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3/30/2010 Results

LMAD: This is Episode 1127; for the next two days thereafter, we will be going backwards in taping order. We start off today's show with Gregory (wearing a giant silver pearl necklace), Holly (dressed as a toaster) and Rose (with some really LONG hair). They get to choose from three bronze envelopes, one of which has a check for $500 inside, while the others each have $250 checks. Whoever gets the $500 will get to make the first deal:

Gregory- $500
Holly- $250
Rose- $250

The only man on this panel buys what's behind the big box for the $500...it's a Sony home entertainment center that includes a 46" LCD HDTV and a three-month Netflix subscription worth $2,551. The ladies secondly pick from the two silver envelopes. The one who picks the $750 one gets to do the second deal:

Holly- $750 ($1,000)
Rose- $250 ($500)

Holly then gives up a grand worth of checks for what's inside the blue small box (Jonathan)...a pair of old puppets. After Rose is handed the golden envelope, she gives back all three of her checks for what's behind Curtain #1...some Michael Green & Co. diamond jewelry worth $4,083! Her last check would have been worth $200, for a total of $700.

In the second deal, Nichole (dressed as a Viking Mardi Gras referee) sees Jonathan bringing along a huge bag of mail. The letter Wayne takes out says:

Dear Wayne: You're giving away a lot of fantastic trips on the show. Where do you like to go to get away from it all?

That trip is behind Curtain #3, and she takes it after turning down $400, $500 and $700...it's to St. Thomas worth $4,800! The second letter goes to Star (who's holding a teddy bear while in some pink pajamas), and it reads:

Dear Tiffany: You sure do run a lot from curtain to curtain. How do you keep in such good shape?

The answer to that question is behind Curtain #2. Star turns down $600 and $800 to get...a pink Cybex treadmill worth $6,735! PERFECT DEAL!

In Deal #3, Aaron (who's turning 26 and is dressed like an Indian) chooses from either the blue small box (Jonathan) or Curtain #1, one of which is worth $4,450 in cash and/or merchandise. If he fears he won't make the right choice, he can also walk away with $400. But he does take Curtain #1...HE'S INCORRECT, so he gets ZONKED with a trio of kangaroos. That means he will NOT be going on a Los Angeles Lakers experience. A second round of this particular deal will come later.

The fourth deal is called "The Person Who Can't Say No", and Marla and Grant (wearing a blue/red dress with some white) are given $500 to start. First, Marla buys what's behind the big box (which doubles Grant's winnings)...an iMac computer system with a 16 GB iPod Nano worth $1,878. Second, because Grant has seen too many ZONKS today, he gives Curtain #2 to Marla...and back there is a living room group that includes a JVC 32" LCD HDTV worth $3,823! Finally, even though he doesn't feel sure about doing this, he takes The Big Risk behind Curtain #3...he should've listened to his gut- there's a quartet of scarecrows behind that curtain.

Today's featured couple is Camille & Gordon (dressed as pirates), and their game is Panic Button. Here's what they're playing for:

Curtain #1: Beauty product suite w/ a designer handbag ($1,912)
Curtain #2: Game room ($3,560)
Curtain #3: Spa package ($6,159)

1. #3- CURTAIN #2
2. #5- CURTAIN #1
3. #1- WIPEOUT!!!

After David & Jennifer get engaged on the air (well, NOT really), Sharronda can choose from either the golden envelope or the big box, one of which has something worth $3,381, or she can reject both of those for $500. She chooses the box...but she ZONKS OUT with a couple of possums. She misses out on a trip to Sonoma. In any event, Star will be going for the Big Deal of the Day.

THE BIG DEAL: Star gets a chance to win the Toyota Prius ($23,150). Door #2 has the Bank Vault, but she picks Door #1 instead...THE BIG DEAL WINNING SREAK IS OVER. But in addition to getting a chance to dance with Tiffany at the end of the show, she still finishes as the day's top winner with a retro appliance package valued at $6,577.

Door #2: $1,711
Door #3: PRIUS

TPIR: Tuesday's First Four consists of Meredith Paulicivic, Brian Kemp, Barbara Sturgis (who's celebrating her 51st birthday) and Edward Huling. The first IUFB is a pair of Canon digital cameras (Gwendolyn).

Edward: $900
Barbara: $600
Brian: $300 (STAGE GARF)
Meredith: $601

ARP: $800

Meredith from Temecula, CA plays the Balance Game for a trip to Scotland (Rachel at Door #4). As of this playing, the ARP readout for this Pricing Game has been moved from the model's podium to the podium with the smaller bags on them. The last three numbers are 7, 8 and 4.

DOLLAR VALUES AVAILABLE: $2,000, $4,000 & $5,000

She goes with the cheapest price available, $6,784...but she's under. ARP: $9,784.

