Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"The Biggest Loser" 4/20

Temptation Challenge: On a table is a wide array of food. Whoever eats the most calories amongst those who decide to go for this challenge will get to cast the only elimination vote at this week’s elimination ceremony, unless they should fall below the yellow line at this week’s Weigh-In.

The winner of the challenge, with 4,164 calories, is…

Koli Palu!

After that, everybody gets a check-up with Dr. Wayne Huizenga.

Main Challenge: Each contestant has 175 building blocks to work with. The first player to stack them high enough so that s/he can reach their flag at the top wins a ONE-POUND BONUS at the next Weigh-In, while the loser receives a ONE-POUND PENALTY.

The winner this time is…

Daris George! But the last-place finisher is…

O’Neal Hampton, Jr., due to a knee injury that caused him to NOT finish this challenge.

When that’s done, model/beach volleyball player Gabrielle Reece helps them work out for a little bit on the beach.


Koli: 260 lbs, 10 pounds lost, 3.7%

Daris: 219 lbs, eight pounds lost, 3.54%

Michael: 358 lbs, five pounds lost, 1.38% (34 pounds left until he breaks the at-ranch record)

Ashley: 254 lbs, four pounds lost, 1.55%

Sam: 246 lbs, six pounds lost, 2.38%

Victoria: 266 lbs, one pound lost, .37%

O’Neal: 270 lbs, seven pounds lost, 2.52%

All SunShine Hampton needs to do is lose at least three pounds and she won’t have to feel Koli’s wrath…

SunShine: 191 lbs, one pound lost, .52%


ELIMINATION: In the end, Koli decides to eliminate…


Vicky Andrews.
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