Thursday, April 08, 2010

"Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat II"- PREMIERE

Here are this season's teams:

Christian "CJ" Koegel & Sydney Walker
Danny Jamieson & Sandy Kang
Darrell Taylor & Cara Maria Sorbello
Evelyn "Ev" Smith & Luke Wolfe
Jenn Grijalva & Noor Jehangir
Jillian Zoboroski & Peter Connolly
Kenny Santucci & Laurel Stucky
Kate Cusanelli & Brandon Drake Nelson
Landon Lueck & Carley Johnson

Paula Meronek & Jeff Barr
Ryan Kehoe & Theresa Gonzalez
Sarah Rice & Vincent Foti
Wes Bergmann & Mandi Moyer

This season's champions will win $100,000 apiece. The runners-up each get $30,000 and the second runners-up will each receive $20,000.

OPENING CHALLENGE ("Dirty Mouth"): There's a giant mud pit with some giant silver balls in the middle of it. The contestants will have to scramble in that pit blindfolded and bring back a ball back to shore to keep their team in this challenge; some big sprinklers are going off, as well. The men and women will alternate taking turns in every round. Those teams that do not have a ball at the end of each round are eliminated, and the last team standing wins a pair of Samsung Dual-View digital cameras, as well as control of which team will be sent into Exile first.

ELIMINATION ORDER (the first name listed in each ousted team is the one who was doing the running):

ROUND 1 (nine balls): Ryan & Theresa, Luke & Ev, Danny & Sandy and Sarah & Vinny
ROUND 2 (five balls): Darrell & Cara Maria, Mandi & Wes, Jeff & Paula and Sydney & CJ
ROUND 3 (three balls): Jenn & Noor
WINNERS (one ball): Kenny & Laurel

FIRST EXILE CHALLENGE ("Lost and Found"): Darrell & Cara Maria vs. Jillian & Pete

The two teams have to make it through a six mile forest course. Along the way, they will be trying to solve two puzzles together; each puzzle has a 15-minute time limit. They also must carry 100 lbs of backpacks (the guys have to carry a 40-pound pack, while the girls have to carry a 60-pound pack). The first team to cross the finish line stays in the game.

The first puzzle asks both teams to arrange the numbers one through nine so that the sum of each column, row and diagonal add up to 15. Both teams run out of time on it.

As for the other puzzle, it's a seven-piece fish jigsaw puzzle.

The first losers of the season are...

Darrell & Cara Maria
Jillian & Pete

...Darrell & Cara Maria.
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