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3/26/2010 Results

LMAD: The very memorable Monty Hall Week on "Let's Make a Deal" comes to a close today, and Monty will be hosting Friday's very first deal with Benjamin (dressed as a cow) & Erica (dressed as a cowgirl). They're playing the Open the Car's Door Deal for the Toyota Yaris 5-Door ($14,685)(Curtain #2). This time, instead of three keys on the blue small box's tray (Jonathan), there are four. They went Key #3, and the Sure Thing Jackpot at Curtain #3 starts with a Red Mountain Spa getaway in Utah worth $3,492. I can tell you right now both even-numbered keys are duds. At this point, $300 is added to the STJ, followed by another $200...and yet another Benjamin, making it worth a final total of $4,092 if they want it. Their final decision go for it, because Benjamin's been riding to work on a moped. Their key is...ALSO A DUD, so it was Key #1 that opened the door today and they are sent home with $200.

The next three traders are Kim (dressed as a robot), Demetra (dressed as a maid) and Timothy (dressed as a laundry hamper). After Jonathan brings out a cashbox, Kim gives up her third of the money in there for what's inside the blue small box (Jonathan)...three DISGUSTING pies. Demetra does not want any of the money either, so she trades for the big box...and she also ZONKS OUT with half a pool table. Finally, after what Timothy has seen so far, he keeps the cashbox. Behind Curtain #1 was...the Kawasaki jet ski ($6,699). He could either have a flat $500 or $600 instead of what's in the cashbox, but he declines...and he just won $3,000!

Wayne next chooses Josephine (who's dressed as Caution tape) and the iPhone in Wayne's pocket goes off. According to the message on it, which was texted by Erin from the prize department, whatever's behind Curtain #2 will get her somewhere fast. She can either have that or what's in the silver envelope. She wants the middle curtain...and she's NOT going anywhere with a BROKEN parachute, much less receiving the $2,000 Sur la Table gift card that was in the envelope. This deal will be continued.

Amanda (dressed as a zebra) could be going on a $9,700 trip to The Fairmont Orchid Hotel in Hawaii from The Journeymasters (Curtain #3) if she can pick the one grocery item out of the following three on the blue small box's tray (Jonathan) that was first introduced nationally- SpaghettiO's, Cheez-Whiz and Alka-Seltzer. After talking it out, she chooses the Alka-Seltzer. The pasta was introduced in...1965. The STJ this time is behind the big box, and it contains a 30" range and some Cuisnart cookware worth $2,998. We can also reveal that the Cheez-Whiz first came out in...1953. After $400 is added to the STJ, she goes for the vacation...AND SHE'S WON IT, BECAUSE ALKA-SELTZER DEBUTED IN 1931- PERFECT DEAL!

The next-to-last regulation contestant this morning is Julie (dressed as a magician). In the green small box (Jonathan) is an Hewlett-Packard Touchsmart laptop and $700, for a total of $1,630 if she wants it. She then magically turns that down for what's behind Curtain's NOT an automobile like she was hoping for, but she does get pairs of beach cruisers, 32 GB iPod Touches with carrying cases and athletic shoes, as well as the $1,000 iTunes gift card, a prize package worth $2,653! Afterwards, she hopes her magic works better on Curtain #1...and she now has a spa with a price tag of $5,428! PERFECT DEAL #2!

Before we get to the final Big Deal of the week, we need to get out that iPhone for Gonza (whose shirt says she's a nudist on strike). This time, the message comes from Ashley of the wardrobe department- what's inside the blue small box (Tiffany) will add some sparkle to her look. But Gonza goes with the bronze envelope instead...there is a check inside, but only for $150. That will cost her a 14 karat white gold diamond ring worth $3,346.

THE BIG DEAL: It makes a great deal of sense for Julie to trade back her spa for one last chance to win a car. Her magic has worked twice for her so far; if she can complete the triple play, she'll win the Dodge Challenger ($23,460). She's going with Door #1 like yesterday's Big Deal winner did. Behind the other end of the spectrum, Door #3, was a trip to Santa Barbara Wine Country valued at...$8,684. Has she gone three for three with her dealing magic...YES INDEED! Door #2 had a home entertainment package headlined by the Sony 40" LCD HDTV and the one-year Netlix subscription worth a total of $2,951. And there's an American Flag in the background of the Challenger, too!

