Sunday, February 28, 2010

"The Amazing Race XVI" 2/28

OPENING CLUE: Teams have to take a six-hour scenic tour bus ride through the Andes Mountains before arriving in Argentina. Once in Argentina, they have to drive themselves to an old saloon called El Boliche Viejo, where they have to win a hand of Five-Card Stud against a Travelocity Gnome before they can keep their gnome for the rest of this stage; this also has their second clue on the bottom of it.

$48 is given to each team for this stage of the race.

Early on this week, Brent Horne & Caite Upton are possibly suffering from dehydration, so they go to a hospital before beginning the leg in last place instead of third place.

Clue #2: Run to the Pena Gaucha for their third clue.

ROADBLOCK #3: At a gaucho festival, one team member is taught how to steer rope before trying to do so with a target 18 feet away, which has their fourth clue attached.

Naturally, since they're cowboys, Jet & Cord McCoy take over the lead after completing that task first.

Clue #4: Everybody next must drive to Puente Nirihuau, where their next clue awaits.

DETOUR #2: Horse Sense or Horse Power?

Horse Sense: They have to visit a gun slinger, who gives them a set of directional coordinates. Using an old-time compass for additional reference, they have to correctly follow the directions by counting out steps. Once they've reached their target, a bag of stolen money buried in the ground, they have to deliver it to a bandit at a train station. If the coordinates on the bag match the ones on their sheet of paper, they will receive their next clue in the form of a golden coin.

Horse Power: At a Polo field, teams need to score a goal in a game of Polo within nine mallet swings. If successful, their next clue will be awarded in the form of a silver trophy.

Sense: Carol & Brandy, Jordan & Jeff, Joe & Heidi, Dan & Jordan and Louie & Michael
Power: Jet & Cord, Steve & Allie, Brent & Caite and Monique & Shawne
SWITCHED TASKS: Joe & Heidi and Monique & Shawne

PIT STOP #3: Teams head to Estancia Fortin Chacabuco, where a third team will be eliminated.

The McCoys win their second straight stage! This time, they've won a 10-day trip to Patagonia, Argentina!

2. Steve & Allie

3. Carol & Brandy (second week in a row they've finished in this position)

4. Joe & Heidi

5. Jeff & Jordan

6. Dan & Jordan (it took them three tries to complete their Polo task)

7. Brent & Caite

That leaves Louie Stravato & Michael Naylor and Monique Pryor & Shawne Morgan in the Danger Zone; this is Louie & Michael's second time in a row here. Last week, Jody Kelly & Shannon Foster were eliminated after placing next-to-last on the season premiere. Has the same fate occurred for the detectives?...

Louie & Michael
Monique & Shawne

...NO, so Monique & Shawne are OUT thanks to their Polo problems.

(Note: During the intro of this episode, host Phil Keoghan acknowledged the earthquake in Chile that occurred the previous day.)
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