Going green second is Brian Roma and the second IUFB is a Bio Force home gym (Rachel at Door #3; she just got married!).

Roma: $1,900
Edward: $2,000
Barbara: $1,500
Kemp: $1,400

ARP: $1,400, winning Mr. Kemp a $500 bonus!

He then plays Pathfinder for a Honda Fit (Std., RKE, Mats, Organizer)(Manuela at Door #3). Board:


The three SPs modeled by Gwen are:

Pink mixer: $70 or $100?
Cosmetic gift set: $125 or $150?
Stainless-steel espresso maker: $88 or $129?

Ryan steps to the 7 as the second number...incorrect. He guesses $70 for the mixer...correct, and he's then right about stepping to the 5 as the second digit in the price of the car
($ 1 5 , _ _ _). He next steps to the 4 like I would have for the third digit...no. For the beauty supplies, he goes with $125...right. After that, he steps to the 8...NO. To stay in the game, he guesses $129 for the espresso maker...GAME OVER. The ARP of the Fit was $15,379, making it the cheapest car offered in this PG in a LONG time.

The second orange podium recepient is Elaine Lopez and the third IUFB is the Danby wine cooler (Manuela at the turntable).

Elaine: $1,250
Brian: $1,299
Edward: $800
Barbara: BUCK

ARP: $999

Edward plays Most Expen$ive for a Zuma motorscooter (Gwen), a dinette (Rachel; she's eating some pie during this prize's description!) and a Samsung 55" LCD HDTV (Manuela). He picks the scooter. The dinette costs two grand, the HDTV is $3,600...but the scooter is only $2,999.

Meredith ($800): $.85
Edward ($999): 20 + 95 = OVER BY $.15
Ryan ($2,025): 45 + 60 = OVER BY A NICKEL

The first loser of the day gets to the Showcase.

Next is Lilian Lozano and IUFB #4 is some golf clubs (Rachel behind splitting sign).

Lilian: $1,100
Barbara: $1,800
Elaine: $1,700
Brian: $1,801

ARP: $1,170

Lilian will be loading some of those clubs on this EZ Go golf cart (Gwen at Door #3) if she locks in the right price inside the Freeze Frame. The best-looking prices this time are $4,922, $5,085, $6,449, $7,615, $8,564 and $9,250. She freezes the board at $5,085...she missed it by one lousy click with $9,250.

Hoping to possibly win her PG if she makes it on stage is Ryan Hastings (who is a woman that attends San Diego State University) and the next-to-last IUFB is a home stereo system (Gwen inside the clam).

Ryan: $1,700
Barbara: $1,200
Elaine: $1,295
Brian: $1,300

ARP: $2,959

Ryan plays Dice Game for a Honda Accord LX-S Coupe (Std., Sensors, Lighting, EBH)(Rachel at Door #3). The first number, of course, is 2.

Second number: 6- NO; LOWER FREEBIE
Third number: 4- NO; HIGHER
Fourth number: 2- NO; HIGHER

Last number: 1- RIGHT

The second digit is 3. The fourth number is...4. And that middle number is...a 2, so NO $23,241 Accord for her.

Plugging in that red spot last is Martha McGee and the last IUFB is some of that Professional Ameriware (Manuela & Rachel). Barbara's in a lot of trouble- not only has she been in Contestant's Row the whole time, she's bidding second in this round.

Martha: $425
Barbara: $800
Elaine: $650
Brian: $810 (possible bad news for Barbara)

ARP: $1,200


If Brian can prevent yours truly from winning my second two-week SKUNK bet today while playing Check-Out, in addition to the cookware, he'll add to his new kitchen a trio of Viking appliances worth $11,885 (Gwen at Door #3). The five grocery items are Udderly Smooth Udder Cream, a BigEPak of Orbit White Gum, a box of Nilla Wafers, a small bag of Jelly-Belly Jellybeans and the Space Bag.

Cream: $7.99
Gum: $1.69
Wafers: $3.29
Jellybeans: $1.29
Bag: $8

The cream is $4.99, the gum is $3.69, the wafers are $4.19 and the jellybeans are $3.99, bringing the actual total so far to $16.86. If the price of that Space Bag is anywhere from $3.40-$7.40, he has saved the day...


My lineup today:

1. Most Expen$ive
2. Balance Game
3. Dice Game
4. Freeze Frame
5. Pathfinder
6. Check-Out

Lilian ($1,170; first spin was a PENALTY): 35 + 75 = OVER BY A DIME
Ryan ($2,959): Nickel + 30 = $.35
Brian ($13,085): $.40

Brian's in the Showcase today!

Showcase #1 (all prizes behind Door #2) has a trip to CedarPoint in Ohio (Gwen), a trip to Tokyo (Manuela) and a trio of motorcycles that consists of the Suzuki Ninja plus a Triumph and a Yamaha (Rachel).