In all, six cars were given away this week (with at least one being won every single day), half of which were part of the three BDs that were won, and a grand total of $182,135 in cash and stuff has been given away! To wrap up this great week, Monty joins Wayne in making those quickie deals!

TPIR: Things haven't gone too well at The Bob Barker Studio this week. Only five Pricing Games have been won so far this week, with three out of four episodes this week (including the past two) having only one of them won. Let's see how we do this morning.

After Rich Fields says "Come on Down" to Pamela Semen, Kat Murello (who's wearing a tye-dye shirt), Jett Ferm, Sr. and Katie Torguson, the IUFBs start with a slot car set (Gwendolyn at Door #3).

Pamela: $425
Kat: $475
Katie: $600
Jett: $601

ARP: $1,362

Partly because Jett is from Detroit, he's playing Temptation for the Chevrolet HHR (Std., Tire, DVD)(Manuela at Door #3). And today marks the debut of TEMPTATION'S BRAND-NEW GAMEBOARD! The video displays for each of the contestant's guesses in the price of the car start out as spinning "Price" dollar signs; after each guess has been made, the number itself rises up like the text for the correct numbers in the car price. The correct car numbers are also shown on some small LCD monitors behind a series of very small red doors. The gameboard itself is mostly silver with some red and gold on it; also, there are some chasing lights on the bottom half of the board! BTW, Any Number is also getting a new gameboard very soon. Back to the gameplay itself right here, the first number in the price of this car is 2.

1. Samsung 52" LCD HDTV (Gwen)
ARP: $1,999
SECOND NUMBER PICK: 1 (he originally said 9 at first)

2. Cuisinart Elite appliance collection (Amber)
ARP: $545

3. Pair of pocket bikes (Gwen)
ARP: $998

4. $500 in a box (Amber)

$21,595 is his final guess for the Chevy...and he goes for it and loses, costing him $4,042 in cash and prizes. The ARP of the automobile was $21,480. Even though he didn't lose by disqualification (because the fives didn't appear back-to-back), he has given a ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK NOMINEE.

Video Bonus: New Temptation board debut

I hope the mind of Pauline Liggins (who comes all the way from Brazil) is in check as we show everybody the second IUFB, some designer clothing/accessories (Gwen behind GPT).

Pauline: $600
Pamela: $1,100
Kat: $865
Katie: $1,200

ARP: $1,107

For the second straight week, Double Prices (Manuela) is being played in front of Contestant's Row for a trip displayed on Door #4; in Pamela's case, it's to Big Sur (Amber). The vacation is either $5,754 or $6,593. She answers $5,754...correct!

Coming on down after her is Russell Silva and the third IUFB is the Bremshey Sports upright exercise bike (Amber behind rising sign).

Russell: $650
Kat: $1,300
Katie: $950
Pauline: $1,200

ARP: $699

Russell, who's 18 right now (which is the minimum age everybody needs to be in order to be allowed to play most game shows), plays Hi-Lo for an Aico bedroom (Gwen at Door #3) and some Veria beauty products, a prize package worth $7,355. The six grocery items are a big bag of Meow Mix Original Choice, the Clif Bar, Dixie Napkins, Morton Salt, some Mini-Oreos and Clorox bleach.

1. Cat food- $4.73
2. Bleach- $2.19
3. Clif Bar- $1.49

Rest of the items:

Napkins- $2.89
Salt- $.89
Oreos- $1.29

Russell ($699): Half-Dollar + 60 = OVER BY A DIME
Jett ($1,362; he does a Wheelie on his first spin!): $.95
Pamela ($6,861): 15 + Quarter = $.40

Jett's Wheelie is good enough to land him in the Showcase today; he was very energetic during the later parts of this SCSD!

Leaving her seat seventh is Tanya Lao from Vegas and the fourth IUFB, which arrives on the train (Gwen) is a free-standing electric range (Amber).

Tanya: $799
Kat: $1,250
Katie: $1,500
Pauline: $1,300

ARP: $1,599

Katie plays One Wrong Price for an Opulent Items self-illuminated loveseat marked at $2,500 (Amber), a Sony stereo system marked at $2,900 (Amber) and a Meridian gas grill marked at $2,420 (Gwen). She listens to her mom in picking the BBQ...but I was right instead with the loveseat at $3,250.

The second player to get the orange podium is Maria Romo and IUFB #5 is a selection of tools (Manuela at Door #3).

