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4/2/2010 Results

LMAD: Before I start this recap, I have a few announcements to make regarding this show. First, this morning's show, Episode 1135, is the last episode taped from Las Vegas. Additionally, the episodes from Los Angeles will begin airing on Wednesday.

As we see both Jonathan Mangum & Tiffany Coyne both eating some white, Easter Egg-shaped, today's audience at The Tropicana is surprised to know that they are all getting coupons (one coupon is inside an Easter basket filled with the doughnuts some of the crew just ate) redeemable for a free dozen of Krispy Kreme's signature glazed doughnuts! And by the way, this is an Easter-themed episode!

Now, to the game with Christopher, Robin (dressed as a lion) and Joanne (dressed as a varsity cheerleader). On the red small box's tray (Jonathan) are these three Easter Eggs- blue, pink & yellow. At least one of them is hard-boiled; finding one will pay off at $2,000. Here are their picks:

Christopher: Pink
Robin: Blue
Joanne: Yellow

Robin gives back her egg for what's behind Curtain's a washer/dryer package worth $2,518; her egg was RAW! Second, Joanne takes the big box...her egg was HARD-BOILED, but at least she wins a $1,000 gift card. Finally, Christopher completes the egg-selling sweep by taking away $700 from Wayne Brady's pocket...but he had the other HARD-BOILED egg.

In Deal #2, Carla & Derek (a dating couple who are dressed as teddy bears) receive $500 just before they play "The Newlywed Game". In the first round, the prizes on offer behind Curtain #1 are a Michael Green & Co. diamond/ruby bracelet ($2,093) and a FlyScooter ($1,699).

Carla: FlyScooter
Derek: Bracelet

The second round prizes behind Curtain #2 are a digital fitness package that includes the Sony 40" LCD HDTV and the Nintendo Wii Fit set ($2,061) and the big tool chest ($2,097).

Derek: Fitness package
Carla: Fitness package

To conclude this deal, they turn down Curtain #3 for $2,561 in cash and stuff...but that decision will cost them a trip to the Divi Resort in Aruba worth $6,326.

The third deal is called "Caesar's Challenge", and the first jumbled prize goes to Eva (dressed as a pirate girl). Here it is, which can be found behind Curtain #3:


Please take either $600 or $700, my dear...BUT SHE DOES NOT, so she will have to settle for the giant ZONK version of an EASTER BASKET. Round 2 of this deal will come later.

But right now, Rachonda and Mark (dressed as a skeleton) are given $700 to go shopping with on the following:

Curtain #1: $300- HOME
Curtain #2: $500- ELECTRONICS
Curtain #3: $700- TRANSPORTATION

Rachonda buys #2, while Mark takes The Big Risk with #3. Behind #1 Easter-themed baking set that included a freestanding gas range worth $1,282. Rachonda adds to her $200...the Pier 1 Imports home office headlined by a MacBook Pro laptop worth $2,419. Mark's hoping for a paddle boat instead of a car behind the curtain furthest to the right...BUT NEITHER OF THOSE ARE BACK THERE- WE HAVE A COVERED WAGON BEHIND THAT CURTAIN FOR HIM HIMSTEAD.

Afterwards, sisters Sarah & Susan get their chance to climb up the Staircase of Money. Today, the money and the ZONKS are inside 10 chocolate bunnies.

Sarah: #7- $2
Susan: #3- BUCK ($3; $1,000)

Sarah: #4- $2 ($5; $2,000)

Susan: #2- $3 ($8; $3,000)

Sarah: #6- ZONK
Susan: #10- BUCK ($9); QUITS

Had Sarah gone on with #9...she would have found another $2, which would have put the two girls up to the $5,000 mark. After that's over, everybody gets a box of Godiva Gems!

Round 2 of "Caesar's Challenge" goes to Nannette (who's wearing a high school basketball replica jersey). Her board:


She wisely turns down $500, $600 and $800 for this kind of MAKEOVER...the Euphoria one ($2,504).

THE BIG DEAL: Sarah & Susan opt to try and turn their three grand into a $20,181 Big Deal. They go with Door #2. Behind Door #3 was a $7,000 Catalina Spa. Door #1 had The Bank Vault...but with just $1,449 inside! That means the show's latest Vegas run has ended in style, because these girls have just won...these trips to Miami Beach, FL and Barcelona! Both of those will serve as second honeymoon vacations for Susan and her new husband!