For Brian, we have some O.W. Lee outdoor furniture with the rectangular fire pit (Manuela at Door #3), the Daniel's Wood Land treehouse (Rachel at Door #1) and the Hi-Lo trailer (Gwen at Door #1).



BID: $22,327
ARP: $49,473

BID: $33,500
ARP: $33,825


I thought Brian had it there; instead, Meredith wins $34,625 in prizes.

BrainSurge: Tuesday's Brainiacs:

Sierra- Baseball player on a boys' team
Shawn- Aspiring sports medicine doctor
Hunter- Eats dog food on occasion
Sydney- A clothes designer and a rock collector
J.T,- Character impersonator
Natalie- Once chased by a chicken

Level 1:

For 10: How many sheep jumped over the fence in Jeff's dream?

Everybody gets on the board just like that!

For 20: Memorize the five-digit code on the back of Jeff's hair.

Sydney left out the three, J.T. goofed with 821678 and Hunter had a TIME OVER.

For 30: Which of the five taxis did Jeff ride in?

J.T. & Sydney are both incorrect with #1, while Natalie & Shawn are both one off the other way with #3.

For 40: Memorize the five-digit code on Jeff's chest in suntan lotion.

Sierra only locked in the first three numbers, while J.T. took too long.

For 50: Which of these items did Jeff move in his junky room- a cupcake, a fishbowl, a teddy bear or a calculator?
ANSWER: Cupcake

Hunter is wrong with the teddy bear, while J.T., Natalie & Shawn all missed with the calculator. Scores heading into the last puzzle:

1. Sierra- 110
2. Sydney- 100
3. Hunter- 80
T4. Natalie.& Shawn- 70 each

FOR 100: Which of these four girls got dialed up twice- Dana, Corrie, Mindy or Janette?

Sierra missed with Dana, but since he's tied with J.T. for third place with 110 points apiece after the final puzzle, she's moving on anyway. The two who will NOT after they both locked in Corrie, however, are Hunter & Shawn. They will each receive the Spongebob Squarepants alarm clock and the slime bucket.

(Note: Because of time constraints, we do NOT get to see Jeff talk with each of the remaining four contestants just before the second round begins.)

Level 2: This time, they have to memorize fictional movie titles.

Sydney: "Lord of the Rinks"
Natalie: "Kung Pow Chicken"
Sierra: "The Dork Knight"
J.T.: "The Chronicles of Barnia"

Sydney: "Forrest Dump"
Natalie: "Greece"
Sierra: DQ (repeated "The Chronicles of Barnia")

J.T.: "The _____ Terminator"

The other five movies were "Meet the Pets", "The Dummy Returns", "The Curious Case of Benjamin Franklin", "Lemony Wicked" and "The Second Term-inator".

KO Round: Today, the eight matching pairs are #1 & #12, #2 & #10, #3 & #5, #4 & #15, #6 & #14, #7 & #16, #8 & #13 and #9 & #11.

Sydney: #5 & #3
Natalie: #2 & #10

Sydney: #6 & #14
Natalie: #15 & #4
Sydney: #7 & #16
Natalie: #11 & #1
Sydney: #12 & #1- WIN!

The last three eliminated players all get some Rollerblades.

THE FINAL LEVEL: Today's grand prize package contains the VocoPro karaoke machine, a KidZui laptop and a trip to Lake Tahoe.

KARAOKE GRID: #3, #6, #7, #8, #12 & #15


LAPTOP GRID: #2, #1, #7, #8, #9, #13, #17 & #21


TAHOE GRID: #4, #11, #18, #23, #28, #21, #14, #20, #26 & #32

1. #4, #11, #18, #23, #28, #27
2. #3
3. #4, #11, #18, #23, #28, #21, #15
FINAL TRY: #4, #11, #18, #23, #28, #21, #27-

WOF: The first Toss-Up category is What Are You Doing?:

C A T C _ _ N G

_ A _ E _

Mingo's CATCHING WAVES for $1,000. Here are tonight's players:

Mingo Arvezu (Springfield, MO)- Actor
Lindsay Ashe (Edmond, OK)- Stay-at-home mom and a military spouse
Miriam Debash (Ft. Lauderdale)- Human resources manager for an oil firm

$2,000 Toss-Up category is Proper Name:

_ _ N _ _ P E

_ _ _ Z

Mingo comes up with the correct actress in PENELOPE CRUZ to triple to $3,000.

