Sunday, February 14, 2010

"The Amazing Race"- 16TH SEASON PREMIERE

The story for this Winter/Spring season of "The Amazing Race" is the same as last year's- the Fall season will be awfully hard to top. In Fall 2008, Nick & Starr Spangler became the first team to win seven stages en route to their $1,000,000 win; last season, Cheyne Whitney & Meghen Rickey duplicated their feat. Here are this cycle's 11 teams, including two you will likely recognize from other shows:

Brent Horne (Columbia, SC) & Caite Upton (Lexington, SC)- Dating models and former $500,000 winners on "Who Wants To Be a Millonaire"!
Louie Stravato & Michael Naylor (Providence, RI)- Detectives
Allie & Steve Smith (Encinitas, CA)- Daughter/father
JEFF SCHROEDER (Norridge, IL) & JORDAN LLOYD (Charlotte, NC)- Were on “Big Brother” last season (and Jordan was the most recent champion!)
Monique Pryor (West Orange, NJ) & Shawne Morgan (Bowie, MD)- Attorneys/mothers
Cord (Tupelo, OK) & Jet McCoy (Ada, OK)- Brothers/cowboys
Adrian & Dana Davis (Arlington, TX)- Married high school sweethearts
Jody Kelly (Round Rock, TX) & Shannon Foster (Georgetown, TX)- Grandmother/granddaughter
Brandy Snow & Carol Rosenfeld (Los Angeles)- Dating
Dan & Jordan Pious (Barrington, RI)- Brothers
Heidi & Joe Wang (El Segundo, CA)- Married couple

They're starting off in L.A.

OPENING CLUE: Using public transportation, teams need to make it to the Los Angeles International Airport and book a flight to Valparaiso, Chile. Once in Chile, teams have to travel to the top of the Ascensor Villaesca before they can get their second clue.

The first three teams to get to LAX will get to be on the first flight; everybody else has to take a later flight at least an hour later.

Early on, the top three teams are Monique & Shawne, Jordan & Jeff and Dana & Adrian.

FIRST ROADBLOCK: One member of each team has to do some cablewalking 120 feet above the ground until they reach their third clue.

Brent & Caite own the lead after this.

Clue #3: Teams need to ride in a 120-year-old funicular down to the Ascensor Artilleria for their fourth clue.

Brent & Caite may be on their way to a PENALTY of some sort, as I did NOT see them taking the funicular.

Clue #4: After choosing four cans of paint and other painting supplies, teams have to carry it all up the steep incline of Templeman Street and search for the house that matches the color of the paint they have chosen. After matching up their house, they must finish painting it before receiving their next clue.

Here are the paint colors

Brent & Caite: Pink
Dan & Jordan: Yellow
Jeff & Jordan and Louie & Michael: Light blue
Heidi & Joe and Allie & Steve: Red
Brandy & Carol, Jet & Cord and Monique & Shawne: Dark green
Adrian & Dana and Jody & Shannon: Unknown

FIRST PIT STOP: Run to the Palacio Baburizza. The first team to make it here will win a trip from Travelocity, but the last duo to check in here will be eliminated.

The first stage winners of the season are...

...none other than Jeff & Jordan! And guess what- they're headed to the home of this year's ongoing Winter Olympics in Vancover, BC!

Brent & Caite are the second time to arrive. Do they get penalized?...

...YES, because of what I suspected earlier (failure to take the funicular). In this case, they are SENT TO THE PENALTY BOX FOR 30 MINUTES. The actual second-place team consists of...

...Monique & Shawne!

3. Jet & Cord

As it turns out, Brent & Caite aren't the only team to get PENALIZED this week- because they misplaced a paintbrush on their way to their designated house, Dan & Jordan have received 15 minutes of PENALTY TIME.

4. Allie & Steve (despite their blunder of painting their house's INTERIOR intead of its EXTERIOR)

5. Heidi & Joe

6. Brandy & Carol

7. Brent & Caite

8. Dan & Jordan

9. Louie & Michael

The first two contestants to be eliminated this season are...

Adrian & Dana
Jody & Shannon

...Adrian & Dana. The Davises didn't even make it past the Roadblock; host Phil Keoghan eliminated them on the spot.
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