Monday, May 24, 2010

5/24/2010 Results

LMAD: The week's first deal is called The Woman Who Can't Say No, and the one we're referring to is Natasha (dressed as a referee). The first choice is either $700 or the blue small box (Jonathan Mangum), and Leo (who's wearing a big duck hat as part of a yellow suit with an inflatable microphone in his hands) takes the box, meaning the money goes to Natasha...and Leo wins some Michael Greene & Company jewelry worth $4,234! Secondly, that box is replaced with the bigger one (Tiffany Coyne), and Clarice takes that...and she's won a luxury spa experience at Murad worth $2,015. Finally, Natasha could keep the $1,400 or take The Big Risk with Curtain #1. She makes the signal in waving off the curtain in order to keep her money...good, because there was a BROKEN kiddie pool back there- PERFECT DEAL!

The fourth contestant is Teresa, who's trying to win the Honda Fit (Curtain #2; she checks it out for a second or two) playing Three of a Kind. There are threes and Kings on the board, and she picks Cards #2, #3 & #5.


At this point, we start her Sure Thing Jackpot with a bedroom that includes the Bose sound docking system w/ the 160 GB iPod Classic, all worth $3,346 (Curtain #3).

#6- 3 OF CLUBS

We now add $300 to the STJ, but she wants to win that car for her daughter...


...and she does NOT. #1 was the King of Diamonds.

Ekebaun then gets her chance to stuff her hand in the Box Full of Money, unless she wants the big box instead. She goes for the cash...and she grabs $1,040 in $20 bills. Left in the bigger box was...some FAKE dough- PERFECT DEAL #2!

After that, David & Sandra (dressed as the King & Queen of Hearts) get a chance to win up to four prizes with a series of numbered blue small boxes (previously, all three kinds of small boxes were used) guarded by Tiffany.

1. His/her Rose Gold sunglasses ($735)
2. Sony HD camcorder and Olympus digital camera ($2,450); STOPS
3. Trip to Yosemite ($6,385)

FINAL BOX: Trip to the Hotel Marina All Suites in Brazil ($8,490)

It's Blank Check time for Yvette (dressed as a cowgirl). Her marker placement:

1. Blue
2. Green
3. Red
4. Yellow

Here's how her check begins:

Yellow- 7 ($7)
Red- 0
Green- 0

She can give up a minimum of seven bucks for the following behind Curtain #3- a $2,500 home entertainment center that includes the Sony 40" LCD HDTV and a Blu-Ray Disc system. Her decision is...after originally wanting the entertainment center, she changes her mind.

Blue- 1; WINS $1,007

Finally, Davon (dressed as Indiana Jones) sees a jar of jellybeans on the blue small box's tray (Jonathan). He can either take $6 (originally $1, $2 & $3) per jellybean or give it back for what's behind Curtain #1. Davon takes the curtain furthest to the left...there were 200 jellybeans in there, so he could've had $1,200, but he instead bought a Honda street scooter worth $4,499! PERFECT DEAL #3! And he's going for the Big Deal of the Day!

THE BIG DEAL: Today's Big Deal is the biggest since Tiffany's first week as the model- it's worth $28,767 in cash and/or merchandise. Davon's final pick is Door #3. Behind Door #1 was a home office package that included the HP Touchscreen desktop computer system, a Samsung multi-function printer and a 40" LCD HDTV, all worth...$6,629. Door #2 had...THE BD- A BAYLINER SKI BOAT PLUS A WATER PACKAGE. That sends him packing with the Samsung washer/dryer package valued at $2,854 and makes Leo the day's top winner.

TPIR: Monday's First Four consists of Michelle Gomez, Darren Gallo, James Stineman from the Army and Selina Babikan. The week's first IUFB is behind Door #3, and it's some camping equipment (Manuela).

Michelle: $600
Darren: $1,000
James: $750
Selina: $1,200

ARP: $705

Michelle from Naples, FL plays 1/2 Off, with the six SPs being modeled by Rachel & Gwendolyn.

Teapot: $30
Travel kit: $49
PICK: Kit- $98 ($500)
BOXES REMAINING: The middle two rows

Presto PowerPop: $13
Speaker phone: $35
PICK: Popcorn popper- OOPS

Chocolate milk maker: $16
Solar flashlight: $21
PICK: Flashlight- $42 ($1,000)
BOXES REMAINING: #6, #7, #10 & #11

I say Box #6 has the $10,000, but she goes with #11 instead, which is brought down by Rachel...WE'RE BOTH INCORRECT. She was closer- the right box was #10.

