Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"Top Chef Masters" 4/14

This week's five chefs are:

Marcus Samuelsson- Red Rooster in NYC (Charity: The UNICEF Tap Project)
David Burke- David Burke Townhouse (Charity: Table to Table)
Monica Pope- T'afia in Houston, TX (Charity: Recipe for Success)
Carmen Gonzalez- Manhattan cook (Charity: ASPCA)
Thierry Rautureau- Rover's in Seattle (Charity: Food Lifeline)

Quickfire: Make an extrordinary grilled cheese sandwich within 20 minutes; host Kelly Choi will be tasting all of their sandwiches as the judge for this challenge!


Carmen: Italian Baguette w/ Manchego Cheese, garlic, cilantro & lime
David: Triple cream cheese w/ Prosciutto, almonds, tomato and rosemary
Marcus: Gruyere & Cheddar w/ Gazpacho & a salad
Thierry: Taleggio & Goat Cheeses w/ olives, harissa, pear, pine nuts & an Arugula Salad
Monica: Farmer & Feta Cheeses w/ dates on some raisin nut bread and an herb salad

No Quickfire scores are given this week. In any case, the winner of $5,000 for his/her charity is...


(Note: Carmen cut one of her fingers while making her sandwich.)

ELIMINATION CHALLENGE: Cater a soul food birthday party for "ER" and "Lie To Me" star Mekhi Phifer. While two contestants will advance to the Champions Round tonight, only the winner of this challenge will get $10K donated to their charity.

This week's Whole Food Market shopping budget is $400 within 45 minutes.


Marcus: BBQ chicken w/ macaroni & cheese and collard greens
Carmen: Oyster & a hot sausage stew w/ cilantro
David: Sweet potato custard w/ crab, hush puppies & pickled watermelon rind
Monica: Shrimp & grits "Mac & Cheese" style w/ okra & tomato jam
Thierry: Moroccan pork shoulder w/ some Farro, roasted cauliflower and Brussels Sprouts Slaw

(Important Note: Carmen originally also had a Yucca & Bacon Mash as part of her dish, but that got scrapped.)


Gael: 4
James: 3.5
Jay: 4
Diners: 4

TOTAL: 15.5- WIN!

Impressive comeback by her after a terrible start!

Gael: 3
James: 2

Jay: 3
Diners: 3

Gael: 2.5
James: 2

Jay: 2.5
Diners: 3

Gael: 3.5
James: 3
Jay: 3
Diners: 3.5

Gael: 3.5
James: 3

Jay: 3.5
Diners: 4.5
TOTAL: 14.5
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