Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Bullrun" 3/25

Important Programming Note: There will be NO episode next week.

CHECKPOINT #15: High Desert State Prison in Susanville, CA
CHECKPOINT #17: The Lake View Dragstrip in California

For lunch on their first day of this week's stage, Jason & Kristina Arias of Team BMW stop by a hamburger joint called In-N-Out. Meanwhile, the team of Jonathan Bowen & Julian Muniz (Team Challenger) have some early gas/oil problems. Lucky for them, when they finally stop their car, they're near an auto parts store.

Later on, while getting lost prior to reaching this week's second Checkpoint, Emilie Coppola & Tracy Shayhorn (Team Lexus) run into a ditch thanks to a bad male driver.

Hit us with those overall times, please...

WINNERS: Team Challenger- 5:04:20 (second win of the season!)
2. Team Hummer- 5:17:01
3. Team Lambo- 5:20:20
4. Team NSX- 5:25:55
5. Team BMW- 5:27:07
6. Team Lexus- 5:59:20
DEAD LAST: Team Hemi Cuda- 7:26:20

Both of the teams that had troubles with their cars are in the challenge; this is Team Lexus' second appearance in three weeks, while this is Team Hemi Cuda's second appearance in a row (and third overall). Allen & William Wu next USE THE IMMUNITY WRENCH FOR THE THIRD TIME THIS SEASON! Team Challenger then replaces them with...

...Team NSX- Nicholas Cruz & Ryan Morris.

CHECKPOINT CHALLENGE #6 ("Switchblade"): Every team has to navigate through a series of slalom poles while on the dragstrip before driving around some barrels and a water tank. Second, they have to do the course in reverse while smashing through a glass wall. Finally, once they're back at the start, they have to switch partners before they drive through the course one last time to stop the clock.

1. Team Lexus (they didn't have their car keys with them just before they started their run)
2. Team Hemi Cuda
3. Team NSX

Finishing this challenge the fastest at 1:20 is...

...Team NSX! But by a margin of only three seconds, the duo NOT advancing to the final month of the season with a challenge time of 1:42 is...

Team Hemi Cuda
Team Lexus

...the Lexus girls.
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