Maria: $1,525
Pauline: $2,200
Tanya: $2,201
Kat: $750

ARP: $1,259

Kat (who is a magician's assistant), the last of Friday's First Four, earns the chance to play Pl!nko! The four SPs in this go-round are modeled by Gwen.

1. Pair of wireless headphones
IS NOT: $59
PICK: 9- $79

2. Yoga Mat
IS NOT: $45
PICK: 4- $25

3. Compact digital photo album
IS NOT: $60
PICK: 0- $40

4. Stainless-steel blender
IS NOT: $29
PICK: 9- $39

Amber gives her three more Pl!nko Chips.

1. $1,000 (Left)
2. DUD (Right)
3. $1,000 (Left)
FINAL TRY: $10,000

She's $12,000 richer!

After Rich gets his face time, he yells those magic words to Rachel Delkener and the final IUFB this week is a pair of Nirve Sports bicycles (Amber behind splitting sign).

Rachel: $1,200
Maria: $1,160

ARP: $860

Tanya plays That's Too Much for the Mazda3 (Gwen at Door #3).

1. $17,890
2. $19,120
3. $20,841
4. $22,050- THAT'S TOO MUCH!!!

ARP: $21,090; this is about as easy as it will get nowadays!

Today's lineup was very good!

SHOWCASE SHOWDOWN #2 (the winner of this will get the Top Winner's Showcase podium):
Katie ($1,599): Half-Dollar + 75 = OVER BY A QUARTER
Kat ($13,417): $.95
Tanya ($21,950): Half-Dollar + 85 = OVER

Kat's moving on!

In Showcase #1 is the Sony 52" LCD HDTV (Amber at Door #1), the HP Touchsmart desktop computer system (Gwen) and the Ford Fusion Hybrid (Amber at Door #3).



These outdoor prizes could be going to Jett- some backpacking/climbing equipment (Gwen), a climbing wall (Manuela at Door #2) and a trip to where he can climb down instead of up- Belize (Manuela; includes a chance to go snorkeling at a secluded island where you can see the West Indian Manatee, a cave tour on an innertube and a $3,000 bonus).



BID: $9,500

ARP: $20,556

BID: $38,000
ARP: $32,479


Jett's total winnings in cash and stuff: $21,918, just $32 shy of being the day's top winner.

WOF: Will we at least crack that $400,000 mark after tonight? The next several puzzles will decide if that happens. The first one is always the $1,000 Toss-Up, and the category is Song Title:

_ _ I _ / _ _ G _ C

_ _ _ _ _ _

William & Linda solve the Drifters song "THIS MAGIC MOMENT" for $1,000. Our final three teams this week are as follows:

Linda & William Wooley- William's an elementary school crossing guard, a pizza restaurant worker and a Special Olympics participant that has won **131** medals to date, while Linda's a network designer and a coach on William's SO team; they're a mother/son team
Adrineh Galumian & Arsineh Lee- Adrineh's a stay-at-home mom and a former RV helicopter pilot; they're sisters
Lisa & Todd Freshman- Lisa's a children's toy store owner in Los Angeles; they're a brother/sister duo

$2,000 Toss-Up category is Event:

M _ _ _ E

P R _ M _ _ R E

Lisa & Todd can definitely go to more than one MOVIE PREMIERE with two grand.

After the Turks & Caicos trips go on the wheel for the final time this week, the Gorton's Jackpot Round category is Phrase. Lisa & Todd immediately call a dud in L while on the Wild Card. Secondly, William & Linda call an N for that same item, a $450 T and buy three E's, then they call a $300 V and buy an I. Next, they call two G's for another $1,200, purchase two O's, but then hit Bankrupt to lose the WC and $1,200. Afterwards, Adrineh & Arsineh light up two M's for the trips and we have...

I ' V E / G O T / M _

G _ M E / _ _ _ E / O N

...I'VE GOT MY GAME FACE ON, and so do they for the vacations!

SOLE DUD: L (Lisa & Todd)
SOLE BANKRUPT: William & Linda

Tonight's Before & After Round begins with William & Linda calling two R's for $7,000 but they then lose that much money right back to their second Bankrupt of the night. Second, Adrineh & Arsineh call two N's for $1,100, purchase two O's and A's, call a $500 T and two E's while on Free Play. They then call two Y's for another $900, buy two U's to clean out the vowels and then put up two H's for another $7,000, a $550 C, a $300 D and here's the board...