(Notes: This is the second time this season no cars were offered in a single episode. Monday's episode was taped prior to this one, while Tuesday's will be Episode 1113.)

TPIR: Today's Showcase Round will have at least one NCAA Final Four Showcase. But before we even start their roads to the Showcase, we must first call on John Bonavia, Amy Kline, Alejandro Cassadas and Christina Deubehrel. The first IUFB is a collection of beach gear (Manuela at Door #3).

Christina: $800
Alejandro: $700
Amy: $520
John: $521

ARP: $1,213

Christina from Pittsburgh plays Five Price Tags for the Ford Taurus (Manuela at Door #2). Board (Rachel):


If she somehow runs the table on these SPs, she's pretty much got this car in the bag.

1. EGO sound case (Gwendolyn)
PRICE: $125

2. Waring Pro wine chiller (Manuela)
PRICE: $220

3. Foot spa (Gwen)
PRICE: $90

4. Presto PowerPop (Manuela)
PRICE: $10

I guaran-damn-tee she'll win that Taurus...

1. $20,045
2. $23,305
3. $25,995

...and she does with a pick to spare!

After Jason O'Dell from the Navy comes on down, the second IUFB is a Lenovo laptop (Manuela & Rachel).

Jason: $1,000
Alejandro: $1,001 (STUPID BID)
Amy: $800
John: $1,002

ARP: $1,275

John, who is a vacation salesman, will have to decide if he should be Coming or Going to Montreal (Gwen at Door #4).

Coming: $4,725
Going: $5,274

He's Going to...Montreal!

Sixth is Donald Perrin and the third IUFB is a foozball table (Gwen & Rachel behind splitting sign).

Donald: $550
Jason: $1,200
Alejandro: $450
Amy: $1,201

ARP: $1,599

Amy from Columbia University plays Shopping Spree with a $6,000 target for some Dulce Gabana shoes (Rachel), a Frigidaire black washer/dryer (Rachel), the Sports Authority treadmill (Gwen) and a Panasonic Blu-Ray Disc home theater package that includes the 160 GB iPod (Gwen).

1. Home theater- $1,249 ($4,751 left)
2. Washer/dryer- $1,628 ($3,123 left)
FINAL PURCHASE (after Rich Fields gives both Drew Carey and Amy a plate with doughnuts on it!): Shoes- $2,740

The treadmill was $1,900.

Amy ($1,599): $.85
John ($6,549): 45 + Dime = $.55
Christina ($27,591): 30 + 60 = WINS BY A NICKEL AT $.90!

Christina's Showcase opponent could be Lyndsey Jolly (who's wearing a tye-dye T-shirt) and IUFB #4 is a pair of Croton watches on that ceiling platform.

Lyndsey: $875
Donald: $900
Jason: $999

Alejandro: BUCK

ARP: $1,350

Jason plays Now or Then for an Aico dining room w/ some Michael C. Fina dinnerware/silverware and a Pantel 42" mirror LCD HDTV, a prize package worth $11,995 (Gwen at Door #3). Then is April 2001. The six grocery items on the pie grid this morning are a Jumbo Space Bag marked at $10.99, Clorox bleach marked at $2.19, Wind Willow Strawberries & Cream Cheeseball & Dessert Mix marked at $4.29, Tilex Fresh Shower cleaner marked at $2.49, Lea & Perrins' Worcestershire Sauce marked at $2.15 and ACT Restoring Mouthwash marked at $4.99. He's right about saying Now for both the Space Bag and the mouthwash...and he then wraps things up with a Then call on the sauce! The other Then item, I think, was the Tilex.

(Note: Drew nearly revealed the correct answer for the mouthwash just before this Pricing Game started, as he was shaking the gameboard for a few seconds.)

Rhonda Bates then heads to the red podium with a ticket to a taping from about 28 years ago (!!) in hand as we reveal the next IUFB, a car stereo system (Manuela behind rising sign).

Rhonda: $800
Alejandro: $1,200
Lyndsey: $1,201
Donald: $1,202

ARP: $1,430

Donald from Falcon Lake, Canada plays the Money Game for the Hyundai Elantra (Std., Armor)(Rachel at Door #2). Board:


MIDDLE NUMBER: 3 ($ _ _ , 3 _ _)

Donald gets the front half right away with 18
($ 1 8 , 3 _ _)...and on his very last pick, HE TAKES DOWN SEMI-EL CHEAPO to win the $18,310 Elantra! Prior to that, he picked 95, 54 and 49 for a total of $198 in gas money!