Fifth is Michael Chavez and the second IUFB is a Grace Digital Internet Radio (Manuela & Rachel).

Michael: $250
Darren: $1,200
James: $800
Selina: $1,201

ARP: $500

Michael from Azusa, CA plays the Range Game for a home office that includes a Dell desktop computer system and a bonus time management session from DavidAllen (Gwen at Door #3). His range is $5,600-$6,200, but $5,721-$5,871 WON'T cover it all. ARP: $5,976.

Plugging in the red podium third is Richard Smith and the third IUFB is a selection of Evolution Rage power tools (Gwen inside the clam).

Richard: $401
Darren: $600
James: $402
Selina: $300 (STAGE GARF)

ARP: $600, so Darren wins a $500 bonus!

He then plays Cover Up for the Scion xB (Manuela at Door #2). Board:

First number: 1 or 3?
Second number: 0, 1 or 8?
Third number: 0, 1, 5 or 8?
Fourth number: 4, 5, 6, 8 or 9?
Last number: 2, 4, 5, 7, 8 or 9?


His guesses of $18,594 and $18,585 (not a DQ because the five weren't back-to-back) result in a MAX OUT. ARP: $18,562.

Michael ($500): 40 + 65 = OVER BY A NICKEL
Darren ($1,100): 40 + Quarter = $.65

Seventh is Patricia Woodward (who's celebrating her 21st birthday) and the fourth IUFB is half a dozen pairs of designer sunglasses (All in front of Contestant's Row; half are from Betsy Johnson, while the other half come from Marc Jacobs).

Patricia: $999
James: $700
Selina: $1,000

Richard: $899

ARP: $850

James plays Hi-Lo for a trip to the Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa Resort (Rachel at Door #3) worth $5,471. The six groceries are Miracle-Gro Potting Soil, Glidden Paint Tester, Clorox2, Corn Flakes, Pompeian Olive Oil and the Jumbo Space Bag.

1. Soil- $4.99
2. Clorox- $5.99
FINAL PICK: Space bag- $10.99

The Corn Flakes are $3.25, the paint tester is $2.94 and the olive oil is...$7.19.

Our first winner of the day might be Lester Fuzell, Sr. and the next IUFB is the Electrolux blue washer/dryer (Rachel behind the splitting sign).

Lester: $3,500
Selina: $2,000
Richard: $1,800  
Patricia: BUCK

ARP: $2,998

Selina, the last of this morning's First Four, plays Gas Money for the Hyundai Genesis (Manuela). Board:


(Note: The price cards for this game are now shaped like credit cards, and the price text on them fittingly look like they came from credit cards.)

1. $23,995- $1,000
2. $26,898- $2,000 ($3,000)
3. $22,750- LOSS

Rest of the board:

$24,813- $4,000
$25,421- $3,000

The last winner wannabe of the day is Tina Serrano and the last IUFB is a three-piece bar set (Manuela behind rising sign).

Tina: $550
Richard: $655
Patricia: $777
Lester: $1,100

ARP: $1,200

Lester will try to become a hero in One Right Price as he plays it for an Inspire Fitness M4 home gym (Gwen) and the Mosconi pool table (Manuela). That leaves Rachel with the ORP of $4,295, and his all-important pick is the home gym...

...BUT IT'S $3,630, SO MY PERFECT RECORD ON SKUNKING BETS REMAINS INTACT. At least he does get to the Showcase with $.95 ($.40 on his first spin). Other scores for the second Showcase Showdown #2:

James: Quarter + 40 = $.65
Selina: 85 + 70 = OVER

My lineup today:

1. 1/2 Off
2. Gas Money
3. One Right Price
4. Hi-Lo
5. Cover Up
6. Range Game
The first Showcase has all of this outdoor stuff- an outdoor stereo speaker system on some rocks (Gwen in between Doors #2 & #3), the Bull BBQ island and a Beachcomber Hot Tub (Gwen at Door #3) and a Tour of the Amazon (Manuela at Door #4).



Michelle also has an outdoors Showcase, but hers consists of a Nintendo Wii package that includes the JVC 42" LCD HDTV and a "Dave Mira BMX Challenge" video game (Manuela in between Doors #1 & #2), a couple of Diamondback bikes with a pair of Freskpark ramps (Danny Doherty at Door #2), a trip to the 2010 X Games (Manuela at Door #2) and the Jeep Wrangler (Rachel at Door #1).



BID: $38,000
ARP: $24,441

Michelle's Showcase price...