Y O U / C A N ' T


_ O _ E

H A N D _ E _

...they solve YOU CAN'T HURRY LOVE HANDLES (the first half is a song by The Supremes) for a new total of $24,600 in cash and Turks & Caicos trips!

SOLE BANKRUPT: William & Linda

Wellgate Mystery/Prize Puzzle Round category is Quotation. Our big-leading sisters start with two R's for $800, buy three of both the E's and the A's, and call a $900 W before purchasing a couple O's and landing on Lose a Turn. Lisa & Todd secondly get the left Bankrupt of the Million Dollar Wedge. Third, William & Linda call a pair of S's for $1,100 but then buy the only dud vowel on the board (U). Returning to Adrineh & Arsineh, they light up a quartet of N's for another $3,600 and we have now...

W E ' R E / N O _

_ N / _ A N S A S

A N _ _ O R E

...they'll definitely say "WE'RE NOT IN KANSAS ANYMORE" (best known for being said by Toto from "The Wizard of Oz") on their second pair of trips to the Sandals Grand St. Lucian Spa & Beach Resort. When we add an additional $4,550 to their haul, it now stands at a massive $44,150 in cash and voyages! That also leaves us just three Benjamins shy of the $400,000 plateau for the week!

SOLE DUD: U (William & Linda)
SOLE LAT: Adrineh & Arsineh

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH: EJ03274 (Erica C. from California)

We'll probably break that magic mark with this $3,000 Toss-Up, which is a place:

T A I _ O R

S _ O _

Lisa & Todd only say TAILOR _____. Adrineh & Arsineh then steal TAILOR SHOP to increase their giant score to $47,150 in cash and trips, AND MAKE THIS WEEK'S TOTAL TO DATE $402,700!!!!

But let's not stop there. Speed-Up Round category is What Are You Doing? and consonants are worth...$1,300 apiece, so sisters, kiss your maingame record hopes goodbye. After Lisa & Todd light up the M...

G E T T _ N G

C _ M _ _ R T _ _ _ E

...they're GETTING COMFORTABLE at the right time for an extra $3,900 and a final second-place total of $5,900. William & Linda's one grand gets doubled and Adrineh & Arsineh win the week's final championship by a mile with $47,150 in cash and vacations!

So far, $55,050 in cash and trips has been awarded tonight!

DUDS: D (William & Linda), H (Adrineh & Arsineh), S (Lisa & Todd)
DQ: William & Linda (R repeat)

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding the WC): $8,200

Maxwell House Big Money Round: If things absolutely go right for Adrineh & Arsineh, the week's final total could even pass half a million bucks! They spin the first A in AMERICA'S and the category is Phrase. We begin like this:

_ R _ _ E R

T E _ _ N _ _ _ E

They call D, M, H and A and get...

_ R _ _ E R

T E _ H N _ _ _ E

...without the P's, they DON'T have the PROPER TECHNIQUE (they only got TECHNIQUE) to solve this puzzle for...

...$30,000 more. Oh well, they still leave us with $47,150 in cash and trips, and THIS WEEK'S GRAND TOTAL IN CASH AND PRIZES IS $407,600, THE SECOND-HIGHEST WEEKLY TOTAL EVER IN THIS SHOW'S HISTORY!!!!!

Jeopardy!: Should Regina Robbins come out on top again tonight, she could rise as high as seventh on the Tournament of Champions Leaderboard! But these two contestants have something to say about that:

Huat Lim (Seattle)- Pre-medical student
Kerry Smith (Midland, MI)- Baking/Pastry Arts student

Friday's first six categories are:


On the fourth clue of the night, Smith finds the first Daily Double under the $400 Logos clue with half that amount; Lim also has that much cash to start. For $1,000, here is the clue:

Fittingly, this brand known for its vintage-inspired jeans uses a four-leaf clover as its logo.

"What is Levi's?"...NO WAY, so she's $800 in the hole for now. The right jeans company was Lucky. At the first break, Robbins' off to a very good start with a Lock Game Territory-caliber score of $5,600, since Lim has $1,400 and Smith's back in the positive with $600.


