Sunday, April 11, 2010

"The Amazing Race XVI" 4/11

OPENING CLUE: Teams must travel approximately 400 miles by bus and train to Singapore. Once there, they must find Allen Wu, the host of the Asian version of this show, at the Victoria Concert Hall & Theatre in order to receive their second clue.

This week’s budget for each team is $190. Also, there will be a U-Turn sometime during this leg of the race, as well as a…

FAST FORWARD: All teams attempting this have to ride the Singapore Flyer until their capsule is at the very top, 541 feet in the air. At that point, they have to exit their capsule and walk along the metal beam to the very next capsule before they can claim the FF award.

Dan & Jordan Pious, who have the early lead this week, are definitely going for it.

DETOUR #8: Pounding the Drums or Pounding the Pavement?

Drums: Teams must go to a park called Speakers’ Corner and learn a complex routine on two traditional drums before performing it with a drum troupe. If they do well enough, they will get their next clue.

Pavement: After traveling to a pedestrian mall, teams choosing this have to pick up various supplies, including 10 boxes of ice cream, before walking to an ice cream cart and selling 25 ice cream sandwiches before they can receive their next clue.

Everybody initially goes for the drums. While doing that task, Louie Stravato & Michael Naylor take the FF gamble…BUT THE PIOUS BOYS ARE STILL IN THE MIDDLE OF DOING IT, SO THEY CHOOSE TO GO BACK TO THE DETOUR AREA AND TRY THE OTHER TASK INSTEAD. Ouch. Furthermore, THE PIOUSES WIN THE FF!

PIT STOP #9: The Marina Barrage, where one team may be eliminated.

Dan & Jordan have each won a motorbike!

Next Clue For Everybody Else: Go to Istana Park at the intersection of Penang and Orchard Roads, where their next clue awaits.

OTHER U-TURN OF THE SEASON: Louie & Michael are NOT ALLOWED to use this one because they did the Blind version of it earlier in the season. This time, Brent & Caite Upton activate it on Carol Rosenfeld & Brandy Snow.

ROADBLOCK #8: After entering the hard hat area of the harbor, one member of each team has to count all of the chain links from an anchor (521) correctly before they can get their next clue.

Next Clue: The remaining four duos now need to locate the Mega Zip ride for their following clue.

Here Comes Something Thrilling: Take a zip line 1,200 feet across for their final clue of this stage.

2. Brent & Caite

3. Jet & Cord

Louie & Michael are in the Danger Zone for the third time this season, while this is Carol & Brandy's second time in the past three weeks. The last team to definitely advance to the next episode, which will air two weeks from tonight, are…

…Louie & Michael! That means because they got U-Turned, Carol & Brandy are…

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