...$26,848- THAT MEANS WE HAVE THE SECOND EL SKUNKO SHOW OF THE SEASON!!!!!! FURTHERMORE, ONLY $8,539 IN CASH AND STUFF WAS GIVEN AWAY TODAY, WHICH IS NOT ONLY A SEASON-LOW, BUT IT'S ALSO THE SECOND-LOWEST TOTAL IN THE DREW CAREY ERA. OUCH. But considering the show has been overbudget for a while, maybe that's a blessing in a disguise. We'll see about that as the week goes on.

TNG: A new week starts with these three couples:

Jon & Alexa (married three months; Jon was a former scout for the Philadelphia Eagles)
Rob & Christine (married a month shy of two years; it took them 15 years to get to the altar)
Dallas & Tahlia (married 2/3 of a year)

Randy's Intro: "The queen of the questions"


1. When your wife has a seismic event in the bedroom, how would you classify her quake- a little tremor, a real rumble or an Earth-rattling upheaval with multiple aftershocks?
2. What is the one thing your wife can do that would really kill your man mojo?
3. Which of these game shows most accurately describes the engagement ring you gave your wife- "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire", "The Price is Right" or "The Weakest Link"?


1. Rumble
2. Organizing
3. "Millionaire"

1. Upheaval
2. Talking about having a baby
3. "Link"

1. Upheaval
2. Interrupting his storytelling
3. "TPIR"



1. Rumble- MATCH (5)
2. Shoulder dancing- NO MATCH

1. Upheaval- MATCH (5)
2. Talk trash in front of him- NO MATCH

1. Upheaval- MATCH (5)
2. Talking about money- NO MATCH
3. "TPIR"- MATCH (10)


1. If your husband lost all of the hair on his head, what part of his body could you borrow hair from to replace it?
2. In terms of his maturity level, does your husband act like a 12-year-old, a 30-year-old or a 90-year-old?
3. Complete the following: "When it comes to girly activities, my husband doesn't mind joining in when I ________________."
30-POINT BONUS QUESTION: "When referring to my husband down there, I call it _____________, but he thinks ____________ is a better nickname."


1. Stomach
2. 30
3. Cuddle with her their cats named Fork & Spoon
BONUS: A penis, "Johnny Iguana"

1. Groin region
2. 90
3. Cook
BONUS: "Sweet Man", "Small"

1. Legs
2. 12
3. Dance
BONUS: "Manly" (both)


1. Belly- MATCH (15)
2. 30- MATCH (25)
3. Cuddling with their cats- MATCH (35)
BONUS: "My chicken", "My surfboard"- NOT ACCEPTABLE

1. Groin region- MATCH (15)
2. 12- NO MATCH
3. Quilts- NO MATCH
BONUS: "My weiner", "The Big Gun"- ELIMINATED

1. Legs- MATCH (20)
2. 12- MATCH (30)
3. Shop- NO MATCH
BONUS: "Manly", "Shotgun"- WIN! (45)

Reeds Romance Moment of the Night: Alexa & Jon after their third match of Round 2

Tonight's Consolation Prize: Arthur Murray dancing lessons

WOF: I'm pretty sure "Great Northwest Week" is going to be better. The first Toss-Up category of the week is Living Thing:

_ _ I _ Z _ Y

_ _ A _

Chris solves GRIZZLY BEAR for $1,000.

$25,000 SPIN ID #1: ON5358552

And here's Monday night's panel:

Chris Burke (Las Vegas)- A personal injury attorney who's also the president of the Ohio State University Alumni Club
Nicole Moore (Amherst, NY)- A tax auditorand an avid reader
Karena Hobuss (Lakewood, CA)- A woman who just finished her Doctor Physical Therapy Degree at Champan University

$2,000 Toss-Up category is Event:

T H E / G O L D

_ U _ H

Nicole knows about THE GOLD RUSH for $2,000.

Pure Silk Jackpot/Prize Puzzle Round category is Song Lyrics and the GW trip out on the wheel now is a trip to Washington Wine Country (includes accomodations at Willows Lodge and The Marcus Whitman Hotel) worth $9,034. Nicole immediately hits the Jackpot Wedge and calls a $500 T before she buys two I's, calls a $400 H and two W's for another $600. After she buys two E's, she calls the same number of M's for another $600, buys an O, but she then gets disqualified for repeating the H while on the Wild Card. Nicole then jumps in...

_ O M E / _ _ I _ / _ W _ _

W I T H / M E

...she solves Styx's "COME SAIL AWAY FROM ME" for a trip to The Tuscany in Turks & Caicos worth $7,450.

