Sunday, April 25, 2010

"The Amazing Race XVI" 4/25

OPENING CLUE: Fly over 2,300 miles to Shanghai. Once there, the Final Four teams have to take a taxi to Zhouzhang, a village better known as "The Venice of China", for their second clue.

While Dan & Jordan Pious and Louie Naylor & Michael Stravato get lost, Brent Horne & Caite Upton take the early lead.

ROADBLOCK #9: One member of each team has to make 1,000 grams of noodles before they can pick up their third clue.

With Jet's good work, the McCoys take over the lead!

Clue #3: Travel to Shanghai's fashion district, where their fourth clue awaits.

Clue #4: After choosing one of four models inside a fashion house, they will be shown a sketch of a particular dress. They must collect all the necessary pieces of clothing that match that dress before the model puts it all on. If correct, they will receive their next clue.

Clue #5: Drive to Hongkou Stuadium, where they can find their next clue.

ROADBLOCK #10 (FIRST TIME EVER two of these are done in one episode): The person from each team that sat out the earlier one must assemble a human 96-piece dragon puzzle, using a small picture of it for reference. Once that's done, the puzzle will flip over to reveal the coordinates for one of the stadium's seats, where their Pit Stop clue is attached.

PIT STOP #10: Take a metro train to the Shanghai Science & Technology Museum, where this season's final three teams may be decided here.

The winners this time around are...

...THE McCOYS FOR THEIR SEASON-HIGH FOURTH TIME! They've added to their prize bank a trip to Alaska!

2. Brent & Caite

The third-place team consists of...

...The Piouses, despite their rough luck in the first Roadblock task of the week! Which means Louie & Michael...

...will get the season's final Speed Bump task next week.
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