Regina: $7,400
Kerry: $4,000
Huat: $2,400


DJ! Categories (all revolving around things that Alex Trebek has said over the years!!!):




Three clues before the midway mark is reached in this round, Robbins finds one of the two DDs at the middle clue in I'm Getting Too Old For This Stuff with $12,200. She's still just shy of making it back into LGT, because Smith's second-place score is $6,800 and Lim's last with $3,200. She wagers $1,500 on this answer:

He said, "Too old to plant tress for my own gratification, I shall do it for posterity", and at 83, (he) designed an arboretum for the University of Virginia.

"Who is Thomas Jefferson?"...correct to move into LGT for the second time tonight by a $100 bill with $13,700! She also gets her hands on the last one of this match with the middle clue on I Speak Many Tongues. At this stage of the game, though, she's NOT even close to being in LGT, as she's now in front of Smith, $12,500-$9,200, whereas the wheels are falling off for Lim with him down to $1,600. Again, she bets $1,500, but with this clue to work with:

Also the name of a pasta sauce, this five-letter Italian word can mean "please", "thank you" or "excuse me".

She BLOWS THIS ONE with "What is pesto?", which is off by three letters; it was "What is prego?", sending her back to 11 grand this time.



Regina: $17,800
Kerry: $12,000
Huat: $6,800


Regina: $19,000
Kerry: $13,000
Huat: $6,000

To wrap up the week, the upcoming final will bring to the table both the 2/3 and Stratton's Dilemma betting scenarios.

FJ! CATEGORY: Phrase Origins.

In 1945, George Orwell coined this two-word phrase for "An epoch as horribly stable as the slave empires of antiquity".

Huat Lim came up with a response of "What is police state?"...incorrect. He loses $5,300 (his most suggested wager was $99 less than that), finishing him up with $1,500. Kerry Smith said "What is big brother?"...also the name of the Julie Chen-hosted reality game show on CBS, that is ALSO WRONG. Her two options while in SD was to either risk less than $400 or more than $1,600...she wagered two grand, so she'll likely get the $2K runner-up prize with $10K. Regina Robbins' question is even more off the mark with "What is Neoclassical?", because that's actually a hyphenated word instead of two seperate words. Correct response: What is Cold War? She wagered...$6,201, leaving her with $11,599, enough to give her a fourth victory! She now has $90,700 after four shows, so she breaks the Top 10 on the ToC Leaderboard as the ninth-place player!

Instant Recall: Wink Martindale and the gang first meet this person:

Jaci (Paradise, IN)- A business analyst who knows Kng Fu, has tomatoes as her favorite food and she cringes whenever anybody says the word "like"

She's being set up at a nursery.

Round 1: To double her money, she has to pick the exact delivery company logo out of the five shown.


Speed Round:

1. In what month does the President's Tree bloom?
Guess: February- CORRECT ($1,150)

2. What did the delivery woman deliver?
Guess: Contact lenses- RIGHT ($1,300)

3. Name one color that indicates Restless Branch Syndrome.
Guess: Red- RIGHT ($1,450)

4. What was the foreman eating?
NO GUESS (A: Beef jerky)

Final question: What was Shannon's nickname?
Guess: Gip- RIGHT; WINS $1,600 (and a couple of burgers)

Here's the player for Game 2:

Kimberly (Philadelphia)- A cocktail server whose favorite food is ice cream, is able to put her feet behind her head and would most like to go to the city of Hogwarts

She thinks she's attending a tanning session for free.

Round 1: Choose the logo out of the five displayed that was on the box of sunscreens for another $500.

PICK: White/yellow sun- DOUBLE

Instant Reward: This is only the second time this has been conducted in the short history of the program. Tonight, the bonus prize is a Canon Power Shot digital camera. To win it, she has to draw the tattoo that Donovan was wearing on his chest.

She draws a sun with a smiley face...NO. The design was actually a heart with an arrow shot through it and the name of Duke.

Final Round: For each of the three given dances that Kimberly performs correctly, she will win $500 more.

1. Boxer- PASS ($1,500)
2. Tornado- FAIL
3. Cowboy- PASS; WINS $2,000

(Also: For the second and final time this week on "Millionaire", a contestant missed the $100,000 question and left with $25K; in this case it was Phil Farris. When time ran out, Tim McCauley hit the $25K mark with the Double Dip remaining. His next appearance will be on April 5th.)

Episode ratings:

9: "Wheel of Fortune"
8: "Let's Make a Deal"
7: The other shows
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