SOLE DQ: Nicole (H repeat)

TRIP SPIN ID: SY1179976 (Steven Y. from New Mexico)

The Before & After Round begins with Karena calling a T for the Sierra Trading Post gift tag, but she loses it right back to the Bankrupt in between $600 and $900. Secondly, Chris calls the first dud of the week in R. Third, Nicole calls three S's for $900 and buys four E's and an A, but that's followed by the same Bankrupt Karena hit previously to lose the remaining $400. Back to Nicole, who calls three N's for the WC before calling a dud in L. Chris' second spin of the wheel lands him on the trip and he calls two N's to pick it up. But he then spins Lose a Turn. Returning to Nicole, she calls two M's for $7,000, buys five O's and we have...

M O N K E _ / S E E

M O N K E _

_ O

N O T / _ A S S / _ O

...she solves MONKEY SEE, MONKEY DO NOT PASS GO for the leftover $6,750 in her bank, putting her in the lead for now with $8,750.

DUDS: $500 L (Nicole), $500 R (Chris)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (both women)

$25,000 SPIN ID #2: DH17836

IHOP Mystery Round category is On the Map. Chris leads off this time with a $700 S and an E buy, followed by two R's for another $1,400 and the buying of two A's. He next calls a $350 N, buys two O's, calls an $800 L and buys a trio of I's before we check this board...

_ A N _ O _ _ E R

_ R I _ I S _

_ O L _ _ _ I A

...he solves VANCOUVER BRITISH COLUMBIA for another $2,250 and $3,250 total.


$3,000 Toss-Up subject is Place:

_ _ O - C _ R

G A R _ _ E

I don't know if Nicole has a TWO-CAR GARAGE or not, but what I do know is that she solves this puzzle to boost her leading total to $11,750.

The next topic is Occupations. She starts with five R's for $4,000 and buys three E's and an A prior to lighting up a couple of S's for another grand. Nicole follows that with the purchase of trip O's to clean out the vowels, but she then lands on LAT. After Karena calls D for dud, Chris puts up a couple of T's for $900 and a trio of P's for another $1,350 before trying to solve with the following...

R E P O R T E R S / &

P _ O T O _ R A P _ E R S

...and he does so with REPORTERS & PHOTOGRAPHERS, adding $1,950 to his winnings, which now amount to $5,200.

SOLE DUD: $300 D (Karena)
SOLE LAT: Nicole

After Karena calls double T's for $1,600, the Speed-Up Round category is Phrase...

_ _ _ _ / _ T

_ _ _ / _ _ T _ _

...and the rest of the consonants are worth $1,450 apiece. After Karena makes an L appear...

S _ _ _ / _ T

_ _ R / L _ T _ R

...when it came to the WC, she was trying to SAVE IT FOR LATER, and it will be used in the bonus round, because the $4,400 solve here puts her over the top by a Benjamin with $11,850 in cash and vacation! Nicole will take home $11,750 and Chris gets to collect $5,200.

So far, the Norma Brown Jackpot amount of $28,800 has been given away in terms of overall winnings on the evening.

SOLE DUD (during Speed-Up): N (Chris)

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH: $1,400 in cash and gift tag

Maxwell House Big Money Round: There's fittingly a SUV waiting in the wings this week- a Chevrolet Tahoe, to be exact. Karena spins the ampersand and the category is Thing. This one-wordy begins with:

_ _ R _ _ S _ T _

She first calls D, P, M and A before calling G with the WC...GAME OVER. She thought it was UNIVERSITY, but it was CURIOSITY, and she loses $25,000; she probably needed the C and the I's. That sends her home with $11,850 in cash and trip.

We end this episode by taking a look at the "Wheel" replica on top of the Space Needle while the show was doing one of their road trips there.

Jeopardy!: Buddy Wright's back after a long layoff tonight to defend his championship against:

Gordon Purcell (Plymouth, MN)- Comic artist
Jenna Strickland (Anacortes, WA)- Stay-at-home mom
The opening category list:

U.S. BIZ (this is a semi-themed board)
3M (each correct response will have three M's)

Wright hits the Daily Double on the seventh clue of the night, the $800 3M clue with $1,200; he leads Strickland by $200 and Purcell by a grand. He goes for a True Daily Double on this clue:

The highest class of the subphylum vertebrata.

"What is Mamalia?"...DOUBLE to $2,400! At the first break, he's in Lock Game Territory with $4,400; Strickland's up to $1,600 at this point. Time runs out before we can get to the last clue in Quaker Oaths.