The last player to get called on this week is Jeffrey McMullen (who's wearing a Drew Brees Saints replica jersey) and the final IUFB is a selection of NABS cosmetics (Rachel inside the clam). Alejandro's been here the whole morning so far.

Jeffrey: $400
Rhonda: $500 (she originally bid $525)
Alejandro: $550
Lyndsey: $551 (Alejandro didn't want to hear that bid from her)


ARP: $577

Lyndsey, who lives in both Alabama and Florida, plays Pick a Number (Manuela) for a Beachcomber Hot Tub (Gwen at Door #3). Board:

$ _ 6 9 4


Does she say $8,694 for the first outright 5-1 show of the season...NO, she locks in that spa at three grand less than that, so Amy's now off the hook.

The only change I would've made to today's Pricing Game lineup is switched the order for NoT and PaN.

Lindsay ($577): Nickel + Half-Dollar = $.55
Jason ($13,345): 55 + 95 = DOH
Donald ($19,938): WINS BY A NICKEL WITH $.60!


Showcase #1 has these different forms of transportation- a pair of Honda CRF motorcycles (Gwen at Door #1) and a quartet of Yamaha Raptor ATVs (Rachel at Door #2). And you could take some of those on an Australian adventure (Manuela at Door #4; includes a half-day off-road V8 buggy ride).



It's time now for Christina's Final Four Showcase! First, the University of Kansas cheerleaders tell us about how she can play some basketball on this SportCourt (Manuela & Rachel at Door #2) w/ some Wilson basketballs. Second, the Butler University cheerleaders throw in a trip to this weekend's Final Four in Indianapolis, courtesy of RazorGator! Finally, after the Michigan State University cheerleaders appear on our screens, in comes an Infiniti M35 RWD (Std., Nav., Guards)(Gwen at Door #2)!!! The Duke University cheerleaders then help us conclude this Showcase!




Donald: $32,692 (Difference: $7,692)
Christina: $67,591 (Difference: $32,591)

Christina is UNSUCCESSFUL in becoming the highest winner of the season, but she still leaves with $27,591 in prizes. Donald wins his Showcase and a grand total of $52,630 in cash and stuff! Also, $102,291 in cash and merhchandise has been awarded today to wrap up the week!

(Notes: The ARP of the sound case during FPT was revealed to have been $100, but that was incorrect; a message about this is displayed just before the credits roll. I thought for sure it was the Taurus' description. Also, Donald's Elantra is still behind Door #2, but it's now parked next to the ATVs.)

BrainSurge: These six Brainiacs are here to conclude the week with us:

Julez- Karaoke singer
Josh- Likes to do Math homework while standing on his head
Taylor- Has visited every state in the United States
Valerie- Can randomly dance (she once fell off a stage by doing so)
Gio- Voted "Most Random" by his 8th Grade class
Tara- Junior Olympic track star

Level 1:

For 10: Which of the five fingernails was painted yellow?

Those incorrect were Josh (#3), Taylor (#4) & Valerie (#5).

For 20: Which number from the range of one through nine did NOT appear on Jeff's eyelids?

Valerie was way off the mark with two, while Josh had five.

For 30: Same problem, except that each number appears after Jeff sets off some fireworks.

Gio locked in seven a puzzle too soon.

For 40: From the range of two to seven, which was the lowest shown number on the three dancing Jeffs' shoes?

Everybody got this one correct!

For 50: Which of the five taxis had Jeff inside?

Taylor was the only one who missed this one with #5; she's in last place with 90 points. Julez & Tara are perfect, while Gio, Josh & Valerie each have 120 apiece.

FOR 100: What number was on the bottom right square that Jeff hit after being launched from the human cannonball machine?

Julez & Tara both complete a 250-POINT SWEEP! Joining them in Level 2 will be the other correct answerer of this puzzle, Valerie (220), and the contestant who was the fastest between Gio & Josh...Gio!

Incorrect responses:

Gio: Six
Josh: Two
Taylor: Eight

Josh & Taylor both leave with the Spongebob Squarepants alarm clock and the slime bucket.

Level 2: The final tale of the week is about Jeff getting a black belt.


