Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Top Chef Masters" 4/21

All of tonight's chefs are very special- they were all contestants on the very first season of "Top Chef"! And here they are now:

Rick Moonen- RM Seafood in Las Vegas (Charity: Three Square)
Wylie Dufresne- wd-50 Restaurant in New York City (Charity: Autism Speaks)
Graham Elliot Bowles- Graham Elliot Restaurant in Chicago (Charity: American Heart Association)
Jonathan Waxman- Barbuto Restaurant in NYC (Charity: Citymeals on Wheels)
Mark Peel- The Tar Pit in Los Angeles (Charity: Doctors Without Borders)
Ludo Lefebvre- Ludo Bites in L.A. (Charity: C.H.A.S.E. for Life)

Quickfire: Create a dish to pair with a Stolichnaya cocktail.

The mixologist is Charlotte Voisey, and the guest judges here this week are Alexis Bellino, Lynne Curtin & Tamra Barney from "The Real Housewives of Orange County".


Wylie (Russian Tea Room)- Arctic Char w/ lentils, bacon, crispy potatoes & lemon yogurt
Jonathan (Lemongrass Mojito)- Pork tendeloin & Poblano-stuffed srhimp w/ avocado butter
Mark (Ginger Figgle)- Mussel custard w/ Kaffir lime & figs
Rick (Forest Fruits)- Cream biscuit berry shortcake
Graham (Coriander Mule)- Crudo of black cod w/ an Edmame & red onion salad
Ludo (Nutmeg Applik Mojito)- Roasted pork chop w/ rosemary, thyme & garlic

The winner of this challenge with the first FIVE-STAR rating of the season is...

...Jonathan, meaning $5,000 goes to his charity! Everybody else got four stars apiece.

ELIMINATION CHALLENGE: Create an upscale version of traditional pub food.

This week's budget at Whole Foods Market is $250 within a 45-minute time limit. Also, filling in for James Oseland on the judges' table is Gail Simmons.


Ludo: Beef tenderloin, potatoes confit and roasted peanuts w/ Miso & Guiness caramel
Rick: Chicken-fried sable w/ lemon confit tartar sauce, twice-fried potatoes & fennel slaw
Wylie: Bangers w/ smoked mashed potatoes, onion jus & snow peas
Graham: Roasted beef tenderloin w/ Chanterelle puree and a bacon-kidney vinaigrette
Mark: Seafood sausage and onion sauce w/ lobster broth & mustard greens
Jonathan: Lamb w/ mashed potatoes & Parmesan cheese

FINAL SCORES: The winner of this challenge got a FIVE-STAR rating from Gael Greene and 4.5s from everybody else, for a $10K-winning score of 18.5...

's Jonathan again!

Gail: 2.5
Gael: 3

Jay: 3
Diners: 1
TOTAL: 9.5

Gail: 3
Gael: 3
Jay: 3
Diners: 2

Gail: 3
Gael: 3.5
Jay: 2.5
Diners: 4.5

TOTAL: 13.5

Gail: 3.5
Gael: 4

Jay: 3.5
Diners: 3.5
TOTAL: 14.5

I will tell you right now Rick got the same score from everybody. That means if it's a quartet of fours, he's in the Champions Round...

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