Eggland's Best Jackpot/Prize Puzzle Round category is Song Lyrics and out on the wheel now is an $8,000 trip to the Four Seasons Resort Lana'i At Manete Bay. He first calls three T's for $1,350, buys three E's, but then spins Lose a Turn. Secondly, Lindsay calls two H's for the Wild Card but then a dud of B. Third, Miriam & Mingo both hit Bankrupt, which costs the latter man $1,100. Lindsay next calls two N's for $600 but next comes a dud vowel purchase in A (which turns out to be the only such vowel on the board). Then, Miriam calls three M's for $1,800 and buys two I's before lighting up an S for a $1,000 Maui Gym gift certificate, buying an O, calling a $900 R and buying the last remaining vowels, two U's. At this point, we have:

H O T / _ U N

I N / T H E


She solves "HOT FUN IN THE SUMMERTIME" by Sly and the Family Stone for $1,950, the gift tag and the $6,000 Caravan.com Central American Tour, a total of $8,950 in cash and prizes.

DUDS (both by Lindsay): A, $500 B
BANKRUPTS: 2 (Miriam, Mingo)

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: FF3441439 (Francisco F. from California)

Lindsay's up first in tonight's Before & After Round with a $550 T but she then buys her second dud vowel of the night in O. Second, Miriam calls three A's while on Free Play, three R's for $1,350, but then a dud of M. Third, Mingo calls a $550 N and buys an E, but he then lands on the left Bankrupt of the Million Dollar Wedge to lose the leftover $300; that's his second Bankrupt of the night. Returning to Lindsay, she calls a $900 L, purchases the last two vowels of I and U, then she lights up a C for the Hawaii trip and we have...

_ E R _ I A N


_ U R _ L A R

...but she's incorrect by two letters with SERBIAN CAT BURGLAR, which likely will stop her from claiming $8,700 in cash and trip. Miriam then puts up a $500 P, a $300 B, but she then hits the regular Bankrupt for the second time tonight to give back $2,150. After Mingo Bankrupts for the third time this evening, Lindsay tries again to solve with this...

P E R _ I A N


B U R _ L A R

...and she's successful this time with PERSIAN CAT BURGLAR to get on the board, leaving her just $250 off the lead.

DUDS: $300 M (Miriam), O (Lindsay)
BANKRUPTS: 3 (2 by Mingo, Miriam)
SOLE DQ: Lindsay (two-letter missolve)

Centrum Silver Mystery Round category is Phrase. Up first is Miriam with a $300 S and four T's for another $2,400 before she buys three E's, calls two H's for another $900 and purchases an I. But she then duds out with the L. Mingo is second in line with a $500 N, a $300 R and the purchasing of three A's and a couple of O's before lighting up a pair of F's for another $7,000 and Bankrupting for the fourth time this episode to forfeit $7,300; had he solved this puzzle right now, he would've had the lead. After Lindsay calls a $550 J, here's the board...

J _ S T

A N O T H E R / _ A _

A T / T H E / O F F I _ E

...it's JUST ANOTHER DAY AT THE OFFICE for Lindsay, as she's now in front with $9,700 in cash and Hawaii.

SOLE DUD: $500 L (Miriam)

$3,000 Toss-Up subject is Occupation:

_ _ R E S T

R A N _ _ R

Miriam solves FOREST RANGER to re-take the lead with $11,950 in cash and prizes.

Speed-Up Round category is Fictional Character and consonants are worth $1,300 each. After Lindsay makes two M's show up late in this round, the board reads...

T H _ / L _ T T L _

M _ R M _ _ D

...and she nails THE LITTLE MERMAID for another $3,900 and the championship with $13,600 in cash and vacation! Miriam departs with $11,950 in cash and stuff and Mingo takes home three grand in Toss-Up money.

So far, $28,550 in cash and merchandise has been awarded tonight.

DUDS: N (Miriam), S (Lindsay), W (Miriam)


Maxwell House Big Money Round: Lindsay Ashe's WC will be in play here. She spins the R and the category is Phrase. Starting with:

T _ E / _ E R _ E _ T

_ _ _

She needs some help in that last word. Her picks are H, K, M, C and I and she gets...

T H E / _ E R _ E C T

M I _

...because she nearly had THE PERFECT MIX of letters up there, she wins $25,000, for a final total of $38,600 in cash trip; that's the 60th bonus round win of the season, and the Feeding America Bonus Round Charity Bank has reached $35K!

BTW, make sure you tune in on Thursday night for a very special April Fool's Day Episode, where you see 10 things being different!

Millionaire ("Dancing With the Stars Week", Day 2):

Conclusion of Susan Mirto Scardilli's game
Game 2
Start of Game 3

(Also: Despite Tuesday's Final Jeopardy! clue being a Triple Stumper, public interest lawyer Stacy Braverman from Washington, D.C. finished well ahead of the pack with $14,984 to become the new "Jeopardy!" champion; Manny Maldonado III left with $14,500.)

Episode ratings:

7: "Millionaire" & "Wheel of Fortune"
6: "BrainSurge", "Jeopardy!" & "The Price is Right"
5: "Let's Make a Deal"
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