1. What planet did Jeff travel to?
Julez: Mars

2. Which martial art did Jeff get the black belt in?
Tara: Martian arts (A: Tae Kwon Do)

3. What colored martial arts belt did Jeff receive at the beginning of the story?
Valerie: Purple (A: Black)

KO Round: The eight matching combinations are #1 & #12, #2 & #11, #3 & #10, #4 & #15, #5 & #13, #6 & #8, #7 & #14 and #9 & #16.

Julez: #6 & #8
Gio: #4 & #15
Julez: #9 & #16
Gio: #10 & #3

Julez: #2 & #11
Gio: #5 & #12
Julez: #1 & #12- WIN!

Gio, Tara & Valerie will each ride out of here in some Rollerblades.

THE FINAL LEVEL: Can a really good player in Julez be successful at today's bonus round in order to win the WristFone, Yamaha portable keyboard and the Magic Mountain trip? Let's find out.

WRISTFONE GRID: #2, #6, #7, #8, #11 & #15


KEYBOARD GRID: #5, #10, #15, #19, #18, #12, #16 & #21

1. #5, #10, #14
2. #5, #10, #15, #14
3. #5, #10, #15, #19, #18, #13

MAGIC MOUNTAIN GRID: #4, #10, #16, #15, #14, #19, #26, #27, #28 & #33

1. #4, #10, #16, #15, #14, #19, #26, #27, #31 (and he jumps the gun on thinking he had won, too)
2. #4, #10, #16, #14, #14, #19, #26, #27, #33

Sadly, that's as close as he gets to win the trip, so down the Brain Drain he goes.

WOF: Unless we have an expensive maingame, the only way this memorable three-week stretch can end over the $1,000,000 mark tonight is if we can give away the $100,000 or the $1 Million in the Big Money Round.

Friday's show starts off with this $1,000 Toss-Up in the category of Classic TV:

_ _ _ A _ I

F _ _ _ - _

I'll bet quite a few of you got this with no letters showing; Manny solves "HAWAII FIVE-O" for $1,000. Time now to meet Friday's players:

Manny McKeeling (Walnut, CA)- Special education teacher's assistant at a high school
Mira Nicolich (Tempe, AZ)- Elementary school reading coach and head of her school area's Kindergarten-3rd Grade teachers
Denise Libernech (El Cajon, CA)- Adiminstrative assistant for a church's high school ministry

$2,000 Toss-Up subject is Occupation:


W _ _ T E _

Manny triples his earnings with SINGING WAITER.

After a trip to the Moana Surfrider in Waikiki Beach from Pleasant Holidays worth $7,382 flies onto the wheel, the Eggland's Best Jackpot/Prize Puzzle Round category is Song Lyrics. He opens with two N's while on Jackpot for $1,000, buys three E's, but he then spins Lose a Turn.
Secondly, Mira calls three R's for $1,500, two R's for another $600, a T for the trip and purchases two O's and a U before lighting up three B's for the Million Dollar Wedge and buying the last remaining vowel of A. The board now:

B A B _ / W E / W E R E

B O R N / T O / R U N

She solves "BABY, WE WERE BORN TO RUN" from Bruce Springsteen & The E-Street Band for the MDW, $1,350, the trip to Hawaii and a Canadian Tour worth $5,080, for a total of $13,812 in cash and trips.


TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: DS1885566 (Devang S. from California)

The Same Name Round starts off with Mira immediately calling a dud in S. Second, Denise calls an R and four N's for $300 apiece, but she then buys a dud vowel in A. Third, Manny calls two G's for $1,600, buys three I's, but he then hits a Bankrupt to lose $1,350. Back to Mira, who lights up two D's for a grand, purchases an E but then spins LAT. After Denise calls the last consonant of W for $350, we have:


& / _ N I _ N


She solves WEDDING & ONION RING for her first $1,600.

DUDS: A (Denise), $900 S (Mira)

Advil PM Mystery Round category is Title. Denise immediately lands on the Mystery Wedge next to the former MDW and calls an R before flipping it over...for $10,000! She then calls a $500 N, buys four A's, but she then spins LAT to leave $10,250 sitting there. Second, Manny calls a $500 D, buys three E's, lights up a $550 L and purchases a couple I's before putting up a trio of T's for another $900, a pair of B's while on Free Play for another C-note and we have...

A L I / B A B A

A N D / T _ E / _ _ R T _

T _ I E _ E _

...he nails "ALI BABA AND THE FOURTH THIEVES" for another $2,450 and $5,450 total.

