Thursday, April 08, 2010


This season, the Quickfire Challenges are worth $5,000 in charity money, meaning the total prize pool for charity this season is $250,000! The $100K grand prize will come from Sprint. Also, five or six chefs will compete in each of the first four weeks and two of them will move on to the Champions Round. However, everyone’s Quickfire scores will NOT carry over to the Elimination Challenges. With all of that being cleared up, here are the first six competitors of the season:

Govind Armstrong- 8 Oz. Burger Bar in L.A. (Charity: National Kidney Foundation)
Susan Feniger- Street in L.A. (Charity: Scleroderma Research Foundation)
Ana Sortun- Oleana in Cambridge, MA (Charity: The Farm School)
Jeremy Traunfeld- Poppy in Seattle (Charity: International Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Commission)
Jimmy Bradley- The Red Cat in NYC (Charity: charity: water)
Tony Mantuano- Spiaggia in Chicago (Charity: Feeding America)

Opening Quickfire: In teams of two, make a gourmet dish using $20 worth of ingredients found at a gas station in Chinatown within 45 minutes; everybody got only 15 minutes to shop. This challenge was first conducted on the fourth episode ever of “Top Chef”. Here were the teams:

Red- Susan & Tony
Green- Govind & Jimmy
Blue- Ana & Jeremy

The guest critics for this challenge were a band called The Bravery!


Susan & Tony: Maple bread pudding w/ caramelized bananas
Govind & Jimmy: Cheetos Macaroni w/ Grilled Slim Jims & tomato soup
Ana & Jeremy: Crispy rice cake w/ Clamesco Sauce


Ana & Jeremy- 3
Govind & Jimmy- 3.5
Susan & Tony- 4

Susan & Tony won $5K each for their charities!

FIRST ELIMINATION CHALLENGE: With all three teams still intact, they now had to cook a romantic duo dish for a first date. The winners not only got $10K apiece for charity, but berths in the CR as well.

The shopping budget this time at Whole Foods Market was $350 in 45 minutes.


Govind & Jimmy:
A: Seared lamb carpaccio w/ baby arugula & herb salad
B: Roast chop w/ cauliflower couscous & pomegranate reduction

Ana & Jeremy:
A: Lavender duck breast w/ red cabbage, pomegranate & beets
B: Duck leg in Vermicelli w/ orange blossom-smoked cinnamon almonds

Susan & Tony:
A: Black pepper shrimp & scallops
B: Homemade pasta w/ cheese, mushrooms & truffles


James: 3.5
Gael: 4
Jay: 3.5
Diners: 4

Gael: 3.5
Jay: 3
James: 3

Diners: 3
TOTAL: 12.5

Jay: 4

James: 4.5
Gael: 4
Diners: 4

TOTAL: 16.5- WIN!
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