LACH TRASH (all unattempted): $1,000

Buddy: $9,400 (still in LGT)
Jenna: $3,600
Gordon: $3,000

DJ! Categories:


THIS IS A BUST! (the first, third and last clues all have visuals)

DD #1 is uncovered by the champion at the $1,600 Physics spot with $13,000; he leads Strickland by three C-notes, while Purcell has a thou (although he was that much in the hole earlier). His wager this time is $2K on the following:

This elementary particle has six types; three have 1/3 unit of negative charge and three have 2/3 unit of positive charge.

"What is an electron?"...incorrect. It was actually the quirk, but he does get his lost $2K back to close out that subject. We don't have enough time to get to the other DD, which was located under one of the last four Alphabetically Last clues.

Buddy: $13K
Jenna: $10K
Gordon: $3K

Buddy: $14,600
Jenna: $10K

Gordon: $3K

The first final of the week has the First Plus Second Equals Third Situation and the Intermediate Form of Shore's Conjecture. Both of the challengers are suggested to go ALL-IN, while Wright should either wager for the tie or make the Shortegic bet of $1,001.

FJ! CATEGORY: American Cities.

Six of the Top 10 U.S. cities in population are found in these two states.

Gordon Purcell responded with "What are Texas & California?"...right! He wagered...everything but three bucks, meaning he finishes with $5,997. Jenna it right in reverse order and wagered all but a Benjamin, so her final score is $19,900. Buddy Wright...CAME UP WITH THE SAME ORDER PURCELL HAD AND RETAINS HIS TITLE BY $101! His four-night total: $88,804- his Tournament of Champions chances are getting better and better!

DOND: Let's find out if #3 Lisa Einstein from New Hartford, NY (who is a newlywed that works for the American Hearth Association; she wants to buy a house and some cruise tickets) came close to having the mind of legendary scientist Albert. Most of this week's contestants are leftovers from earlier in the season.

1. #8 (Sharla)- $10,000
2. #21 (April)- PENNY
3. #19 (Marilyn)- $50,000
4. #13 (Pablo)- $5,000
5. #17 (Tim)- $100


1. #16 (Marisa)- $250,000
2. #14 (Kelly)- $5
3. #22 (Mark)- BUCK
4. #6 (Gene)- $300
5. #1 (Yannyra)- $200


1. #15 (Barbara)- $100,000 (DANGER ZONE ENFORCED)
2. #10 (Marni)- $2,500
3. #12 (Jamielynn)- $7,500
4. #9 (Joe)- $400


1. #5 (Danille)- $50
2. #2 (Mike)- $75,000 (STRIKE ONE)


1. #11 (Lisa)- $25,000
2. #7 (Jeanette)- $500

19th PICK: #20 (Pasquale)- $10
OFFER: $139K

20th PICK: #4 (Cricket)- $25

If the $500K was in Lisa's case, she will have just made the worst deal in American "Deal" history...

...YES!!! OUCH. She didn't have much to work with, but she definitely should've gone on at least one more round. Obviously, that meant Nicholas had a grand in his case, #18.

Conclusion of Dan Reynolds' game
Conclusion of LJ Miller's game that began on Regis Philbin's guest-hosting week
Game 3
Start of Game 4

Episode ratings:
7: "Jeopardy!" & "The Newlywed Game"
6: "Let's Make a Deal", "Millionaire" & "Wheel of Fortune"
4: "Deal or No Deal"
1: "The Price is Right"


Octavarium64 said...

So clear this up a bit...what exactly triggered the skunking bet? The GTO already had budget work done to combat its win - the Showcases were altered. Was even more necessary?

I think the fact that you win these every time shows how laughably predictable Kathy Greco is as a producer. I myself can continually win the evil setups simply because I know Kathy is going to be evil.

mcbriderb said...

Another part of the reason was the 5 out of 6er from last Tuesday.

mcbriderb said...

Add the Porsche Showcase win from a few weeks ago, too.

Octavarium64 said...

What I want to know is how we've had twelve skunkings this season including a 3-27 week, eleven Double Overbids, little to no playings of the Big Three, and Stack the Deck and Temptation turning into loss machines...

...and yet the budget is in such trouble that Kathy has to encourage contestants to misinterpret game rules (Timothy, Secret X), activate That's Two Ninth and Lucky Nine, be so desperate as to downgrade a pool table to a model that can't be more than $1,000 cheaper and only makes a difference if it's actually won, and make the Showcase trips so expensive nobody can afford to take them?

Or, more likely, is TPiR losing money quicker than the contestants are losing the pricing games?