SOLE LAT: Denise

The last Toss-Up of the week is a Person:

D _ _ _ - _ E A

D I V _ _

Mira is correct with DEEP-SEA DIVER, increasing her leading bank to $16,812 in cash and trips!

Next category is Thing. First, Mira calls a $500 R but then a dud of S. Denise also duds out with the L. After Manny calls three N's for $1,650 and buys the same number of E's, he lights up a G before we go to Speed-Up Mode with the following:

_ R _ _ N _ N G

_ _ _ _ E _ E _ E N _

All of the remaining consonants have a value of...$1,900. He then gets disqualified for repeating the S. Later, following Denise's W call...

C R _ W N _ N G

_ C _ _ E _ E M E N T

...Mira's CROWNING ACHIEVEMENT could be coming in the next few moments, but first, Denise gets another $3,800 for solving this puzzle, finishing her up with $5,400. Manny heads home with $50 more than that and Mira's going for the really big money with $16,812 in cash and vacations!

$27,662 in cash and vacations was awarded from tonight's upfront action.

Prior to big bell: $450 L (Denise), $800 S (Mira)
During Speed-Up: D (Mira)
SOLE DQ: Manny (S repeat)


MAXWELL HOUSE MILLION DOLLAR BONUS ROUND #6: Mira spins the G and the category is Person. It's a one-wordy, and we start out with:

_ R _ _ E _ R _ _ _

She calls C, D, H and A and gets...

_ R _ D E _ R _ _ _

...she will be calling her BRIDEGROOM (she needed at least the M and the O's) after this episode to tell him that she lost...

...$25,000 here, and will be leaving us with $16,812 in cash and trips. She was just two spaces off the million, though- it was in the M of GAME.

Now, let's reveal the entire intentional mistake list from last night's April Fool's Day spectacular:

1. The Pat/Vanna walkout switcheroo
2. Charlie, Vanna & Pat at the contestant podiums
3. In the Eggland's Best Jackpot Round, Vanna is on the left side of the puzzleboard instead of the right as the puzzle's layout was being revealed
4. All of the regular Bankrupt wedge misspellings
5. Pat was wearing an earring on the left ear
6. Charlie was standing at the puzzleboard instead of Vanna at the start of the Caltrate Mystery Round
7. The vintage Final Spin clip from a Teen Week back in 1995
8. Pat's change of clothing just before the Big Money Round
9. Pat & Vanna clones in the audience just before the BMR started
10. Pat & Vanna had nametags on at the end of the show

Patrick & Pearl S.'s Wheel Watchers Club message is shown just before the credits roll.

We needed to have given away at least $244,487 in cash and stuff this week to have broken the million-dollar barrier for these three weeks, but just $172,222 was awarded on the week thanks in part to NO champion winning at least $20K in the maingame, as well as there being NO luck with the Bonus Wheel. And if we had gotten SKUNKED for the first time in nearly a year, we would have set a new modern-day low of $122,222; that would have topped the infamous $124,350 week from December 11-15, 2006.

Next week is Going Green Week, followed by another America's Game Week.

Jeopardy!: Jessica Trudeau produced a big win last night. Now, let's see if she can become the hero of the week tonight at the expense of:

Gary Gambino (Oregon, OH)- Refinery-planning manager and a former $500,000 winner on "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire"!!!
Laura Hughes (New Market, MD)- Mother

Friday's first six subjects:

TV NUMBERS (on each clue, a TV title with a number missing in it is shown)

When we reach the first timeout, Gambino has doubled up Hughes with $4,400, while Trudeau has $1,200. Towards the end of the round, Gambino SWEEPS You Da Bomb! to jump to $7,400 before finding the Daily Double three clues later on Biblical Who Said It? (the $600 clue) with eight grand! Trudeau's now in second place with three, just $400 ahead of Hughes. His wager is a C-note.

"Take me up, and cast me forth into the sea...for I know that for my sake, this great tempest is upon you."

"Who is Jonah?"...$9,000 now for him. At the end of the round, he breaks five figures on the nose ($10,000)! Trudeau's second-place score at round's end is $3,800.

LACH TRASH (all unattempted): $1,000

DJ! Categories:


REWRITING "HAMLET" (each correct response is the name of the character the Prince is speaking to)

On the fourth clue of the round, Hughes picks off DD #1 with the $1,600 Weird Critters clue and $4,200; she's again $400 behind Trudeau for second. She wagers $4,000. To get much closer to Gambino and the lead, here's the clue:

This word, applied to many types of itty-bitty critters, is the species of the Marmoset seen here.

