Thursday, March 18, 2010

"Bullrun" 3/18

CHECKPOINT #12: Luning, NV
CHECKPOINT #13: Austin, NV
CHECKPOINT #14: Fernley Raceway (Fernley,NV)

Ken Brown & Tony Intreri (Team Mustang) runs short on gas just after the first checkpoint of the week.

Let’s now see those times…

WINNERS: Team Hummer- 6:22:09
2. Team NSX- 6:23:33
3. Team Lexus- 6:32:46
4. Team Hemi Cuda- 6:35:29
5. Team Lambo- 6:48:36
6. Team Challenger- 7:07:25
7. Team BMW- 7:08:31
DEAD LAST: Team Mustang- 7:18:50

…after having won the past three challenges, David Putnam & Ron Hollyfield have finally won a stage! Thanks to their gas troubles, Team Mustang is in their second challenge (as is Team BMW). Team Challenger, however, throws in that Immunity Wrench, so Team Hummer replaces them with…

…Team Hemi Cuda (this is also their second challenge appearance)! I thought for sure the Wus (Team Lambo) were going to replace Jonathan Bowen & Julian Muniz in the upcoming challenge.

CHECKPOINT CHALLENGE #5 (“Slingshot”): The three teams have to drive through the gap in between a pair of semi-trucks and also drive by a police car during each of their three laps around the track.

1. Team Mustang
2. Team Hemi Cuda
3. Team BMW

Definitely staying alive by totally blazing through this challenge is…

…The Janoses (Team Hemi Cuda)! The big losers, though, with a time of 2:36, are…

Team BMW
Team Mustang

…Team Mustang. The Beamer team survives despite spinning out late in their run.
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