Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"American Idol" 3/16- TOP 12 BEGINS!

Before I begin this recap, I would like to make a note that Paige Miles was diagnosed with a case of vocal cord laryngitis prior to her performance tonight.

CATEGORY: The Rolling Stones

1. Michael Lynche- "Miss You"

Randy Jackson wasn't a fan of the arrangement when it started, but he said Michael was able to work it out. Ellen DeGeneres said there was nothing not to love about that performance. Kara DioGuardi said it was hard to perform on the main stage for the first time, but he was still hot. Simon Cowell said he increased his confidence, but felt parts of his performance was corny.

2. Didi Benami- "Play with Fire"

I, Randy & Ellen all really liked her performance! Kara said she can lose her way a bit if she pushes her singing, but she liked the way she used some intensity in her performance. And Simon said she is starting to become the artist she wants to be.

3. Casey James- "It's All Over Now"

Randy said he's gotten back on the right track. Ellen said he was fantastic, and both Kara & Simon thought he had his best peformance to date!

4. Lacey Brown- "Ruby Tuesday"

Randy said she did slightly better than he thought she would on an interesting song choice. Ellen said she was doing her best doing the slow parts of the arrangement, but less so during the faster ones. Kara said she was average and Simon said she was singing as if she were just an actress.

5. Andrew Garcia- "Gimme Shelter"

Randy said he was really pitchy, but Ellen thought it was his best performance so far. Kara said she didn't feel the story entirely from that performance and Simon felt that despite giving it 100%, he was just average.

6. Katie Stevens- "Wild Horses"

For the most part, Randy thought she sang that song very well. Ellen said she was slightly pitchy at the beginning but did very good overall. Kara said while she's still not technically perfect, she made some nice variations in the melody of the song she was given and was better overall than last week. Simon said this is the only time so far that she's made a great song choice.

7. Tim Urban- "Under My Thumb"

NOBODY thought he did that good this week, although both Kara & Simon gave him props for doing something totally different.

8. Siobhan Magnus- "Paint It Black"

Everybody felt she knocked it out of the park, with Kara admitting she had some Adam Lambert flashbacks during this performance!

9. Lee DeWyze- "Beast of Burden"

Randy liked the singer-songwriter approach to this song. Ellen said he did very well, although she was expected just a bit more from him. Kara said she was growing faster than anybody else remaining this season, but Simon said his song selection was safe and he didn't show a lot of personality.

10. Paige Miles- "Honky Tonk Women"

Randy said she did a good job. Ellen said she had a lot of star quality. Both Kara, Simon & I thought she did very well on the biggest notes considering her medical issues.

11. Aaron Kelly- "Angie"

Randy enjoyed the tender sounds of his voice the most (because he sounded like Justin Timberlake as a result) and said he performed well overall. Ellen approved of his song choice and felt he did as well as Siobhan tonight. Kara said he totally connected with the song and Simon agreed with Ellen!

(Note: Aaron's mom is named Kelly, but she is NOT the WWE Diva of the same name.)

12. Crystal Bowersox- "You Can't Always Get What You Want"

While she didn't do the best in his opinion, Randy said he wasn't disappointed at all by her this week. Ellen agreed with him, but thought she could still sing with ease; she also wanted to see even more personality from her. Kara agreed with Ellen on looseing up on stage and Simon said she didn't make the best of song choices.

Wednesday night, the musical guests will be Orianthi Panagaris ("According To You") and Ke$ha Sebert ("Blah Blah Blah").
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