"What is pygmy?"...yes indeed for a new total of $8,200! She then nails the last clue of that category to move into first place by $200, at least for the moment! The last DD of the week is found by...the champion with the very last clue of the round in Get Thee To a Runner-y! She has $14,600, and she's $3,800 shy of Gambino's leading haul; Hughes' a pretty close close third with $13,800. She decides to bet four big ones. This clue could give her a $200 lead heading into Final Jeopardy! if she's right about it:

At his death, this Oregon runner and movie bio subject held every U.S. record from 2,000-10,000 meters and 2-6 miles.

"Who is Galpri?"...NO. Correct: Who was Steve Prefontaine?

DJ! LACH TRASH (all unattempted): $4,800


Jessica: $10,600
Laura: $13,800
Gary: $18,400


Jessica: $14,600
Laura: $11,400
Gary: $18,000

In the last final of the week, we have a dead-on 3/4 betting situation, as well as Stratton's Dilemma.

FJ! CATEGORY: The Middle Ages.

Some say The Dark Ages began when the Byzantine Empire's Justinian closed this city's School of Philsophy in 529 A.D.

Jessica Trudeau wrote down on her screen "What is Athens?"...right! Her suggested betting range was $3,201-$10,599...BUT SHE WAGERED ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Do we have our SECOND RETURNING CHAMPION SHUTOUT (and the first full-fledged one) of the season as a result?...

...YES. Her betting blunder doesn't matter- Laura Hughes is also right and bet everything but a Benjamin, for a final total of $27,500, while Gary Gambino missed with "What is Constantinople?" and risked $9,201 (he was suggested to have bet for the tie), making Hughes the new champion. In any event, Trudeau still leaves with $36,401, and Gambino's new game show winnings total is $501K.

Instant Recall: Let's get the lowdown about Game 1's contestant:

Tiffany (Detroit)- A persuasive branding specialist who admits that she has a bad tempter and her favorite thing to do at bars is slap people's butts

She's getting set up as if she's receiving a pedicure at a place called Soak Nails.

Round 1: On a table are five scrub brushes. Which one of them was the one she wasked to hold earlier for another $500?

PICK: E- DOUBLE ($1,000)

Instant Reward: At stake this time is what's being worn by Angela Donn on her neck- a Tiffany key/heart locket medallion. She has to match up the numbers to three different foot conflictions.

Seven-degree: Arch curvature
Phase 2: Dehydration
Level 3: Fungal

Tiffany is...WRONG. The answers for Phase 2 and Level 3 were reversed.

Speed Round:

1. What did Derek pour over his head?
Guess: Milk- CORRECT ($1,150)

2. What is Nicole's sister's name?
Guess: Lisa- INCORRECT (A: Tina)

3. How much money did Karen the manager ask to borrow?
Guess: $1- RIGHT ($1,300)

4. What was Karen drinking?
Guess: Juice- NO (A: Coffee)

Final question: What did Derek yell before pouring milk over his head?
Guess: "I told you I'd prove you right"- NO (A: "Sick simber Tyrannus!")


Maggie- An admissions administrator who can lift one eyebrow at a time, is a Leo and recalls that the last movie she cried at was "27 Dresses"

She's being placed in a workout room with a trainer at Gymnastics World.

Speed Round:

1. What did Amy tell her to do before she worked out?
Guess: Meditate- CORRECT ($650)

2. How many index cards was Maggie given?
Guess: Three- RIGHT ($800)

3. How many photos were on the wall?
Guess: Two- RIGHT ($950)

4. What day did Garrett's previous client say she'd meet him?
Guesss: Tuesday- YES INDEED ($1,100)

Final question: How long should Maggie have done a soul-opening freestyle dance?
Guess: Half-hour-NO (A: 10 minutes)

$1,000 Challenge: Maggie has to remember three of the five dances Amber taught her and perform them.

1. The Milkshake
2. The Running Man
3. The Typewriter

For a final total of $2,100...YES!

Millionaire (End of "Dancing With the Stars Week"- possible Upper-Tier Shutout #3?):

Conclusion of Sonya Summers' game
Game 2
Start of Game 3

Episode ratings:

9: "The Price is Right"
8: "Let's Make a Deal"
7: "Brainsurge", "Jeopardy!", "Instant Recall" & "Wheel of Fortune"
6: "Millionaire"
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