Thursday, April 29, 2010


CHECKPOINT #27: Guinda, CA
CHECKPOINT #28: Alameda Point in Alameda, CA

Allen & William Wu of Team Lamborghini had filled up their reserve gas tanks at the end of the next-to-last leg.

1. Team Lambo- 3:26:42
2. Team NSX- 3:48:08
3. Team Hemi Cuda- 3:54:03

FINAL CHECKPOINT CHALLENGE ("Rundown"): At the Alameda Naval Yards, the first driver of each team has to catch up with a semi truck and smash the light tubes that are on both sides of it. They CANNOT smash any tubes while the truck is turning around near some red tires. Once they've made it back to the start, they must switch places before smashing the tubes attached to a Shelby Mustang. After the second driver finishes their run, their clock will stop. The winning team will receive a 20-MINUTE TIME BONUS for the championship stage; the runners-up will get a 10-MINUTE BONUS.

1. Team Hemi Cuda
2. Team NSX
3. Team Lambo

The winners of this critical challenge, with a time of exactly two minutes, are...

...Team NSX- Nicholas Cruz & Ryan Morris! Finishing just a second behind them, and therefore finishing the challenge in second place, are...

...Team Lambo!

CHECKPOINT #29: Lombard Street in Downtown San Francisco
CHECKPOINT #30: Fisherman's Wharf
FINISH LINE: The U.S.S. Hornet

THE FINAL RESULTS: Finishing as the second runners-up, with a final time of about six hours and three minutes, are...

...Team Hemi Cuda. And now, let us reveal the Season 3 champions, who won by just six minutes, which is the smallest such margin in the show's history. With a time of approximately five hours and one minute, the trophy and the $200,000 go to...

Team Lambo
Team NSX

...THE WUS!!!!!!!
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