chocolate mousse- France
4. Baklava- Turkey
5. Tritle- England


Don't Blink: This time, the song for the displayed music video is "Epiphany".

1. What instrument is seen being played?
2. What does the artist open?
3. What is the artist "just about over"?
4. How many girls are standing in the street with the artist?
5. Who is the artist?

1. Guitar- STRIKE ONE (A: Piano)
2. Window- CORRECT
3. "...being your girlfriend"- RIGHT
4. Two- $4,500

That was a Chrisette Michele song.

Fab 5ive: Out of New York, Illinois, North Carolina, California, Texas, Michigan, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana & Maryland, she has to pick the five states that were reported to have over two million African-American residents, according to the 2000 U.S. Census.

1. New York
2. California
3. Georgia
4. Illinois
5. Texas
6. Louisiana
FINAL PICK: North Carolina (with help from Ron; his other choice was Maryland)

I can't believe she never chose Florida, because that was the last state. That sends her home with $4,500.

The Hook-Up: Samantha, a waitress from Georgia, comes out of the audience to play for $500. Her objective is to pair at least three automotive companies to some of their most notable cars.

1. Pontiac- Stratus
2. Chevy- Tahoe
3. Chrysler- Vibe
4. Dodge- PT Cruiser
5. Ford- Crown Victoria

Putting the PT Cruiser with Dodge proves to be her ultimate undoing, as she only has the Chevy and Ford models right. That means she'll have to settle for a Benjamin.

We then resume regular action with Max Booker (who is a recent graduate from Howard Law School). Labraillese is his BB.

Black Sheep:

1. If India.Arie toured Northern India, which would she NOT encounter?

A: Himalaya Mountains
B: Ganges River
C: Sahara Desert

Guess: Sahara Desert (with immediate help from Labraillese)- YES INDEED

2. Which of the following films was NOT directed by John Singleton?

A: "Boyz N' The Hood"
B: "Do The Right Thing"
C: "Higher Learning"

Guess: "Do The Right Thing"- RIGHT
3. Don't hate the player, hate the game. Whose last name is NOT the same as a Chess piece?

A: Nick Cannon
B: Regina King
C: Gladys Knight

Guess: Nick Cannon- $1,000

The Hook-Up: The prompt for this guy is to match some Zodiac signs with their symbols.

1. Leo- Lion
2. Aries- Ram
3. Gemini- Twins
4. Taurus- Bull
5. Pisces- Fish


Don't Blink: The music video used is for "I Luv It" by Young Jeezy.

1. What's writen on the artist's shirt?
2. What device is the jogger holding?
3. How many girls are dancing by the car?
4. What letter appears on the hat?
5. What color is the jogger's tanktop?

1. I heart/love it- CORRECT
2. iPod- RIGHT
3. One- $4,500

4. A (since that was an Atlanta Braves hat)
5. White

Line Up: He's forced to arrange the following five books from oldest to most recent- "The Secret", "Uncle Tom's Cabin", "I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings", "The Holy Bible" and "The Invisible Man".

1. "The Holy Bible"
2. "Uncle Tom's Cabin"
3. "I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings"
4. "The Invisible Man"
5. "The Secret"


1. "The Holy Bible"
2. "Uncle Tom's Cabin"
3. "The Invisible Man"
4. "I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings"
5. "The Secret"


Piece Out: The bonus prize Max's playing for is a home office. He has to solve a Thing puzzle.

1. On the sitcom "Moesha", Moesha's boyfriend went by what single-letter nickname- P, R, Q or T?

2. Trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie is credited as a founder of what Jazz movement- Postbop, Hip-Hop, Bebop or Britpop?
Guess: Bebop- RIGHT

3. Serving courageously in WWII, the famous all-black 99th Fighter Squadron trained where?

A: Tuskegee, FL
B: Tuskegee, GA
C: Tuskegee, MS
D: Tuskegee, AL

Guess: Tuskegee, AL- RIGHT

4. Diana Ross received an Oscar nomination for her potrayal of what legendary singer?

A: Ella Fitzgerald
B: Marian Anderson
C: Billie Holiday
D: Aretha Franklin

Guess: Billie Holiday- RIGHT AGAIN

Final question: According to the CIA, about half the population of Haiti practices what religion- Islam, Buddhism, Voodoo or Taoism?
Guess: Voodoo- SWEEP

He says goodbye to Pieces #13, #8, #7, #3 and #12 before being right with Elmo from "Sesame Street"!

BACK IN THE BLACK: This time, we start out with 10, which is the number of toes painted in a traditional pedicure.

$500: Outfits Michelle Obama wore on Inaguration Day
Guess: LESS- 2

$1K: Cost of Michael & Janet Jackson's "Scream" music video to the nearest million
Guess: LESS- 7

In the final regulation game, Lorrie Matthew (a freelance journalist who's also from Atlanta; her late father was a former multiple-time game show champion) left with $2,500 after getting stumped in four questions on a Don't Blink round about a clip from "The Keyshia Cole Show". Faye McQueen, a Spanish teacher, then ran the board on the other The Hook-Up Audience Game dealing with some TV characters' show locales for $500.

Millionaire (Conclusion of "The Real Housewives Week"):

Game 1
Game 2

Episode ratings:

9: "Wheel of Fortune"
8: "Jeopardy!"
7: "Deal or No Deal", "Let's Make a Deal", "Millionaire" & "Pay It Off"
6: "The Price is Right"
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